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(A Govt. of India Enterprise) Malanjkhand Copper Project Malanjkhand Malanjkhand Balaghat - 481116 Tel No.: 91(0) 7637 257013 / 257018 Fax No.: 91(0) 7637 257032 / 257038 e-mail: mcp_pur@hindustancopper.com Enquiry No. : 7066 Date: 18-MAR-13

Last Date & Time for Tender Submission: 12-APR-2013 15:00:00 Date & Time of Tender Opening : 12-APR-2013 15:30:00 E.M.D. : 11000/SECURITY DEPOSIT: N.A. PBG: 10% Warranty: 2000 WORKING HRS/12 MONTHS/18 MONTHS

Note to Supplier: Please submit offer in TWO BID system under EPS as per spcn. part no. Dear Sirs, You are requested to submit your offer in sealed envelope duly super-scribing above Enquiry No. , date and opening date, for the following item(s) conforming to stipulated description and specification as per terms & conditions attached herewith : Sl.No. Material Code Description of Material Unit Quantity Ship to Need By Date with Specification/Part No./Make,etc Location 1 664700088 DRIVE TUMBLER 4J95C343 NUMBER 4 MCP Stores Spares & Consumables IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS : The bidder must mention the following in their offer:

1. Rate (On FOR destination basis).For overseas suppliers,rate should be on F.O.B./C.I.F. basis. 2. Discount ( if any). 3. Excise Duty & Cess (if excisable). If included in quoted price,indicate amount of ED & Cess. 4. Sales Tax/VAT/Entry Tax (in percentage). 5. Freight (if any). 6. Packing & Forwarding charges (if any). 7. Payment:45 days credit for general suppliers/ 30 days credit for SSI/NSIC Regd.units. 8. Validity:90 days from the date of opening of tender. 9. Delivery: Firm delivery schedule/date. 10. PAN/TIN/VAT/TAN/ECC Nos: 11. Enclosures
Bidders must refer to following

a) b) c) d) e)

Special Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions Detail Technical Specification Drawing Any Other

For Hindustan Copper Limited

(Authorized Signatory)

A) PRE-QUALIFICATION CRITERIA:01) Parties quoting against this enquiry should be OEM/their authorized dealer. They should mention the same and submit valid documentary evidence for the same. 02) Parties other than mentioned above should have executed orders for P&H shovel casting spares to any of PSU/reputed private organization and who have developed drawing of the enquired item. They should submit photo copy of the executed purchase orders. B) SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:03) Tenderer should submit their offer through Enterprise Procurement System (EPS) of M/s. Mjunction Services Ltd. (MJ) who is the service provider to HCL, in two bid system consisting of (a) Techno-Commercial bid (b) Price bid. Tenderer should upload scanned copies of necessary documents if any on M/s. Mjunction site. Bids as uploaded and submitted online M/s. Mjunction site before the due date & time only shall be considered. Simultaneously, hard copy of Techno-Commercial bid, EMD & Relevant documents if any should reach Dy. General Manager (Materials)-Purchase Deptt. Malanjkhand Copper Project, Malanjkhand-481116 Dist.Balaghat (MP) before bid opening date superscribing the Tender No. & Due Date. All vendors are requested to contact M/s. Mjunction Service Limited, Kolkata to access and quote for tender enquiry on-line. The contact persons are as under:MJ Contact Persons: Important 1: For Registration related issues the contact persons are as under:- Toll Free No. 180041920001 for any support required ( please dial 1 after the line get's connected ). You shall be provided with a docket number against the complain made by you. In case the problem does not get resolved you may contact Mr. Arijit Das, Ph. No.(033) 66106426 and provide him the docket number, received from the call center, for future action. Alternately you may send e-mail at the following address: eps.customercare @mjunction.in, subhankar.debroy@mjunction.in, jaideep.boruah@mjunction.in, indranil.chaudhuri@mjunction.in, Important 2: For Bidding related issues, please call us on our Toll Free Helpline at 1800-419-20001 (9.30 AM to 5.30 PM). You can also use the Customer Complaint Handling Portal and we urge you to log in your suggestions and complaints, if any, through this portal. You need to click on Query or Complaint, which is available in the home page .Your issues will be resolved through the CCHP portal itself. For Urgent Escalation on EPS please contact: Mr. Subhankar Debroy, Client Relationship Manager (CRM) Mobile: 9163348110 ,Landline: 033-66106015 Email ID: subhankar.debroy@mjunction.in The escalation matrix shall be as follows; Escalation Level 1: Mr. Jaideep Kaushik Boruah, Dy. Manager, EPS & e-Sourcing, buyjunction Mobile: +91 9163348089, Landline: 033-66106446, Email ID: jaideep.boruah@mjunction.in Escalation Level 2: Mr. Indranil Chaudhuri, Head-Client Relationship Management, buyjunction Mobile: +91 9903982382, Landline: 033-66106066, Email ID: indranil.chaudhuri@mjunction.in Escalation Level 3: Mr. Vinaya Varma, Vice President, Mjunction Services Ltd. Landline: 033-66106112 ,Email ID: vinaya.varma@mjunction.in Tenderer may note that during the specified time when the tender is open for bid submission you may modify the bids as per your convenience whether in case of multiple modifications the last submitted offer will be taken into consideration. Tender may note that no on-line bidding will be accepted after closing date of tender. Once the Enterprise procurement is closed tenderer shall not be allowed to revise their price and/or withdraw their offer for any reason whatsoever. 04) EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT (EMD):- Your offer must be accompany an amount of Rs.11000/-(Rupees eleven thousand only) towards EMD. In the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order/Bankers Cheque in favour of M/s.Hindustan Copper Ltd. Payable at SBI-Malanjkhand/IOB-Chartola. You should indicate the details of EMD on the top of the envelope. OFFER RECEIVED WITHOUT EMD WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. But the units registered with NSIC for manufacturing this type of materials are exempted from payment of EMD against valid documentary evidence should be enclosed with the offer. 05) GUARANTEE/WARRANTY:- 2000 working hours or 12 months from the date of fitment or 18 months from the date of supply, whichever is earlier. 06) FITMENT GUARANTEE:- Supplied material should be as per part No. and their should not be any fitment problem. 07) PERFORMANCE B. G.:- You have to submit B.G. equivalent to 10% basic value of the order from a Nationalized Bank towards performance on HCLs format valid to cover the guarantee period. 08) No other make except the make mentioned in the enquiry will be accepted. However offer of OEM with alternate part No. is acceptable with the confirmation that the item quoted is one to one replacement. 09)The offers of the parties other than OEM with alternate part no. have to confirm that the item quoted are one to one replacement and the part no. mentioned in their offer is superseded part number. 10) In case of imported items, party has to submit photocopy of import documents which contains bill of lading/ Air bill /packing list & Bill of entry along with the consignment, in support of supply of genuine imported spares for individual item

valuing more than Rs. 1 lakh. Without which material will not be acceptable. 11) The offers of the parties whose supplied items (indented) are under trials will not be considered till the performance is established. 12) HCL reserves the right to reject any or all tenders entirely at their discretion without assigning any reason thereof and also reserves the right to place order in part or full on different suppliers. 13) The company shall release the payment due to the supplier electronically. The e-payment facility is available under INTERNATE mode through SBI. The supplier shall submit duly filled Bank Mandate form in duplicate with due authentication from their banker to avail e-payment facility. The prescribed Mandate form is enclosed. 14) Please indicate in your offer whether you are a manufacturer or a registered dealer (1st stage or 2nd stage) for the items and if so you have to submit Cenvatable Invoice. 15) PLEASE MENTION YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR OFFER WHICH IS ESSENCIAL FOR E-PAYMENT. 16) The Corrigendum, if any shall be given only at our website www.hindustancopper.com . 17) Your offer should be valid for a period of 90 days after receipt and acceptance of your offer. 18) PAYMENT TERMS : 45 days credit for general suppliers/30 days credit for SSI/NSIC Regd. Units after receipt and acceptance of materials at our site. 19) LATE DELIVERY PENALTY: Penalty for L.D. supplies in the event of unsatisfactory delay or non supply of materials, the supplier shall be liable to pay by way of penalty at the rate of 1/2% of the value of undelivered materials of contract per week or part thereof subject to maximum of 5% of the total contract price without prejudice to the right of the purchaser. 20) All other terms & condition shall be as per our general terms & conditions of enquiry printed overleaf. ****************************