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the art of generative coaching


The Art of Generative Coaching


Stephen Gilligan Ph.D.

1504 Crest Or Encinitas CA 92024 Phone and fax: (760) 942 1577 E-mail: StGilligan@aol.com Website: www.StephenGilligan.com

NLP Pre-Conference Workshop

Jo Hogg, Coordinator 6 November 2008

Stephen Gilligan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998

the art of generative coaching

Five basic elements of generative self approach
1. Spirit is waking up...
Spirit has gift to give AND wound to heal Spirit is deepest identity Spirit activates whenever ordinary identity is destabilized

(e.g. ecstasy or agony)


Into human consciousness

Human nervous system is the most advanced instrument of consciousness developed If you don't learn to play the instrument, you're in trouble Attuned human conscious PLUS spirit EQUALS generative self ever


On hero's journey
Each person's life is an arc unfolding over time into the world Journey has many death and rebirth cycles At heart of hero's journey is Spirit waking up Suffering is a signal of misalignment with the call/journey


Utilizing three minds

Somatic, Cognitive, Field Integration of three minds awakens Generative Self


Operating at three levels of consciousness

(1) Primitive (unconscious wholeness, field without self-awareness) (2) Ego (conscious separateness, awareness without field) (3) Generative (conscious differentiated wholeness, parts and whole simultaneously) Spirit can be present or absent at each level Creative unfolding moves among three levels


Stephen GiIIigan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998

the art of generative coaching

Generative self: a self-relations approach
"An aged man is but a paltry thing a tattered coat upon a stick unless Soul clap its hands and sing and sing louder and louder still for every tatter in its mortal dress. W B Yeats

Premises of self-relations
1. Each person has an indestructible their being (SOMATIC Self) 'tender soft spot' (or center) at the core of

2. The river of life moves through you, except when it doesn't 3. The river brings both happiness and suffering 4. A second consciousness Self) awakens to relate to these experiences (COGNITIVE

5. When somatic self united with cognitive self, a third consciousness mind opens (GENERATIVE Self)

of a field


6. The path by which each person realizes this Generative Self is unique: Each person is an incurable deviant

These principles suggest three orders of intelligence

a. Somatic Mind (with Soul as its Deepest level) b. Cognitive Mind (with Spirit as its Highest level) c. Field Mind (with Generative Self as its Integral Consciousness)

Stephen Gilligan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998

the art of generative coaching

The tools for the journey: The Generative Self of the Triunal Mind
The Generative Self arises when there is an integrated and resonant relationship between three Minds: Somatic Mind Body mind, felt sense, 'gut,' enteric brain, tender soft spot, soul Cognitive Mind Intellect, awareness, spirit, capacity to extend relationally Field Mind Relationship to field, systems, framework of experience, archetypal mind

These minds can be organized at three different levels: Primitive level - undifferentiated field, intense, timeless, many resources and demons Ego level - identity separate from field, sufficient for 'in the box' operations, managerial and mapping skills, orderly understandings Generative level - identity 'a part of and apart from' field, necessary for extraordinary 'out of the box' challenges, multiple possibilities, both/and thinking, beyond content or position, able to transform and heal

Stephen GiIIigan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998

the art of generative coaching

To enter into Generative Self:
1. Cultivate Generative Somatic Mind ('Body of Bodies') Using centering and alignment (i.e. relaxing, attuning, opening (radiating), playing, sensually engaging), to develop a 'body of bodies' with new capacities: 'second skin' archetypal connections relaxed and stable concentration limbic resonance transformational healing capacities


Cultivate Generative Cognitive Mind ('Mind of Minds') Engage relational principles of utilization and sponsorship to develop a 'mind of minds' with new capacities: Resonant intention Clearing, opening, and receiving Sponsoring (transforming to advanced positive form) Transforming conflict/healing woundedness Non-linear thinking (both/and, multiplicity of form) Generative action (creating something that never existed before) Transcendent function (integrating opposites into self-realization of higher forms)


Cultivate Generative Field Mind ('Field of fields') Open into field to absorb what's there, then open beyond that to a generative field Peripheral consciousness is dominant Identity upgrades to field level Being with something without becoming it Inviting resources from beyond the context Opening to higher intelligence of generate field Whatever the content is, open beyond that Intersection of 'timeless with time' for quantum visions

Note: Because at the generative level the somatic, cognitive and field minds are all closely resonating together, you can enter the state by making a shift in any of these three

Stephen GiIIigan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998

the art of generative coaching

Cultivating a Generative Somatic Self
Exercise: A question of centering (with partner)
a. b. c. d. Both partners tune inward, center, soften, relax Each partner reconnects with an experience of being centered Each partner physically touches his/her body/mind center When ready slowly open eyes to connect with partner - if you lose center, close eyes to reestablish it e. Take some moments to sense how to connect with partner while giving 'first attention' to center

Exercise: Testing the center

Identify challenge (question, relationship, future, memory) Reconnect with center (take time!) Ask yourself to imagine moving successfully through the sequence At each moment, ask, "Does this thought/feeling/response bring me closer or further to my center?" e. Each time connection with center is broken, reestablish f. Repeat until you can move through the sequence and stay connected with center a. b. c. d.

Values of centering
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Calm alertness of mind/body Stabilizes attention (away from stressor) Allows unitive (non-dualistic) experiencing Connects with 'ki' or life force energy Activates intuitive/archetypal knowledge Provides 'sanctuary' or container for 'homeless' experiences Allows cognitive/experiential differentiation/integration Allows powerful expressive capacity

Stephen GiIligan, Ph. D., Generative Self, 1998


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