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Triadic closure is the principle that, if two people in a social network have a friend in common, then there is an increased

likelihood that they will become fr iends themselves at some point in the future. It is operationalized by the clustering coefficient, which is measured by taking the nuber of potential edges as the divisor for the number of edges around a pa rticular node's neighborhood. Inasmuch, it is a fraction from 0 to 1. This can be important for epidemiologists, who, noting the strength of triadic c losure in a particular network, can follow the spread of disease. Homophiy is the principle that like attracts like, which is true across a variet y of properties. For example, individuals prefer to associate themselves with li ke-minded individuals in terms of religion, political views, profession, socioec onomic status. Homophily is among the key reasons why a social network does not resemble a graph generated at random.

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