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No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Items Exercise 1 : Theme Health Get Healthy With Herbs Exercise 2 : Theme Environment Cruise Boat to Pulau Redang Exercise 3 : Theme Social Issues Essay Competition 2008 Exercise 4 : Theme People Pen-friend Column Exercise 5 : Theme Social Issues Pets Exercise 6 : Theme Science & Technology Classifieds Computers & Software Exercise 7 : Theme People Clothing Exercise 8 : Theme Environment Places of Interest Exercise 9 : Theme Values Be a Smart Consumer Exercise 10 : Theme Social Issues English Language Carnival No. of questions 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10


HIKMAH MODULE Name: ___________________ Form:__________________ EXERCISE 1 THEME : HEALTH Study the following brochure below before answering the questions. Day/Date:________

GINGKO BILOBA This extract, made from the leaf of the gingko tree native to Asia has been found to be an important compound for slowing the progression of diseases such as Alzheimers. A study found that patients who took the herb showed significant improvement in memory and concentration. GINSENG Ginseng is one of the best-selling supplements in America. It has been a popular Chinese folk medicine for centuries. Many researchers agree that ginseng does seem to offer antistress benefits for those who are suffering from exhaustion. However, those suffering from diabetes, hypertension and pregnant women are advised to avoid using this herb.


GINGER We use this herb for cooking. Ginger helps relieve nausea and prevents motion sickness. Just take a cup of ginger tea before traveling. SAW PALMETTO Saw palmetto is an extract from the berries of a small tree native to the South-Eastern United States. A number of studies have suggested that the extract can partially relieve troublesome problems of an enlarged prostate. However, the herb is unsuitable urinary tract infection or cancer.

CRANBERRY JUICE Cranberry Juice is helpful in preventing bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. It is useful for those suffering from frequent urinary tract infection


HIKMAH MODULE Questions 1-7 Complete the table below. Herb Gingko Biloba Main benefit(s) 1. ___________________________________ 2. ____________________________________ Ginseng Saw Palmetto Ginger 3. ___________________________________ 4. ___________________________________ 5. ___________________________________ 6. ____________________________________ Cranberry Juice 7. ___________________________________

Questions 8-10 Write short answers to the following questions. 8. Which herb is common at home? ____________________________________________________________________ 9. Which groups of people are not encouraged to use ginseng? ____________________________________________________________________ 10. Aunt Maria is always forgetting her keys. She even forgot to switch off her gas cooker once. Which herb is suitable for her? ____________________________________________________________________


HIKMAH MODULE Name: ___________________ Form:__________________ EXERCISE 2 THEME : ENVIRONMENT Read the following article and answer the questions that follow. Day/Date:________


For the first time, passengers from the Super Star Virgo (SS Virgo) hopped off the luxurious Star Cruises ship for a shore excursion to Laguna Redang Island Resort on May 6. Instead of flying and taking island transfers you can now take the slow boat as Star Cruises has begun cruises to Redang Island. More than 1,600 holidaymakers, comprising an international mix of 18 nationalities from Singapore, Australia, India, China, South Africa, United Kingdom, The Philippines and Malaysia boarded the SS Virgo in Singapore on April 5, for a 3-day / 2-night cruise. The SS Virgo is a floating hotel that offers world-class food and beverage, entertainment and recreation facilities. There is something for everyone from restaurants, bars, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, video arcade, library, beauty salon, games room, movie theatre, karaoke facilities to exciting live entertainment presented in an international theatre show. Passengers were transferred via tender boats to the island where they were given a traditional welcome with colourful bunga manggar and the loud beat of the kompang. They were officially welcomed by Terengganu State Chairman for Industrial and Tourism Development, Datuk Mohd Awang Tera, and treated to cultural dances and local food. They spent a delightful afternoon exploring the islands beaches, soaking in the sun and discovering underwater treasures while diving and snorkeling in the Marine Park. From now till September, the SS Virgo is expected to make 12 more calls to Redang Island as part of a series of new route and special cruises planned for the year. Adapted from the New Straits Times, April 2006 (JPNJ Trial Exam 1119/2 2006)

Questions 1-10 Using information found in the article, complete the following graphic organizer.



Name of cruise boat

Destination of the shore excursion


Location of departure


Facilities available on board

4. 5. 6.
Activities available on the island

7. 8.
Traditional forms of welcome for the passengers to the island

9. 10.


HIKMAH MODULE Name: ___________________ Form:__________________ EXERCISE 3 THEME : SOCIAL ISSUES ESSAY COMPETITION 2008 FIGHT ILLEGAL RACING Organised by: Ministry of Youth and Sports With the joint cooperation of: The Cosmos Newspaper and JB Morning Herald Newspaper This competition aims to create a greater awareness about illegal racing among Malaysian teenagers. You may choose from the following topics : A. Illegal racing and its effects. B. How to combat illegal racing. Day/Date:________

1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize : RM 3000.00 : RM 2500.00 : RM 2000.00

Entry Form Fight Illegal Racing essay competition 2008 Topic selected : A ( ) B( )

10 consolation prizes of RM 200.00

Full Name : ____________________ IC No: _________________________ Rules and Regulations : This competition is opened to all Malaysian residents. Essays must be the contestants own work. All essays must be in English and typed on A4 paper. Essays must be about 3000 words in length. Enquries : Please contact Encik Razali Bin Jimat at 07- 8954032 Closing date : 11 August 2008 Questions 1-10 Occupation : ____________________ Address : ______________________ _______________________________ Tel. No: ________________________ E-mail : ________________________ I hearby declare that the attached entry is originally my own work and agree to the rules and regulations of the competition. Signature : ______________________ Date :_______________________


HIKMAH MODULE Give short responses to the following questions based on the poster above. The theme of the essay competition Name of the organizer of the competition 1. ________________________________ 2. ________________________________ _ Newspapers assisting in the competition 3. ________________________________ _ The objective of the competition Closing date of the competition 4. _________________________________ 5. _________________________________ 6. How long must the essay be? __________________________________________________________________ 7. How many prizes are being offered? __________________________________________________________________ 8. In what language should the essay be written? ___________________________________________________________________ 9. Who can take part in the competition? ___________________________________________________________________ 10. Masnira has many questions to ask about the competition. What should she do? __________________________________________________________________

Name: ___________________

Form:__________________ EXERCISE 4 THEME : PEOPLE



HIKMAH MODULE Read the following descriptions in the pen friend column of an international youth magazine and then answer the questions that follow. Write your answers in the space provided.

Pierre Andre, male, aged 16, French nationality. Loves mountain climbing and camping. Dislikes music and reading. Address: La Taverne, 85422 Alban, France. Jennifer Johnson, female, aged 15, American. Loves dancing, disco and parties. Hates books and indoor activities. Address: 5, Allambie Avenue, Los Angeles 91012, California, USA Mary-Kate Olsen, female, aged 14, British nationality. Loves reading especially love stories. Favourite author: Kathleen Woodawiss. No interest in dancing or outdoor games. Address: 17, Church Street, Tutbury, Staffs DE139JE, England Tania Gorbatova, female,aged 16, Russian nationality. Loves ballet dancing and gymnastics. Dislikes parties and rock music. Address: Apt. 73, Karl Marx Street, 111433 Moscow. Questions 1- 5

Steven Bailey, male, aged 14, Swiss nationality. Hobbies: collecting coins and stamps. Loves classical music. Dislikes sports. Address: 10, Rue du Stand, 1909 Bienne, Switzerland. Gerald Haines, male, 16, Australian nationality. Loves swimming, surfing and scuba diving. Plays the violin and drums. Dislikes reading. Address: 12 East Street, Wollonggong, NSW 23400, Australia. Tamara Lane, female, aged 12, New Zealander nationality. Loves cooking and painting. Enjoys spicy food. Address: 3, Everton Avenue, Christchurch 19011, New Zealand

The following Malaysian teenagers are trying to decide which pen friend to write to. Based on their comments, choose the most suitable pen friend with a similar interest for each teenager. In the space provided, write down the name of the foreign pen friend. 1. Mardiana:I love ballet and I am in the school gymnastic team. I avoid parties because I dislike crowds. I prefer to write to a girl. ______________________________________________________________ 2. Ferdinand Thaddeus: I want to write to a girl who is fun-loving like me. I am a heavy metal fan and spend my free time at the local music studio. Anyone who is an introvert will bore me to death! ______________________________________________________________


HIKMAH MODULE 3. Kenchana Dewi: I am a bookworm and I hate activities that make me sweat. I would rather read a book anytime, especially a romantic one about heroes and heroines. ______________________________________________________________ 4. Andrew Lim: Ive no time for girls .. theyre so boring! I prefer music, games and swimming. My dad is giving me scuba diving lessons. ______________________________________________________________ 5. Karam Singh: I love music and I play the piano very well. I love Mozart and

Beethoven. I am also very proud of my Power Rangers collection. _______________________________________________________________ Questions 6-10 Write short answers to the following questions. 6. What nationality is Pierre Andre? _______________________________________________________________ 7. Who lives in an apartment? _______________________________________________________________ 8. Who is the youngest among all the teenagers advertised? _______________________________________________________________ 9. Whose books does Mary-Kate Olsen enjoy reading? _______________________________________________________________ 10. In the pen friend column above, how many like outdoor activities? _______________________________________________________________ Name: ___________________ Form:__________________ EXERCISE 5 THEME : SOCIAL ISSUES Read the list of pets below, then answer the questions that follow. Day/Date:________



Questions 1-5 For each of the descriptions below, name the pets that the following people should buy. No. Description 1. Mr and Mrs Pang have just bought a bungalow and so need a watchdog. Type of pet


HIKMAH MODULE 2. 3. 4. 5. My youngest daughter wants a pet but our house has no room for a dog or a cat. Puan Kalsom, a widow, wants a quiet and homely pet as companion. Salim has always preferred pets that are striking in looks. Sandra, who lives in a flat, wants to get a small pet.

Questions 6-10 Based on the information given, give short answers to the following questions. 6. Which pet is supposed to bring good luck to its owner? ______________________________________________________________________ 7. Which pet breeds very fast? ______________________________________________________________________ 8. Which pet is quiet but temperamental? ______________________________________________________________________ 9. Which pet is the only reptile? ______________________________________________________________________

10. Alsatian is a watchdog which needs _________________________________________


Name: ___________________

Form:__________________ EXERCISE 6


THEME : SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Read the list of services below, then answer the questions that follow.



Questions 1-5 For each of the following write the contact number or descriptions. No. 1. Description Buying second-hand notebook and personal computers in bulk Contact Number


HIKMAH MODULE _______________ 2. 3. _____________________________________________________ 4 _____________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________ Questions 6-10 Based on the information given, give short answers to the following questions. 6. Haslinda wants to start her own website. What must she do? ______________________________________________________________________ 7. Mr Sathiya has just embarked on a business venture dealing in computers. How can he try to increase sales? ______________________________________________________________________ 8. Maizura personal computer is not functioning. She wants someone to repair it. What must she do? ______________________________________________________________________ 9. Dafi wants to buy a used computer as he does not have much money. Who must he contact and at what number? ______________________________________________________________________ 10. Mark is unsure whether to upgrade his personal computer or trade it in for a brand new one. Which contact number must he dial? ______________________________________________________________________ Name: ___________________ Form:__________________ EXERCISE 7 THEME : PEOPLE Day/Date:________ 017-8828372 012-2096007 Upgrading and trading in used computers _______________ 016-2526728



Questions 1-5 Based on the catalogues, answer the following questions. No. Description of attire Name of attire


HIKMAH MODULE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Available in four colours Suitable for beach wear Keeps the wearer warm Smooth to the touch Can be worn to functions

Questions 6-10 Based on the information given, give short answers to the following questions. 6. How many colours can I choose the double breasted jacket from? ____________________________________________________________________ 7. What two words describe the Madrid jeans? ____________________________________________________________________ 8. Which is the only outfit made of silk? ____________________________________________________________________ 9. The woolen sweater is made of __________________________________________ 10. The attire worn by the young and old is _______________________________________

Name: ___________________

Form:__________________ EXERCISE 8 THEME : ENVIRONMENT


Read the brochure below and complete the tasks given.



This is a clean sandy beach, with an enchanting panoramic view. You may go swimming, picnicking, sailing, water-skiing and camping.

A beautiful fishing village. It is a seafood paradise with many restaurants. Relax and enjoy while being caressed by the sea breeze and buy back preserved sea products.

Located 1100m above sea level. Enjoy the cool mountain air, and serene, peaceful environment. Walk in the natural tropical rainforest with a variety of flora and fauna. Suitable for trekking and nature walks.

A great variety of things are sold at numerous stalls. There are handicrafts that will mesmerize you. You may even do your daily marketing and buy fresh local farm produce.


The gallery exhibits a collection of fine paintings from renowned local and foreign painters. You may also purchase antiques.

Questions 1-6 You are a tourist guide. You have to introduce tourists to the unique places in the brochure. Read the brochure and write your answers in the space provided. Places Activities



1 _________________________

Buy handicrafts and fresh local farm produce

2 _________________________ Seruling Art Gallery 4 _________________________ Gunung Lambak

Taste great seafood. Buy preserved sea products Purchase antiques 3 ____________________________________ Swimming 5 ____________________________________ 6 ____________________________________

Questions 7-10 For each of the following item below, give one example of each. 7 8 9 fresh local farm produce antique thing preserved sea products ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

10 flora

Name: ___________________

Form:__________________ EXERCISE 9 THEME : VALUES


Read the passage below carefully. Then, complete the diagram that follows.



Be a Smart Consumer

Budget: 1 Buy only :______________________ 2 Be careful of:____________________



Buy fresh: 3. Reasons: ________________________ 4. Reasons to avoid junk food: ________________________________ 5. Take more:________________________

Value for Money: 6. Check label for: ____________________________________ 7. Shopping centres offer: _____________________________________

Be discerning: 8. Shops should be: ________________________________ 9. For electrical items: _________________________________ 10. Place to test electrical items: __________________________________

Name: ___________________

Form:__________________ EXERCISE 10 THEME : SOCIAL ISSUES


Read the passage below carefully and answer the following questions.




ACTIVITIES The following activities will be held. All participants must register with the schools concerned. 1/4 9.00 am 2/4 8.30 am Scrabble This competition is opened to Form two and Form 4 students only. gather in SMK Laksamana half an hour before the competition begins. Drama This competition is opened to all students. All participants are required to bring their own props or music. The competition will be held at SMK Tun Habab. Poetry Recitation This competition is for Form Two students. Students are required to memorise their poems. The competition will be held at SMK Taman Kota Jaya. Public Speaking This competition is opened to students in Form 4. There will be two segments. Students deliver a prepared speech in the first segment of the competition. Then, students have to deliver an impromptu speech based on a given topic. The competition will be held at SMK Bandar.

3/4 9.00 am

4/4 8.30 am

Questions 1-5. Provide short answers to the questions below. 1. What is the notice about? ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Identify the main requirement(s) for the drama competition. ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Which event is opened to students in Form Two? __________________________________________________________________________ 4. What do participants have to do in the second segment of the speech competition?


HIKMAH MODULE __________________________________________________________________________ 5. When must all participants of the scrabble gather at SMK Laksamana? __________________________________________________________________________ Questions 6-10


HIKMAH MODULE Fill in the blanks with information from the notice. Marks will not be awarded for words which are grammatically incorrect or wrongly spelt.

Dear Raslan, Ive got thrilling news. Everyone at my school is very excited about the coming week. There is going to be an 6 _____ from 1 till 4 April. Let me tell you about a few of my schools outstanding participants. Nurul, whose brother is studying in 7 ______, enjoys acting and is looking forward to the Drama Competition. A few of her friends are helping her with the props and music that she needs. Azhar, a member of the Literary and Debating Club, has the gift of the gab and is the most accomplished speaker of our school. He is preparing for the Public Speaking Competition, especially for the second segment. He hopes that the topic given for the 8 ________ will be an easy one. Mariams friend are helping her to prepare for the 9_________ Competition by compiling a list of hard words which can be used during the competition. So far, Mariam is ready, much to the delight of her teachers. As participants for the Poetry Recitation are required to 10 _______, Johari is making sure he has his chosen poem at his fingertips. I hope each and every one of the participants do great at their respective competition. Maybe our Principal will declare a holiday for the school if we emerge the overall champion! Keep your fingers crossed! Take care and write soon. Adelia