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The Genesis of Universe – A Management Perspective

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Srimad Bhagwat Gita; and it explains about the Genesis of
Universe in great details. This is my simple version from a Management Perspective. Please review the
same and I look forward to your comments.

The Investor

Long time ago, a Venture Capitalist, called God decided to invest in a new Green Field venture. He
travelled all over and found Planet Earth as eminently suitable for setting up a new project. God had
invested in several projects previously and was well endowed with various assets such as seamless
source of energy, wisdom, knowledge, creativity and most important; an enthusiasm of creating some
thing new.

The Chief Architect

Lord Brahma was hired as the first employee in the new project; Project Planet Earth. Lord Brahma had
eons of management experience and he took the project on a condition that once he sets the project in
a running condition, he will cease to look after day to day operations and hence forth only work as the
Chairman. God agreed to this and Lord Brahma set out to set up the most exciting project – Project
Planet Earth.

The Master Plan

God was the most enthusiastic employer. He gave Lord Brahma a free hand to design and develop and
offered unlimited resources to execute the Master Plan.

God wanted an aesthetic environment and encourage Lord Brahma to focus on varied landscape. And
thus came Mountains, Plains, Plateaus, Seas and Riverbeds. He asked him to use the colour palette
liberally, and focus on green, his favourite color. He wanted a mix of extremes, and the moderates and
hence came the deserts, the frozen zones, the tropical zones and the plains.

The Design Challenge

Like all able architects, Lord Brahma had to face several design challenges in this assignment. There
were several fundamental errors earlier approved by the client, but Lord Brahma found ways and means
to get the final designs approved and executed. For Example, Sea water was made saline and Coconut
trees with sweat water were designed to meet the requirement of sweat water near the sea areas.
Similarly, the Deserts areas were devoid of water altogether and this error was minimized by designing
Palm trees, Melons and Water Melons. Rivers were created and Ice was kept at mountains to ensure a
continuous water supply.

The Workers

Once the inanimate Infrastructure work was completed, God immediately wanted a huge team of
mobile and fixed workers to be employed in this venture and he ordained Lord Brahma to design the
Inhabitant work force. The work force had to be mixture of fixed and moving; and sufficient enough to
manage the created infrastructure on self sustaining model. They had to be aesthetic, varied and
interesting enough to make this new project as the most dynamic and impactful as ever created.

Schedule of Quality Requirements mentioned very conflicting conditions such as Uniformity of Basic
Structure and yet each worker had to be unique in look and differentiable. Schedule of Quality
Requirements also mentioned desired attributes High System Reliability, Reproducibility, Inbuilt Back up
and Repair facility, Duplication of Critical components to ensure functionability even in case of partial
systems failure etc. Having said that, there was no compromise on beauty and aesthetics.

Lord Brahma patiently designed various plants, trees, vegetables, insects, animals, birds, fishes and
human beings and got the final production approval from God. He again had to use several creative
shortcuts to meet the design and production requirements. For example, half of living beings were
given eggs and balance had to manage without them. Butterflies, one of the most beautiful creatures
ever created, has to come out of catterpillers; who had no clue how this would happen.

MIS Reporting System

As expected, Lord Brahma did a fine job and God was mighty pleased. But…Like all Venture Capitalists,
God wanted full control on his investment. And…he desired an online MIS Report system to have a full
control on what these creations were doing when, where and how.

Lord Brahma thought and thought, and then suggested to God, that he should go in for a Licensing
System and only bonafide License holders should be allowed to work on this project. Lord Brahma then
designed an ATMA Card, which would be embedded in each living creature. This ATMA Card would give
online MIS report to God on each and every activity undertaken by the living creature and all ATMAs
will remain the sole property of God.

Lord Brahma also went further to incorporate God’s DNA implant in each ATMA Card so that there
would be no piracy and if God needed to send any message to a single creature, or a group or to the
whole world, he could do as per his will in no time.

The ATMA Card had several other unique features. The normal Living creature could never know about
this embedded structure, and the moment God switched off the SIM Card, the Living Creature would die
and cease the function. The SIM Card would carry complete transaction record from the date of

Re-usability of ATMA Card was a special feature and God was given the facility to erase the memory of
ATMA Card and use it afresh in a new structure as per his will.

Self Sustaining Model

God wanted a self sustaining system and Lord Brahma ensured that each of the creatures will be able to
maintain their given structures using the available resources on the planet. Energy was the declared
survival measure. Energy could be obtained from several sources; was generatable; and it had the
unique ability to be transformed into various assets as and when required. For better functioning of
Planet Earth, Lord Brahma created several laws such as Law of Crop Cycles, Law of Seasons, Monsoon
Law etc.

Management Team

Once the complete system - animate as well inanimate, was created; God interviewed several
candidates and finally appointed Lord Vishnu as Chief Executive Officer. He was made responsible for
the overall management and administration. Lord Shiva was appointed as the Chief Security Officer.
Under the chairman of Lord Brahma, both Vishnu and Lord Shiva were expected to manage this new
project. Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu was appointed as Chief Financial Officer and this
concluded the formation of core management team.

Day to Day Operations

Once the project was launched; Lord Brahma - Chief Architect of this mega project; retired from the day
to day operations and Lord Vishnu took over command of operations. With new systems and a well
designed work force, Project Earth flourished real well and soon there was the need to induct more
managers in the team.

An able CEO, Lord Vishnu appointed several more managers as and when required. Each one of them
was given a set of administration as well as management responsibilities. Indra for example was given
Wind department; Surya got Energy and Light; Saraswati got Education etc.

Several more capable managers were appointed and they are being appointed even now to take care
of teaming workforce and address their grievances. Notable managers include Ganesha, Hanuman,
Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Sai Baba, Mother Teresa, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Paramhansa
Yogananda, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar etc.

Grievance Re-addressal Mechanism

The Managerial Cadre has the capability of sorting most of the routine problems of the workforce. They
are good mentors and once you choose one of them and discuss your grievance sincerely, chances are
that they will solve it for you in no time. You can be loyal to one manager or simultaneously discuss
with several of them. The team is extremely good and your chances of achieving success are extremely

Given the shortage of Managers and such a large work force; physical meetings with managers are not
mandatory. You could contact them simply on WiFi network using Remote Server Synchronisation.

Some managers are very easy to please such as Hanuman and Ganesha. They also have easy access to
senior management team to take care of you. Some problems are quite complicated and require direct
intervention of Senior Management team. You can address them direct to Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi
etc. or go through able managers; such as Ganesha for Lakshmi, Hanuman for Vishnu etc.
Some times, there are major issues and Senior Management needs to personally come and sort the
problems. CEO Lord Vishnu, then comes down in an incognito form, solves the problem and goes back.
Like in all large organizations, most workers have never seen or met the Big Boss. Same goes for Lord
Vishnu’s advantage also. He comes and sorts out major crises affecting work force and you never know
when he came and when he left. These are called Avatars or CEO visits.

Workforce Performance, Promotion and Career Management

As discussed earlier, the ATMA Card is giving online report to the Venture Capitalist – God. Whenever,
he feels that ATMA need to be brought back; he switches off ATMA Card and ATMA is sent back to his
court for an interview

During the Interview, he analyses the performance of ATMA and suitably allocates further tasks:

1. Upon satisfactory performance; He can rest the ATMA and then send it back to Planet Earth
with a promotion

2. He can send ATMA back with a demotion with change a degree (Human to Dog) or a change in
category (Human to a Tree)

3. ATMA can be asked to REDO the task again, under similar circumstances

4. ATMA can be asked to stay in perpetual rest and need not go back.

Some times, some good ATMAs are doing really well on Planet Earth, and need to be placed else where
on another important assignment. So they are called back at a short notice with a less than normal life

What do you think of this rationalization ? I would love to hear your comments…

Best Regards

Sooraj Dhawan

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