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Apple Computers History Everybody knows who was Steve Paul Jobs,the fondator of Apple Inc,but,Steve was the

man who construct the first computer with small zise,do you know that? The fondators of Apple was Steve Wozniak,specailst in computers,Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne,a worker in electronics industry. Those 3 men built one of the biggest company of tehnology in the world,but lets go in past,in the year 1976 when Wozniak and Steve built the first mini computer in Steve parent garage. The new toys were named Apple,after the label where The Beatles record their songs,the favorite band of Steve. Exactlly thirty seven years ago,the first Apple was sold. The sales went well,and they realized its too hard to lead just 2 men and decided to search for a new businessman,and find Mike Markkula,a shareholder from Intel,who expenses in that business some money. After that,they leave the garage and moved to Cupertino,the palce where will be the whole company. Shorttly after that,Apple II appeared which was a little more than a motherboard [the hearth of the computer] and Apple II was an upgraded version of AppleI,which can be connected to a color monitor. The sales reached 300 million of dollars,and soon appear Apple III. After that the competitors created new computers incompatible with Apple,but the first PC was created in years 1981 by IBM. In 1984 Apple created Macintosh,the most crucial moment of their company,with publicity of 1,5 million of dollars. Macintosh was among the first computers with mouse and keyboard and Graphic User Interface. The first Macintosh had some low requirments like 5MHz to 8, 128kb RAM expandable to 512kb,64kb ROM. After that the company advanced with tehnology and buildings and workers being one of the most big producer of gadgets. In 2012 Apple Inc. had an profite by 623 billions of dollars,but in 1999 Microsoft [another competitor of Apple,with Windows,were Apple have MacOS] with 620 billions of dollars,but the Apple are higher than Micorsoft a lot. The BIG mistake of Apple when Steve Jobs was at NeXT company [another story] was when Apple signed the contract with Microsot to collaborate,and probabably withot that,Windows wasnt exist today,and Bill Gates,the fondator of Microsoft in teenage was a hacker. The Apple logo has been modified over time In conclusion,Steve Jobs,his friends and the whole Apple are an innovation in the computer industry,and if Apple doesnt exist,probably we still haved those big computers and mouse won exist,Steve Jobs was a genius.