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IT-Recruiting Terminology a. Client b. Consultant c.


Client. One who offers the work is called client Vendor vendor could be a recruiting organization who deals between the client and the consultant Consultant He is the final candidate who will be employed to do the work

1. A requirement (work/job) has to arise where the requirement arises is called clients place. 2. To fulfill the requirement someone has to be hired. This someone is called consultant 3. To hire a consultant the client follows certain ways... one is to go to an hiring agency and tell his requirements so that the hiring agency will find a suitable candidate (consultant). This hiring agency is called a Vendor. Phases: Phase 1 Having the consultant resume and search for the requirements clients Phase 2 Having the requirement and head hunting for the consultants Phase 3 Concatination of both the phases or


Total no of States : 52 Region wise : North East South Mid West Pacific Time Zone Wise : Eastern time zone Central time zone Mountain Time zone Pacific time zone Tax terms 1. Corp to Corp 2. W2 (this applies to Green card holders/citizens) 3. 1099

Vendors Specialization 1. 2. 3. 4. Skills based vendors Domain based vendors Client based Generic Vendors Work Flow 1. If one vendor doesnt have a suitable candidate with him then he can go to a second vendor and see if they can find him the required candidate. 2. This can go on like from vendor1 to vendor2 to vendor3 and so on 3. The no of vendors u have is referred to as having those many layers between the client and the candidate (consultant).

4. Between a client and consultant there could be many vendors referred to as layers 5. suppose if u have 4 vendors between a client and a consultant then it is said to be having 4 layers between the client and consultant 6. As u has more layers, the pay to the consultant or the commission to the vendor comes down. 7. So it is always advisable to see that there are least no of layers between the client and consultant Levels that we will be working Head hunting and source IT professionals at all levels.. Formation and updating of resume database bank regularly. Short-listing candidates as per requirement. Understanding client recruitment needs and meeting their requirements with good response time. Negotiation with Consultant. Regularly contacting the Clients over phone to get new requirement and to know feedback about our consultants which I submitted. Contact the consultants to let them know about interview schedule. Speaking with consultants Employer to negotiate the rate of consultant in case of consultant is working on H1.

Issues to discuss with clients: 1. The position is still open (If it is hot req no need to ask this question) 2. The client location 3. The client name (if it is vendor he will not tell u initially) 4. Face 2 face interview is needed or not?

5. Expected Interview date 6. Length of the project 7. Pay rate 8. Experience needed(and any specific area experience that they are looking for in any skill set) 9. About tax terms Issues to discuss with Consultant i. First and Last Name ii. Rate: iii. Current Location: iv. Availability: Immediate or notice period (how long?): v. Currently on project: Yes/No: vi. If Yes, Current project end date : vii. Willing to Relocate/Commute: viii. Willing to attend F2F interview : Yes/No: ix. Can you bare F2F interview expenses (non-local) : (CLIENT WILL NOT PAY EXPENSES) x. Consultant is with H1 on any other vendor xi. Employer info: xii. Company name : xiii. Contact Person : xiv. Contact No : xv. Visa Status : US Citizen/Green Card/H1B: xvi. # of years of US experience :

xvii. Validity : #of years he can still stay in H1 :

IMP * Never submit the resume with contact details of the consultant to any vendor Before submitting the resume to the vendor or client make sure that consultants profile is matching the requirement by at least 80% skill set Never tell the client name initially to the consultant if he is not an H1b with our company

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