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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cutting Edge Worlds first solar plane set to fly

HOUSTON, PTI: A first of its kind, a ultra-lightweight plane powered completely by the sun is set to fly coastto-coast this spring.

In brief

Now, smelling screen

Now, smell the coffee on your television! Japanese scientists have developed a smelling screen that allows you to see as well as smell the coffee or food displayed on it. The smelling screen, invented by Haruka Matsukura at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan and colleagues, makes smells appear to come from the exact spot on any LCD screen

Solar Impulse solar-powered plane is displayed during a press conference at Moffett Airfield, NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. AP

The Solar Impulse plane will stop in Dallas city in Texas during its historic cross-country journey that begins on May 1, its creators announced today. The plane, which requires zero fuel and relies solely on solar panels and battery power, would be the worlds first plane powered purely by solar energy. The two Swiss pilots of the plane, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, want to complete a flight from Moffett Field to New York City, after spending 10 years designing it. It is expected to arrive in the Big Apple by early July and will stop in Phoenix (Arizona), Dal-

las-Ft. Worth, Washington DC and either Nashville (Tennessee), Atlanta (Georgia) or St. Louis along the way. It carries only one pilot and no passengers, but it carries a lot of message, Piccard said. Today we cant imagine having a solar plane with 200 passengers. But in 1903 it was exactly the same, he said, noting the sense of impossibility that surrounded the first airplane flight that took place that year. We dont know whats going to happen in the future, but we have to start and see where technology takes us, he said. The US flight is the latest step towards the ultimate goal of Solar Impulse team; that of making a flight around the world by 2015. The plane uses creative engineering and physics to har-

ness the suns energy for power even after the sun sets. It has a wingspan equivalent to a 747 jetliner, the weight of a station-wagon, and the power needs of a small scooter. The solar panels across its wings harness power from the sun during the day and lithium-polymer batteries store that energy for overnight trips. A carbon-fibre material formed in a honeycomb structure makes up the bulk of the plane, which allows for its feather-weight. In 2010, the Solar Impulse plane completed a 26-hour overnight flight and in 2012 flew from Switzerland to Morocco without any fuel. To fly around the world, the team needs to fly for five days continuously, which the current plane isnt equipped for.

that is displaying the image of a cup of coffee, for example. It works by continuously feeding odours from vaporising gel pellets into four air streams, one in each corner of the screen. These air streams are blown out parallel to the screens surface by fans, and varying the strength and direction of them manoeuvres the scent to any given spot on the screen.

Curiosity finds building blocks of life

Nasas Mars rover Curiosity has gathered evidence for the presence of perchlorates - salts believed to be building blocks for early life on the Red Planet. Scientists say the perchlorates found in Rocknest a sand patch inside the rovers Gale Crater landing site on Mars, shores up the case that the material may well be globally distributed on the Red Planet. Perchlorates - a class of salts - can not only serve as an energy source for potential Martian microorganisms, but also also act as sensitive marker of past climate and can lead to the formation of liquid brines under current conditions on the planet, SPACE.com reported. The possible detection of

Eating fish may help you live two years longer

WASHINGTON, PTI : Eating fish twice a week could help you live at least two years longer, a new study has claimed. Older people who have higher blood levels of omega3 fatty acids found in oily fish and seafood may lower the overall mortality risk by 27 per cent and death risk from heart disease by about 35 per cent. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of Washington found that older adults who had the highest blood levels of fish fatty acids lived, on average, 2.2 years longer than those with lower levels. Our findings support the importance of adequate blood omega-3 levels for cardiovascular health, and suggest that later in life these benefits could actually extend the years of remaining life, said lead author Dariush Mozaffarian. Researchers examined 16 years of data from about 2,700 US adults aged 65 or older who participated in the Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS). The findings suggest that the biggest bang-for-yourbuck is for going from no intake to modest intake, or about two servings of fatty fish per week, said Mozaffarian. Participants came from four US communities in North Carolina, California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and all were generally healthy. The researchers analysed the total proportion of blood omega-3 fatty acids, including three specific ones, in participants blood samples at baseline. They found that the three fatty acids - both individually and combined - were associated with a significantly lower risk of mortality. One type in particular - docosahexaenoic acid, or DHAwas most strongly related to lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) death (40 per cent lower risk), especially CHD death due to arrhythmias (electrical disturbances of the heart rhythm) (45 per cent lower risk).

Indian women pros ahead of those in US, Japan, Germany

WASHINGTON,PTI: Indias women professionals are realising their career ambitions remarkably well and are far ahead of their counterparts in the United States, Germany, and Japan in some critical ways, according to a latest study. This is besides succeeding at the difficult balancing act that confronts the vast majority of working women around the world, head of a non-profit think tank Center for Talent Innovation has said. According to the synopsis of the report posted on the blog of the Harvard Business Review by CTI president Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a little over onethird (36 per cent) of the 775 college-educated women surveyed voluntarily quit their jobs for a period of time or offramped. This is on par with the

Change in food habits can alter genes

WASHINGTON: Changes in food habits can alter gene expression that could negatively affect your health, a new study has found.

US, Japan, and Germany. But the amount of time they spent out of the workforce was less than a year. The most startling figure, however, is not that an overwhelming 91 per cent of Indian women want to return to work but that so many succeed in on-ramping, Hewlett said. After leaving the job, many Indian women prefer to step back instead of stepping out and as many as 73 per cent take a scenic route, opting for parttime work, flexible work arrangements, or a position with fewer responsibilities, compared with 58 per cent in the US, 49 per cent in Germany and 36 per cent in Japan. Hewlett said 72 per cent of women who want to on-ramp do not want to return to the company they left, which she termed as troubling. Noting that many women have difficulty juggling work and family obligations and feel they receive neither support nor understanding from their employers, Hewlett said that although many companies offer flexible work arrangements, more than half (54 per cent) of women professionals believe they will be penalised if they choose that option.

The study by University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) raises the striking possibility that even small amounts of these occasional indulgences may produce significant changes in gene expression that could negatively impact physiology and health. Using C elegans, a transparent roundworm often used as a model organism in genetic studies, researchers observed how different diets produce differences in gene expression in the worm that can then be linked to crucial physiological changes. In short, we found that when C elegans are fed diets of different types of bacteria, they respond by dramatically changing their gene expression programme, leading to important changes in physiology, said researcher AJ Marian Walhout. Worms fed a natural diet of Comamonas bacteria have fewer offspring, live shorter and develop faster compared to worms fed the standard laboratory diet of E coli bacteria, he said in the study published in the journal Cell.

perchlorates at Curiositys Gale crater site was spotlighted by Doug Archer, a scientist with the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate of Nasas Johnson Space Center in Houston. Archer pointed to the rovers Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite that recently ran four samples from Rocknest.

Bowel cancer rates soar among men

Bowel cancer rates among British men have soared by more than a quarter in the last 35 years due to worsening diets, a new study has shown. While as the rates of bowel cancer have increased by 29 per cent among men, women only saw an increase of just six per cent, a report released by Cancer Research UK claims. The increase is particularly severe among people in their 60s and 70s, who now account for more than 23,000 cases a year, The Telegraph reported. Experts believe the risk factors for the disease include

Walhout and colleagues identified at least 87 changes in C elegans gene expression between the two diets. Surprisingly, these changes were independent of the target of rapamycin (TOR) and insulin signaling pathways, gene expression programs typically active in nutritional control. Instead, the changes occur, at least in part, in a regulator that controls molting, a gene programme that determines development and growth in the worm. Importantly, these same regulators that are influenced by diet in the worms control circadian rhythm in humans, said researcher Lesley MacNeil, first author of the paper. Walhout and colleagues ob-

served that even when fed a small amount of the Comamonas bacteria in a diet otherwise comprised of E coli bacteria, C elegans exhibited dramatic changes in gene expression and physiology. These results provide the tantalising possibility that different diets are not healthy or unhealthy but that specific quantities of certain foods may be optimal under different conditions and for promoting different physiological outcomes. Its just as true that a small amount of a healthy food in an otherwise unhealthy diet could elicit a beneficial change in gene expression that could have profound physiological effects, said Walhout.

diet, weight, physical exercise, drinking and smoking. The ageing population in UK may also be resulting in a general increase in cases of various cancer types, although this does not explain the disparity between the sexes, they added. The report shows that cases of bowel cancer have increased from 45 per 100,000 men in 1975-77 to 58 cases in 2008-10, equal to an overall rise of almost a third. However, the charity said rates among women have only risen from 35 cases per 100,000 to 37 cases over the same period.


Goodness mantra

Meditation can make you more compassionate


tion is not only good for the body and mind, it also makes you more compassionate and willing to help others even when the norm is not to do so, according to a new study. Scientists have mostly focused on the benefits of meditation for the brain and the body, but the new study by researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University looked at the impact meditation has on interpersonal harmony and compassion. Researchers examined the effects meditation would have on compassion and virtuous

behaviour. The study invited participants to complete eight-week trainings in two types of meditation. After the sessions, they were put to the test. Sitting in a staged waiting room with three chairs were two actors. With one empty chair left, the participant sat down and waited to be called. Another actor using crutches and appearing to be in great physical pain, would then enter the room. As she did, the actors in the chair would ignore her by fiddling with their phones or opening a book. The question researchers

David DeSteno and Paul Condon who led the study wanted to answer was whether the subjects who took part in the meditation classes would be more likely to come to the aid

of the person in pain, even in the face of everyone else ignoring her. We know meditation improves a persons own physical and psychological wellbeing. We wanted to know whether it actually increases compassionate behaviour, said Condon. Among the non-meditating participants, only about 15 per cent of people acted to help. But among the participants who were in the meditation sessions we were able to boost that up to 50 per cent, said DeSteno. This result was true for both meditation groups there-

by showing the effect to be consistent across different forms of meditation. The truly surprising aspect of this finding is that meditation made people willing to act virtuous - to help another who was suffering - even in the face of a norm not to do so, DeSteno said. The fact that the other actors were ignoring the pain creates as bystander-effect that normally tends to reduce helping. People often wonder Why should I help someone if no one else is? DeSteno said. The study was published in the journal Psychological Science.


To solve the puzzle: To solve a su-do-ku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows, and in each of the nine boxes.

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Sensex 19,041

176 Nifty 5748


H D F C Bank 630.05(623.9)705-482(206) H M T 29.35(27.75)50-24(63) Hdfc 816.95(823.0)882-610(42) Hdil 50.95(50.0)123-43(6584) Hero Honda 1533.1(1535.65)22781517(25) Hexaware Tec 89.45(87.7)142-72(174) Hind Petro 285.95(283.0)381-275(69) Hind Zinc 120.35(119.8)146-110(35) Hindalco Ind 93.1(91.7)137-86(657) Hpcl 285.95(283.0)381-275(69) Hsng Dev Infra 50.95(50.0)123-43(6584) Hsq Dev Fin 816.95(823.0)882-610(42) Htmt Global Sol 271.95(272.2)364-218(2) Hul 470.35(471.55)579-398(86) Hul 470.35(471.55)579-398(86) I I C I India 1006.05(1020.65)1051-805(1) I T C 307.1(306.45)310-223(146) Icici Bank 1047.45(1051.8)1231-767(145) Idbi 84.15(82.5)118-78(216) Idea Cellular 112.35(114.75)124-71(378) Idfc 146.95(142.4)185-110(478) India Cements 85.15(85.15)114-70(104) India Infoline 63.7(62.35)93-44(43) Indiabulls Real Est 57.5(56.7)82-41(818) Indian Hotels 56.2(55.2)71-51(68) Indian Ovrsea 68.75(66.95)99-64(80) Indo Rama Sy 16.0(16.0)31-15(99) Indusind Bank 423.8(416.0)448-288(90) Infosys Tech 2970.15(2943.25)30102101(64) Ingersollrand 403.85(396.8)543-383(2) Ingvysya 547.0(541.6)627-310(3) Ioc 284.35(281.2)375-239(61) Ipca Lab 528.2(527.5)566-320(4) Ispat Ind 9.12(8.66)13-7(1506) J,K,L J & K Bank 1204.8(1215.2)1473-840(7) J B Chem 84.25(75.8)96-59(25) Jaiprakash Ass 69.3(67.95)106-58(1118) Jaypee Infratech Limited 41.3(40.3)6134(27) Jet Airways 538.65(539.2)688-275(440) Jindal 90.25(82.0)174-78(186) Jindal Stainless 56.7(53.45)88-44(163) Jindal Steel 351.05(342.4)553-321(434) Jsw Steel 697.4(662.1)893-566(338) Kfa 8.71(8.37)21-7(2126)

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27,780 52,700 54.33 82.72 58.76 N/A 69.81 N/A N/A N/A NIFTY MIDCAP CNX 100 CNX 500

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Sensex 19,041 176 0.93 Midcap 6,310 89 1.43 Smallcap 6,074 136 2.28 BSE100 5,757 56 0.98 BSE200 2,321 23 0.99 BSE500 7,198 74 1.04 BSEIPO 1,587 23 1.45

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5,748 44 0.77 7,604 118 1.57 5,653 48 0.86 4,509 43 0.97

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The data with the company name is from Bombay Stock Exchange. Values are: days closing price, previous closing price in brackets, 52-week low and high in bold and volume traded (in 000) in brackets. Data for 200 companies.

BULLION Bangalore Bar Silver wholesale per kg 53,300; Retail 10 gm 535