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Lugtu I am more inclined to believe that Christianity is a doable practice because I personally believe in the life and actions of Jesus of Nazareth. He has shown me that in remaining steadfast to what it means to be fully human and fully open to the transcendence of a God who relates to us, we realize our full humanity. Masarap maging tao pag tayo ay nagpapakatao sa paraang maka-Diyos, quoting Ms. Venus Manaloto. That is a fact that it took me years to finally realize. Now that I am about start writing my Masteral thesis, I have realized that theological studies is more than fulfilling the requirement to be able to teach in a university; theological studies has taught me the God of Jesus. This God who reaches out to His people, and listens to their cry, a God who does something to set things right, is also a God who suffers. Di ka makikialam sa mga taong nahahapis o nasasaktan kung ikaw ay di nakakaramdam ng lungkot o sakit. I would believe that our omnipotent God is also a God who allows himself to be vulnerable at times. When God loves, he takes risks, and when he takes risks, he allows himself to be weak. When that happens, that is when Gods power is made manifest at its greatest. That is why God allows suffering and death, not because he is sado-masochistic, but because that is a way for us to grow and perfect our potentials as human persons. Theology is making sense of the absurdities and contradictions in life, and in facing them, we begin to see God at work in our lives. God who us with us and God who will be for us. I have experienced God in my own ambiguities and uncertainties; I have met God in the times that I have questioned my faith in him. I have left Him when I thought He left me. He has never deserted me. I have known God because of Jesus. He may be the Son of God, but he is the most remarkable person I have ever met. He talked to people, even sinners. He healed the sick, especially their psycho-somatic, neurotic and even psychotic disorders. In spite of everything that He did, he was killed and thought to have failed. But God vindicated Him and His mission. He appeared to the disciples, who then re-gathered around him and became Church, and they tried to keep His dangerous memory alive. He is always alive. He lives when I see the smiles of all the street children that I talk to, and when their hunger gets satisfied, albeit temporarily. Jesus lives in the person of Lolo Lito who continues to sell candies, and is being helped by AUF students. When Jesus is alive, the reign of God is at hand. The reign of God is at hand because I see people whom I can in contact with finally have decided to make our world a better place little by little. When at least a number of student display regular acts of compassion towards the people they encounter in and outside school, then the reign of God is at hand. Indeed, Christianity is a doable way of life, for it creates and enhances life, inspired by Gods vision for the world.