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Compressor stations for compression of natural and associated gases at block-module


An industrial group TEGAS

Tegas industrial group offers a wide range of in-house manufactured compressor and gas separation equipment.

the following products are commercially available:

nitrogen membrane units and plants, mobile compressor stations, block-module gas-compressor stations, booster gas pumping plants, spare parts production, maintenance and after-sales servicing. Complete production cycle and in-house engineering department allow to design and produce various types of customized machinery. In-house licensed training center TEHGAZ fulfils training of Clients representatives for profession Operator of nitrogen compressor stations with issuance of certificates verified by Rostekhnadzor. Service companies being a part of TEGAS industrial group perform precommissioning works, maintenance and after-sales service, remedial works on compressors in the Clients territory as well as render machinery leasing services and perform works at oil and gas production and transportation facilities. All works, services and manufactured equipment are provided with relevant licenses, certificates and permits. one of the priority trends in the activity of tEGAs industrial group is engineering and manufacturing of a packaged version of booster piston gas compressor stations. These stations are capable to solve the following tasks: gas pumping, required pressurization for gas transportation or storage, gas feeding to gas piston power generator, oil recovery factor improvement by pumping pressurized associated gas down borehole, pressurization for processing and separation of associated gas. Booster piston gas compressor stations in block-moduled version can be employed at the following facilities: wells with low output gas pressure, wells with low production rate compared with those operating in the same reservoir, wells with drastically reduced production rate during the operation under unchanged formation pressure, wells with bottom-hole zone clogged in the process of drilling or overhaul operations, wells being idle for a long time after drilling, overhaul or work over operations.

Compression of natural and associated gas

to solve the tasks related to compression of natural or associated gas tEGAs industrial group has developed and is successfully manufacturing MKs type booster gas compressor stations in a block-moduled version.
MKS is designed for gas compression directly in the production location. MKS is supplied as a factory-manufactured complete unit. Special foundation is not required for the station installation. Installation of container on a level and firm surface is sufficient. The station operates in an entirely automated mode and does not require continuous presence of attending personnel. High level of automatic equipment and fire safety systems allow complete automatization of the MKS work process, which abates human factor risks considerably. MKS is a guarantee of safe operation. All manufactured electric equipment is explosion-proof. MKS is a highly efficient and exclusively reliable method of pressurized gas pumping.

Certificate of conformity on MKS stations

Certificate of management ISO 9001:2000

MKS equipment configuration

Station equipment configuration depends on Clients performance specification. Depending on required parameters the station can consist of several containers to be joined together in the operation location.

MKs advantages
explosion-proof construction complete automatization no special foundation required equipped with ventilation, heating, lighting and fire alarm systems.

Typical MKS station equipment layout

20 ft container Compressor Explosion-proof heater Automatic equipment cabinet Axial-flow fan Thermal screen Power cabinet

Entrance door

Membrane unit Heater Drainage line Filtration system

MKS equipment configuration

Gas compressors
In-house manufactured booster piston compressors are employed as gas compression elements.

tu (technical specifications) 3643-002-87956566-2008

Apply to parametric row of piston air and gas compressor units series with angle or opposite location of cylinders and motor drive or other drives insuring reliable and safe operation of compressors. Three piston bases are the basis of parametric rows: series 2 and 5 with angle location of cylinders; series M4 with opposite location of cylinders.

tu 3643-003-87956566-2008
Apply to parametric row of piston air and gas compressor units series on angular base, on horizontal two-row opposite base or horizontal four-row opposite base and motor drive or other drives insuring reliable and safe operation of compressors. Three piston bases are the basis of parametric rows: series 2, 3 and 7 with angle location of cylinders; series 2M2.5 and 4M2.5 with opposite location of cylinders.

Certificate of conformity Gazpromsert

Certificate of conformity GOST R on compressors

Certificate of conformity GOST R on compressors

Permission on work on compressors

MKS technical data and description

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

description Capacity, nm /min. Inlet pressure, atm Output pressure, atm Operating temperature conditions, Climatic version Operating mode Automatic scheme Drive Version Compressor 160 0,001 100 3 400 +5050


1 (moderately cold climate) 24-hours relay or microprocessor electric, diesel, gas piston explosion-proof piston with free-oil cylinders and sealings

Depending on performance specification the engineering department of TEGAS industrial group develops and selects station equipment to satisfy the Clients requirements to maximum extent. The station is manufactured based on standard 20 or 40 container. Standard dimensions of nitrogen compressor stations MKS, LWH, m: 20 container 62.52.5; 40 container 122.52.5.

container is subject to obligatory modification in the following way:

frame reinforcement depending on the type of equipment employed; cutting out access openings, doors installation; container heat and noise insulation is made of state-of-the-art noncombustible materials; every container is equipped with automatic fire-fighting systems, forced and exhaust ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarm system, main and emergency lighting. To assembly the station container should be installed on a level and firm surface. Both electric and diesel or gas piston drive can be used with compressor. In the event electric drive is employed for smooth control of capacity, variable speed drives are to be used. Furnishing of extra equipment is possible.

MKS technical data and description

MKS automatic equipment system

MKs automatic equipment provides for:
operation from local control panel option of connection and operation of remote control panel smooth capacity control in automatic mode based on discharge pressure depending on gas requirement with subsequent compressors disengagement upon consumption termination and automatic actuation when consumption is resumed compressor station protection against emergency operation modes visual control of basic parameters compressor station startup in manual and automatic modes compressor station shutdown in manual and automatic modes station basic parameters monitoring with the option of their transmission to the upper level automatic and manual control of coolant pumps automatic and manual control of oil pumps automatic monitoring and control of the station heating and ventilation automatic and manual purging and discharging of compressors room gas contamination monitoring station fire safety monitoring monitoring of electric motors, compressors and pumps protection.

Realized projects Example of production of packaged type booster gas compressor station S-11/3,5-250 ( 3643005879565662009)
Separator Auto control package Nitrogen membrane unit for compressor purging

Explosion-proof motor

Ventilation system

Automatic shutter assembly

Gas compressor

Electric power panel

Realized projects

20 ft container

Access openings

Entrance door

technical data:
Capacity, nm3/hour Gas intake pressure, atm Gas output pressure, atm Automatic equipment Compressor drive Version Compressor Version 2300 3.5 250 microprocessor electric explosion-proof 4M2.5-5.5/3.5-250 1 (moderately cold climate)

optional equipment:
nitrogen membrane unit manufactured by TEGAS industrial group for purging compressor prior to remedial operations or maintenance.

Training of the Customers personnel on the speciality Operator of transport compressor plants and nitrogen stations are being carried out by experts of the licensed center Techgas granting an applicable certificate with a note of the Technical Supervision of Russia (Rostechnadzor). Individual extra-training by Customers request is possible at the site of the mounted equipment. 10

Certificates Questionable list Questionable list

for engineering and designing of equipment
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Customers company name Customers address, phone, fax Customers representative, name, phone, e-mail address Design institute, phone, fax Institutes representative, name phone, e-mail address Intended purpose of compressor unit Purpose of gas using Gas components Required capacity of gas, nm3/hour Inlet pressure, bar Outlet pressure, bar Possibility to change gas flow with time Explosion proof characteristics Dust moisture proof characteristics Compression drive: electric 15 diesel gas reciprocating 16 17 18 Compressor package operation mode Need to have compressor backup Anticipated delivery time

Please, fill out data sheet and send to fax: (861) 279-06-09 or e-mail: info@techgaz.com. For additional info call: (861) 299-09-09 (multi channel) 11

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