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APRIL 2013


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The Parish Pump was started in 1979 to provide a free community magazine in the parish. It began as, and still is, a joint venture, combining the church magazine and village magazine. The Parish Pump is sponsored by the Parochial Church Council and Debden Parish Council. Both bodies contribute financially to the cost of running the magazine by means of a donation, received annually. It is intended that the magazine reflects all aspects of village life within the parish and provides an opportunity for community matters to be raised. In addition to the information recorded in the magazine, our sister publication, the Debden Directory provides a host of useful contact numbers for services ranging from bus times, local plumbers, doctors and restaurants. If you do not have a copy, please contact a member of the committee.


The magazine has editors but no official reporters. Consequently, an interesting magazine depends on articles, news, etc. coming from people in the village. The th closing date for submitting material is: the 10 of each month. The editors job is to edit. This means fitting the material into the space available and trying to ensure there is a reasonable balance of views on controversial subjects etc. Consequently, it is not always possible to publish everything submitted and sometimes changes have to be made to the length of a contribution. Non topical articles cannot always be published in the next issue but will appear later unless you are told otherwise. Contributions of up to 400 words have a better chance of being published in full than longer ones. Please note that the present and past editions of the Parish Pump are now available on line on the new website www.debden.org and that any material submitted will be automatically featured on the website. If you wish to have your name and/or contact details (which must normally accompany any contributions) withheld from the printed edition and/or not to appear on the website, this must be stated at the time of submission. Copy for inclusion in the next edition should be emailed by the 5th of the month to;

There is also a folder in the shop for submission of written or typed copy. The current editors of the Parish Pump, who have the sole prerogative of the editorial policy (so dont blame anyone else) are; Mike Fairchild Ursula Lyons editor_mike@theparishpump.org editor_ursula@theparishpump.org

Advertising rates per issue are; full page 10.00; half page 8.00; quarter page or less 6.00. Full payment in advance and an electronic copy of the ad should be sent to the Editors or Treasurer by email. Cheques should be made payable to The Parish Pump The other Committee members include Chairman: Judith Forster chairman@theparishpump.org Treasurer: Alastair Donaldtreasurer@theparishpump.org Secretary: Marion Bamfield secretary@theparishpump.org Distribution: Caroline Burchalldistribution@theparishpump.org 2

You cant build without cement
The path to a new village hall for Debden remains rocky. That much was clear at a special meeting of the parish council on March 13. Called just to sign off the accounts, it was an extraordinary meeting also because of what it revealed about the status of the new village hall. We were reminded that the parish council has no responsibility for a new hall, unless it votes to increase the precept to pay for it strongly opposed by some. But we also learnt theres now an alternative proposal being developed alongside the New Village Hall Committees original plan. In the ensuing sometimes-tetchy discussion (partly because it was not on the agenda) it became clear the new village hall remains a controversial topic. This is not to criticise the advocates of either plan or to deny the efforts, over several years, of volunteers who have wrestled with the many obstacles, not least how to pay for it, but also planning and legal constraints and, perhaps most worrying of all, a degree of indifference by residents towards the project, probably borne out of frustration at lack of progress. Right now, the idea of a new hall, which should be a positive force for unity, is at risk of becoming divisive. We know the existing building is not fit for purpose. We know we now have two plans and a myriad of views on what a new hall should or should not contain. Weve raised at least sufficient money to stand collateral for other fund-raising or loans. We have most of the skills within Debden to build a new hall, or at least to professionally manage it. And we have determination and enthusiasm that spring from a strong sense of community. Whats missing is cement not to build the hall but to bind together the resources and the efforts of a small band of people who are working hard to bring this project to fruition. Bind together being the operative words. Not two schemes but one master plan that explores the best options. Not disparate committees (where are the trustees of the existing hall in all this?) but one body with clearly defined responsibility for a new hall and, preferably, accountable to the voice of the whole community, the parish council. The annual village meeting in May is an opportunity to lay some new foundations, not of the new village hall (although that would be nice), but to present that master plan not with every sink tap in place or even funding guarantees but one with a clear vision of a new village facility that meets the known (updated) needs of the community, is affordable, has a realistic timescale and, above all, one that is capable of bringing everyone together. After all, thats what village halls are for. Mike Fairchild


Local opposition ends gypsy sites application

An application for gypsy sites at Lovecotes Farm in Chickney Road, Debden Green, has been withdrawn by the farms owner. Robert Frostick told the Pump that he had withdrawn the application because of opposition locally. He made the application in the first place because he thought it would help to meet the need for traveller sites. Withdrawal of the application was notified on Uttlesford District Councils website. The council received 11 replies to its call for sites under the Gypsy and Traveller Land Availability Assessment. The remaining seven sites are just suggestions and not necessarily suitable for development, it points out. It went on to say that the call for sites does not preclude landowners and developers submitting planning applications for development. The original application for sites at Lovecotes Farm was reported in the March Pump and was mentioned in Councillor Tina Knights newsletter and in a report of the February meeting of Debden Parish Council. Mr Frostick said he had not been approached by the parish council to discuss the matter. He said he has no alternative plans for his land, part of which is used for banger racing. The organisers have permission for 14 events a year. -

Debden driver did everything possible to avoid crash

A Debden resident whose car was involved in a fatal road accident was told by the coroner that she had done everything possible to avoid the crash. An Essex Police forensic collision investigator said that Gillian Lee had no opportunity to avoid the collision when the oncoming vehicle inexplicably veered into her path. The inquest at Chelmsford Coroners Court heard that Alan Moore, 62, drove into Mrs Lees Range Rover. Mr Moores widow told Mrs Lee that the accident was not her fault and that she would not want to experience what Mrs Lee had gone through. The accident happened in Bolford Street, Debden, on June 6 last year. Mrs Lee saw the other car coming towards her in the middle of the road. She drove on to the left hand verge between two telegraph poles to avoid the other car, which had passed the bend and was driving straight at her. She braked and waited for it to hit her Range Rover. She called 999 before being led away from the scene by a nurse who stopped to help. The police officer said that in the absence of any other evidence, Mr Moore may have suffered a sudden health condition. The assistant deputy coroner, Michelle Brown, said that, unfortunately, it would never, ever, be known what happened and recorded a verdict of death by road traffic collision. 4

Crocodile spotted in village pond

This incredible photograph shows a fully-grown crocodile in Debden village pond. It was captured on camera shortly before the Pump went to press. The most likely theory about how the croc got there is that its owner abandoned it when it grew too large to live in the bath at home. Professor Michael Dundee of London Zoos reptile department, who has examined our photograph, warns people to be on their guard near the pond as crocodiles can run at 30 miles an hour. Professor Dundee will lead an attempt to capture the dangerous predator scheduled for 11.30 am on Easter Monday. Local residents willing to give a hand are advised to bring waders, strong gloves, lengths of rope and pepperoni sausage bait (a croc favourite). You are also advised to bring running shoes just in case. If the rescue is successful, pictures in the next Pump.

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Race night success

The Debden Derby (photos, right) was a great success and thanks to all those who attended. It raised over 550 for Village Shop funds. Special thanks go to Jacqui Gunn and her team of helpers who did a marvellous job organising everything and giving us such a good time.

Karen succeeds Julia as Postmistress

As you may already know Julia Perry retired from the Post Office on 21st March. She has been our Postmistress for eight years, taking over from Gail Robb in March 2005. During her reign, she has not only been efficient and businesslike, but also extremely friendly and always happy to have a chat. The Village will miss her greatly and we thank her for her loyal service, which has kept this essential facility open. We are very lucky that we have an excellent replacement for Julia in Karen Alexander. She has worked in the Shop for some time now, and so is familiar to many in the village. She will be taking over on 11th April, after which the Post Office will re-open on Monday and Thursday mornings as usual. We welcome Karen and thank her for keeping our Post Office open, when the powers-that-be might so easily have shut it. See picture story, page 20 We have now begun to stock fresh meat, supplied by Priors Hall Farm. We plan to have regular weekly deliveries and will always accept special orders for any items not held in stock. There is a current price list in the Shop for customers to consult. Our regular supply of fresh garden vegetables has recommenced and we are proud to display them on our new vegetable trolley! We will also have flowers and small planters for special occasions. As you can see, with fresh (horseless!) meat and vegetables available, you can now buy your Sunday Lunch at Debden's Village Shop! Nina Manser
Easter Opening Good Friday: 09.3012.00 Easter Saturday 09.3012.00; Easter Sunday: Closed Easter Monday: 09.3012.00 Normal Opening Hours Monday to Friday* Saturday Sunday 08.3013.30 09.30 12.00 09.3012.00 14.0016.30 14.0016.00

* Post Office closed Thur Mar 28 & April 4, re-opens Thursdays & Mondays from April 11


The Debden Derby

And theyre off!

Eager race-goers (top) watch the screen hoping for a win and the winners are (above) Angela Oakman in a natty jockey outfit, receiving her rosette from colourfully dressed (for those reading this in black and white) MC Marcel Pontius, and (left) Caroline Burchall with bouquet. Best ladies hat winner was Jeannette OBrien with a race course millinery triumph, pictured (above left) with new Postmistress Karen Alexander, thinly disguised as a stable girl.

Debden Roundabout
Upcoming events and happenings in your village
Yee Hah! Barn dance is back Last years highly successful Debden Barn Dance will be repeated earlier this year, on Saturday April 20. Will Bunting of Broctons Farm in Rook End Lane will be preparing his grain barn for the event which will be led by the Scampering Rogues and their caller Mike. Tickets are on sale in the shop until April 15 - so hurry! Tickets are 12 or 30 for a family of four, which includes the first burger, hot dog or vegetarian option free. Cash bar. The event opens at 7pm, dancing from 7.30 until 11pm with an interval. Information and volunteers to help: Stewart Luck, 540866. .Spud

you like? Some werent so sure!

It was that exciting moment when competitors in the annual Debden Potato Challenge selected their crop. An expectant, small but distinguished crowd gathered in The Plough on the look out for a large sack of potatoes. All they could find was organiser and chief judge Brad Bamfield holding a suspiciously urban-looking laptop computer bag. Undaunted, each budding Alan Titchmarsh rummaged around inside the bag and drew out three spuds. To say that some were surprised at how small the potatoes were would be an understatement - until they were told that in potato growing, size doesnt necessarily matter! While conversation turned to chit or not to chit, one competitor was seen pumping a local farmer for professional insider tips. Competitors are now busily selecting a suitable container, probably labelled rhubarb to deter spoiling tactics, in readiness for judging on Sat July 13. Competitors and judges assemble at The Plough from 12 noon before visiting each growers container to deliberate over crop weight while enjoying refreshments before returning to The Plough around 6pm for results and awards. Full rules for this highlight in the Debden horticultural calendar were published in the March Pump. If youve filed your copy, go online at: debden.org 8

Sixties night at The Plough

If you love the sounds of the 1960s - with a touch of the 70s and 80s thrown in - youll not want to miss a special music night at The Plough on Saturday June 1 from 8pm. John Hare, local farmer and keyboard player and pantomime musical director for the last 24 years, is teaming up with singer Nick Bennett. John and Nick, who now call themselves, appropriately, Just the Two of Us, were former members of the Raveons, a group that played in Saffron Walden and the surrounding area for an amazing 45 years including at US airforce bases, where they were voted top band in 1967. The Raveons were big on the 60s and 70s scene, playing alongside groups like the Baron Knights and The Swinging Blue Jeans and even outplaying Jokers Wild who went on to become the slightly better known group, Pink Floyd. Sounds like a good night and a chance to break out that 60s gear!


A new scheme to link people with stuff they want to get rid of with people who could use it

The Pump is following up a suggestion in our readers that we start a freecycle scheme in Debden. We FreeCycle survey want to keep it simple. So, each month you can place a notice - free - in the Pumps FreeCycle box to let readers know you have something to OFFER or if you are looking for something Wanted. Just provide a very brief description and your telephone number and/or email address. Some simple rules: Everything is free; it must be legal, safe and fit for purpose. It is up to the person offering the item and the person receiving it to make all arrangements. The responsibility is entirely between them. The Pump has no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the running of the scheme. If it works, it will help us all to de-clutter, keep items out of landfill and make good use of things that would otherwise be thrown away. If you have suggestions for improvements, let us know. Sample notice:
OFFER: pair of folding sun loungers, blue canvas. [phone number] WANTED: girls bicycle with stabilisers (age 4). [email address] . Email your FreeCycle notice to: editors@theparishpump.org

Local Architectural Design

Extensions, Loft Conversions, New houses, Barn Conversions, Listed Buildings Planning and Building Regulation Applications For a FREE INITIAL VISIT call us on

Tel: 01799 540600

Alun Design Consultancy
Email: info@alundesign.com
See samples of our work at www.alundesign.com


Community Gardening project

A Community Gardening Group was launched at Stonebridge Farm in Little Walden in August 2012 by Accuro, a West Essex charity that works to improve the lives of children and adults with a disability and their families. The main aim of the group is to help adults with learning disabilities learn new skills and to make a positive contribution to the local community by providing gardening services to the elderly and those with an infirmity, who are no longer able to care for their own gardens. With spring fast starting to bloom were looking for even more gardens in the local area to help look after. If you think you, or someone you know, might benefit from the groups help then please contact us on 01279 433667 or at gardening@accuro.org.uk .

Wearealsolookingforvolunteerstohelpwiththegroup.Volunteersmight helpthegroupcareforthegardens&/orwithothergardeningrelated activitiessuchasmakinghangingbaskets,sowingandgrowingontheFarm. Nogardeningexpertiseisneededasfulltrainingwillbegiven,youjustneed toenjoyworkingwithpeopleandbehappytogetstuckinandnotminda bitofmud!Ifyouareinterestedinfindingoutmoreaboutthepossibility ofvolunteeringwiththisprojectthenpleasecontactusasabove.







Dear Friends, Happy Easter! As I write it is anything but Easter weather; it is bitterly cold, with an icy wind and a thin scattering of snow on the ground. But, despite the arctic conditions, the snowdrops in my garden are thriving and daffodils are emerging even primroses are showing their faces. I have every reason to believe that by the time you read this, the new life of spring will be all around as we celebrate Easter Resurrection. The gardeners and farmers amongst us know that we need those dark, cold days of winter for plants to die back and take in nourishment from the soil, so that germination and new growth can begin; the longer and harder the winter, the greater the joy of spring. In the same way, it is Jesus journey to the cross and his terrible death there that makes his resurrection so amazingly wonderful. We cannot have the one without the other. Together they constantly remind us that Gods immense love for us transcends time and space; life and death giving us the promise of eternal life beyond death. Happy Easter, indeed! Emerging spring bulbs, lambs and calves in fields and green shoots everywhere help our understanding of new life. So too does marriage: the joining together of two people as one, with solemn promises that they will support and love one another, give themselves to each other, come what may, for the rest of their lives. These days couples have often lived together for several years before their marriage, but nevertheless, marriage is a new and different way of being together it is new life and it is a sign of new life to the wider community. Please pray for all those getting married in the coming months, especially those to be married in Debden Church. I can think of no better way to support them. God bless you all, Hilary

I am always happy to visit, whether at home or in hospital. If you, or someone you know, would appreciate a visit please dont hesitate to ring me on 01799 522616 12

From the Registers We send our deep sympathy to Josie Housden, Sheila, Elaine and Julie on the death of Ray Housden (funeral 4th March).
Debden Church Youth Group

will next meet on Wednesday 3rd April 3.30 6.30pm at St Marks College, Audley End for Activities and BBQ! All of secondary school age, are very welcome
Please contact Hilary on 01799 522616 if you would like to come and for more details The Church Mice . are seeing new life on Monday 29th April at 10.30am

Come and join them in Debden Church New Room For children 0 4 years old with a parent

Debden Church Annual Church Meeting is on Sunday 21st April at 6.30pm

There will be a glass of wine to help the meeting along! Everyone is warmly welcome.

A Big THANK YOU to the children of Debden School Club Ignite and their teacher Mrs Hazel Patterson for giving us such a delightful Mothering Sunday Service.


Benten & Co
Chartered Certified Accountants
Offering friendly, helpful advice on all taxation and accountancy matters. Abbey House 51 High Street Saffron Walden Telephone 01799 523 053 www.benten.co.uk


Your local lawncare company, offering:

Lawn moss killing Scarification Aeration Complete weed and disease control Re-seeding Bespoke feed programme Hard surface weed control

Please contact us for a free Lawncare Analysis

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Weddings to anniversaries. A piece of cake.

We design delicious and stunning handmade personalised celebration cakes for every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, corporate and Christmas We are now supplying high quality everyday cakes to the Village Shop.
Linda Clarke The Old Service Station, Henham Road, Debden Green, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3LZ Tel: 01371 831021 www.icingandthecake.co.uk


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D EBDEN C OUNTRYFILE Everything is late, praying for some warm weather - and saucepans and wooden spoons, anyone?!
A wet summer, followed by a wet and cold autumn have played havoc with life down on the farms around Debden.
In summer, the ground needs to be dry enough to absorb the winter rain but wet weather through the summer and into autumn has left the soil in poor condition. At one point it started to dry and become workable but then more rain. If farmers put machinery on the land too early, the wheels compact the soil making sowing difficult or near impossible. So our local farmers have had to play the waiting game. Tractor headlights in the fields at night recently bear witness to the fact that farmers live by the weather and grab opportunities when they can. Sometimes theyre lucky. Peter Graves of Smiths Green Farm managed to drill some of his wheat early and beat the weather. But because of the wet conditions, much of Peter sprays his wheat with fertiliserthe his sugar beet crop was boom arms enable the job to be done even lifted late - so late, in fact, in windy conditions. that the beet factory was on the phone pleading for final loads before they shut for the season. The weather has made it impossible for Peter to sow wheat in late-lifted beet fields so some 20 acres will lay fallow this summer. One advantage is that it will enable Peter to aerate the clay with the mole drainer (it tunnels through the soil) and spray off the weeds ready for a September or October sowing of wheat. Cold weather is reducing the potential yield of Peters oil seed rape but hes hoping for a pleasant surprise, weather-wise. Sowing of a new beet crop was due to begin at the end of March. Luck was also on the side of Neil Francis at Rook End Farm who spotted a break in the bad weather. With his big kit - extra wide 6m drill arms on his tractor- he managed to sow all his wheat and oil seed rape, but not 18

before completing four preparatory stages: ploughing, pressing with a wheeled roller, two pull-throughs using tines or harrow to further break down the soil. The two crops are now sitting in damp cold soil so its back to the weather forecast in search of some sun. Neil is also waiting for a weather break to spray off a double ration of weeds rain stopped this autumn task. Neils neighbour, Will Bunting of Broctons Farm, was forced to plough-in a field of rape that wouldnt germinate because of the conditions. Now Will is waiting for dry weather to sow spring barley where the rape should have been. Another field, earmarked for wheat, will now be sown with peas. Its a similar picture at Freemans Farm where John and Celia Hare managed to drill spring beans direct on to ploughed land although it remains very wet. Another field was broadcast-sown in December with winter wheat, which may survive re-drilling is possible but expensive. John and Celia spent a week coppicing a hedge on their Debden boundary in order to dig out the ditch because blocked land drains were resulting in wet fieldsa not uncommon problem around Debden. Protecting the bees The EU is threatening to restrict the use of certain chemicals (neonicotinoids) on crops that attract bees and other pollinators, although our Government is resisting the move. While Peter is not convinced that some bans are based on the best scientific evidence, like Neil and other farmers, he relies on advice from highly skilled agronomists, either working independently or for chemical suppliers. Neil confines spraying to early morning and late evening when pollinating insects are less active. John and Celia, who pursue nature friendly farming, never use neonicotinoids. Some good news. The barn owls have been spotted near nesting boxes on Freemans Farm so, with luck, they will be breeding again this year. Celia says shes spotted Siskins and Redpolls on garden feeders as well as Jays, probably migrants from Scandinavia where theres a shortage of acorns. Talking of birds, John and Celias rape and linseed have been decimated by pigeons so theyve invested in two new bangers the gas guns that sound more like trial explosions from Carver Barracks! But Neil has got a more creative solution. Conscious that bangers can be un-neighbourly, residents of Debden are invited to walk around his rape fields and frighten off the birds by banging saucepans with wooden spoons!

Mike Fairchild


Karen puts her own stamp on the Post Office

Debden has a new Postmistress. Karen Alexander has taken over from Julia Perry who has run this important village facility for eight years. They were pictured shortly before Karen (right) started a six-day training course at Cambridge run by the Crown Office covering counter transactions, banking, pensions, vehicle tax, foreign currency, special deliveries and the host of other Post Office services. Karen, who has lived in Debden for six years, is involved in many village activities, helps out at the shop and does gardening and dog walking for local residents and is also a representative for Avon. Julia, who is looking forward to enjoying school holidays, lives in Newport and has strong connections with Debden. She is deputy manager of Debden Pre-School. She was married to husband Keith in the parish church and their son Toby attends the village school, as did brother James who has moved on to Newport Grammar. Julias dad, Reg Bunting, lives in the village opposite Ivy Todd Cottage, his former home. The Post Office will be closed on March 28 and April 4 but Karen will be behind the counter on Monday and Thursday mornings from April 11.

New arrivals in Debden are James and Emily Scott and their two young children, Henry and Samuel. James is vice president of Groupon, the international deal-of-the-day coupon company. Emilys interests include creative writing. They lived briefly in Saffron Walden and before that in the United States. They moved into the home in Thaxted Road formerly occupied by Jeff and Lorraine Isles who have moved to Hatfield Broad Oak. Ray Francis is no newcomer to Debden but is about to move into a new home in Thaxted Road with his wife Fiona. Ray helps cousin Neil Francis run Rook End Farm and also works as a haulage manager. Ray and Fiona are moving from Highfields. Their new home was formerly occupied by John Green. 20

Vacancy Debden Primary school Governor

We currently have a vacancy available on the schools Board of Governors. Working in partnership with the head teacher and staff, the Governors help guide the direction of Debden School and we very much hope your involvement will enable us to continue to build on this success. The governing body has a strategic role in the development of the school but does not become involved in day to day management issues. There is opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of areas from finance, pupil curriculum or personnel through to science, art and music. The Board of Governors currently includes: Andrew Armour Phil Donohoe Melissa Challinor Judith Forster Sally Dale Julie Gibbons Hayley Green Ursula Lyons Val Mitchell Robin Richardson Fred Thornberg Tim Wise

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the governors or teachers at the school. Alternatively, you can contact us via governor mail at: debdenschoolgovernors@gmail.com.

Bathurst Trust Almshouses

A one bedroom Almshouse in Debden will become available for occupation by the end of March 2013.
Priority will be given to a potential resident that best meets the terms of the Charitys deed. This states that, to benefit from the provision of an almshouse, a person must be of modest means, over 60 years of age, and resident in the Parish of Debden at the time of appointment. If after several months the trust is unable to appoint a resident that exactly meets the terms of the Charitys deed, with the permission of the Charities Commission, the criteria for residence will be relaxed. Please contact Charles Murphy of the Bathurst Trust if you would like more information. Email: charlie.milldam@googlemail.com Tel: 07500 830400 Registered Charity No. 209710



Dear Pump Reader, Everyone at Debden School enjoyed raising money for Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March. Everyone was asked to wear something related to a Cookery Theme and bring a minimum donation of 1. Everyone looked brilliant, staff included! We had waiters, waitresses, chefs, a hot dog, burger, Turkish delight, corn on the cob, bunch of grapes and a range of cooking implements including a whisk, spatula and much more! Some of the older children also did a sponsored silence for the day which although a huge challenge was helped by having one or more friend who spoke for them! A very exciting day which was enjoyed by everyone and raised lots of money for Comic Relief. We are still in the process of counting all the donations and will let you know the total amount we raised in the next edition. Here are pictures of a few children from each class; see if you can guess what they are dressed as. Reception Class

Class 1


Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

More news from the school and children in the summer term. With all good wishes Julie Gibbons (Headteacher)


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Enjoy good company, a wide selection of wines, beers and great food! Starters small selection from our menu Prawns Pil Pil (cooked in garlic, chilli tomatoes & herbs) Deep fried Brie with Cumberland sauce Crispy devilled whitebait Main Courses A small selection from our menu Large rack of BBQ ribs with salad & chips Half roast crispy duck with stir fry vegetables & dauphinoise potatoes Home made steak & kidney pie cooked in Guinness, vegetables & dauphinoise 10oz Ribeye served with onion rings, mushrooms and choice of potatoes Whole trout wrapped in bacon with lemon butter & fresh vegetables Home made lasagne, salad & chips Selection of vegetarian dishes always available Plus Bar Snacks menu Sunday lunch Selection of starters Main courses Roast topside of beef and Yorkshire Pudding Succulent slow roast pork and Yorkshire pudding Fish dish of the day Vegetarian dish of the day All mains 8.95, book for 12-12.30pm, 7.95 Selection of sweets Fish & Chip Night Wednesdays Take-away 7.95, eat in 8.95 Music Night 1st Wednesday of the month Quiz Night 3rd Wednesday For bookings telephone Stuart or Margaret 01799 541899 Tuesdays - Fridays 6pm - 11pm Saturdays 12pm -11pm Sundays 12pm - 5pm


News from Debden Pentecostal Church

Dear Friends,

We were pleased to have had a visit from Maureen Lee while she was in the area and dropped in to speak at our morning service. She is well and we were most blessed with her visit. With April here at last we hope for some warmer weather after what has been a long cold winter. Spring is a season of fresh beginnings as we see the bright green shoots and new leaves appear and the remnants of the cold bare winter days fade away. Jesus similarly promises a fresh beginning to all who put their trust in Him, whatever is in the past. The apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5v17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. This is a wonderful promise that becomes ours when we commit our lives to Jesus, all things become as new and our whole outlook changes. Our evening services have now re-started on the first and third Sundays of the month; see our advert for when they fall this month. Please do drop in and join with us.

God bless, Simon Gale


Debden Pentecostal Church

Thaxted Road, Debden

Weekly Programme


11.00 am Morning Worship 6.30 pm Sunday Evening services will be held on 7th and 21st April


10.30 to 12 noon Coffee Morning

Special note

Please contact Paul Baker on 01440 710416 if you need information about the church.

Special Dates in April

On April 21st 1855 Dwight Moody became a Christian after his Sunday school teacher explained to him how much God loved him. The teacher said of his first encounter with Moody I can truly say, that I have seen few persons whose minds were spiritually darker than was his. Following his commitment to follow Jesus, Moody said "I was in a new world. The birds sang sweeter, the sun shone brighter. I'd never known such peace." In 1858 he established a mission Sunday school at North Market Hall in a slum of Chicago. Moody travelled and preached far and wide, some have claimed he was the greatest evangelist of the 19th century. He travelled to England in 1872 and thousands, and at times tens of thousands, gathered to hear him preach.
Debden Pentecostal Church www.debden-pentecostal.org.uk


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CHARTERED ARCHITECT for a complete architectural service 18 The Maltings Station Road Newport, Essex, CB11 3RN Tel :01799 543533 Fax:01799 543653 ian@abrams.uk.com www.ian-abrams28

Parish Pump
Deadline for editorial copy or amendments to advertisements for the next edition is Friday April 12.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Pump will be held on Thurs April 18 at 8pm, New Room, Debden Church.

Need Help With Your Trees?.....

We are Fully Qualified and Insured to carry out all aspects of Tree Surgery Tree and Shrub Pruning Tree Removal Stump Removal Hedge Management Tree Planting Firewood and Woodchip Delivered For free advice and a written quotation call 01799 520044 Or visit our website www.mercertrees.co.uk


Open Every Day except Thursday

Debden Pre-School

For 2 to 5 years old Debden Memorial Hall www.debdenpreschool.org.uk

Registered charity No 1059433


www.cbmowerservices.co.uk Sales, services, spares of new and second-hand machinery HAYTOT COUNTAX WESTWOOD MIXTOR ROBIN and many others Call us on 01799 599774 Please see our new website


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Have a wonderful day learning something new at our beautiful timbered barn it is great fun with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere
A master class in Growing Great Vegetables with Pippa Greenwood 23rd April Cooking Food that Children Love gorgeous and healthy recipes for children 1st May Gardening for Beginners (part one of a two part series) Caroline Tilston 3rd May Macarons and Meringues try your hand at these French delicacies 8th May Perfect Pastry a fabulous day making a variety of wonderful pastry dishes 21st May Baking Bread nutritious and delicious easy recipes for fabulous bread 22nd May Painting `Mackerel on a Plate Deborah Donnelly (leave with a painting!) 24th May Weave a Willow Obelisk with Graham North. Leave with gorgeous obelisk 5th June Simple & stylish ways with Seasonal Flowers Leave with arrangements 7th June To reserve a place and for further details see www.coleendfarm.co.uk or telephone 01 799523411 The Barn, Cole End Farm, Wimbish, Saffron Walden, CB10 2LJ


CARVER BARRACK FIELD A number of people have rung me to enquire what is happening at the Airfield at Carver Barracks as they have seen new gates etc. being erected. It should be pointed out that this is MoD property and is not a Public Right of Way. The cost to erect a fence around the perimeter is prohibitive and, therefore, it is inevitable that people will wander onto the field and with Army personnel stretched to the limit it cannot be policed at all times. It has to be understood that military training exercises are carried out on this field and, as the barracks have a duty of care, they will be erecting flags and signs to indicate when an area is particularly unsafe. People should note that, should they enter this field, they do so at their own risk. CARVER BARRACKS COMMUNITY WEEKEND Please make a note of the date of the Barracks Open Weekend 27th and 28th JULY. Full particulars of the itinerary will follow in the next issue of the Pump but a splendid weekend aimed at the local community is promised. DEBDEN AND WIMBISH COMMUNITY GROUP Some of you will remember that in my Christmas newsletter I informed everybody that I had formed the Debden and Wimbish Community Group. This would enable me to use community funding on any Senior Citizens or disabled people who wished to enjoy an occasional outing. I asked anyone who was interested to contact me and, as I did not hear from anybody, I shall be working with The Good Companions, who meet in Wimbish but have members from both communities, as part of my community projects allowance. FLOWER TUBS DEBDEN GREEN I have long been rambling on about the fact that, although the tubs at Debden Green were stolen when the Debden tubs were also taken, only the Debden tubs were replaced twice so I have used the balance of my community fund and have contributed personally to buying three tubs for the Debden Green end. Colin Long has kindly helped in obtaining security stakes to, hopefully, deter thieves and organised the planting and placing of the tubs in situ which will be looked after by Pam and Ron Dawson and Colin Long for which I am extremely grateful. It would be good if people could keep their eyes open and report to the Police or Neighbourhood Watch officer any suspicious characters hovering near the tubs. Evidently, I am told, when the tubs were originally stolen, a number of people actually saw the tubs being taken and did not question it!! Tina Knight 32


Debden RBL honours volunteers

Members of Debden Branch Royal British Legion have been honoured with awards for Bob Taylor, Chris Griffin, Edward Tetlow and Ken Thornton service to the Legion.
Presenting some of the awards at a packed fundraising quiz night at The Plough at Debden on 28th February the Branch Chairman, Colonel (Retd) Roger Burgess said the awards were particularly fitting and well-deserved and that they reflected the effort and hard work put in by the volunteer recipients over many years. Mrs Chris Griffin, the Branch Secretary and Mr Bob Taylor were both presented with commemorative badges to mark over 20 years of collecting for the annual Debden RBL Poppy Appeal, while Mr Edward Tetlow was presented with a commemorative RBL Tie Pin marking 15 years involvement with the Poppy Appeal. Edward Tetlow also received a RBL Branch Certificate of Appreciation, along with Mr Ken Thornton for their specific services to the Branch over many years. Colonel Roger Burgess was especially pleased to be able to announce that both Mr Mike Barton (the ex-Chairman) and Mrs Chris Griffin had been awarded County Certificates of Appreciation for their service to the Legion. These prestigious awards were due to be presented to them by Brigadier (Retd) Malcolm Ratcliffe DL, the Essex RBL County President at the next Essex County Committee Meeting on 23rd March. Events The Fundraising Quiz Night at The Plough was a great success and raised over 200 for branch funds. Future Debden Branch RBL events include: May June 3 August

Visit to Carver Barracks (date to be confirmed) Summer BBQ/Dance (date/venue to be confirmed) Visit to Chavasse VC House Personnel Recovery Centre at Colchester

Membership is steadily increasing with 10 new members joining in the last continued opposite 34

Debden footpaths

Village walk planned for May

Writing this, its so cold and muddy I cant imagine anyone wanting to think about walking but spring will come and hopefully has arrived by the time youre reading this. Debden has had a succession of hard working volunteers who have kept an eye on the footpaths in the village, cleared litter, cut back brambles and chased the local authority to carry out bigger projects. Thanks to them all. Now its my turn and Im hoping to rope in a few helpers, regular walkers who could let me know if they see anything that needs attention. I have copies of maps if anyone would like one and my contact details are below. Call or drop me a line if you see anything while out and about and I can then pass on anything major to Essex CC. To make things a bit more sociable I propose an occasional village walk, nothing too strenuous but a chance to meet a few neighbours and walk some of the lovely paths we have in the village. Tea and cake for walkers afterwards as an added incentive. The first of these will be on Sunday May 12, well meet at Hill House on Church Lane at 3.00pm. Do just turn up although itll help with cakes if I have some idea of numbers. Nicola McCahill nicmccahill@gmail.com 01799 541411 from previous page month. We welcome all newcomers and stress that military service is not necessary to join. The Royal British Legion is there to support and uphold the welfare and interests of the Armed Forces who are facing tough times at the moment. Debden Branch is a signatory to the Community Covenant with Carver Barracks and is a contributor to the Essex County RBL Welfare Fund.

Have you lost a wallet?

A black wallet, possibly a childs, was found outside the School on Wednesday March 6. After inquiries made by the school failed to find the loser, the wallet was handed in to Saffron Walden police station. Please contact the police if you are the owner.


Pond House, Pamphillions Farm, Debden, Saffron Walden. Essex CB11 3JT




Contact Toby Abrey or George Chapman for further details Tel: 01799 543208 e: toby@abreyandson.com george@abreyandson.com www.abreyagricultural.com 36

All types of PC support work undertaken

Problem solving Broadband & Wireless New system installation Data recovery Advice on new PC purchase Tutoring Home networking Repairs & Upgrades

We come to you!
Our aim is to have satisfied customers who will recommend us to others

01799 520514
mail@computercare-saffronwalden.co.uk www.computercare-saffronwalden.co.uk


Recently retired Maths teacher offering extra tuition for GCSE and A levels Contact: Lucy Chapman Sharon, Thaxted Road, Debden Tel:01799 543864 Hearing Help Uttlesford Problems with you NHS Hearing Aid?
Obtain FREE help and advice at:SAFFRON WALDEN at the Day Centre in Hill Street on the Last Saturday of each month from 9.45 til 11.30 am or at THAXTED at The Surgery, Margaret Street on the Last Thursday of each month from 10.00 am til Noon
For more information call 01799 599790 (9am 4pm) Regd. Charity No. 289280 38


2 Adjoining cottages in the village of Burnham Market one sleeping 6 and the other 4. To let separately or together. 2 miles from Holkham, 11/2 miles from coast, enclosed south-facing garden, off-street parking. Lovely beaches, golf courses, bird watching etc! Please ring Christine Rhodes on 07831 627678 rhodes@jockwood.co.uk


Environ Construction Sharon Thaxted Road Debden

Contact: Ron Chapman

01799 543864


DEBDEN PARISH COUNCIL, EXTRAORDINARY MEETING, 13th MARCH, 2013. The special meeting was called in order to receive a report from the Parish Clerk following a meeting with the Internal Auditor and to review the Councils Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Risk Assessment and Insurance Policies prior to the end of the financial year and the internal audit. As the Council are now meeting every two months, an amendment was made to the Accounts & Financial Statement in the Standing Orders. In future, these documents will be reviewed at the Annual Meeting of the Council. The next meeting of Debden Parish Council will be on Wednesday April 3 at 8pm in the Village Hall.


Have your say on noisy night flights
Stop Stansted Expansion is urging people living locally to makes their voices heard on night noise from aircraft, the worst adverse environmental impact of Stansted Airport, it says. The Government will be issuing new Night Flying Restrictions due to start in October 2014, but is consulting the public beforehand. The deadline for responses is April 22. SSE has three main concerns: First, 12,000 night flights are currently allowed each year, but only about two thirds are used so the limits are set so high that the airport can have all the night flights it needs. Each year the quota is reduced by 5%, but the limit is so generous that this has no effect. Second, night is defined as between 11.30 pm and 6 am there are no rules governing shoulder periods: 11 pm - 11.30 pm and 6 am - 7 am. Third, aircraft are allowed to use reverse thrust when landing at night. Residents are asked to write to the DfT before April 22 about how night noise affects you. It does not have to be a long letter, but should call for the annual quota to be sharply reduced; night should mean from 11 pm to 7 am; a commitment to the phased introduction of a total ban on night flights, except in emergencies; a ban on aircraft using reverse thrust landing at night.
Responses to the consultation headed Night Noise Consultation to: Department for Transport Great Minster House (1/26) 33 Horseferry Road London SW1P 4 DR Or by email to: night.noise@dft.gsi.gov.uk Copies of the consultation document can be found on the DfT website at https:// www.gov.uk/government/consultations/night-flights-consultation


Our team are on a roll

Debden are unbeaten this season and continue on a roll with a 5-0 win against West Wratting on March 16. The muddy and windy conditions didnt stop Chris Pearce, Jordan Parrish and Dousty scoring a goal each with star striker Zak Rayner taking two. Less good news for one of the Debden side, Matty Anderson, who broke his leg in a very unlucky 50/50 challenge for the ball, causing play to be stopped for 30 minutes. Debden also won against Great Paxton Reserves at an away match on March 9 in which Zak Rayner scored a hat trick. Debden were one down in the first minute but levelled quickly and scored again by half time. A penalty and another goal gave them victory at 4-2.


Like to take part in Secret Dealers?

The ITV1 programme Secret Dealers is looking to film a new series in Essex and would like to hear from anyone who would like to take part. Secret Dealers sees three rival antique dealers doing battle in private homes for items they can sell. The competing dealers tour the house inspecting everything of value. The owners are then faced with a bonanza of surprise valuations and cash offers on some of their most prized (or not so prized) possessions. They can either accept or reject the offers and the owners must then face the choice between sentimental attachment and the chance to make a fast buck. Some contributors give the proceeds to charity. If youve got a passion for collecting and would like to take part, contact the programmes researcher, Neil on 0117 970 7674 or at: secretdealers@rdftelevision.com.

Seventy drivers get the message

More than 70 drivers have been reported to the police for speeding in Debden since the start of this year. A team of eleven volunteers undertake speed checks up to twice a week at two separate locations. Many drivers are caught speeding after passing the 30 mph sign on Ivy Todd Hill, some of them parents bringing their children to school. Checks are also carried out by traffic police, resulting in fixed penalties or attendance at a speed awareness course.


Wed April 3 Debden Parish Council meeting Parish Pump AGM Village Hall, 8pm p40

Thurs April 18

New Room, Debden Church, 8pm Broctons Farm, 7pm for 7.30pm The Plough, 8pm


Sat April 20

Barn Dance


Sat Jun 1

Sixties Night


Sat Jul 13

Debden Potato Challenge judging Carver Barracks Open Weekend

The Plough from 12 noon Carver Barracks


Sat Jul 27 & Sun Jul 28


The Parish Pump is printed by Copycats

"Providing Vocational Opportunities to

Adults with Learning Difficulties" For printing needs call Owen Bryant Call 01799 522145 to obtain a quote.

Thursdays: Mothers and Toddlers 1012 noon Memorial Hall 2nd Friday of each month: 2nd Friday Club for newcomers to the village to meet and greet 8pm onwards at The Plough If you planning to hold an event in the village in 2013/2014, please check against dates above to avoid clashes and give your dates (even provisional) to the editors who will post on the website calendar. 42

In response to readers requests for more information, here is a list of telephone numbers that may be useful. Please inform the editors if any are out of date or incorrect.


Essex Police 101 NEW non emergency (15p per call) Neighbourhood Police 07779 037084 Hospitals Addenbrookes, Cambridge ...... 01223 245151 Princess Alexandra, Harlow ...... 01279 444455 Doctors Newport.... 01799 540696 Thaxted .... 01371 830213 Saffron Walden: Borough Lane ......... 01799 524224 Gold Street.. ........... 01799 525325 Rectory Practice .01799 522327 TEDS (out of hours)....... 01371877410 Dentists (Saffron Walden) Church Street.. ....... 01799 528555 High Street.. ........ 01799 521357 Hill Street... ......... 01799 528209 London Road... 01799 523194 New Road........ 01799 521265 NHS Radwinter Road Hospital ... 0800 7833396 Churches St Mary the Virgin & All Saints Rev Hilary Davey ........... 01799 522616 Pentecostal Church Paul Baker 01440 710416 Debden Shop 01799 541348 Karen Roper (manager) 01799 541634 Footpaths Nicola McCahill 01799 541411 Village Hall Hire Tony Hudson . 01799 541577 pref. email;. tonyhudson07@aol.com Schools Debden Primary 01799 540302 Pre school .. 07845 101809 Newport Free Grammar.. 01799 540237 SW County High .. 01799 513030

Friends 01799 525351 Transport Train times .. 08457 484950 Ticket booking 0800 566566 Stansted Airport01279 680500 Noise Complaints.0800 243788 Village link buses 5 & 3...08457 000333 Debden Clubs Football (Eddie Minet). 07766 970296 Tennis (Roger Forster) ... 01799 541409 Table tennis (Jim Watson) 540721 Badminton (Richard Simmonds) 541084 Karen Howarth School of Dancing ........................................ 01279 651535 Building Services Watson and Woolner ...... 01799 541846 RA Gunn 07708 493432 Plumber G MacSwan 07877 193292 Plumber C Wolff.............. 01799 543679 Chimney Sweep (Jessica Hayes) 01799 540232 Neighbour Watch ..01376 556232 County Councillor Simon Walsh email:simon.walsh@essex.gov.uk District Councillor Tina Knight .. 01799 540881 Parish Council Members Andrew Tetlow .01799 541502 (Chairman) Roger Forster .. 01799 541409 (Open Spaces) April Gardner 01799 542288 (Play Area and Parish Pump) Stephen Jasper ...01799 543141 (Localism Bill) Stephanie Watson 01799 540721 Stewart Luck . 01799 540866 Richard Simmonds .. 01799 541084
Debden Shop and Post Office opening hours, p8



7th April : Second Sunday of Easter

9.30am Holy Communion

11am Family Service

14th April : Third Sunday of Easter 11am Holy Communion 9.30am Family Service

21st April : Fourth Sunday of Easter 9.30am Holy Communion 6pm Church AGM + refreshments 28th April : Fifth Sunday of Easter 11am Holy Communion 9.30am Matins 11am Matins

PRIEST-IN-CHARGE : Rev. Hilary Davey (01799) 522616 CHURCHWARDENS : Micka Brown (01799) 540395 Nina Manser (01799) 541863 PCC SECRETARY : Tony Vernon (01371) 830801 www.debden.org website :