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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

March 2013

American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Inside this issue:

American Councils Moldova celebrated its 20th Anniversary "Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for To-be Teachers of English" Project FLEX alumna from Moldova selected to attend Civic Education Workshop in DC Access Micro scholarship Anniversary Event Access Youth in Action country wide flash mob US Ambassador William H. Moser visits Moldovan Access students in Cahul and CeadirLunga Honorable Alumni of the Month of February

American Councils Moldova Country Director David Jesses anniversary interview on Free Europe Radio Station

Being part of the American Councils - Moldova team all these years was exciting, and challenging. We were responsible for launching new programs such as Legislative Fellows and Access micro-scholarships, while keeping our larger, more established programs like Future Leaders Exchange and Open World healthy and well-managed. This year was significant because it marked 20 years of our presence in Moldova. Over the last 20 years, I am pleased to share that American Councils - Moldova has established and maintained a reputation for integrity, performance and accountability. We have also experienced steady, managed growth, with a current staff of almost 40 full and part-time professionals working throughout the country on eight unique programs. It has been my pleasure to be part of this team and to promote educational opportunities for almost 4 years as the Country Director, mostly because I am frequently inspired by my colleagues and our participants, so I can't wait to see what new developments will come in 2013!

American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

American Councils Moldova celebrated its 20th Anniversary

On February 22nd, Moldovan university professors, school teachers, NGO leaders, Open World, Legislative Fellows, FLEX, Access and Carnegie alumni, US Embassy, World Bank, IREX, USAID officials, as well as governmental representatives were invited you to join American Councils Moldova team to celebrate its 20th Anniversary Event. Over 160 registered participants attended the event, which started at 12.00 pm, when Country Director David Jesse opened the anniversary event with a welcome speech, followed by a short presentation of our projects and activities in 2012 and the recognition of our best FLEX, LFP, OW, Access and Carnegie alumni. At 1.00 pm the American Language Center staff introduced the first edition of the "Modern Trends and Resources for Teachers of Modern Languages" Journal and invited Moldovan teachers and university professors, as well as researchers in the education field to submit their contributions for the second edition due May 2013. The event continued with a series of workshops and trainings moderated by American Councils Moldova staff on teaching methodology and professional development opportunities for educators, entitled Best Moldovan Brands: Facebook Business English Group Project, Overview of Online TESOL Certification Courses, Creating a Capzles Student Project, Teaching Advanced English through news, Applying for a graduate scholarship - opportunities for Moldovan educators. Two of our American Language Center (http://alc.md/) instructors taught two parallel English Demo Classes for beginners and our Russian language instructor organized a separate workshop on non traditional methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. FLEX, Carnegie, LFP and OW Program Officers held informative sessions on the programs they administer, while a team of energetic, enthusiastic volunteers wearing American Councils - for 20 years in Moldova T-shirts helped guide visitors around and serve refreshments to all participants. The same day, our teenage Access English Micro scholarship students from 6 different cities around Moldova conducted a Flash Mob to celebrate our anniversary on a country wide scale. Another important part if the anniversary event was the launch of a 6 week project for 3rd and 4th year pedagogical and English language and literature students interested to become EFL teachers entitled "Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for To-be Teachers of English" under the guidance of FLEX alumni community, raising the total number of beneficiaries up to around 200.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Free 6 week training for 3rd/4th Foreign Language and Pedagogical students
In period February-March 2013 Future Leaders Exchange Alumni Community in Moldova under American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS organizes a six-weeks long training for 15-20 current 3rd and 4th year students of the Faculties of Foreign Languages of the universities in Chisinau who specialize in teaching English. The Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for To-be Teachers of English project trainers list American Language Center instructors, Muskie alumni, Fulbright scholars, as well as lecturers from Moldovan universities. The Project was officially opened with a welcome speech by David Jesse, American Councils Country Director who talked about the role of educators, self-motivation and modern students profiles. Trainings take place each Saturday, two seminars per day, hour and a half each, with a break between seminars. The purpose of the training is to equip the future teachers of English with basic class management techniques and methodologies for effective teaching. The start date was February 23rd. There is NO participation fee. The topics of seminars are: Professional ethics and teacher-student relationship Class management and discipline Communication, motivation and class participation Self-evaluation, reflection and time management Teaching basics for a novice teacher Identifying and understanding the needs of a learner and learning styles and how this understanding can maximize learning Thinking Skills - what are they and how to inculcate them throughout the classroom Active learning - methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving and more meaningful Cooperative learning - how to get the best out of peer to peer interactions and to multiply learning using groups Lesson planning and teacher's resources: following curriculum and finding a balance between required and additional material

FLEX Program Alumni Community under the American Councils for International Education: February-March 2013 training "Effective Teaching and Classroom Management for To-be Teachers of English"

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Civic Education Workshop Brings FLEX Community Together

On March 17-23, 2013, American Councils for International Education, in partnership with the American Civics Center, hosted 100 FLEX program exchange student for the Civic Education Workshop (CEW). CEW is a one-week program in Washington, D.C. funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA). The program gives participants, chosen through a competitive application process, an opportunity to gain a better understanding of some of the core concepts and values of U.S. society and culture. The participants will be joined by three FLEX program Alumni, whose academic and professional achievements and commitment to service since completing their FLEX year have distinguished them in their alumni communities. They will accompany CEW participants to events, and discuss their experiences on the program and the impact it has had on their lives.

Marina Buciuc 07 Kewaunee, Wisconsin / Chisinau, Moldova After the FLEX program Marina became actively involved in projects to assist people who are socially vulnerable. She took part in the FLEX English Language Camp, she spearheaded the Best Buddies project to connect U.S. Government alumni with local orphans, and she led English language classes for children with physical disabilities.

In 2010, Marina organized the Run against Domestic Violence FLEX Alumni Grant Project to raise awareness of the issue and organizations that assist victims of domestic violence in Moldova. Marina was chosen to study biomedical science at Minnesota State University in Mankato in 2011 as part of the Global UGRAD program. She interned at the Arc of Minnesota Southwest where she worked with community members with mental and developmental disabilities, noting, This experience erased the word disability from my vocabulary, since there is no limit to human abilities whether you are physically and/or mentally challenged. Marina is currently halfway through medical school training at Nicolae Testemiteanu State Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Moldova. Her projects achieve positive long -term results for the development of her community and country.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Access Micro scholarship Anniversary Event Access Youth in Action country wide flash mob
To celebrate American Councils 20th anniversary Access Microscholarship Program participants and alumni organized the Access Youth in Action Flash mob in 6 regions around Moldova. On February 22nd, 3p.m. 6 groups of teenagers joined by a total of almost 400 participants, gathered simultaneously in Ungheni, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Chisinau and Varnita/Bender to encourage Moldovan youth look for opportunities to study, such as those offered by American Councils and all its exchange programs: Open World, LFP, Carnegie, FLEX.

The event was advertised through a promotional video posted on our web site and popular social networks. Each region organized the event in a special way, delivering a unique message through dance performances, posters, flags and thematic songs.

In Ungheni participants formed the puzzle USA flag as a sign of gratitude for the US Embassy for the opportunity to study English within Access Micro scholarship Program.

In Balti the event took place simultaneously in two places: Vasile Alecsandri Lyceum and the center of the city. 25 teenagers and primary school children joined by 20 Access students distributed flags and posters with the In Chisinau 45 teenagers from American Councils symbols and logos. Mihai Eminescu Lyceum drew Varnita/Bender group prepared posters with posters on the importance of educa- different educational and motivational mestion which included American sages such as We have a chance to have a Councils programs logos and creat- good future, that's why we learn English at ed handmade paper bracelets dis- the American Councils or "ACCESS makes playing messages such as such you understand that only together people repmessages as Be Active!, Get resent a very strong power". Involved!, Study More.

In Cahul over 150 participants lit Sky Lanterns carrying names of one of the educational programs administered by American Councils in Moldova. In Comrat Access students distributed posters on educational opportunities offered by American Councils Moldova. The event was a real success and received attention from local mass media.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

US Ambassador William H. Moser visits Moldovan Access students in Cahul and Ceadir-Lunga
Ambassador William H. Moser spent part of yesterday afternoon with about 40 youth from Cahul and Ceadir-Lunga who are students and alumni of the Embassy -funded Access microscholarship program. During the get-together, which took place at the Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyceum (high school), the youth gave several presentations on local culture then played a version of the game show Jeopardy, in which the Ambassador participated. The Ambassador later fielded several questions from the Access participants, who asked him about his career and how they can be successful in life. Access provides after-school English instruction to underprivileged children throughout Moldova. Currently, there are about 120 students enrolled.

Access program joined Talking Kites Around the World iEARN project
On March, 20 (on the March Equinox) Access program joined Talking Kites Around the World iEARN project , a universal movement enhancing the important values, such as tolerance, acceptance of the "other", love, co-existence, listening, choosing dialog over force, universal solidarity etc. among participants from all over the world. This way, Access students from all 6 regions made kites to fly as a massive tribute dedicated to advancing the cultural and social dialog, a symbol of bridging the gap and understanding the "other." While making kites each group has used original shapes, a rainbow of colors and unusual decorative materials; such way transmitting worldwide their messages. Thus, the romantic kite of students from Ungheni, the happiest Sponge Bob kite of Balti, the lovable kite of Varnita/Bender students or the creative ones from Cahul, Chisinau and Comrat flew into the sky to tell everybody how beautiful the world should be.
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Moreover, this action inspired greatly Rodica Aculov, an English teacher from Mihai Eminescu Lyceum, Cimislia, who motivated her students to decorate and fly Talking Kites. The most wonderful messages were sent by the kindergarten kids from Cimislia who drew valuable pictures of a world with peace they hope, dream and want to live forever.

American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

American Councils Moldova Publishes EFL Teachers Journal

The American Language Center, a subsidiary of American Councils Moldova, recently published its first edition of the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers Journal to provide Moldovan EFL educators with a practical teaching resource. This first edition, titled Modern Trends and Resources for Teachers of Foreign Languages Journal, aggregates a collection of crossdisciplinary articles in areas including psychology, sociology of language learning and teaching, testing and evaluation, professional preparation, curriculum design and development, instructional methods, materials, and techniques and professional standards. American Language Center (ALC) staff are highly-qualified instructors trained to integrate Content Based Instructions, Task Based Instruction, and Project Based Teaching in their practices. Some of ALCs corporate clients are Ministry of Education of Moldova, Coca-Cola Moldova, Moldtelecom, Chisinau City Hall, Philip Morris International, Nestle Moldova, and Mobias Bank.

New ALC offices in Edinet (North) and Cahul (South)

This year American Language Center has opened two new branch offices, in Edinet and Cahul. In Edinet 14 students have shown interest in taking English courses; therefore 2 groups were created on beginner and elementary levels, respectively. In Cahul 8 students were registered with a beginning level; the courses are held in the afternoon. The semester duration is 4 months, from February till May and contains 64 academic hours. In Ungheni 31 student was interested in studying English this time; the semester also lasts 4 months. The teachers from the 3 regions took a training focused on innovative teaching techniques and usage of authentic didactic materials including video, audio materials. The ALC teachertrainers emphasized that the content of the course should be focused not only on general English study process, but also develop students essential skills for becoming successful in todays world such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. The General English Course Program is designed to teach students how to communicate effectively and fluently in English. All of the four skills are taught - reading, writing, listening and speaking with a particular emphasis on oral communication. Courses cover the language aspects in everyday situations, from basic survival skills at the beginner's level to the fluent communication at advanced level. Taking into consideration the fact that one of the strategic purposes of the American Language Center is to expand its business to three more regions: Balti, Causeni, Soroca in 2013; the Center is continually working on opening new opportunities for personal and professional development.

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Honorable Alumni of the Month of February Open World Program Alumna

In 2012 Mrs Palihovici actively collaborated with other alumni, a great example being her involvement as a mentor and volunteer in he LeaderSHE and Inspir -o projects implemented by Open World alumna Olga Melniciuc http:// www.leadershe.md/; In the second round of the project LeaderSHE, Mrs Palihovici is actively involved as its Ambassador. Starting with 2011, Mrs Palihovici has acted as the Head of Delegation of the Republic of Moldova to the Parliamentary Assembly As the President of the of the Council of Europe. Women Organization within the Liberal DemoCurrently, she is the CoFounder of Women Demo- cratic Party, Mrs Palihovicratic Network Chapter ci launched a series of legislative initiatives on the within the Parliament. social protection of chilMrs Palihovici graduated dren, people with disabiliMoldova State University ties, gender issues and with a degree in History, youth. and was the first one to bring investments in youth She is the author of the legislative initiative to proprojects from Moldova. mote and encourage womShe is the author of a numen participation in the pober of studies and reports litical life in Moldova. on youth policy, gender policy and child rights advocacy.

Liliana Palihovici, Deputy Speaker of Moldovan Parliament Vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova

PFP/LFP Alumna
In 2012 Mrs Vragaleva was one of the three Legislative Fellows Programs Alumni from the second generation of fellows from the Republic of Moldova. During her fellowship at the Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Brubakers office, Mrs Vragaleva was involved in a lot of activities connected with her background education (mainly finance) and professional activity (taxation) activities which were highly mediated on Pennsylvanian Tv stations and in local newspapers. spector to Head of Direct Taxation Administration Department at the Main State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova position which brought her to the middle management level in one of the most powerful organization in the country. at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Mrs Vragaleva is actively involved in various projects she is an active member of Censors Committee in the Moldovan Intellectual Games Club, member of International Management Research Association (based in London, UK), member of International Organization of Tax Administration (based in Budapest, Hungary), member of Alternative Economic Discussion Club (IDEA), member of Moldovan Orator Club, and a founder of Proplus Debate Club.

Veronica Vragaleva,

Head Direct taxation administration Department, General Department of Taxes. The Main State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance
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Her education background includes a master degree in economics from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and one in law from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of After her return, Mrs Moldova. Now she is a secVragaleva was promoted ond year Economy and from the superior tax in- Management PhD student

American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

Honorable Alumni of the Month of February Carnegie Alumna

Dr. Neagu supports and maintains IRIMs mental planning team that determines national and international reputation. academic programs. She is an expert in higher education poli- She works on improving teaching methcies and procedures. odologies and content for the Foreign Leads collaborative partnerships with US Languages Department. educational institutions. Dr. Neagu provides guidance and career advice to students. Participates in external working groups. Designs and develops innovative educational approaches for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in order to Veronica Neagu, Professor, PhD (Philology) boost critical thinking, foster debate and Vice Rector at the Institute encourage intellectual reasoning. of International Relations of Dr. Neagu is a member of the departMoldova (IRIM) Visiting scholar in a number of Western universities (France, USA, UK)

Identifies and investigates new areas of research utilizing modern research methodologies. She mentors and guides the Model United Nations an IRIM-based three-year project.

Access Alumna
September-November, 2012 Coordinator of Access communityservice project Making big changes starting with the smallest one, implemented in Ungheni;
Chercheja Luminia,
student of Gheorghe Asachi Lyceum, Ungheni Access Alumni, Ungheni - Access group, 2010-2012

2015; November, 2012 active involvement in organization of Access Final Award Ceremony;

Volleyball Competition held in Ungheni;

September, 2012 member of Ungheni District Strategy for Youth Committee aimed to elaborate the activities for youth development and active involvement in community life for 2013-

January, 2013 successfully participated in the Georghe Asachi Lyceum English Contest November, 2012 January, 2013 assisting and won a leading place and helping new Access due to acquired students from Ungheni in knowledge and skills in Access program; their learning and extracurricular activities; December, 2012 took an active part in organizing and participating in the Youth

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American Councils Moldova Newsletter March 2013

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Launching FACECONOMICS by Aldous Mina

Aldous Mina
Author of Faceconomics, Like It!, a macro/micro economics social and economic development adaptation utilizing social media to influence changes in market development worldwide. Founder and president of the Premier Global Council Group, a global enterprise which uses the attributes and advantages of the last generation of digital technology and internet as instruments in social media for global affairs. Founder of the International Business Council Foundation, an affairs oriented organization consolidating the penetration and growth market in the global trade.

In February 2013, students and teachers from Moldovan universities had the possibility to attend the Faceconomics. Like it!, book presentation written by Aldous Mina. Faceconomics is a theory designed in 2006 and developed in a book project in 2010. It is a perfect example of the multiplication effect consisting of users from different countries and training the world community for the cultural, social, business and politic development and an international structure centered on the globalization of the markets.

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