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there is a state of art PC to help teachers and others make presentations using PC tools.



Affiliated to central board of secondary education, Delhi, Affiliation number: 1930309 Near V.Kootroad, Periyeri, Attur (Tk), Salem (Dt)-636112

Books are the most valuable resources that always light a candle in the minds of the readers which goes on burning for long after. So is our school library, which has about 2500 books which includes novels, encyclopedia and reference books, related to various subjects. In addition it also subscribes to various magazines, periodicals, journals and newspapers.

Educationalists follow education Education follows educationalists


Role of sports
This insignia of SRM with a lamp is the symbolic representation of taking forward our students into a realm of moral itinerary, mastery over morals of everyday absolute discipline advanced knowledge with other prerequisites of a dignified existence in future.

SRM was stabilized as a small project by our honourable founder Mr.K.Shanmugham M.Sc., B.Ed.,with educational mastery latched into the monarchial idea of making a new cognitive horizon of education in the rural area of Attur and to help the rustics to make an escape from poverty and promising to give them a relief from illiteracy laid the foundation on June 2000 A.D.

Sports and games are the fundamental to human development in many ways. Healthy physical development is the primordial gift of nature. Sports and games have the power to influence students character motivation to team work and a challenge to find excellence. Qualified physical training teachers have been appointed for trained in hockey, football, tennis, hand ball and in athletics.

Brass task
The founder correspondent got into the brass task of spreading education, sow values that reap respect culture, wisdom and upgrading the standard of living.

Sanitation - high priority

The school has all the basic amenities including clean and safe drinking water (RO water) supply. Functioning toilets separated by gender and thereby change the students attitudes.

Humble beginning
SRM was started as a small project with 242 students enrolled for kindergarten classes.

The school has formed monitoring committee consisting of parents and teachers to ensure better awareness of the work carried by the facilities and the students.

SRM is built with highest quality standards and specification ides for the leader. It is located just 20 kms off Attur on the Salem Chennai highway.

Students committee
The office bearers represent the highest committee in a chain of elected representatives. The student representatives constitute the students executive committee. They elect their representatives in a very democratic way. Those representatives activities are coordinated by the teachers. Teachers and student representatives are monitored by the Principal to ensure better awareness of their work and coordination.

SRM is built in 6 acres comprises of five blocks the CBSE block, State board Hr.Sec. block, boys hostel, girls hostel and the Nursery & Primary block. Fifty percent enclosed area covering the buildings. Fifty percent open area for a play ground ample covered parking places for buses, cars and two wheelers, for garden pathway and guard room. SRM is surrounded by forests beginning nature into the school.

Floor plans

enriched with many education CDs on various subjects and fairy tales CDs for the tiny tots also.

Mathematics lab

There are many dynamic floor plans to suit the leavers requirements open to facilities natural light and ventilation.

Academic resources
The biggest challenge for today is to pay special attention to school curriculum. So the management is making efforts to progressively augment the creation of high quality education and best standards. The Maths lab has been so designed for students to learn mathematics performing activities and hands on experience. The 'MATHS LAB pro vides a wide variety of Materials to play with and learn the concepts. Maths teaching and learning for primary school level is done with activities and experiments by students. Maths lab has also been encouraging group learning and co-operative learning our students.

Attention to other area of education

Teachers qualification to curriculum is considered the basic infrastructure. Resourceful teachers to work with vigorous accountability, to supplement the text with strict monitoring have been appointed. Because for a young adolescent growing up there are three ways to excel - Diligence, discipline and punctuality, then nothing can stop them from reaching their dreams. The school nourishes communication, reading, writing, drawing, music, yoga, skating, hockey, swimming etc.

Science lab

Smart classes

The students and teachers are making effective use of smart classes. More syllabus oriental programme and explanation contents are packed up. Smart classes create a passion for the subject and the students learn quickly.

The science labs are very well laid with all the sophisticated instruments of accurate and precise measurement for conducting all kinds of experiments. It has varied collection of equipments that helps students to carry on some basic research which would assist them in quenching their thirst for knowledge.

Audio visual room

Computer lab

The computer lab is an air conditioned lab is a multimedia computer Pentium - 4 (2.8Ghz). 40 GB with sound blaster, 52xCDROM/24xCD writer. It is has been networked to 15 nodes, all multimedia computers. The CD library has been

The Audio Visual (AV) Room of the school is the testimony of the rapid strides made by electronics and technology in teaching. To aid teaching through the infusion of technology the room is provided with some of the most modem equipment. It has OHP, LCD and Slide projector with a remote control. To lend the technology edge,


To plant more trees, to keep the environment clean and neat they are taught to save energy and water. They should get the pollution checked for their vehicles frequently. They should imbibe habits and a lifestyle of minimizing waste generation and reduce pollution and conserve their environment.

Code of practice for the journey ahead

The main virtue of children is their innocence so they should not polities any problem. There should not be any discrimination among the children. There should be an equal society to exist peacefully. Students should respect others sense of duty. Students should serve as responsible citizens. Students should work with rigorous accountability. Students should sustain improvement. Students should keep upgrading their knowledge. Students should always be interactive and participative. Students should give high priority to hygiene and sanitation. Students should be in the campus before morning assembly. Students should not leave the campus without prior permission. Students should come to school in proper uniform. Sick students are permitted to take leave.

Separate hostel for boys and girls are constructed. Highly nutritious food is served to all according to a strict menu as suggested by nutritionists.

House system
House System is service-cum training in organization. Its aims are: To promote the welfare of the students. To promote better student.-teacher relationship. To impart citizenship training. To encourage self-discipline. To teach skill management and leadership. The Students have been classified into Houses as under.

Code of conduct

Disciplinary warrant
Each house is headed by a House Captain. Co-Curricular activities are organized with the guidance of houses mothers/house masters. A healthy and keen spirit of competition is nurtured. Student found flouting the school rules will be issued a disciplinary warrant which will be signed by the parents duly. Issue of 3 warrants in a month will result in suspension. No excuse will be entertained. This includes, Late arrival Ununiform Skipping home work Using foul language Leave taking is not encouraged except unavoidable circumstance. Our students mission is to turn their educational dreams into reality. They should navigate with our esteemed trustees who with hermeneutic skill carry the burdens and navigating the SRM boat to advance education and for illiteracy redemption.

Value education
The students are introduced to the rich spirited heritage which transcends the prejudices of caste, creed, language and religion thus creating an equal society to exist peacefully.

Green rules
Creation of environmental awareness among all sections of our society particularly our students importance. Todays children are the future citizen of our country. So there is a great need to inculcate concern for nature among them to be environment friendly.

It is right to say SRM is a promethean gift to the area.