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Hopes of an ambitious scientist

Technology is always improving. Inventions are always being made, each of which alarming in their own respects. Recently, two new inventions were made that are going to revolutionize all of Europe: the telephone and light bulb. I can now talk to my friend who lives down the street in my own home! Compared to the middle ages, the modern age is on a course towards revolutionizing production. No longer are we obsessed about the gods affecting our world, but how we affect the world and how we can understand the world. The lightbulb is another great piece of technology! Having the ability to bring light safely to homes is a great addition to this new technology. The future is looking bright for society; the innovations of science will liberate us from the struggles of this world!

Realism Art
Gustave Courbets Stonebreakers is a great tool for our socialist goals. His style of realism captures everything how he sees it. His realistic capture of these workers is key to what we are working for: to unite the workers. Look how the workers are working in the baking sun, doing laborious work day after day. You can see the rips in their clothes, the dirt on their backs, the blazing sun lighting up the scene, and the heavy weight of the rocks distorting the figures of the men as they pick the rocks up. It is conditions like these that we must use to show the workers that they must unite and fight against the Bourgeoisie, take control of the government and rule things the way they should: for the greater good of the majority. Courbets painting shows the reasons for this need realistically and bluntly: the workers face terrible conditions for little pay. They are exploited by those who are above them and need to take action against their exploiters. This will turn society into one where it is ruled collectively, and for the benefit of the majority. This realism is a vehicle for our concerns, showing society how society really is, rather than how they think it is.

Schedule for an average student Reading/Writing Arithmetic National history Literature Geography

9-10 AM 10-11 AM 11-12 PM 12-1 PM 1-2 PM

Pictured above is a schedule for an average student. It represents the recent establishment of mass education in multiple countries, such as Britain, AustriaHungary, France, and Germany. Now compulsory in some of these countries, such as in Austria and France, these schools serve as major forms of mass education, spreading new ideas and studies among all groups of students. Although university education is still reserved for the middle class, the education of the working class can help our socialist cause. An educated mass can become skilled in terms of careers, and therefore gain more influence on the bartering table when their job is on the risk. As such, when the workers unite and fight against the bourgeoisie, their influence and impact will be much greater than it would be if they were uneducated. Workers, you must educate yourselves in preparation for your rise for greater equality. This education will be your tool to both more influence and more freedom. Readers, spread these concepts! The more literate the workers are, the more we can spread our message to people. A literate working class is necessary for our victory, and as such, with the increase in mass education, we are one step closer to achieving that feat. Spread this message and prepare for a rise, workers of all nations must unite and fight.

A Review of a Music Hall

The other day I heard about these new music halls so I decided to give one a visit. Needless to say, the rage for these things is well justified! Everything we could hope for is here beer, music, and more beer! Everyone of all ages attended, young and old. There were these people that were complaining about how outrageous the people were acting, most specifically referring to the young people involved in sexually suggestive dancing. There were many people here, and we can understand the rapid growth of these music halls over the past decade; they provide society with a source of mass leisure that is both cheap and realistic in activities and location, something anyone can afford!