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INTRODUCE THE CHANGE Ask people to solve the problem Change penambaikan Offer your own possible solution

ble solution and strategies Sense of belonging Sense of ownership/accoutabiliyty(kebertanggungjaqwaban) Work with others to create a shared change vision Guide people in exploring the positive outcomes Listen to peoples objections, concerns, fears and perceived loss. Acknoledge their fears and perceived losses. Invite people to offer ideas to offset the losses and realize the benefits Integrate their concerns and ideas for improving change

REVISE AND FINALIZE THE CHANGE Help people o o Identify/explore the hidden opportunities Define the future of the change on their terms and those of the organization Invent creative solutions to the challenges

Continue to identify obstacles to change acceptance that must be overcomeexplore the hidden opportunities. Encourage people to find creative answers to their questions about the change. Adjust the change vision, strategy, and plan in response to the ideas and answer offered by stakeholders.

STABILIZE AND SUSTAIN THE CHANGE Dev action steps for stabilizing, reinforcing, and sustaining the change o o o o o Give people time to mourn their actual loses Provide skill and knowledge training Revise job description Develop new rewrd system Strenthen social connections and relationships

Develop performance measures to evaluate the results from the change Make adjustment to the change vision and strategy to reflect new learning and insights. Chanllenge people to open to new challenges, forces, and pressures fot eh next change.


External values,

Technology, Economy, Market Niche, Human/social needs and

(Inevitable) Government policies

Internal Leadership and vision, Workforce Demographics, Employee Dissatisfaction, New ideas, Performance Failures

THE LEADERS IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS THE LEADER IS THE PERSON THAT LEAD IN THE CHANGE Vision and courage (individuals that really do mean business about transforming) Ability to take risks both at a personal and a business level. Focus on people as well as process. Positive approach

ACTIONS FOR LEARNING, ACCEPTANCE, AND COMMITMENT Acknowledge their hardwork Celebrate successes and accomplishment Reaffirm the vision Bring people together toward the vision Acknowledge what people have left behind Dev long term goals and plans Provide tools and training to reinforce new behaviors Reinforce and reward the new behaviors Create system and structures that reinforce new behaviors Prepare people for the next change