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The following Strategic Plan is for Dr. Smith, of Tallahassee, FL. Dr. Smith is opening her own practice. Included in the plan is applying for business loans, obtaining a lawyer, advertise positions (1 Office Manager, 3 Nurses, 1 Receptionist), receiving loan, obtain realtor, alert patients, implement online patient portal, implement EHR, and training. In this plan we will focus on getting the necessary equipment and being efficient as possible to start up the new facility. With healthcare and technology being two of the biggest and most dynamic industries, the merge of the two create secure and easy patient engagement. With the use of technology that Dr. Smith will have in her facility patients will be more engaged in all areas of doctor visits. According to HealthCare IT News, when patients are handed an iPad to provide information, they fill out 40 percent more than needed because they feel that the data is actually being used for something. (healthcareitnews.com) Dr. Smith will have an advantage over some medical facilities because of her use of technology to better the experience the patient has. With meaningful use being at the forefront, doctors are encouraged to use EHR Systems and other related technology to improve quality, safety, and efficiency. (healthit.gov) With the compliance of meaningful use, clinical outcomes are predicted to improve along with total population health improvement. This is why Dr. Smith will have an EHR System, Online Patient Portal, and the use of mobile devices in the office.

VISION To be a medical facility that will provide excellent service and a positive interaction with patients.

MISSION This medical facility will be using the best technology to better patient satisfaction and experience. We are committed to providing excellent health care, creating a positive visit environment, and ease of use for patients.


STRENGTHS: Dr. Smith already has some patients; her patients will feel like they are receiving more personalized care since she now will have her own practice. The technology that will be implemented into the facility will benefit the patients with ease of access and communication. Dr.Smith will benefit from the technology because she will have an up to date facility that is efficient and successful. All records, prescriptions, and communication will be electronic and comply with the highest security and privacy standards. WEAKNESSES: We have a plan in place with dates of completion, but if a phase was to be held up for any reason it could possibly throw off the scheduled opening date. Another weakness is the training aspect of the EMR system, if all goes as planned; the staff will understand and have the ability to use the system without any problems. If this does not happen there may have to be extra training involved to get to the level that is needed for efficient operation. OPPORTUNITIES: If the facility is located in the same area as her previous job, there are more opportunities to gain patients with better insurance companies. That area of town has a higher socioeconomic status (census.gov) therefore she will have less patients on Medicaid.

THREATS: It would be nice to obtain the same consultant for the EMR system that Patients First has, so there is a better familiarity with the doctor and area. Although this may not be possible. Another threat is if the nearby medical facility accepts more insurance companies, they may have an advantage over Dr. Smith. PORTERS FIVE FORCES:

NEW ENTRANTS: The new entrant is Dr. Smith. There is going to be a lot of time and cost that goes into entering the medical scene on her own. SUPPLIERS: Medical Equipment Suppliers, EMR Companies, Medical Waste Services SUBSTITUTES: Patients First, One Minute Clinics BUYERS: Insurance Companies, Previous Patients, New Patients from Contracts

INDUSTRY RIVALRY: 42 Family Doctors accepting new patients in the Tallahassee area (ratemds), nearby medical facilities, Benefit of using Dr. Smith, Technology upgrades GOALS/SCHEDULE
Phase 1 April 1st, 2013 Leaving Patients First April 15th, 2013 Begin applying for Business May 1st, 2013 Lawyer May 1st, 2013 Advertise Positions Phase 2 June 1st, 2013 Receive Loan no later than this date June 1st, 2013 Relator June 14th, 2013 - Alert Patients Phase 3 June 10th, 2013 New Patients July 1st, 2013 Hire Office Manager July 8th, 2013 Hire Remaining Staff Phase 4 July 1st, 2013 Online Patient Portal July 8th, 2013 Facility July 8th, 2013 EHR July 15th, 2013 Reminders July 15th, 2013 Training Opening: July 29th, 2013 All above dates are at the latest for each specific task.

Phase 1: On April 1st, 2013 Dr. Smith will be leaving the Patients First Facility. It is crucial that we begin the steps lined up in the 4 phases as soon as possible. The first phase requires that Dr. Smith begin applying for business loans to cover starting costs, equipment, and support. Included in the starting cost: Down payment and first two months rent for facility Activation fees of electricity, internet, tv, debit/credit machines, etc.

Included in the equipment cost: Computers Tablets Software Telephones (VoIP) Waiting Room Furniture Waiting Room Televisions Office Furniture Exam Room Equipment Office Supplies Medical Machines Network Equipment Medical Supplies

Included in Support cost: EHR Installation and Training Software Support

Also in Phase one is a Lawyer, Dr. Smith will need a lawyer to assist in obtaining an incorporated license, business lease, and medical malpractice insurance. She will also need to advertise for the 5 positions she is hiring. Phase 2: After receiving the loan, Dr. Smith shall contact a relator to find sites for rent. A good location for the facility is near the Patients First that she previously worked at. That way it will still be convenient for her patients. The north side of town also has a higher socioeconomic status; therefore majority of patients will have better insurance. There are also not as many family doctors in that area of town, mostly specialists which would be helpful for referrals. The patients that Dr. Smith already has should be sent an alert to notify them of the change. Phase 3: In order to receive new patients, Dr. Smith, will be establishing contracts with Capital Health Plan, Medicaid, and Medicare Insurance companies. During this phase the Office Manager and Office Staff will be hired. The roles of the Office Manager are to supervise and order supplies and make sure all items are delivered and set up accordingly to Dr. Smith. The manager will also be responsible for the training of new staff members.

Phase 4: The online patient portal will help patients access their records, schedule/cancel appointments, and help the medical facility run efficiently. The portal will be a product of a large company whom specializes in this field. The EHR will be implemented in Phase 4 and training will be provided for the staff. As a reminder current patients will be sent another notification briefing them on what has been completed with Dr. Smiths transition into her own medical practice.

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