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Title and reference Jeroen de Jong and Deanne den Hartog, Measuring Innovative Work of article Behaviour, Blackwell publishing limited 2010, creativity and innovation management, Volume 19 Number 1 2010caim_547 23..36

Type of Article Purpose of article

Scholarly article UK Academics - research based. This article reveals the innovative work behavior and its importance for individual and organization, this study evaluates innovative work behavior from different dimension to measure innovative work behavior and how to appreciate it.

Sample, location, Sample Size: The sample consisted of knowledge workers and their managers method of data from 94 small knowledge intensive service firms in the Netherlands. collection and Participating firms were sampled based on NACE (sector) codes, including analysis code 72(IT services), 7411, 7412 (legal and accounting services), 7413, 7414, 744 (economic services) and 742 (engineering services) Location: this pilot study was carried out Business and policy research institute of Netherland across four different sectors of the economy. The method of data collection: Employees received a packet with the questionnaire, a cover letter (assuring confidentiality and explaining the procedure for the survey) and a return envelope. Analysis: analysis of data collected are done through number statistical techniques like mean median mod, correlation etc. Findings of research The findings of the research were that innovative work behavior is not four dimensional as it was supposed to be before study as this was very new concept so it was viewed as its or may be actually be more likely to be four dimensional but at end in the research findings it came its a single dimensional process.


of This research article is significance because its on the topic which is getting


very much importance now a days as every firm of the world now wants creative or innovative work behavior from their employees to excel in the market. Another significance of the article is this topic is not explored that much from research point of view and this helps in clarifying myths. of The limitations of the study includes the factors like this comprises only of Netherlands organization and employs and reflect their responses the results may vary in other parts of the worlds or regions. The variables were limited so other factors could be which enhances the innovative work behavior. This article has strength that the sample was selected from almost every sectors and were knowledgably, so results accuracy is expected apart from that it have proved the four dimensions which normally were perceived for the innovative work behavior, and this study was never done before.

Limitations article

Strength/s of article

Weakness of article

Although this pilot study took four hypotheses representing each dimension but these were not sufficient to address the issue.

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