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POEM (QUESTION 32) Section D Question 32 tested the candidates comprehension on the literal meaning of the poem.

The candidates were required to answer questions 32(a) 32 (b) (i) (ii) and 32c based on the poem Nature. They were expected to respond relevantly to the tasks and to give a personal response to the question. GENERAL COMMENTS ON THE MARK SCHEME On the whole, the mark scheme was comprehensive, clear, straightforward, fair and favourable to all the candidates. The questions 32(a) and 32(b)(i) (ii) were awarded one mark each while question 32(c) required students to provide two reasons: one mark each for reason. COVERAGE OF QUESTIONS IN RELATION TO CONTENT The questions were related to the prescribed literary text taught in Form 5 and appropriate to the level of Form 5 candidates.

RELEVANCE OF QUESTIONS IN RELATION TO THE SKILLS AND SUBJECT MATTER LEARNT BY CANDIDATES The questions covered what should have been studied by candidates based on the syllabus in the Literature component. The questions were relevant to the candidates subject matter and knowledge since they were text-based. The questions in 32 (c) provided the opportunity for the candidates to think critically.

MISTAKES/WEAKNESSES OF QUESTION PAPER AND SUGGESTIONS Questions 32(a), 32(b)(ii) and 32(c) seemed to require lower order comprehension skills as candidates could obtain the answers directly from the text. They could lift the relevant lines to respond to the questions. Question 32(c) was a little bit confusing. The question is clear but the space for indicating yes or no answer is not provided thus creating problem to understand the students responses.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: A COMPARISON TO THE YEAR BEFORE The level of difficulty of the questions was comparable to last years. Most of the questions needed candidates to respond to lower order reading and comprehension skills. The clarity and well-structured question tasks were useful to garner a wide range of sensible and appropriate answers from the candidates. CANDIDATES PERFORMANCE: A COMPARISON TO THE YEAR BEFORE Comparatively, the candidates performance is slightly worst than last year in Question 32 because candidates could lift the relevant lines from the poem when responding to question 32a whereas the answer required the student to state the number of line.

CANDIDATES PERFORMANCE ACCORDING TO THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENT HIGH CANDIDATES PERFORMANCE A high percentage of the good candidates in this category were able to answer all the five questions. They managed to give accurate and logical answers for the reasons required in 32(b)(i)i and 32(c) ( reason ). As for the personal response for 32(c), they were able to provide appropriate and reasonable answers for the action and reason. Candidates in this category were quite capable of identifying the requirement of the questions which were direct in nature, for example, 32(a), 32(b) and 32(c) . However, for question 32(a)(i) many candidates did not indicate the correct line instead they lift the line. As for Question 32(c), most candidates had no problem answering but their sentences were riddled with grammatical errors. Candidates of this category managed to get a few marks but they are unable to provide the correct answer for question 32a, and 32(d). Some even lifted mindlessly lines from the text for all the questions. Moreover, for question 32(b)(i) candidates gave responses that had more than one word. Responses for the personal response question [32(c)] were poorly structured making it difficult to make sense. Some candidates responded in Bahasa Malaysia.