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GRUNDFOSWaterPRO | June 2010

High Efficiency Hydro Booster System For Sustainable Future
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Tech Talk - Advantages Of Pumps With Integrated Frequency Converter

Local Project Reference

Burger Ramly Processing

International Project Reference

Grundfos in Kras Plant, Croatia

02 | ProductFocus

Rely on us for constant pressure
Whatever the demand, our booster systems provide constant pressure at all levels. Whatever you require pressure boosting in residential buildings or high rise office buildings, Grundfos has the right solution for you. Our booster systems are famous for always maintaining the pre-set pressure level, thereby providing optimal stability and the lowest possible energy consumption. Water supply in High rise buildings Hotels Hospitals Schools Residential buildings


It is really quite simple ; whatever your need, we have got it coverd. Our booster systems fully cover any need for water supply in commercial buildings.

High rise, residential or stadium

We take pride in supplying excellent comfort to residents in all types of building and users of any type of commercial facility. Grundfos Hydro boosters are ideal for water supply systems and easily comply with the varying needs for water during the day in multi-storey buildings.

The Grundfos Booster System

Our most advanced booster set, the Hydro features application-optimised software. Here you find functions such as the propotional pressure function which is used for friction loss compensation in large pipe grids. Furthermore, you find the soft pressure build-up function which can be used if your installation has an unstable power supply. The Hydro MPC also features a clock program function which can be used for starting / stopping the booster set in desired perods of the day at different dsicharge pressures.

Big efficiency - small footprints

Booster systems with big efficiency do not necessarily have to be big. Our booster systems take up a minimal amount of space wherever they are placed - in other words, they have a small footprint. Furthermore, our booster systems are turnkey products - the installer simply connects the service-friendly system to water and electricity, and its ready to go to work.

03 | ProductFocus


Grundfos Hydro Booster system come as complete units in superior quality designed to provide boosting wherever additional pressure is needed. They are built on the worlds number one multistage centrifugal pumps - the highly renowned CR and CRE pumps. The CR and CRE pumps are known for their reliability, efficiency and adaptability and form the perfect base for the Grundfos booster systems. Every piece of our systems is Grundfos made which means that you are guaranteed long lasting technology that requires a minimum of maintenance and provides a maximum of efficiency.

The EFF1 motor Super silent efficiency

The EFF1 motor is the most efficient motor currently available according to the European CEMEP agreement. Grundfos leads the way by featuring EFF1 motors in our pumps as standard. Thus, all Grundfos booster systems come with this state of the art piece of technology which is known for its extremely low noise levels and its ability to operate at high ambient temperatures.

All Grundfos booster systems come with the state of the art EFF1 motors, which are known for their extremely low noise levels and their ability to operate at high ambient temperatures

04 | ProductFocus

WHAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE AN E MAKES Grundfos booster system is in a class of its own. It features a
booster set fitted with motors with integrated frequency converters that ensure perfect control and extreme flexibility of output. That means great energy efficiency and great savings.


The mastermind behind the efficiency and flexibility of our Hydro MPC booster systems is the Multi Pump Controller, CU 351. The primary job of the CU 351 is to control how many pumps should be in operation at any given time, as well as control the speed of the individual pump. The advanced controller optimizes the performance of the booster system and thereby keeps energy costs as low as possible. CU 351 performs a complex task, but installing and operating the unit could not be simpler. The installation wizard guides the installer through a series of steps until the booster system is correctly installed and commissioned. The installation process is performed by following the instructions on the screen of the control unit. When the installation is complete, the simple, user friendly interface ensures that the day-to-day operation is equally easy.


Multi-R | Compact-R | Compact-E


Grundfos Multi-R/ Compact-R variable speed system is designed to operate in parallel with Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pumps CR as standard via Grundfos R-series variable speed drives installed at the control panel. Grundfos Compact-E System is designed with two numbers of Grundfos horizontal centrifugal multistage pumps operating in parallel via Grundfos R-series variable speed drive installed at the panel. The constant pressure boosting system is able to supply water to household, dwellings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, departmental stores and manufacturing.



Grundfos Uni-E domestic booster pump is a single horizontal multistage pump coupled with R-series variable speed drives. The small and compact unit is suitable to apply in household. Constant water pressure provides the optimum comfort for enjoyable home lifestyle.


05 | ProductFocus


Based on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, SQ Flex combines state-of-the-art pump technology with sustainable, energy efficient solutions to provide a reliable water supply to remote locations with little or no access to water and electricity. The better the quality of the water, and the more reliable the water supply, the better the quality of life for everyone.

SQ Flex

Culminating more than 90 years of commitment to advanced pump technology-PACO KP,KPV (horizontal split casing) and LF (end suction) pumps serve as industry standards in performance and reliability. These premium efficiency pumps reduce energy cost while providing higher flow per pump discharge size. They are available with double volute design, providing longer life and reduced maintenance cost. Low operating costs are ensured even during off design operating conditions.


The Grundfos CR/CRE make a real different. All 3-phase 50Hz motors used in the CR/CRE range bear the EFF1 mark; clearly proof that they are efficient as pump motors can get. Others than motor, pump itself has all the durability that customer expect from a high quality multistage pump. We have added unique features to ensure unsurpassed reliability such as dry running protection, a unique cartridge seal and full titanium variant.


The Grundfos PG is an interconnect device that allows you to save precious drinking water by using your harvested rainwater for toilet and garden applications. Always prioritizing the use of rainwater, the PG will automatically switch over to a mains water source when your rainwater tank runs low, or during electrical failure. PGC system is designed to transfer rainwater collected from the rainwatertank(RW) to supply for irrigation and flushing cisterns. The PGC controller provides a fully backup system with no interruption of water supply in the event the RW tank runs out of water. Besides that, the controller is so flexible that it can integrate with a wide range of Grundfos booster pump systems.

PG / PGC (Rain Water Harvest)

06 | LocalProject Reference


Started in 1970s, Ramly Burger Processing continues to produce millions of burgers with its revenue raking up year after year, and with many accolades to it core. The companys annual revenue is now exceeding RM 100 millions per year. the Ramly Burger brand is currently not only popular in Malaysia but also selling like hot cake in Singapore. The brand has also stamped its reputation due to its commitment and non-compromising integrity on their halal status. In 2005, in the wake of public outcry on some of the brands which halal status recognition were highly questionable, Ramly Burger, together with few local food producers like Ayamas, stood out from the crowd as those who comply to the highest standard by JAKIM

The situation As the one of the pioneer in its foods and burger pastries industry, hygiene issue is part of the most critical point to take care and to ensure all the foods produced are safe to their consumers. Whenever the plant is shutdown for production, all of the equipments have to be cleaned up. During the time, demand of fresh water varies greatly. Throughout the day, additional pressure and capacity from booster pump is required during the cleaning time. The Grundfos Solution 3 units of Grundfos CR15-14 high efficiency (Eff1) vertical multistage pumps hooked up with MPC-EF intelligence multi variable speed pumps controller were installed at the plant. The master mind behind the efficiency and flexibility is the MPC multi pump controller, CU351. It will control how many pumps should be in operation at any given time, as well the speed of the individual pumps. This optimizes the performance of the booster system, maintain constant pressure with increase of capacity, and keeps the energy costs as low as possible. The Outcome Ramly Burger is satisfies to solution and booster system that applying in their manufacturing plant. Grundfos MPC-EF variable speed booster system ensure the pressure is constant, whenever in the high or low capacity demand. The plant is not dependent on water pressure which is supply from main incoming.
Type of pumps onstalled at Ramly Burger Processing : MPC-EF 3xCR15-14 c/w 100 litres tank
Ramly have always used Grundfos pumps to ensure reliable, constant pressure water supply to our facility. Many of our existing Grundfos booster systems are more than 10 years old and they are still in good operating conditions. Spare parts for the pump and control panels are still available even after many yeas of operation. Grundfos gives very good and fast service. They advise us on the systems before we make a purchase. During installation and commissioning assistance is provided. Till today, they continue to follow-up with regular inspection and help us troubleshoot any problem or issues. Kamarulzaman, Utilities Engineer of Ramlee Burger Processing

07 | TechTalk

Advantages Of Pumps With Integrated Frequency Converter

In many applications, pumps with integrated frequency converter is the optimum solution. The reason is that these pumps combine the benefits of a speed-controlled pump solution with the benefits gained from combining a pump, a frequency converter, a PI-controller and sometimes also a sensor / pressure transmitter in one single units - see figure 1 A pump with integrated frequency converter is not just a pump, but a system which is able to solve application problems or save energy in a variety of pump installations. As regards replacement, pumps with integrated frequency converters are ideal as they can be installed instead of fixed speed pumps at no extra installation cost. All that is required is a power supply connection and a fitting of the pump with integrated frequency converter in the pipe system, and then the pump is ready for operation. All the installer has to do is to adjust the required setpoint (pressure) after which the system is operational. What follows is a brief description of the advantages that pumps with integrated frequency converter have to offer.

Easy to install
Pumps with integrated frequency converter are just as easy to install as fixed speed pumps. All you have to fo is to connect the motor to the electrical power supply and the pump is in operation. The manufacturer has made all internal connections and adjustments.
Fig. 1 : Pump unit with integrated frequency converter and pressure transmiter

Optimal energy savings

Because the pump, the motor and the frequency converter are designed for compatibility , operation of the pump system reduces power consumption.

One supplier
One supplier can provide pump, frequency converter and sensor which naturally facilitate the dimensioning, selection, ordering procedures, as well as maintenance and service procedures.

08 | TechTalk

Wide performance range

Pumps with integrated frequency converter have a very broad performance range, which enables them to perform efficiently under widely varied conditions and to meet a wide range of requirements. Thus, fewer pumps can replace many fixed speed pump types with narrow performance capabilities.

Performance curves of speedcontrolled pumps

Now, let us have a closer look at how you can read a speed-controlled pumps performance curve. Figure 2 shows an example of the performance curves of a speed-controlled pump. The first curve shows the QH-curve and the second curve shows the corresponding power consumption curve. As you can tell, the performance curves are given for every 10% decrease in speed from 100% down to 50%. Likewise, the minimum curve represented by 25% of the maximum speed is also shown. As we have indicated in the diagram, you can point out a specific duty point QH and find out at which speed the duty point can be reached and what the power consumption P1 is.
Fig. 2 : Performance curve for a speed-controlled pump

Speed-controlled pumps in different systems

Speed-controlled pumps are used in a wide range of systems. The change in pump performance and consequently the potential energy saving depend on the system in question. As we discussed in chapter 3, the characteristic of a system is an indication of the required head a pump has to deliver, in order to transport a certain quantity of liquid through the system. Figure 3 shows the performance curve and the system characteristic of a closed and an open system

Fig. 3 : System characteristic point of a closed and an open system

09 | TechTalk

Speed-controlled pumps in closed systems

In closed systems, like heating and air-conditioning systems, the pump has only to overcome the friction losses in the pipes, valves, heat exchangers, etc. In this section, we will present an example with a speed-controlled pump in a closed system. The total friction loss by a full flow of 15 m/h is 16 m, see figure 4. The system characteristic starts in the point (0,0), the red line in figure 5. The control valves in the system always need a certain operating pressure, so therefore the pump cannot work according to the system characteristic. That is why some speed-controlled pumps offer the proportional pressure control function, which ensures that the pump will operate according to the orange line shown in the figure. As you can tell from the figure 5, the minimum performance is around 57% of the full speed. In a circulating system operation at the minimum curve (25% of the full speed) can be relevant in some situations, for example when we deal with night-time duty in heating systems.

Fig. 4 : Closed system

Fig. 5 : A speed-controlled pump in a closed system

The most efficient motor, EFF1 in the world is, of course, the standard motor in Grundfos pumps.

10 | TechTalk

Speed-controlled pumps in open systems

The system characteristic as well as the operating range of the pump depend on the type of system in question. Figure 6 show a pump in a pressure boosting / water supply system. The pump has to supply Q = 6.5 m /h to the tap, which is placed h = 20m above the pump. The inlet pressure to the pump ps, is 1 bar, the pressure at the tap pt has to be 2 bar and the total friction loss in the system by full flow pf is 1.3 bar. Figure 7 show the QH-curve of a pump, which is able to meet the requirements described before. You can calculate the required head at zero flow (Ho) by using the equation on your right. If you need to calculate the maximum head at a flow (Q) of 6.5 m/h, this is the equation to use :

Fig. 6 : Pump in a water supply system

To cover this application from zero flow to maximum flow Q = 6.5 m/h the pump operates in a relative narrow speed band, that is from about 65% of the full speed and up tp 99% of the full speed. In systems with less friction loss the variation in speed will be even smaller. If no friction loss, the minimum speed in the above case is about 79% speed. As you can tell from the previous two examples, the possible variation in speed and consequently in power consumption is highest in closed systems. Therefore, the closed systems account for the highest energy saving potential


Fig. 7 : A speed-controlled pump in an open system

11 | InternationalProject Reference


KRA Food Industry d.d., located in Zagreb, Croatia, is one of the fastest growing businesses in the region. In recent years the company has invested heavily in improving production efficiency and product quality in order to come at par with its Western European competitors. After a careful market study, KRA Food Industry chose Grundfos as the supplier of all new pumps for their redesigned production facilities. The situation KRA Food Industry d.d. is one of Croatias leading companies in the food industry. The company produces chocolate, candy and a variety of biscuits. Currently the company employs nearly 2,000 people and has an annual turnover in excess of 107 million Euro. In order to fully comply with the modern production methods required if KRA wants to compete on the ever-expanding European market, it was necessary to up-grade the majority of the production facilities. The Grundfos solution Grundfos offers a very wide range of pumps suitable for industrial processes as well as building services. The KRA plant comprises two TPK steam boilers with a capacity of 6 t/h and 4 t/h of steam respectively, both at 13 bar. The 6-t/h boilers operate with two Grundfos CR pumps, while the smaller 4-t/h boiler operates with two CR pumps. A highly efficient condensate system was fitted with two Grundfos CR and two CR pumps. fitted with two Grundfos CR and two CR pumps. The confectionary production requires totally clean water. In order to achieve this a RO-system has been installed, featuring a Grundfos CR pump. A 3.5 MW cooling station operates with a total of 17 Grundfos pumps: five end suction pump and 12 units of vertical in-line pump. In addition to these industrial pumps a number of UPS circulator pumps and other building services pumps were installed. The outcome The outcome has been a noticeable improvement of efficiency and safety at the KRA plant and a very substantial reduction in the energy consumption throughout the process line.
Systematic investments in streamlining and development of the production has enabled KRA to maintain the position as the leading Croatian confectionary and range it side by side with global brands. The development also secures a better quality of the products, increased energy savings, and a safe environment for the employees. Grundfos pumps are an important part of this strategy, because of their reliability, nergy efficiency and low Life Cycle Costs. Mr. ivko Papea d.i., director of maintenance and power supply at KRA Food Industry d.d.

Increased efficiency Increased food safety Low installation costs Low energy consumption

Thinking Building
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