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Website Audit: Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Bendigo Bank

Domain The primary domains for the three banks are 1) www.commbank.com.au for the Commonwealth bank. 2) www.anz.com/about-us for the ANZ bank. 3) www.Bendigobank.com.au/public for the Bendigo bank. The table below shows the secondary domains branching off the banks primary websites. Commonwealth bank www.commbank.com.au ANZ bank www.anz.com/personal Bendigo bank www.bendigo.com.au/public

www.commbank.co.uk For the UK office. www.commbank.com.vn. For Vietnam office. www.commbank.co.jp For the Japan branch.

www.anzroyal.com/en/Pesonal for the Cambodia branch www.anz.com/Singapore for the Singapore branch www.anz.com/fiji for the Fiji branch www.anz.com/hongkong/ in Hong Kong www.anz.com/vanuatu.

In Vanuatu www.anz.com/samoa in Samoa www.anz.com/malaysia in Malaysia

The Commonwealth and Bendigo banks have few sites compared to the ANZ bank which have numerous, mainly based on the country in which these branches are found.

Search Engine Position This section evaluates the number of sponsored links that each of the banks websites receives when entered into the major search engines; that is Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition, the rankings of the sites according to which search words were used, such as Banking in Australia, corporate banking in Australia and online banking in Australia is shown. Google Corporate banking in Australia Commonwealth bank appears 7th on the first page. ANZ bank Commonwealth bank appears 3rd on page 1. ANZ Commonwealth Bank appears 3rd on page 1. ANZ bank appears 14th on page 2. Bendigo bank does not appear Yahoo Bing

appears 6th on page 1. Bendigo bank appears 14th on page 2. bank does not appear in the Bendigo banks does not

first 200 results.

appear in the first 200 results.

in the first 200 results.

Online banking in Australia ANZ bank appears at position 4 ANZ banks appears 2nd on the Commonwealth bank appears on page 1. Commonwealth bank and Bendigo bank do not appear in the first 200 results. first page. Commonwealth bank appears 16th on page 2. 2nd on page 1. ANZ bank appears 3rd on the first page.

Bendigo bank appears 49th on Bendigo bank does not appear page 5. in the first 200 results.

The results for when the three banks are entered into the widely used search engines above are shown below: Commonwealth bank Google Yahoo None Earn interest with checking account www.BankingNewsOnline.com Bing None None None ANZ bank None None Bendigo bank None None

Condition This section discusses how the customers and suppliers of the ANZ, Commonwealth and Bendigo banks have adopted the use of online banking services. It also shows the various technological developments and trends within these banks. The Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank and Bendigo Bank have all established online services which both customers and suppliers increasingly use. However, the intensity of use of these online services differs greatly. According to research conducted by various auditing firms such as Price Water Coopers people worldwide, in particular suppliers and customers, have turned to using the internet to carry out their banking transactions. This is because it is easier and more convenient to use as you can conduct business in any part of the world. The table below shows types of online services offered by the three banks. Bank Commonwealth bank Services offered Customers can review their accounts, make credit card payments, view transaction history, pay bills, and transfer funds. ANZ Bank Customers can view their balances and transaction history, transfer money between accounts and pay bills. Bendigo bank Customers can check their account balances, pay their bills, carry out telegraphic transfers and receive their account notifications.

Context A) Commonwealth bank The website layout has the most noticeable features for customers at the top, such as personal or business uses, and information about the bank. The site also contains a search option, facilitating ease of access to relevant information. The site also contains other links to various products and directions. It appears to be user friendly.

B) ANZ Bank The sites main links are also at the top of the webpage. A search function is also present. The central part of the website provides the basic information about the bank such as its history. In addition, the site offers links to its products and the structure of its business, located on the left of the webpage via the vertical scroll option. At the bottom of the webpage are other links to the site map and a security and privacy statement.

C) Bendigo bank The website design is similar to the other banks sites, but it appears smaller and information is more compressed. The primary navigation is located at the top. Next to these are

social media links to Twitter and Facebook accounts. The site also contains a search function. Links to products and services are placed slightly below the main links. There is also a log in option for anyone wishing to access their personal banking. At the bottom of the site are links to terms of use and the option to provide feedback navigation. The site fits on the screen easily with no need to scroll down vertically.

Content This section looks at how the websites have used different forms of media such as pictures, videos and texts.

A) Commonwealth bank


The website has used several pictures to advertise its products. It also has a video navigation option where it advertises its products. It uses different colours in the text, which are designed to capture the viewers attention.

B) ANZ Bank


The site mainly uses text to convey its message to viewers. However, the site also has a video demonstration, in which it explains to customers about the banks products.

C) Bendigo Bank The site also mainly uses text; however its text is placed against an attractive background which draws the viewers attention. It uses no video or sound.


Corporate ID and Design

1) Commonwealth bank. Their corporate ID is shown below. The Commonwealth banks logo is placed on the left hand side of every page on the website. It is simple but distinctive especially due to the colours used. The website has also been designed with different colours which easily attract the viewers attention.

2) The ANZ bank corporate logo is shown below. Similarly to the Commonwealth banks logo, it is somewhat plain; however, it is clearly visible and unique. The Corporate ID is placed on the bottom right hand corner of its webpage. The website also uses the logos blue and white colours. 3) Bendigo bank


The banks logo is unique with the banks name visible in the centre. The logo appears on the top left hand corner of its webpage. The page also uses white and maroon logo colours, which make it appear distinctive. The font size and type of the logo is unique compared with those of the other two banks.

Conventions A) Commonwealth bank The site seems to comply with the users expectations. All the main links are placed at the top for easy access. In addition, the site has a drop down menu which helps the viewer to navigate easily. The site also has the privacy and other important information about the bank at the bottom of the webpage. A unique aspect of the site is that it has a menu that allows you to download the latest applications for banking services.

B) ANZ Bank The site also complies with the expectations of users in that the main links are visible at the top. The dropdown menu also shows the various aspects of the services provided. General information about the bank is located on the left. This clear display of the different aspects of the bank allows the user to maneuver through the site easily. Similarly to the Commonwealth bank website, the security information and the site map option are placed at the bottom.


The unique thing about this site is that, unlike other sites where they advertise their products in the centre of the site, it mainly uses this section to explain more about the structure of the business and its leadership role.

C) Bendigo Bank As with the other two banks, the Bendigo bank website complies with the users expectations by having primary links available at the top of the webpage, and having security information and terms of use at the bottom. However, the site does not have a dropdown menu. Also, most of the information on this site is compressed in the centre. This makes it appear crowded.

Customer Focused 1) Commonwealth bank The website has been designed in such a way that the main links are customers oriented, for example, having links to personal, business and corporate sections visibly placed at the top of the webpage. This allows the user to easily access services most relevant to them. Additionally, the website subdivides these categories into more specific sections. The various services that are displayed on the site cover almost all types of customer needs, such as loans and financial advice. The bank also has various accounts tailored to anyone, from business people to students. According to the website Alexa.com, the site attracts both educated and less educated people.


2) ANZ Bank The sites main links are customer focused and include personal, small business and also corporate use. The website also offers information relating to other services such as directing the customers on how to get to various branches. The site also provides assistance to customers with things such as a free budgeting tool. This site also provides information about various services customers can access according to different categories. The image below shows the distribution of age groups who access the site.


3) Bendigo bank This banks website categorises its customers uses as personal, business and community oriented, but it does not explain what type of services are offered under each category. However, the site has options for applying for different services such as loans and credit cards. According to analysis by Alexa .com, the site is mostly visited by people directed from other websites.


Community 1) Commonwealth bank The bank currently has no direct user to user communication channel, but it does have a Facebook page through which the user can comment about the bank. The bank also has a Twitter account through which users can follow the bank and make comments and suggestions for it.


2) ANZ bank This bank also does not have a direct channel through which customers can communicate. In addition, there is neither a Facebook nor a Twitter account through which the community or bank users can communicate their points of view.

3) Bendigo Bank This bank also lacks a formal channel through which the community and its users can communicate. However, the bank has a Facebook and Twitter account through which clients can express their views and comment on various issues.



Customisation 1) Commonwealth bank The only customisation option that is present for this site is to allow users to change text size.

2) ANZ bank The only customisation option in this site is to select countries in which the bank operates.

3) Bendigo bank This site contains no customisation options.


Communication 1) Commonwealth bank The banks website has various mediums of communication allowing for interaction between customers and the bank. This includes a Contact Us page, subscriber newsletter, a Compliments and Complaints option, a Facebook and Twitter account, mobile banking options as well as a Frequently Asked Questions link.

2) ANZ bankThe website also has various options for communication. This includes a Contact Us page, newsletter subscription as well as a Facebook and Twitter account. The bank also has mobile banking options, through which communication can occur.

3) Bendigo bank The banks website seems to have the least available options for communication as it only has a Contact Us page, Facebook and Twitter account.

Connection 1) Commonwealth bank The website has quick links to terms and conditions of the Dollarmite club, a hit list, and a know your money option.


2) ANZ bank The site has a quick link to foreign exchange rates, currency converters, and travel smart with your credit card moving to Australia among other options.


3) Bendigo bank The site has links to various other websites such as lost superannuation, Centrelink, and the Australian Taxation Office.

Commerce A) Commonwealth Bank The banks website allows customers to do a variety of things including applying for an account online. A customer can also conduct foreign exchange transactions or make money market investments. To perform this function, the customer just needs to open an online account through which he or she can conduct business.


B) ANZ Bank This site is not commercially oriented as it does not have an option for users to make transactions online. Although it has an online banking option it does not provide any further functions.

C) Bendigo Bank This site has an e-commerce option where users can transactions online, such as applying for loans. A user can also conduct online telegraphic transfers just by opening an online account from where one logs on and conducts business.


Convergence A) Commonwealth bank The Commonwealth bank website has a mobile phone application for their services allowing the user to view and conduct transactions with their mobile phones. However, it does not have RSS feed.


B) ANZ Bank This site has a mobile phone application that can be downloaded providing mobile phone access. However, the site also lacks an RSS feed.

C) Bendigo bank This site also does not have integration with other media as it does not have phone applications or an RSS feed.


Cross promotion A) Commonwealth Bank The webpage does not carry out any cross-promotions but the bank has sponsored the Australian cricket team for the last few years. It was also the official bank of the Australian Olympic team for the Olympic Games.

B) ANZ Bank The ANZ bank also does not carry out any cross promotions of any other companies. It sponsors various community activities.


C) Bendigo Bank. This site also does not carry out any promotions of other companies. The bank sponsors various activities in the local community.

Compliance A) Commonwealth Bank This site appears to be compliant with the W3 Disability Standards as it provides the option of changing text size, which may assist someone who is visually impaired.

It is also compliant with data collection laws. The privacy policy statement reports that the company protects clients data in accordance with relevant industry codes. It further states that personal information may be used and disclosed within the bank to administer their products.


B) ANZ Bank The site does not seem to comply with the W3 Disability Standards as evidenced by the bank only using text without providing additional images which could assist the visually impaired. It also complies with data collection laws. This is demonstrated by the privacy and security policies available from the website, which state that the information ANZ collects about any person is dependent on how the user uses the facilities offered by the website. The site also states that any disclosure of personal information would occur with regards to security regulations as set by the relevant authorities.


C) Bendigo Bank This site is not compliant with the W3 Disability Standards, as it does not have alternative text for images, which may impact on the visually impaired being able to use the site.


The website complies with the data collection as well as data law. This is clearly outlined by the privacy policy statement. It states that the bank recognizes the significance of protecting the information of its customers. It further states that the bank is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of any information that is entrusted with the company. The statement also reads that any information collected may only be disclosed to companies that have been allowed by the law to be privy to this information.

Currency Due to the nature of the banking industry business the website is updated on a daily or at least weekly basis. This is because most of the information is continually changing.


Corporate A) Commonwealth Bank The corporate website is located on the About Us menu under the Our Company option. It consists of an overview of the bank, introduces management, staff, the banks approach to diversity, sustainability, strategy, its history, awards, brand, and international branches. In the history part of the website, the banks establishment is described, in particular with the beginnings of the bank, its foundation, and past leaders.

B) ANZ Bank The corporate website for the bank is composed of a profile, business structure, facts about its history, banking museum, economic profile, sponsorship, ANZ executive, the board of directors, ANZ management and corporate governance.

C) Bendigo Bank The banks corporate website is found in the About Us menu option. It is composed of types of banking, a Contact Us option, a Locate Us feature, news and media contacts, shareholder services, investor information, and corporate governance information.

Corporate responsibility A) Commonwealth Bank The banks have taken a long term view in its proceedings. It states that it ensures that it is always responsible for its effect on stakeholders and the environment. The banks


management is committed to maintaining an ethical working environment ensuring that they do not tolerate any kind of malpractice. The bank also states on its website that it is committed to building sustainable communities by supporting various community programs.

B) ANZ bank The bank is committed to growing its business responsibly by ensuring that it manages the various risks that it encounters. The bank further states on their website that it approaches its role in society with a great sense of duty and care towards customers and the society. The bank also states that it continues to train its staff on social and environmental issues relevant to their clients.


C) Bendigo bank This bank is committed to high ethical standards while doing business. The bank aims to ensure that all its practices maintain the wellbeing of its customers, and in making sure that the bank is involved in various activities undertaken by the surrounding community.

Investor relations 1) Commonwealth bank The website has a shareholders page where various information relating to shareholders and other investors are displayed. This includes annual reports, annual general meeting information, presentations and speeches. The page also displays the market share price.

2) ANZ Bank


The website also has a shareholders page providing information relevant to shareholders. It also displays the latest share price and other information, such as divided information.

3) Bendigo bank The website also has a shareholders page. It mainly provides information in relation to how one can become a shareholder, annual reports, and divided history.


Marketing Mix A) Commonwealth Bank Product- The website advertises a range of products that the bank offers. It has been broadly classified into personal, business and corporate banking. Price- Being a service oriented industry the website shows the charges for different services and the interest that accumulates on loans and savings. Place- The website displays the location of branches that the bank has within Australia. Additionally, the website shows the location of their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Promotions- The bank has various promotions on its website, one of which is linked to its centenary celebration where it offers a $20,000 prize for people who take an insurance protection for their loans.


B) ANZ Bank Products- The website advertises various services that the bank offers which are categorised into personal, small business and corporate use. These services include financing, transaction and investment services. Price- The website also displays the charges for its services and the interests on clients loans and savings accounts. Place- It also shows the location of all of the banks branches as well as their ATMs. Promotions- The bank has an 18 month global Masterbrand campaign in which it aims to demonstrate how it helps customers with various services.

C) Bendigo Bank Products- The banks website advertises two types of products, one of which is personal products such as home loans, personal insurance, investments and retirement planning. The other type of product is business products which include business and equipment finances. Price- The website displays the charges of the various services that they offer, as well as the interests on their loans and savings accounts. Promotions- The banks website currently does not have any promotions; however, it states that it has tailor-made loans for its customers.


Applications A) Commonwealth bank The banks website has applications which the customer can download to access its services through their mobile phones.

B) ANZ bank The bank website has an appstore application as well as Google play application, which can help the user to use the phone to access the website.

C) Bendigo bank The website does not have any application that can be downloaded.

Mobile A) Commonwealth bank The website can be used through a mobile phone by first downloading mobile phone applications.

B) ANZ bank The site can also be accessed via a mobile phone through the specific applications the user can download.


C) Bendigo bank This site has no options available to allow users to access services with their mobiles.

Clicks A) Commonwealth bank The website has a flat design where most of the menu is accessed via a drop down menu and the user requires a single click to get to a particular section.

B) ANZ Bank Its website is also a flat design where most of the sections can be accessed with a single click; however, there are sections where you have to click twice to get more information.

C) Bendigo bankThis website also requires a single click to get to any section due its dropdown menu design.


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