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Education and Cultural


Council Offices, Wellington Road

Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside. OL6 6DL

FAX 0161-342 3744

The RT Hon Lord Pendry Minicom 0161-342 2201
House of Lords
London email: jim.burns@tameside.gov.uk
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Ask for Jim Burns
Direct Line 0161 342 3304
Date 19/02/04

Dear Lord Pendry,


The Tameside Sports Federation is seen as a forum for the strategic development and funding of sports facilities
and associated programmes that target resources at those most in need and offer improved cohesion between
schools, clubs and communities.

The advisor to The Tameside Sports Federation will be an important member of the group in bringing professional
expertise and support to the efforts to attract external funding for local projects.

The advisor will be expected to:-

 Attend meetings of the Sports Federation on 5/6 occasions in each year

 Offer an informed opinion on the merits and value of projects presented to the Sports Federation for its

 Act as an advocate for the objectives of the Sports Federation as they relate to sporting and social inclusion.

 Provide advice as to the most appropriate and accessible means of accessing funding

 Use personal influences and high level contacts to gain support from external funding agencies for Sports
Federation projects.

Recognition of your services as Advisor will be made through the payment of £10,000 per annum. This sum will be
paid in four equal amounts with payments due on the following dates:-

1st January 1st April 1st July 1st October

The offer is for five years subject to you having the opportunity, in year three (2006), to terminate the agreement
and thereby withdraw your services. This Agreement will remain in force until 2008 if you decide not to exercise
this option.

Payment will be made on presentation of your signed invoice to be sent to Roger Greenwood, Sports
Federation Manager, Council Offices, Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside. OL6
6DL one month before the appropriate date and must contain the following phrase:-
‘I, the undersigned, confirm that I am entitled to the above payment. I am also responsible for informing the Inland
Revenue Department for Work and Pensions of the payment received and am liable for any personal contributions
to HM Treasury as they deem appropriate.’

I look forward to working more closely with you in the future in the interest of developing sport and sporting
facilities in Tameside and especially using the power of sport to change young people’s lives for the better.

Yours sincerely

Jim Burns
Head of Recreation

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