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A PR I L 2 0 1 3

Dear Harvest Partner, This month we will cover some of the events that have taken place since January 2013. One could note that many weather records were set in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. Since the beginning of the 11 year solar cycle the weather conditions have and will continue to grow worse on a worldwide basis. As we noted before some of the largest sunspots are appearing on the sun and has not happened like this for over 100 years. They will have a profound effect on the weather. Since our last letter the Catholic Church has a new pope and he has chosen the name as Pope Francis I.

Now I have some important dates that I will place in this letter. Were on one of the most important countdowns to major events that lie just ahead. Due to the financial crises the governments are taking desperate measures. One event just happened; was the IMF and the ECB are trying to place a 10 or 15 percent tax on the Cyprus Banking System. All bank accounts will be taxed if this should go through. Whats important about this event is Russia does most of their banking through the Cyprus Banks. Most important about this, the Russian KGB has their money there. Some estimates are approximately $500 billion. This has not set well with the Russian government or the Russian people. This has put the IMF and the European Union in a very though position. This will cause strained relations with all Western governments. There is great concern that this could happen on a worldwide basis due to the debts of all the nations. Could this be the starting event where the European Union will separate some of the countries that have joined it? We know under the anti-Christ rule the Bible speaks of 10 common market countries under the Old Roman Empire. A great shake up of the new European ECU is eminent. Its not a matter of if; its a matter of when. They have approximately 27 nations involved but the Bible says there are only 10 who will rule under the antiChrist. He will crown 10 heads of state when he comes to power. (Rev. 17:12-13) The prophecies of Daniel and Johns Patmos forecast are coming alive all around us. Before we take a look at some important cycles let us look at an important date, April 25, 2013. A lunar eclipse will take place. On May 10th, 2013 a solar eclipse takes place as well as another lunar eclipse on May 25th, 2013. Three eclipses within a 30 day period are most unusual! Now these cycles have been pointed out since November of 2008. In November 2008 a new 17 year cycle started, at the time of the presidential election. A new and different president came in. Since this time we have seen many worldwide major events take place. The next new cycle was March 11, 2011, beginning of a new 7 year cycle. That brings us to February 3, 2012, a new 14 year cycle begins. Since the beginning of the 17 year cycle there has been much chaos with riots on a worldwide basis especially in the Middle East, a most important area, changing leaders and dictators. Many financial writers are looking for a worldwide financial collapse bringing on a new system and a new currency. Somewhere in these cycles this event will take place. Two more major events to consider: August 23, 2013 as well as the most major date April 23, 2014. Around this date of 2014 there will also be a total lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014 as well as an annular solar eclipse on April 29, 2014. Starting in November 2013 on November 3rd a new type of solar eclipse; NASA describes it as a hybrid. I will write about this more in our future letters. - One should be ready at all times expecting the Lord to return. All of the dates written about will have an impact on the world, as we know it. Unrest and fear are covering the earth but the Lord tells us in Isa. 44:8, Fear ye not, neither be afraid. Isa. 46:10 proceeds to say that He has declared the end from the very beginning. We are arriving at a time He has purposed! (Eccl. 3:1 and vs. 11) These dates are vital and important. All of this is coming about like a sudden impact. The world will not see it coming for the new system will appear out of great chaos. In an hour ye think not! (Luke 12:40) This month we have a Special Writing called World Monetary Crisis and a wonderful DVD called Stress Factor. Truly God will increase your knowledge of the end time. God will surely bless you in all your efforts to help publish this valuable message. May His peace and wisdom be with you. Your Brother in Christ,

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