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Nov 2012 University of Mumbai MMS/MBA HR Organizational Theory TG-4224 Q. What is Strategy?

Describe the various strategies used through examples. Q. Define technology and elaborate on the role it plays in determining organizat ional structure through examples. Q. Enumer ate the approaches to organizational effectiveness which approac h you prefer giving your reasons? Q. Describe the different types of organizational excellence with suitable examp les. Q. Compare and contrast the mechanistic and organic forms of organisation. Which structure is more applicable in the present? Q. Describe the Resource Dependency theory and elaborate on the alliances used t o control the environment. Q. Write notes on any two of the following: Mergers and acquisitions Transaction Cost Theory Flexible Organization Structure in Fives Q. Case study 'The Infosys Story' Q Explain the creation and growth of Infosys with the help of lifecycle perspec tive of organization. Q 'size is the major determinant of structure'. Discuss this with respect to in fosys story Q. Comment on the statement: 'Seriously consider whether Infosys wants to be a b ig elephant or rather a smart and swift cheetah.