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Bio data

Name Age Gender Education Siblings Birth order Marital Status Children Occupation Religion Informant Test date Reason for Referral Client was referred to Jinnah hospital Lahore for the psychological assessment further she was approached for the administration of Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), for the academic purposes. A.A 45 years Female B.A 3 sisters and 2 brothers 3rd Married 04 (2 daughters and 2 sons) House wife Islam Self 28-Nov-2012

History of Present Illness A.A, was referred in the Jinnah hospital before 6 months for the treatment of anxiety, her presenting complaints included: panic complaints, helplessness, hopelessness, fear of death, lack of motivation and lack of interest. History of the present illness started in 2001 when her fatherin-law was died. Client mentioned that she got married on her phophos house and her behavior was not satisfactory with her, and her relationship with the husband was also not that much satisfactory. His father-in-law was the only person in the house who care, and love her and when he died, in 2001, that was a shocking moment for her to bear with. After some time of the death of her father-in-law, when she heard about someone elses death, she first experience, panic attack. She mentioned that, she felt racing heart, feeling weak, faint, or dizzy, tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers, strong sense of terror, or impending doom or death, feeling sweaty or having chills and breathing difficulties. She mentioned further that, whenever she heard about the death of someone, she experience that panic symptoms. She reported that from his first panic attack to 2011, she never found any psychological help. She visited many doctors, and took many medicines, but all in vain. She reported that in the Jinnah hospital this is her first psychological treatment. Background Information Clients father was 60 years old and was alive. She reported that her father was a man of his principles and a strict person by nature. And he did all the decisions of the family. Her father was a business man, and they never faced any financial problem before marriage. Clients father did single marriage and his relationship with his wife was satisfactory. Clients relationship with the client was not satisfactory; they always had a conflict of opinion.

Clients mother was 58 years old and was alive, client mentioned that her mother always keep herself busy in the house hold tasks. She never argued with his husband in any matter. She never speaks for her rights. Client mentioned that she had an average relationship wither mother. Clients relationship with her siblings was normal, although she mentioned that all were married and busy in their lives, they met on specific occasions and she enjoyed their company. Clients relationship with her husband was not satisfactory. She mentioned that he didnt understand her feelings. They didnt have mutual understanding and affection. She reported that, after the experiencing of anxiety symptoms, her sexual relations with her husband got severally disturbed due to lack of the libido. She mentioned that whenever her husband try to get close to her she pushed him back, which made her guilty and sad about her behavior. She mentioned that she wanted to make her husband happy, and satisfied and but she couldnt. Clients relationship with her children was also affecting due to her lack of interest and gloomy mood. She mentioned that before the onset of illness, she did all tasks of the house hold but after that, she never did anything with interest, and always felt lethargic and bore. Her mother-in-law and her husband mainly handle the children. She mentioned that her elder daughter didnt study after the intermediate, because of her lack of concentration. She had strong guilty feelings that she didnt care about her children. No physical or psychological problem was reported the client in her family.

Test Administration The test was administered on client on November, 28 2012. It was administered in welllit and ventilated room of psychiatry ward of Jinnah Hospital. Environment was distracting because of unavailability of assessment room, the test was administered in the ward and many patients were there. Client was sitting on the hospital bed and the instructions were given as stated in the manual. Stimulus picture was placed on the dash board of the patients bed. She took 45 minutes to complete the test. Behavioral Observations Client was young, adult female of about 5.3 height and normal weight. She had black eyes, brown hairs and fair complexion. She was neatly and appropriately dressed. Rapport building was easy with the client. She listened and followed the instructions carefully. She showed her interest in the test. Although the clients voice was low, and the pace was very slow. She completed the sentences with the slow pace. Her shoulders were bended. Her mood was lethargic but with the time, she started sharing things and began to talk.