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Part One: Multiple Choice

You are going to read three extracts which are all concerned in some way with gardens. For questions 1-6, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.


to showcase Best Garden or Allotment sites. All sites will initially be judged on: - the general maintenance and cleanliness of the area - evidence of individual and/or communal composting - provision of waste disposal for non-compostable items In the second round, the quality of the produce will be taken into consideration. Well maintained communal buildings will also gain points, as will evidence that wildlife is catered for with the provision of such things as small areas of nettles for butterflies, and log piles for small mammals, frogs and toads. Sites which show a strong community spirit and co-operation between plot-holders will go down favourably with the judges. An additional category for this year is Best Community Project. Judges will be looking at sites which serve the interests of the community. For example, some sites grow shared produce by groups of gardeners in order to grow crops in a co-operative way. Other examples may be providing a place for local school pupils, or those with special needs to learn about the joys of gardening or for growing crops for the housebound elderly. Maybe your site has set aside an area for wildlife, and encourages the local population to come along and enjoy the delights of your wildlife pond or sanctuary. It is essential that any project is run in conjunction with the allotmenteers themselves, and not by a third party, the local authority etc. All shortlisted entries receive a visit from the judges and a certificate. 1. In the first phase of the competition the judges are looking at a) the amount of rubbish generated and how it is dealt with. b) the standard of food that is harvested. c) how far the site provides a habitat for different species. d) the competition between neighbouring sites. 2. According to the rules, which of the following would be excluded from entering for the Best Community Project? a) A project where members of the public are invited to view birds or animals. b) A project which sells its produce back to the community. c) A project which serves vulnerable groups like children or the infirm. d) A project that receives help from a government administration.

The Garden Party "She's got to learn," said his daughter, wrestling unsuccessfully with the three-year-old bundle of fury. "It's Charlie's day, not hers." The child slithered out of her mother's arms

and onto the scorching patio. "Come to Grandad, little one," said Bill, but the expression on her face said that she hated the entire world and everyone in it. He pretended not to notice while she scaled the side of his wheelchair. The August sun forced him to squint but he could just discern the swaying yellow blob of the bouncy castle at the end of the garden. Nearby the men stood in a circle, cans in hand and legs apart. A tortoiseshell butterfly settled on the potted marigold. Then with a thump she landed on his lap. She giggled, showing small white teeth, until she remembered she was supposed to be sad. The child kneeled up on Bill's lap - a tricky manoeuvre on the bony blanketed legs - and cupped his face with determined little hands. "It's not fair. Why do I have to wait for my birthday and Charlie doesn't?" Bill picked off the tomato pips and curls of hair soldered to her cheeks. "Rotten when it's someone else's birthday, ain't it?" he said. She put her hand into his jacket pocket and produced an apple. "I want it," she said. Bill cut into the glossy peel with his penknife, and slowly rotated both apple and blade against each other in perfect synchronicity. She stared at the demonstration, giving little exclamations of wonder as the peel coiled downwards. "I'll hold it for you, Grandad," she said solemnly, and put out both hands to catch the juicy, spiralling snake. She wrapped it from wrist to elbow, and then held up her forearm to admire it. "Im going to show Charlie my bracelet, she said. 3. Bill ignores his granddaughter at first because a) he is cross with her. b) he's allowing time for her temper to subside. c) he's busy talking to her mother. d) he's paying more attention to his surroundings.

4. By the end of the story the child a) is still fed up with a relative. b) wants to eat the apple. c) is hoping to find her mother. d) has lost her sense of grievance.


More homeowners are focusing on health by planting their own vegetable gardens this year, rejecting the rising cost of food and fuel, and pesticide-laden produce most often found in supermarkets. Just about every environmental group in the United States, Canada and Europe warns that store-bought produce is loaded with petro-chemical pesticides that build up in the human body. These chemicals are being blamed for many illnesses. Consider the following: * Potatoes, lettuce and cucumbers have the highest concentration of pesticides,

according to the United States Department of Agriculturists annual crop report. * A major study by the New York State Department of Health directly links pesticides to diabetes, now one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States. * The environmental group Global Pesticide Campaign warns that glyphosate used in Roundup causes auto-immune deficiencies in children and the elderly. * Purdue University warns "weed and feed" type lawn chemicals have caused bladder cancer in dogs. An Ohio K-9 corps reports several of their dogs developed cancer after coming into contact with chemical fertilizers around their dog pens. Consequently, the federal government is urging vets to report all cancer in animals as an early warning sign for man. Growing your own pesticide-free food is easy and there's nothing healthier and as good tasting as produce picked at maturity right in your back yard. Using organic methods, follow these few simple steps. 5. According to the writer, the vets' role is important because a) the authorities don't believe that cancer in dogs is on the increase. b) the information vets provide can help assess the threat to humans. c) cancers are caused by the animals' exposure to chemicals. d) vets can diagnose cancers in animals at an early stage. 6. The writer's main purpose in the article is to a) warn gardeners about the dangers lurking in their own back gardens. b) explain why produce bought in the supermarket is more likely to contain chemicals. c) question whether the government is taking action against the use of chemicals. d) argue the case for growing food at home without the use of chemicals.

Part Two: Gapped Text

You are going to read an extract from a book on networking and public speaking skills. Six paragraphs have been removed from the extract. Choose from the paragraphs A-G the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra paragraph which you do not need to use.


In this book extract from and death came third! Andy Lopata and Peter Roper show nervous business people how to network with panache. At networking events, I will often look to start a conversation with people who are on their own. It is much easier than breaking into a group conversation and the chances are they wont tell you to leave them alone and go away. Very few people go to networking events for solitude. 1 When approaching these people you are already at an advantage because they will both respect your courage (which they have probably lacked) and be grateful that youve taken the time and effort to relieve them from their anxiety. They are probably just as nervous as everyone else, and theyll be delighted to get into a conversation with you. Youve rescued them from walking around, avoiding interrupting other people for fear of rejection. 2 Having spoken to them, try not to leave them on their own again because youll just return them to the same state as you found them. Move on with them and introduce them to someone else. 3 If someone is talking and you interrupt, or ask if you can join them, people will stop listening to the person whos talking, and invite you into their group. Thats great for you but not so nice for the person who is talking. Stand just on the edge of the group and wait for the appropriate time. 4 Alternatively, it may be that theyre talking about something in which you have an interest, in which case, when theres an appropriate pause, you can just say, Excuse me, I heard you mention so-and-so. Can I ask you a question? Are you involved in that? And youre in the conversation. Or it may just be that you have a pause, and you

ask May I join you? But its always best to wait for the right pause in the conversation. 5 While the guide lines above are important, you need to be aware of the body language of people talking to each other and networking events. Whether in couples or groups, people will always send very clear signals about approachability by the way they are standing. 6 Reading this body language may mean that you are better advised approaching two people rather than a group.

Part Three: Multiple Choice

Read the following newspaper article and then answer questions 1-7 on the next page. Give only one answer to each question.


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, the lull before the storm of Monday morning madness of alarm clocks, traffic jams and deadlines. The clock struck three and Rebeccas elbow still rested on the arm of the tapestry-covered sofa. With her fingertips she began caressing the rough piping that ran along its seams. Simultaneously, the toes of her left foot moved back and forth across the edges of the sheepskin rug. This action Rebecca found comforting; it reminded her of being at home as a child when she used to sit in the family sitting room, her toes playing with the fringes of another kind of rug. Her mother would snap at her to stop it, so of course she did it all the more. Rebecca had a sudden whiff of the glue that Katy was applying to make one of her artistic creations. Her daughter was seated on a cushion right in the middle of the room, looking like an island, surrounded by a sea of cardboard cut-offs, sequins, felt-tip pens, and pristine sheets of white A4 paper that she had disobediently pinched from her fathers study. She really should be working at the kitchen table, Rebecca thought, but I dont have the appetite for the outburst that might happen if my genius-daughter-atwork is disturbed. Every three minutes and 50 seconds Katy got up to replay Kylie Minogues version of The Locomotion. Why dont you listen to the CD all the way through, Katy? her dad said, who was sprawled out on the other sofa. Youd like the other songs as well. Nah, too boring. Rebecca glanced at David and then said, I could do with something to perk me up. Her words trailed off with a heavy sigh, and then a yawn. It was the first in a series of hints that she would like him to get up and make her a cup of tea. On the lamp table next to the sofa, she noticed a letter that had been delivered a week ago, advertising exercises classes and a slimming club. She had kept it on the table as a reminder, or perhaps to conjure up the same kind of magical effect that people believe in when they splash out on membership to a fancy gym without going near the place more than once every two months. Have you seen this flyer? she said to her husband. Just the thought of going for a workout makes me want to go and lie down. Once more she didnt get a response. Whos going to make the tea then? was her third and most blatant attempt to get a drink before she died of thirst. He stood up. I suppose its my turn. Again. He went off into the kitchen while Rebecca, the victor, snuggled a bit further into the sofa. Charlie, whod been asleep on the sheepskin rug, now started up with his own brand of baby chatter. He was attempting to cover the whole repertoire of vowel sounds this afternoon, like a singer performing warm-up exercises. Then, occasionally, he jammed his fingers into his mouth to make a

sound approaching an elongated w. He lay underneath a baby gym, which consisted of a tubular frame in patriotic colours of red, white and blue and a top bar, from which dangled two clowns, one on a swing and one in a position that Rebecca thought was called a pike. (It was a long time ago that she had achieved her gold star award in the trampoline.) Once Charlie made eye contact with Rebecca, his happy babbling began to turn into a grizzle. Does Charlie want feeding again? Rebecca asked in the baby voice that irritated them all, herself included. She bent down to scoop her son up. Mum, he doesnt want feeding again. Youve only just fed him, Katy said. Ill try just in case hes hungry. In the kitchen she warmed through the mush of potatoes and broccoli that Charlie liked and took it back through to be with Katy. Luckily, the baby was actually ready for a feed, which meant that Rebecca not only saved face with her daughter, but showed that she had no need to feel guilty about sending her husband to make the tea. David walked back in the sitting room that very minute, her cup of Earl Grey with its delicate scent of bergamot wobbling in its saucer. In his other hand he clutched a large mug. Rebecca gave him a warning look that dared him not to put the cups down on the oak blanket box that served as their coffee table. Its surface was already scarred by two rings where hot drinks had been carelessly placed directly onto it. Thanks. Youre a treasure. She settled down to feed Charlie, knowing that her tea would be the perfect temperature to drink in one go by the time he had had enough. Wheres Katy got to? David said, after a few minutes. The answer came from upstairs as they heard the sound of their older child passing through the curtain in the doorway of her bedroom. It was like those beaded curtains that used to be in fashion when Rebecca was a child, but instead of beads this one was formed from a dazzling collection of pink, purple and silver shimmering plastic squares. She couldnt remember which one of them had named it the jingle-jangler but it was very apt.

1 Rebeccas mood at the start of the story is calm and reflective. cross and irritable. restless and agitated. sad and upset. 2 What action does Rebecca take with her daughter? She reprimands Katy for making a mess on the floor. She asks David to speak to Katy. She appeals to Katy to play a wider range of music. She does nothing in order to avoid a fuss. 3 What is Rebeccas attitude to the letter lying on the table? The adverbs claims are misleading. She hopes it will prompt her to take up exercise. It makes her feel more motivated. She thinks the slimming club is good value for money. 4 When David first leaves the sitting room, Rebecca is relieved that her baby is awake. surprised to hear her baby chattering. guilty that shes being lazy. glad to have got her own way. 5 The position of the toy clown on Charlies baby gym reminds Rebecca of a toy she used to own. a time when she was more sporty. feeling hungry. exercising in the gym. 6 Rebecca is worried when her husband brings in the drinks because he might trip over Katys equipment. he doesnt like the smell of her tea.

tea is dripping from the saucer. he might damage an item of furniture. 7 The curtain referred to in Katys bedroom is identical in design to one from a previous generation. makes a tinkling sound. is made up of unusual colours. keeps out the light at night.

Part Four: Multiple Matching

You are going to read an article containing reviews of recently-published books. For questions 1-15, choose from reviews (A-F). The reviews may be chosen more than once.

Book Corner
A round-up of the latest fiction and non-fiction from Beth Young. A Reading a new novelist is a bit like asking a stranger out on a date. You never quite know if this is the start of a beautiful relationship. You check the blurbs, the publicity photograph, and flick through the book to look for the two essentials: entertainment and substance. Beginners Greek by James Collins is certainly big on the latter, weighing in at 400-plus pages. And the quotes on the back cover have the effect of a bunch of friends saying to you, Go on, youll get on brilliantly. Early indications are that this blind date could lead to a deeper relationship. Beginners Greek is described by The New York Times as a great big sunny lemon chiffon pie of a novel about romantic love amongst the American middle classes. It is indeed delicious. B In Manil Suris second outing The Age of Shiva we have a broad-sweeping, epic novel with an unforgettable heroine so wilful yet flawed that it calls to mind that other famous leading lady, Scarlett OHara in Gone With the Wind. The story begins at a firework party in Delhi where Meera falls disastrously in love. We follow her journey to Bombay, marriage and obsessive motherhood, with occasional flashbacks to a childhood that was marred by political turmoil. Mathematics professor, Suri, captures the fluidity of the role of women with a beautiful kind of precision. C Devotees of playwright David Mamet, whose screen work includes Wag The Dog and the award-winning Glengarry Glen Ross may be less than enamoured of Ira Nadels new biography, David Mamet: A Life in the Theatre. It may seem churlish to question the minutia of incidents that abound in this comprehensive tome, but whilst Nadel is clearly striving for accuracy one feels there ought to have been more sifting, more mining for the gold amongst the biographical trivia. In addition, Nadels tone is somewhat dry and academic and seems at odds with the brilliance of David Mamets own writing. That said, the book offers a sound introduction to the life and career of the man hailed as one of Americas most outstanding writers. D Can any Mother help me? is the true story of a desperately lonely mother who, in 1935, appealed to other women through the letters page of a womens magazine. Writing under a pseudonym, the woman known as Ubique (meaning everywhere) little realised that she would be the trigger for the launch of a new and private magazine that would last for the next fifty years. The Cooperative Correspondence Club was formed to offer comfort and support to wives, often well-educated women, who craved stimulation beyond the drudgery of family life. Jenna Bailey has done a superb job of organising and editing this compendium, adding her own insightful commentary. E Subtitled, The Life and Times of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Jessie Childs debut historical biography, Henry VIII's Last Victim, was the worthy winner of last years Elizabeth Longford Prize. Henry Howards victim status is owing to the fact that he was the final person to be executed by King Henry VIII, a mere nine days before the king himself expired. Although killed ostensibly for treason, the Earl of Surreys only real crime it seems was leading an unsuccessful army campaign in France. Only 29, he was also a distinguished poet with a fine literary voice, a persona which refutes his reputation as the spoilt son of the Duke of Norfolk. F This is the 25th outing for T. Keneally but hes lost none of his writing powers. The

Widow and Her Hero takes real life events during the Second World War as its inspiration and builds a tale of love and intrigue. Grace looks back on her life to recall her courtship with the hero of the title, the handsome Captain Leo Waterhouse. Leo is tragically killed whilst on a secret mission but it is many years before Grace discovers the facts about his death. Keneally made fans galore when Schindlers Ark was published and later made into the award-winning Steven Spielberg film, Schindlers List. The Widow and Her Hero will bring him even more fans.

Part 4: Multiple Matching

In which review are the following mentioned? 1) A story in which someone is unaware of the impact of their action. 2) A description of the opening scene. 3) An author who exemplifies source material with their own analysis. 4) A humorous comparison with a real-life situation. 5) A character who finds out the truth about a situation. 6) A hint that the authors future writing career will be positive. 7) A book that would be appreciated by people without much previous knowledge of the subject. 8) A book which has already won critical acclaim. 9) A book which includes too much factual detail. 10) A book which is a collection of contributions from other people. 11) The title of a book that was changed. 12) A mention of the profession of the author. 13) A book that describes someone who was treated unfairly. 14) A comparison between the main character and another, well-known one. 15) The style of writing failing to match the subject matter.

CAE Use of English Multiple Choice Cloze

For Questions 1-12 read the text and then select the correct answer, A, B, C or D. There is an example below: (0) A reason B POINT C fact D logic Phobias The (0) ... of Phobia Awareness Week is to highlight the difficulties that many people (1) ... in everyday situations. It is important to (2) ... between a fear and a phobia. It's (3) ... usual for all of us to have our own peculiar fears, for example being anxious around snakes or nervous about flying. However, only a very small proportion of us actually have a phobia of these things. When these fears begin to (4) ... you embarrassment or you feel that your life is being disrupted then you would be wise to (5) ... treatment for what could potentially be a phobia. By far the most (6) ... phobia and potentially the most disruptive is agoraphobia. The word derives from Greek and (7) ... means 'fear of the marketplace' but we apply it today to describe a distressing (8) ... in which people (9) ... going outside because of the awful feelings of anxiety that arise. Treatment of phobias usually consists of the patient (10) ... behavioural therapy during which they gradually get used to being near the object or the situation that causes them fear. Drugs may be (11) ... to treat anxiety and many people opt for alternative therapy such as acupuncture or hypnosis to help them come to (12) ... with their fear and conquer it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 A A A A A A A A A A A A face choose very cause explore standard precisely illness dodge undergoing released acceptance B B B B B B B B B B B B confront distinguish absolutely make hunt average specifically condition avoid taking issued terms C C C C C C C C C C C C meet select quite create search normal literally disease miss experiencing certified realisation D D D D D D D D D D D D join pick truly give seek common exactly injury slip doing prescribed comfort

Open Cloze
For questions 1-15, read the text below and type the word which best fits in each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example below: (0) is Stress Stress (0) ... often called a 21st century illness but it has always been with us if perhaps (1) ... different names. These days we regard stress (2) ... a necessary evil of modern living. Yet stress is not negative and without (3) ... we would not enjoy some of the highpoints in life (4) ... as the anticipation before a date or the tension leading (5) ... to an important match. All these situations produce stress but (6) ... you can control it and not the other way (7) ... you will feel stimulated, not worn (8) ... Unlike these situations, which are generally positive and easier to deal with, sitting in a train (9) ... is late, (10) ... stuck in a traffic jam, working to a tight deadline are (11) ... harder to manage and control. Stress is now recognised as a medical problem and as a signficant factor (12) ... causing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and a high cholesterol count. Patients are often unwilling to admit to stress problems (13) ... they feel they are a form of social failure and it is important that symptoms (14) ... identified in order to avoid unnecessary suffering. So what should we be looking out for as danger signals? Common signs of stress are increased tiredness, irritability and (15) ... inability to cope with certain situations.

Word Formation
Read the text and then write the correct form of the word on the right. There is an example at the beginning: (0) knowledge Turn A Hobby into a Business It is not (0) unusual to make a hobby pay for itself even if initially you had no (1) ... of turning it into a business. Depending upon the hobby, the necessary (2) ... can be expensive and the idea of (3) ... offering items up for sale can at the very least help pay for the hobby. For those looking to make a profit on their (4) ..., these days an audience for products can range from the local to the truly global. Some hobbyists begin by donating a piece of work to a (5) ... sale just to see how quickly and (6) ... it sells. Local shops can be the next outlet for items, often the step taken by those making things like hand-made greetings cards for instance. And for the truly ambitious, websites like eBay enable the hobbiest to reach a (7 ) ... audience. As with any business idea, an honest (8) ... should be undertaken regarding the demand for the work and the price the customer is prepared to pay in (9) ... . However, do not forget the degree of personal (10) ... as well. USUAL INTEND EQUIP OCCASION




Gapped Sentences
For questions 1-5, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example: Could you do me a ........and hold the door open while I bring in the shopping? All those in ........ of the proposal please raise your hand. After being out of fashion for years the painter is now in ........ with the critics. Example: FAVOUR Q1 John has just taken up the ........ of Marketing Manager at a local college. He put me in a really difficult ........ asking for money when he knows I'm not very well off. The yoga teacher told everyone to remain in a standing ........ for 30 seconds. Q2 Apparently, the police are going to ........ the man with assault following that fight the other week. I couldn't get the car to start this morning and finally had to ........ the battery as it had gone flat. The company have been asked to submit a proposal outlining how much they will ........ for the consultancy work. Q3 During the tutorial I was asked to give my........ of the portrayal of the main character in the film. There was a wonderful ........ from the hotel window, which looked out over beautiful countryside. Our son couldn't see the game as his ........ was blocked by the people in front. Q4 I had a real ........ of achievement when I passed the exams and got my degree. I don't see the ........ of going all the way into town when we can buy the dress locally. Paul has a great ........ of humour and always has everyone in the office in fits of laughter. Q5 It wasn't my ........ - the vase just fell off the table.

There was a ........ with the computer and we had to take it back to the shop to get it repaired. The manager is always finding ........ with people and complaining about the quality of their work.

'Key' Word Transformations

For questions 1-8, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. 1. Apparently, the restaurant in town has been bought out by someone else. UNDER I hear the restaurant in town ......................................... 2. Sarah cried her eyes out immediately she was told she'd failed her driving test. BROKE Sarah ........................................ soon as she heard she'd failed her driving test. 3. The Government recently said our problems are the fault of the worldwide economic slowdown. PLACED The Government have ........................................ the worldwide economic slowdown for our problems. 4. You led me to believe the job was mine if I wanted it. IMPRESSION I ........................................ that the job was mine if I wanted it. 5. He would never have guessed that at the age of 17 he would be playing for his country. LITTLE ........................................ that at the age of 17 he would be playing for his country. 6. Feel free to telephone if you have any further problems. CALL Do not ........................................ if you have any further problems. 7. When you do decide what you want to do please let us know. MIND When ........................................ what you want to do please let us know. 8. Do you mind if I come over to see you later? OBJECTION Do you ........................................ coming over to see you later?

CAE Use of English Multiple Choice Cloze

For Questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. There is an example below: (0) A series B ISSUE C programme D release

Sound Advice for Language Learners A recent (0) ......... of a language learning magazine has consulted a number of experts in the (1) ........ of second language acquisition. Their advice may prove invaluable for those (2) ........ a language course. One suggestion is that you (3) ........... whether you are likely to be successful at learning a language. Did you enjoy studying languages at school, for example? Do you have enough time to learn a language? The major (4) ........ will be your own time and effort. Therefore you must make sure that the course on offer leads to a (5) ........ qualification. Also, be realistic in your (6) ...... . If you don't set achievable aims you are more likely to give up. Do not be deceived (7) ........... thinking that the most expensive courses are the best. (8) ........... around to get the best possible value for money. You should also bear in mind that the quicker you learn a language the more quickly you forget it. Sandra Miller, a French teacher, tried to teach herself German by enrolling on a (9) .......... course. Already fluent in four languages and with a sound knowledge of teaching methodology her chances of (10) ............ progress were high. Three years (11) ........ she remembers very little. She feels her biggest mistake was not to follow (12) ............ her first experience. "I should have consolidated what I'd learn by continuing to study, even if it were by myself." 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 A 8 A 9 A 10 A 11 A 12 A domain wondering assess charge recognised sights by Nose rapid achieving on up B branch B thinking B review B cost B understood B ends B about B Push B crash B doing B forward B on C field C looking C balance C price C valued C objects C into C Run C quick C gaining C from C through D D D D D D D D D D D D area considering survey valuation regarded goals in Shop fast making onward out

Open Cloze
For questions 1-15, read the text below and write the word which best fits in each space. Use only one word in each space. Pre-History That fragment of pottery, that little piece of bone or the remains of an early human tool are (1) ... often the only evidence we have of our early history. However, (2) ... a consequence of the work of archaeologists and others in this field, we have (3) ... the years built (4) ... an extremely good understanding of early human development. This is the case (5) ... the fact that there is no written evidence of the period we term Pre-History. (6) ... is startling to note is that this period, which predates the invention of writing, accounts (7) ... 99% of human existence. It was (8) ... this time that discoveries that shaped the human race were made, early settlements created that (9) ... to become our major cities and (10) ... general was the time when the very foundations of human civilisation were laid. The evidence of our pre-history can be found everywhere, from remnants of human existence buried deep in the ground (11) ... ancient pathways and burial grounds. The first and easiest place to start your exploration of prehistory is of (12) ... your local museum, particularly (13) ... you are interested in discovering more about the area where you live. You may (14) ... have a local archaeological group that would be prepared to let you work (15) ... a volunteer.

Word Formation
Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gaps. There is an example at the beginning: (0) knowledge 21st Century Workplace The economy of the 21st century will be based on skills and (0) ... according to a recent report. The study shows that throughout this century there will be more jobs in the workplace for those with (1) ... and the right skills, and fewer jobs for those with none. The best (2) ... will be one that can demonstrate a level of academic or (3) ... achievement that can enable the individual to support their CV with evidence of desirable personal qualities. As (4) ... and technological advances make typical working practices redundant (5) ... employees will need to show various personal attributes. As well as wanting people who are flexible, companies are also looking for evidence of (6) ... It is also (7)............ necessary to be an excellent communicator as the majority of (8) ..... make their profits from the skills of people selling their goods as much as from the producers themselves. The new economy is here to stay and unless businesses show the (9) ... to adapt they may find they are (10) ... according to the authors of the report. KNOW QUALIFY EMPLOY VOCATION GLOBE PROSPECT ADAPT INCREASE ORGANISE


Gapped Sentences
For questions 1-5, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example: Could you do me a ........and hold the door open while I bring in the shopping? All those in ........ of the proposal please raise your hand. After being out of fashion for years the painter is now in ........ with the critics. Example: FAVOUR Q1 In the not too ........ future many of the diseases we suffer from today will be eradicated. I'm a little worried about Steve lately as he seems so ........ and in a world of his own. The story follows the hero as he travels to ........ galaxies in search of other life forms. Q2 I am writing with ........ to our recent meeting on 21st May. I think students in other countries seem to have more ........ for teahers than they do here. The match has been cancelled out of ........ for the death of our previous Manager. Q3 They are planning to postpone their house-warming ........ till the spring when the weather is nicer. There is little support within the ........ for a change of leadership and most politicians seem happy to support the Prime Minister. The restaurant got very busy when a coach ........ arrived full of people travelling to the coast. Q4 OK, I have time to answer one more ........ and then I'll move onto the next item. The press are calling into ........ Government claims that the crime rate has fallen and point to latest research figures as evidence that this isn't true. The company claim there is absolutely no ........ of making anybody redundant as business has never been better. Q5 I'm driving into town and can ........ you off at the station if you need a lift.

Can we just ........ the subject and talk about something else, please. Gardeners be warned that temperatures are likely to ........ to below freezing tonight.

'Key' Word Transformations

For questions 1-8, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. 1. How can I make him understand that I don't want to see him any more? ACROSS How can I ......................................... that I don't want to see him any more? 2. Parents predict chaos in schools unless the strike is called off. RESULT Parents claim it ........................................ the teacher's strike goes ahead. 3. Police are warning people to check for forged notes which are currently in circulation. LOOKOUT Police are warning people to be ....................................... forged notes which are currently in circulation. 4. If you must be noisy could you go outside and play. INSIST If you ........................................ noise could you go outside to play. 5. It's possible that they got the wrong idea and thought the party was next week. REACHED They might ........................................ conclusion and thought the party was next week. 6. It was a mistake not to write the telephone number down. POINT I should ........................................ writing down the telephone number. 7. Apparently, they're planning on rerouting the traffic to reduce congestion. DRAWN Plans ........................................ reroute the traffic to reduce congestion. 8. Can you possibly get me the work as soon as possible. APPRECIATE I ........................................ you could get the work to me as soon as possible.

CAE Use of English Multiple Choice Cloze

For Questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

How to Have Perfect Posture

Next time you take a look in the mirror, try standing sideways on. Do you see a long elegant back or are your shoulders as rounded as the hump of a camel? Bad posture normally starts in our teenage years when we slouch around with our (0) ..................... trying to look cool. But (1) ............ up those who now while away their days sitting in front of a computer where its (2) ............... too easy to neglect something as essential as good posture. As we grow older these poor (3) .................. are exacerbated, but by taking (4) ......... immediately we can not only look and feel better but protect our body for the future. Make sure you sleep on a firm mattress at night. (5) .......... lying flat on your back; instead try sleeping in a curled position on your side. The (6) .............. revival in platform shoes doesnt help and wearing shoes with heels more than (7) .............. centimetres high is just asking for (8) ............... Dont load everything into a bag that you wear on one shoulder or youll end up lopsided. (9) ............... the weight evenly by wearing a rucksack or even a bag around your waist. When you get home from a days studying or work its all too (10) .................. to slump on the sofa in front of the telly. Sitting in this way (11).............. feel comfortable but it prevents you from breathing properly. Try to sit (12) ................ with the stomach pulled firmly in. 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 A 8 A 9 A 10 A 11 A 12 A head so customs course evade existing various concern scatter enticing may level B feet B quite B habits B something B prevent B topical B several B problem B circulate B attractive B could B erect C eyes C all C rituals C moves C avoid C contemporary C considerable C trouble C disseminate C irresistible C will C vertical D D D D D D D D D D D D hands rather practices action restrain current numerous fuss distribute tempting should upright

Open Cloze
For questions 1-15, Complete the following article by writing each missing word in the space. Use only one word in each space. Thai Food No other national cuisine has enjoyed quite the degree of popularity that Thai food (1) .......... Ten years ago it was a rarity in Europe and the United States and (2) .......... that it was virtually unknown. Now Thai cooking has (3) .......... one of the Wests favourite exotic styles of cooking. As well as the growing (4) .......... of Thai restaurants throughout the world, there has been an increase little (5) .......... little in the availability of ingredients on supermarket shelves. (6) .......... Western cooks it is becoming quite practical to try authentic versions of Thai dishes at home. One of the things that makes Thai cooking (7) .......... a challenge is the sheer variety of types of dish. Thai food lies between Chinese and Indian cuisine, with influences (8) .......... Burma, Cambodia and Malaysia, each of (9) .......... has had an effect on Thailand at different stages of (10) .......... history. Some of the ingredients come from (11) .......... afield. Chillies, to give (12) .......... one example, are originally from Central and South America but were incorporated quickly (13) .......... the national diet. Taken all (14) .........., these influences from abroad have (15) .......... Thai cooking a strongly regional set of cuisines.

Word Formation
Read the text and then write the correct form of the word on the right: People of the Forest This TV (0) ... documentary follows a family of chimpanzees who live in the forest of Tanzania. Set in (1) ... scenery the programme gives us a fascinating insight into the life and social (2) ... of these creatures. (3) ... we humans share 98% of our genes with chimpanzees; indeed, they are our closest relative in the animal (4) ... and scenes in the documentary offer clear evidence of our (5) ... . The focus of the film is on Fifi and we first see her as a (6) ... five-year-old who spends all her time annoying her younger brother. Meanwhile, the older male chimps seem to be involved in an endless fight for (7) ... . And it is no suprise to learn that while all this is taking place the females are left to deal with the day-to-day (8) ... matters. Make sure you set aside an hour to watch this. The (9) ... splendour of the location makes this programme worthwhile viewing, although our (10) ... to these animals will make you think. DOCUMENT SPECTACLE ACTION APPEAR KING SIMILAR PLAY SUPREME ORGANISE GEOGRAPHY LIKE

Gapped Sentences
For questions 1-5, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example: Could you do me a ........and hold the door open while I bring in the shopping? All those in ........ of the proposal please raise your hand. After being out of fashion for years the painter is now in ........ with the critics. Example: FAVOUR Q1 The local council have commissioned a local artist to create a statue in ........ of the late Prime Minister. This compuer is so much faster since we added extra ......... I have difficulty remembering things from way back and have no ........ whatsoever of much before the age of five. Q2 The police have sealed of the crime ........ whilst forensic tests are carried out. In the opening ........ of the play we see the two lovers making plans for their wedding. Our reporter is at the ........ now and we can speak to her live now. Q3 Tom has his own legal ........ in the centre of town. I haven't ridden a bike for years so I'm probably a bit out of ......... He was telling me how much he's looking forward to leaving college and putting the things he's learnt into ......... Q4 Can you keep an ........ on my bags while I pay for the tickets? Her eyesight was failing and she was having real problems threading the cotton through the ........ of the needle. We are looking for someone who has an ........ for design and who will be able to contribute creatively to the team. Q5 You're ........ to choose wich module to study as long as there are no timetable clashes.

The service is entirely ........ of charge although they are always happy to receive donations. I've been completely ........ from pain since I had that tooth out last week.

'Key' Word Transformations

For questions 1-8, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. 1. You could have been seriously injured not wearing a seat belt. THINK You should ......................................... seriously injured not wearing a seat belt. 2. Would you give us your answer as soon as possible. CONVENIENCE Please respond ......................................... 3. The hotel was further away from the beach than was claimed in the brochure. NOWHERE The hotel ......................................... the beach as they'd claimed in the brochure. 4. I wasn't expecting my colleagues to organise a farewell party on my last day at the company. TAKEN I ......................................... when my colleagues organised a farewell party on my last day. 5. It's not likely to happen but if you're not satisfied with the product we'll refund your money. EVENT ........................................ that you are not satisfied with the product your money will be refunded. 6. It's one thing to think there's a demand for your product and another to actually make a sale. WORLD There's ........................................ between thinking there's a demand for your product and actually making a sale. 7. I'm sure we went the wrong way at the last junction. TAKEN We must ........................................ at the last junction. 8. I'm so sorry, I didn't realise it was so late. TRACK Sorry, I ........................................ time.