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Dimension 9 Dimension 10

• Promoting positive relationships within a • Aiming high

learning, caring and inclusive school community • Enabling all children and young people to
• Supporting children and young people achieve
• Providing the whole school community with • Encouraging enterprising attitudes and
positive experiences that promote and protect behaviours
their health
• Promoting positive healthy attitudes and

Dimension 8 Dimension 1
• Having their capabilities extended Promotes Develops a culture • Learning as personal development
• Being empowered to influence the future Well-being and of Ambition and – meaningful in the lives of children and young
development and direction of the school Respect Achievement people
• Giving pupils a voice and enabling them to take • Promotion of active learning
responsibility • Meeting children’s learning needs
• Being encouraged through a vibrant and
progressive school culture and climate g for effective lea
chin rni Develops a common
Values and ea Engages young n vision among children
empowers its staff

people in the highest quality and young people,
Dimension 7 and young people Dimension 3
learning activities parents and staff
• Continuing and critical enquiry • The nature of the vision
• Welcoming challenges Successful Confident • Creating the shared vision
• A collective commitment to improvement Learners Individuals • Sustaining the shared vision
• Continuous professional development Effective Responsible
• Being data rich Contributors Citizens

Reflects on its own Focuses on outcomes and Fosters high

work and thrives maximises success for quality leadership
on challenge all learners at all levels
Dimension 2 Dimension 4
• Planning the outcomes of learning • Leading learning
• Assessing the outcomes of learning • Building leadership at all levels
Works in
• Reflecting on and recording success based on Works together • Leading the school community
partnership with other
outcomes with parents to • Guiding change
agencies and its
• Reporting on success in achieving outcomes improve learning

Dimension 6 Dimension 5
• Developing parents’ support for their children’s • The school in its community
learning • Working with partners to meet the needs of all
• Active involvement of parents in school children and young people
activities • Multi-agency approaches to improve learning
• Collaboration and representation • Leadership and co-ordination
Everyone bent over backwards ...
whatever was needed was provided ...
he felt just like the other children.
(parent of a child with additional support needs)


Keep them updated.

Parents should be asked LEARNING AND TEACHING

Creativity is built in. for feedback through The full document is available on the HMIE website:
We’re never satisfied. questionnaires and letters. www.hmie.gov.uk

(classroom assistant)
We are ambitious; we Further information is available from:
want to do better. A RESOURCE FOR SCHOOLS AND
(headteacher) HM Inspectorate of Education EARLY EDUCATION IN SCOTLAND
Denholm House ISBN: 0-7053-1082-5
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AIMING FOR Exploring HOW GOOD Planning FOR
Staff need to be more
Tel: 01506 600 200
flexible, less defensive,
more willing to Fax: 01506 600 337
tackle what is new. HOW GOOD IS OUR SCHOOL?
Email: enquiries@hmie.gsi.gov.uk
(nursery teacher) Reflecting on practice is a THE JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE
shared process – a culture of
self-evaluation is built in.
(principal teacher)

I like to make the

teacher and my Mum and
Dad proud.
(P3 child)
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The Optima, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8DU
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