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E-53, Sect -52 Noida U.

Phone:- +919634720522 /+919810783793

Email :- madan.mohan22@gmail.com Passport No K3908921

Objective : To work hard in a competitive environment equipped with cutting-edge Technologies in the GSM, CDMA, UMTS field with customer satisfaction

SUMMARY : Having 4.5 Years of experience in RF Optimization&Planning, KPI Monitoring,RF Drive Survey Coordination (RF& Transmission) of GSM ,UMTS-3G,

Optimization of RF parameters for network by cell level optimization site survey Customer Co ordination Report validation
Verify suitability of new site plan as per requirement

Ensure daily basis plan and field output match with customer requirement
Sets up Report templates, data collection schedules & Post processing. Frequency planning, BSIC planning to maintain desire C/I using MapInfo professional 8.5 Frequency Planning, Nominal planning, Prediction Plot, Interference Calculations ATOLL planning tool Analyzing the Post-Processed drive test data after successful completion of drive test on the ACTIX tool

To improve performance of Network & analysis of GSM / WCDMA traffic reports.

Worked on Ericsson , HUAWEI , tools of Optimization .

Technical trouble shooting ,handover list optimization, Parametric optimization, Conducting optimization activities for Improvement of network statistics. Improving the Radio Network performance with effective drive test & optimization.
Analyzing KPI and optimizing the sites by physical optimization or through proper tuning of frequencies.

Reviewing optimization changes and maintaining cell site RF database Review the cell parameters updating with respect to changes in network. To check the coverage of Radio cell & Compare it with radio predictions. Handling optimization of new and swap sites and handles problems like Call drop, TASR, Path Imbalance, TCH Completion, comparatively Drive test(Analyzing KPIs,RAN5,TA,BBH reports).

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:Period : From 14th Jan 2013 to Till date working with Out Worx(P) ltd noida . Project : Vodafone Tech Mahindra India Project ( Benchmarking) Role Sr. RF Engineer ( Optimization )

Optimization(GSM,UMTS 3G ) Bechmarking
Benchmarking Log Analysis regarding GSM voice & data kpi Benchmarking Log Analysis regarding UMTS voice & data kpi KPIs GSM & UMTS voice (CSSR, CCSR, MOS, Coverage, Call setup time), Scoring evolution & kpi weightages KPIs GSM & UMTS DATA (GPRS attach success rate, HTTP success rate , ping RTT, PDP context success & activation time,email Send & receive success , time, FTP throughput & success rate etc.) Gsm & umts plots , pilot pollution, cqi, rscp, Ec/Io, Bler, SHO, IRAT, IFHO, modulation scheme, rx qul, rx lev, c/I, bcch,etc Recommendcation for quality, coverage, throughtput, interference, etc. Cluster optimization/reporting & analysing using Actix Post Processing Tool, XCAP

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:Period : From 1st Dec 11 to 12th Jan. 2013 working with Shivam infocom pvt(ltd). Project : Vodafone Delhi GSM (Optimization ) Role RF Engineer (Planning& Optimization) Optimization(Analyzing KPI& NQR Report).
ERICSSONs, CNA, RNO (NCS, MRR, FAS, ), RPMO (event based monitor), Citrix, OMT tools. Cluster optimization/Cluster tuning using Actix Post Processing Tool Analyzing DT log using TEMS investigation drive test tool for post processing tool Actix 4 and problem identification, for coverage and quality problems and offering appropriate solution for solving the RF related problems in the network. Regular monitoring of traffic per sector & to do SDCCH & TCH dimensioning, undeclared neighbor list and modification of Neighbor List for each sector to reduce handoff failures. Optimizing the Cell-Neighbor relations using Ericsson NCS Frequency planning and retune for sites using Ericsson FAS Optimizing the parameters for cells with excessive TA and Pathloss using Ericsson MRR (Measurement Result Recording) Ensuring Daily perform monitoring of the sites using Ericsson RPMO (Real Time Performance Monitoring) Monitoring various KPIs for Voice (TCH DROP, SDCCH DROP, TCH BLOCKING, SDCCH BLOCKING, CSSR, HOSR, TASR and IASR) for each cell in comparison with particularly with a threshold & action on worst cells. Handling of interference issues during Post-IOS & SCHEMA drive test by change of frequency, BTS power and fine tuning for functioning of the N/W at optimum levels. C/I Analysis, interference Reduction (Adjacent & Co-channel Interference). Coordinating with reporting manager in maintaining the KPIs (TCH completion rate, SDCCH Completion rate etc.) Coordinating with DT Team for field optimization. (RXLEV, RXQUL, SQI, FER,BER, BCCH, INTERFERENCE, etc.). physical audit( reorientation , height , tilt )

Previous Experience :-

Period : Project : Role :

From 22nd Dec 2009 to April 2011 worked with Glabal Innovsource Pvt.Ltd Reliance (Huawei) , ALUMS(RCOM-KPI) MUMBAI RF Engineer (Planning& Optimization)

Optimization(GSM& UMTS 3G).

Report Analysis( TA, Path imbalance, NQR, HO,INTERFERENCE,) Kpi monitoring (TCH,SDCCH drop & TCH,SDCCH Blocking, HSOR, TCH completion rate, SDCCH Completion rate) Report making (Pre & Post ) coverage, interference , issue
RF field optimization (antenna tilt and azimuth correction, suggesting Scrambling code change etc.). Analyzed the Pilot Pollution for 3G network and reduced them Optimizing and analyzes Pilot Coverage, CPICH, RSCP, Ec/Io, CQI,BLER,SIR, Optimizing(3G) HO (SHO,IRAT,IFHO), RRC & RAB setup and access complete retio, RRC Drop Rate,CSSR Monitoring 3G KPI by means of RRC connection setup rate, RAB Setup success rate Knowledge of Intra. Inter & IRAT Events, thresholds, hysteresis, offset, timer, call flow, power control, cell selection& reselection, SHO,scrambling cade, HSDPA , coding, compress mode Responsible for reducing congestion and drops, improving the IRAT Handover, Soft Handover, Location Update, Paging, CSSR, RRC Connection & RAB Establishment Success rate in his designated area for all Voice, Video Packet & High Speed, issuing capacity requests whenever needed. Coordinating for pre cluster and post cluster drive for swap sites Scheduling drive test activities for Drive Testers and analyzing data to fix Network Faults as they arise and making recommendations for further improvements

Period : From 22 Sep 2008 to Oct 2009 worked with Prithvi information solution limited Project : Aircel Karnataka Role : RF Engineer ( Optimization & planning)

Coordinating for pre cluster and post cluster drive for swap sites Coordinating with DT Team for field optimization. (RXLEV, RXQUL, SQI, FER,BER, BCCH, INTERFERENCE, etc.). physical audit( reorientation , height , tilt ) Kpi monitoring (TCH,SDCCH drop & TCH,SDCCH Blocking, HSOR, TCH completion rate, SDCCH Completion rate) RF survey& Transmission Survey, Customer Coordination Report validation(Lat, Long, height, orientation,clatter height, blocking, LOS(MW) ,


From 22 Dec. 2007 to July. 2008 worked with RT Outsourcing pvt ltd.


: :

Nokia maharastra bts Installation& commissioning

BSS engineer

Training .

One month Telecom Training (Diploma in Wireless Tech.) with TNS Noida

Tools Handled:LMT (BSC-6000), I-Manager (M-2000), Atoll 3.1.1(planning tool) ,Google earth , MS- office-2007,MIPT Tools. Actix 4 , Mapinfo 8.5 ,Genex Assistance. TEMS(10.5.0) ,Genex Probe, NEMO , for Drive Test., CITRIX , Actix ,MCOM ,TEMS 9.1(Ericsson), Ericsson tool ( MRR, NCS,FAS RNO,CNA, RPMO) RF Optimization, Data analyzation, Coordinating Drive test team for 2G & 3G both technology. Tools using LMT6000 I manager 2000 , Genex probe , Genex Assistant , ,Google Earth,

Technical Qualification
Diploma B. Tech H. Secondary (10+2) High school (10th) : Passed with 75 % electronics from M.G.P Hathras U.P : Passed with CS from SGI Univ-Agra in 2004-07 with 62% marks. : Passed with 52% from U.P Board : Passed with 51 % from U.P Board .

Computer Knowledge:
Operating System Application : MS Dos, Windows 98, 2000, 2007, XP. : MS word, Power point, Excel, Database. : Sri Shyam Sunder Chaturvedi : 01-July-1982 : Indian : Hindu : Hindi, English

Personal Profile:Father`s name Date of Birth Nationality Religion Language

DECLARATION:I hereby declare that the aforesaid information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: Delhi Date : 02-March -2013 ( madan mohan)