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What follows is a selec-on of counsels, supplica-ons and prayers upon the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) wri<en by Habib `Ali alHabashi (may Allah have mercyuponhimandbenetusbyhim). SeekingKnowledge I counsel you to wholeheartedly seek benecial knowledge, to take it from those worthy of conveying it and to study benecial books, especially the books of the `Alawi Masters,becausewhatiscontainedinthemissucient. Teach those who are ignorant whatever knowledge you possess. Beware of the Devil deceiving you by saying to you: You are not worthy of calling people to Allah. This is a trick that has prevented many people from entering into the ranks of those that call people to Allah. If you believe that you are lacking in knowledge, then guide others using theknowledgethatyoudopossess,andseektheknowledgewhichyouneed. The son of Adam should never stop seeking an increase in knowledge as long as he lives. Look at how Allah directed His Beloved to seek an increase in knowledge when He said: Say:MyLord,increasemeinknowledge. CommandsandProhibi;ons The commands which are found in the Quran and the Sunnah can be divided into that which is obligatory (wajib) and that which is recommended (mustahabb). That which is obligatory must be performed. Not performing it entails a punishment, while performing it entails a great reward and leads to the pleasure of the Lord. Performing acts which are recommended is a path which leads to the pleasure of the Lord and entering into the sphere of those who have drawn close to Allah, act with complete sincerity and love Him. Those who are wholeheartedly seeking Allah do not dieren-ate between ac-ons which are obligatory and those which are recommended because all their eorts are expendeddoingthatwhichdrawsthemclosetoAllahandgainsHispleasure. Every act of obedience draws the slave to his Lord if he gives it its due, performs it as it should be performed, performs it is with a pious inten-on and desires only the pleasure of Allah in doing it. The purity of the slaves ac-ons and inten-ons is according to the purityofhisheart. Prohibi-ons can also be divided into two categories. The rst is that which is forbidden (haram). Doing this entails a punishment and leads to the displeasure of the Lord. The second is that which is disliked (makruh). Leaving it entails a reward. Avoiding that which

is prohibited is a huge obstacle which requires great strength and eort because what is at stake is being cut o from Allah. The more a person performs ac-ons that are forbiddenthefurtherheisdistancedfromAllah. TheMessengerofAllah(Allahblesshimandgranthimpeace)wasasked:Ifsomeone hasillicitsexualrela-onsisheabelieverwhileheisdoingso? No,hereplied. Ifsomeonestealsisheabelieverwhileheisdoingso? No. This hadith implies that commiZng acts of disobedience causes the slave to be cut o from Allah. Thus the believer should be extremely careful to avoid that which may lead to his destruc-on, and extremely steadfast in this ba<le. If Allah knows that he is sincere, He will assist him with His own strength, and defend him from the scheming of hisenemyandhistroops.TheslavemusteetohisLordineverysitua-on. Habib`Aliwrotethissupplica-on:

**( 5 *@*= ; B *DE G5;JK L= @ *5 *= ;; S *D G * *@;G5= * @ ;; *G * * ; @c *@; B* ;L@** K * @ @h ;i ;Slm *i **.

OAllah,raisemetoastateinwhichmyheartdoesnotcommitanyactsofobedience, oreventhinksofdoingso,andtoastateinwhichmybodypartsdonotcommitanyacts ofobedience.Raisemetoasta-oninwhichmyheartremainsconstantlyinastateof obediencetoYou,whichispleasingtoYouandacceptedbyYou;enablemybodyto con-nuetoperformpiousac-onssincerelyforyoursakewhichareacceptedbyYou,O MostMerciful. CleansingandPolishingtheHeart The best means of cleansing and polishing the heart from the rust and dirt that accumulates upon it are: reci-ng the Book of Allah in abundance; remembering Allah constantlyandlovingtheknowersofAllah.

NobleCharacter If you wish to a<ain the a<ributes of the Imams who have been puried then they are as follows: en-rely turning away from the crea-on; puZng up with harm from every Muslim; preferring isola-on over company; doing good to all the people of la ilaha illAllah; guiding the ignorant, giving sincere advice to those who have gone astray; pardoning those that do wrong to others; having a good opinion of every single Muslim; not allowing oneself to become angry with them and doing ones utmost not to harm them. These a<ributes cons-tute noble character. The one who a<ains them will a<ain everlas-ng felicity and will reach the sta-ons of the slaves who have a<ained perfec-on. Sostrivetoyourutmostabilitytofollowthispath. TheRightsofSlavehood The slave must ask his Lord for the ability to full the rights of his slavehood and to the abilitytohumblysubmittothedictatesofHislordship. He must hasten to perform what his Lord has commanded him to perform with complete convic-on and a present heart in a state of venera-on for His majesty. In doing so he a<empts to give his Lord his due, but how can he give the One Who created him, provided for him and guided him his due? Even if he expended all his eorts in serving Him he would not have given him one per cent of the right which is due to Him. This is because his ac-ons, worship and service are in reality blessings from Allah for which he mustbegrateful:Allahcreatedyou,andtheac-onswhichyouperform. MaintainingE;queEewiththeElite Beware of false beliefs and opening the door to cri-cising the elite among the slaves of Allah, for this may lead to your destruc-on. Do not allow your love for some of them to leadyoutoa<ackothersamongthem,forthisoneofthetricksoftheaccursedDevil. Inten;onsforTravelling Habib `Ali says that travelling is in reality leaving behind ones base nature to a<ain lo`y sta-onsintheproximityofAllah. He then calls us to act upon the hadith of the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace):

*; ;( *; @

Travelintheland,andyouwillbeblessedwithgoodhealth;travelinthelandandyou willbeprovidedfor. Firstly, he says, we should intend by travelling obeying the command of the Messenger of Allah to travel. We should then intend seeking provision not merely material provision, but also spiritual provision knowledge, guidance and light which dis-nguishes man from animals. We should seek good health for our bodies, but more importantly we should seek to be healed from a<achment to this world and other diseasesoftheheart. We should also intend visi-ng the pious in the place to which we are travelling and seeking their blessings (barakah), for in every town there is a group of the people of truth, who protect that town; we should intend calling people to Allah (da`wah) and bene-ng people with what knowledge we possess and teaching the ignorant and seekinginallofthisthepleasureofAllah. Beware of being cut o from Allah by being distracted by the adornment of the lands to which you are travelling and by seeking base pleasures as the peoples of those lands do. Belikesomeonewhoismerelypassingby. If you are deciding whether or not to do something, such as travelling, then bring the Chosen One (Allah bless him and grant him peace) to your heart, consult him and then go with whatever your heart se<les upon. If you nd any of the pious then consult them too. Du`aforTravelling Habib`Alirecommendedrepea-ngthisdu`ao`en,especiallywhenoneistravelling:

= ;*; *@ 5 *@G @*; *@ = ;G G5 L=

OAllahIaminYourcompletecontrolwhereverIam,soblessmewithYourcomplete carewhereverIam. PrayersUpontheProphet(mayAllahblesshimandgranthimpeace) These prayers show us the immense a<achment Habib `Ali had to the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace). Through them he teaches us how to seek thata<achmentandwhattoaskfromAllah.

= L*c *@ D*c =*L * *@=* .*@=* =

OAllah,bestowYourprayersandpeaceuponourMasterMuhammad,andbythese prayersmakeusbelovedtoYouandbelovedtohim.

= L*c *@ D*c =*L * @; @;; .K@* G;L G** G*} G;

OAllah,bestowYourprayersandpeaceuponourMasterMuhammad,prayerswhich pleaseYouandhimandcausemyac-ons,inten-ons,movementsands-llnesstobe envelopedinhim.

~ D*~c~~ =~*~~L @~~ ~5 ~ G~~;~; *~@~~ ~~ ~=~ L*~c *~~@ ~ ~ ~L~;~~ =~~;~~ h*~@ ~ G;~@ *~*~~L;~ *~*~~L;~; ~ @ ~; *~~* ~ ;~@ ~ *~*~~; *~~;~ ~ ~L;~~; ~ *~@~~~~* hh~~~ G5~@~~* ~ =~;~c~~* ~ ;~@ ~ ~ ~~= ~; ~ G ~h ~} ~~L 5;~ ~; ~ ~ ~~ L; ~; ~ ~* @ ~=~@ ~ ~~ 5 ~L;~;~~ @~*~@ ~G5 *~h~ G5~~ *~*~@* ~; ~~* ~*m* ;~~ ~ ~~ ;~~ ~ G~~ *~*~~ ~~ ~=;~~~ G~ D~ ;~~; ~ @~*~@ }~;~5 *~;~~ 5 ~ ~ G;~~ L ~ G~~ KJ;~~;~ *~hL ~@ *~~ G5;~@ ~ ~~ ~ ~ G5~ G*~;~~ m~*~ GK~h =~ @~~~~ G;~@ *~~ D~~ ~ ~;~~ m~~@~ *~~ ~ G*~~~ m~~ G~@ ~~ ~ G~ G*~~~m ~*;~~; ~ G~@~~ G5~~~5 ~~;; ~ ;~~ 5 ~ ~ m@~h ~ K~h ;~@ *~ ~ ;~ @~~ =~@~~;~~ m~ G=~~*~ ~ ~c; ~ ~ D ~ ~ G~c~@ ~~~ G5 =~~** ~ ~L;~~* ~ G;~*~;~ ~@ ~~~5 ~K~h *~@~~;~ E K*~K= ~ *~~*;~ ~

;* ~J ~ ~ ~G~ 5 ~* ~ ~5 ~@ ~= ~ ~; ~@ ~K E G~ * ~*E G~ 5 * ~h ~ ~* ~ ;=~ ~ ~ ~~L=~~ ~ **~* G~ ;~~ G~ @~@ ***~ =~;~*~; ;~~ ~ ~ ~ ~;L@*~* ~K ~ ~ ~ ~;L@*~* ~K ~ ~ ~ ~;L@*~* ~K ~ =~@~~~ ~ *h*@; h ;; L =*c *D = *D*
OAllah,bestowYourprayersandpeaceuponourMasterMuhammad,andenableme byhimtowalkthepathofthepeopleoftaqwawhoarestrongestintheirfollowingof him;bestowuponmeYourloveandhislovesothatIreachthesta-onsofthose foremostinrank,thosewholoveAllahandHisMessengerandarelovedbythem;bless mewithgoodac-onsandinten-onssothatIamrecordedamongthepiousslaveswho havea<ainedperfec-on;usemyheartandlimbsforthesamepurposethatYouused theheartsandlimbsofYourpiousslaves;givemearmfoo-ngintaqwa;andasure meansofa<ainingYourpleasure;blessmewithYourloveandtheloveofYourfriends; givemeagreatpor-onofcompletecertaintysuchthatIhavecompletetrustinYouin everystate;protectmefrombeingcutofromYouinanyofmyaairs;protectmeinall condi-onsfromallevilandeverytribula-on,inwardlyandoutwardly,inmybodyand heart,inmyworldlyaairsandinmyreligion;makemyfootrmontheStraightPathin mydealingswithYou;allowmetofollowthepathofthosewhoserveyouwith truthfulness;illuminatemyheartwiththelightofYourknowledge;ifIhavedonewrong thenoverlookit;ifIhavesinnedthenforgivemeandallowmetomakesincere repentance;raisemyrankamongthosewhohavebeendrawnnear,thosewhoare rightlyguidedandguideothers,OMostMerciful,OMostMerciful,OMostMerciful. BestowYourprayersandpeaceuponourMasterMuhammadanduponhisFamilyand Companions.