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This one contain about C-1 (knowledge) which recall or remember data or information

1. The characteristics of adult learners is, except. a. Relevancy-oriented b. Practical c. Egoist d. Looking for respect Answer: C

This one contain about C-2 (comprehension) that we have to understand the meaning and interpretation of the topics and states the topics with our own word

2. Why In medical profession there are specialist even sub-specialist ? a. Medical science is a huge, deep, and very complicated science b. Medical science always developed and dynamically changed in every day c. Medical science is combination of art and science that a lot of variation in every parts d. Medical science give a lot of money Answer: D

This one contain about C-3 (application) which use or apply the concept to a new situation or to solve problems

3. From this statement which following true about adult learner practical characteristic a. When he/she gets the lesson, he/she will trying to get focus on the lesson that useful for his/her goal. And he/she can stepping up closer to her/him goal. b. He/she will doing everything to get him/her closer to own goal although it will be cheating each of his/her friend and teacher. c. After receiving the lesson he/she immediately make application of lesson to let him/her out so that memory of the lesson can stay for long time in brain d. If He/She new matter from lesson, He/She will asking teacher to explain more explicitly and trying know if is the lesson going to be useful t gain the goal. Answer: B

This one is containing about C-4 (analysis) which break the topics in to parts: understanding the parts, analyze or distinguish between parts

4. Why should we be long life learning with adult learning as faculty of medicine students. a. Studying about medical health is not enough only 6-7 years studies at college because medical health is kind of deep, huge, and very

complicated science. So we suppose learning and learning about the science by ourselves although we had graduated from college. b. We study long life because we being force to do it, if we dont go with that we cant get good marks from our teacher, and there is no own motivation. c. Doing long life learning just because we see all people doing that, so the reason to be long life learner just try not to be different from the other. d. Just because we want to get closer with person who we love so much. If we dont do it, it could makes not good relation between. Answer: A

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