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Business and Management Extended Essay Proposal 2013

Name : Dayang Nur Syahirah Bt Abang Suhardi( 940622-13-5250) Class : A12C ( Finance)

Research Question : To what extent does the TQM technique affecting the management quality at Sepang Municipal Council ? Organisation Background : Sepang Municipal Council ( Majlis Perbandaran Sepang ) is a public sector organisation tasked with the responsibility of providing services and basic amenities to all Sepang residents . As a local municipal council, the organisation is also responsible over the Development Plan and Community Service Plan in Sepang District . The organisation is still using a hierarchical structure where the president is the head of the structure assisted by council members and the management department. The organisation received MS ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate from SIRIM . 1 During its infancy, MPSepang was known as the Sepang Town Board and was later known as Sepang District Board. Sepang District Board. On 13th November 2002 the Executive Committee of Selangor has upgraded the board's status to Sepang Municipal Council; as certified by the Election Committee in an official letter dated 7 May 2004 and also by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government on 19th March 2004. Justification of Study : The application of TQM techniques provides a promising model for quality improvement in the Malaysia public sector at all levels. However, there are also a lot of company from private or public sector which do not succeed to improve their management quality by using the TQM technique due to several problems and issues . The reason why I am choosing Sepang Municipal Council for my case study is because the organisation practise TQM technique in its management sector. Besides , the organisation also had received some recognitions and awards on their excellent services. Thus , in this case study , I would like to do a research on how does the TQM technique contribute to the efficiency of management services at Sepang Municipal Council. The issues that currently I am interested to study in this case are: The aspect of TQM that had been chose by the senior manager and how it does affect the efficiency of other staff and the services ? The quality control technique that had been choose by the organisation and how does it help improving the management quality of services


Investigating the effectiveness of the technique on improving the management services. Analysing and evaluating the critical issues or problems involve if the TQM technique is being implemented completely in the organisation. How does the external environment bring the significant impacts towards the TQM technique effectiveness in the organisation. Therefore , I would like to use theories that I had learn in Business Study to evaluate all the case study issue that I had arise above . Furthermore , The primary data can easily be accessed since I am the local resident of Sepang and some of the staffs worked at the municipal council are my parents friend. Therefore, I can easily interview the staff and draw questionnaires to the local resident about their point of view about the efficiency level of the staff works at the municipal council.

Methodology : 1) Secondary Resource : Government Publications Newspaper report Extract from web-based articles Academic Books & Journals Research paper on previous case study( if available )


Primary Resource : -Transcript interview of the staffs : to support the secondary resources and get more information about management system implemented at the council . - Doing an observation at the council to investigate the effectiveness of their services

Objective : To do an investigation about which aspect of TQM had been chose by the organisation To make an observation , which quality control technique being used in the organisation and how does it bring an impact to the workers efficiency and management quality To investigate the critical issue arise due to the implementation of the TQM

Limitation :

1. To get the confidential data about the organisation performances and service feedback from the customer 2. The problem to approach the staff to do a survey on the management system 3. The problem to interview the senior manager of the council

Business tool :