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Corporate Governance

Saif Ullah Corporate Governance is emerging as the most significant area of study for managers of large and medium sized corporations. A number of international scandals have been attributed to lack of sound corporate governance practices. In developing countries where reporting and ethical standards are well below par, the task of good corporate governance has been taken up by regulatory authorities. This course is intended to build on the knowledge of corporate finance, strategic management and related fields to help the students acquire an insight into the requirements of present day corporate responsibilities. To introduce the students to the concept of corporate governance, its evolution as a phenomenon, its practice and application in the more developed world, various codes and reports on the subject, the steps taken by the SECP, the role of board of directors in general and independent directors in particular, the concept of socially responsible investments, significance of internal controls and auditing, and maintenance of a healthy relationship between all stakeholders.

Course Objectives

Course Pre Requisite Corporate Finance and Strategic Management Prescribed Text Reference Books and Material (Further
reading may be prescribed in the class.)

Corporate Governance, Principles, Policies & Practice, by A.C. Fernando, published by Pearson

1. Corporate Governance For Pakistan 4th Edition By Safdar A. Butt 2. Corporate Governance, Third Edition, by Robert Monks and Nell Minow, published by Blackwell Publishing, UK and USA Any student coming to class later than 20 minutes after the scheduled starting time will be marked as absent for the lecture

Attendance Policy

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Topics To Be Covered Corporate Governance Overview Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance Land marks in the Emergence of Corporate Governance, The Shareholders

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The Board of Directors The Directors Committees of a Board Role of Auditor Mid Term

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Financial Reporting Risk Management Internal Control Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility External Influence on a Companys Governance Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan The Role of Government in Ensuring Corporate Governance End Term

Students Evaluation Assignments Quiz Projects Class Participation 10% 10% 20% 10% Mid Term Final Term 20% 30%