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Job Evaluation Chart:

Compensable Factors RN Cashier Police

Landscaper Mechanical
Knowledge/Education ! " " #
$%ill ! & ! ' ! (
Responsibilit) ! ( * * !
E++ort & & & * & &
,or%ing Conditions - * * * & -
$upervision . . - & * '
/otal Points &. -" &! &* &* &
0 registered nurse ma) obtain either an associate1s degree or a bachelor1s degree2
$peciali3ed training would be needed +or clinical nurses and anesthetists2 4t is a nurse1s
5ob to measure a patient1s health problems and needs2 0 nurse must create and e6ecute a
nursing care plan2 0 registered nurse has to maintain record o+ the patients2 0 nurse ma)
also have to wor% in adverse wor%ing condition2
/o be a retail cashier7 it onl) re8uires a high school diploma or 9ED2 0 cashier handles
mone) and processes transactions using a cash register or electric scanner2 /he) have to
be pro+icient with the e8uipment the) use and have to ta%e responsibilit) o+ cash2 :n the
5ob training is provided as long as )ou have basic math s%ills and provide good customer
0 Police detective can wor% in hostile environments that can be ver) dangerous2 /he
education re8uired +or this 5ob can range +rom a high school diploma to a college degree2
Detectives watch over citi3ens and so as law en+orcement o++icers7 their responsibilities
are ver) important2 Police academ) training consists o+ both classroom and hands;on
instruction2 <ou must be ph)sicall) +it and pass a +itness test that ma) include timed
running or +ence climbing2 0 detective1s duties include investigating crime scenes and
8uestioning witnesses and suspects2
,hile being a landscaper does not re8uire a +ormal education= ta%ing courses relating to
landscaping would be bene+icial2 0 landscaper +i6es and %eeps up landscaped areas2
Landscapers also do additional 5obs such as installation o+ lighting7 transporting and
planting new vegetation7 mulching7 mowing7 and +ertili3ing2 Landscapers tend to wor% in
unpleasant conditions most wor% re8uires ph)sical strength2
0 mechanical engineer is a s%illed e6pert having either a bachelor1s o+ science degree or
a master1s degree mechanical engineering2 0 mechanical engineer1s responsibilities
consist o+ developing and construction machines7 tools etc2 /he) also oversee set up7
process7 up%eep7 and restoration wor%2 0 mechanical engineer needs to have speciali3ed
s%ills to per+orm this 5ob2

0n engineering manager is a s%illed e6pert having a bachelor1s degree in engineering or a
master1s degree in engineering management2 0n engineering manager directs and
organi3es engineering pro5ects2 /heir 5ob duties consist o+ scheduling7 improving7
constructing7 and building o+ engineering wor%2 Engineering managers have senior
position and oversee man) engineering sta++2
>ased on their 5ob pro+ile7 %nowledge and education needed7 s%ills re8uired to per+orm
the 5ob and wor% condition the) wor% in7 5ob evaluation chart is +illed2