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Hertfordshire Constabulary in conjunction with the Goldsmith Apprenticeship Academy introduced an apprenticeship scheme in early 2010.

The object was to discover young people with to the future. This pioneering initiative has proved an outright success and in November 2012 a joint constabulary/Goldsmith Centre Open Event was held at the constabularys Welwyn Garden HQ to give details of what is now an on-going apprenticeship programme.
The event was co-ordinated by Jodie Martinelli, an Apprentice Ambassador and full time member of the Constabulary in its HR department. Presentations were also made by the Goldsmith Centre's apprenticeship programme specialists. Says Jodie: The Force aims to be involved with the community and its recruitment process involves a positive apprenticeship policy. I visit schools and FE colleges like NHC, Youth Connexions and Job Centres to promote apprenticeships as a great doorway to the world of work.

Hertfordshire Constabulary Apprentice Scheme Its a Winner

Jodie Martinelli, Apprentice Ambassador, Hertfordshire Constabulary

Jodie Martinelli who has completed her Business Administration apprenticeship, has been a full time member of the Constabulary since April 2011, working in the recruitment arm of the HR department. She provides support to all the new apprentices who join the department in addition to her other duties. Late in 2011, through an introduction by Goldsmiths staff, she was invited by the Hertfordshire County Council to become an Apprentice Ambassador. This involves a continuing programme of presentations and Q&A sessions in schools and colleges, careers weeks, job seeker events and youth groups. Jodie explains: I suppose my work can be seen as part of the Constabularys community involvement strategy.

applicants with CV preparation, dress, positive attitudes to work, and interview skills. Project co-ordinator Rhiannon Evans of Hertfordshire Constabulary explains: We aim to discover people a door for them. We give them a year of opportunity to careers. Everyone here is supportive and enthusiastic that the concept of apprenticeships has been reintroduced and brought up to date. This has proved to be a great team project, with impressive results for all, particularly our apprentices.

force decided to maintain an apprenticeship recruitment programme to achieve a constant level of 10 apprentices at any one time. The key objective is to give young people a real paid job opportunity in a highly skilled environment that will either lead to a long term occupation or a sound foundation for their future careers in other professions.

Jodie is also an active and enthusiastic member of Crime Stoppers, the crime-stopping charity run by volunteers to help combat crime across the UK.

This initiative, with Goldsmith Apprenticeship Academy as the training provider, is proving to be a winner with the young apprentices, and the list of successful apprentices continues to grow. Departments where apprentices have won positions include HR, the Major Crime Unit, Constabulary Estates Division, Services Unit.

Successes continue to multiply

Constant support and monitoring

A programme of constant support and monitoring is provided by Goldsmiths for each apprentice; plus all apprentices have a personal mentor and line manager to whom they report and come to for guidance. Goldsmith works closely with both apprentices and the constabulary with pre-screening before job interviews to identify a possible apprentice/employer match. Before interviews Goldsmiths provide training to help
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