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A Software Engineer position with an organization whose emphasis lies in strategic development in the software. I am extremely motivated with exceptional web programming skills, interested in pursuing opportunities, which leverage my analytical and technical skill sets in JAVA and Web development application integration. Summary Having one year of development experience on Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, Java Script, HTML, XML, WebLogic7.0, and Apache Tomcat. Thorough knowledge of OOP concepts.

Experience Profile

From June 2004 to Present Working as a Jr. Software Engineer with Choice Software, Hyderabad.


B.E. Graduation from Madras University in stream of Electronics and Communication engineering.

Technical Capabilities

Operating Systems Languages& Scripting Java Technologies Web Servers Database

: WinX (98, 2000, NT), MS-Dos. : C, C++, Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML. : JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans. : Tomcat, Web Logic 7.0. : Oracle.

Project #1:

Aug2004-Feb2005 : NET-AUCTION.




PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The process of an online auction is much the same as a live auction. In this project, we explore the efficiency of common auctions when values are interdependent- the value to a particular bidder may depend up on the information available on the others and asymmetric. In this setting, it is well known that sealed-bid auctions do not achieve efficient allocations in general since they do not allow the information held by different bidders to be shared. And all bidders information is keeping confidential. Once the auction was completed both bidder and seller will receive an auto-generated email including details of contacts for subsequent process (like payments, etc.,) .After Completion of all the process all entries those who are logged-in at the time of beginning of auction will be erased automatically for a particular item. Like this Net-Auction which act as an interface between sellers and buyers. RESPONSIBILITIES: Coding Servlets and JSP. Project #2: PROJECT TITLE CLIENT ROLE TEAM SIZE ENVIRONMENT Mar2005-till Date : Distributed Products Automation : Thermo-Fuji Tramitters, kalpakam. : TEAM MEMBER. : FOUR. ORACLE, WINDOWS 2000. : JAVA, JSP, SERVLETS, Tomcat,

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project will give you full information about the Transmitter Manufacturing Company and its products. The system provides an easy way of selecting a particular transmitter and is able to give an easy way of selecting the properties from the specifications of a particular type of transmitter. The system provides the interface for the database backup i.e. the company wants to change, modify and update any information. The entire system is made available around the world through Internet. RESPONSIBILITIES: Coding Servlets, JSP.

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