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MCQ on third party products.

1) Gold coins of following weight are sold by banks a) 10 gms b) 25gms c) 50gms d) 100gms Investment in gold coin is recommended in view of a) Very low risk of losing the capital b) Very liquid c) No regular monitoring d) All the above Banks sell the gold coins/bars of the following purity a) 18 K b) 22 K c) 24 K d) None of the above
Government Bond issue is managed by a) RBI b) SBI c) Associates of SBI d) None of the above. The coordinating office of RBI to oversee the bonds issue is a) RBI Delhi b) RBI Bangalore c) RBI Mumbai d) RBI Nagpur The RBI, issues and manages the government bonds alone a) True b) False The debentures issue by the corporates are secured by a) charge on the Current assets b) charge on the fixed assets c) on both of them d ) on none of them Unsecured debentures are called as a) Not secured debentures b) Naked debentures c) No charge debentures d) None of the above Debentures have fixed returns irrespective of profit or loss to the corporate a) True b) False









10) The regulatory authority for issue of Debentures is a) RBI b) SEBI c) Both of them d) None of them 11) Different kinds of debentures are a) Convertible debentures b) Non- convertible debentures c) None of them d) Both of them 12) Non- convertible debentures are issued by corporates a) With a TNW of Rs5.00 crores b) With a TNW of Rs .10.00 crores c) With a TNW of Rs. 4.00 crores d) All of them. 13) Convertible debentures may be issued for a period of a) Less than one year b) More than one year c) Both of the above d) None of them 14) Debenture Trustee is approved by a) RBI b) GOI c) SEBI d) All of them 15) The regulatory authority for New Pension scheme is a) IRDA b) SEBI c) PFRDA d) RBI 16) The minimum investment in a PPF account is a) Rs. 1000/b) Rs. 100/c) Rs. 500/d) None of them. 17) Subscriptions to PPF account are exempt from IT under a) Section 80C b) Section 80D c) Section 80 CCA d) None of the above 18) Interest on PPF account is paid a) At Quarterly intervals b) At Half Yearly intervals c) At yearly intervals d) None of the above.

1) As banker which of the following activities you would encourage to earn higher income? a. investments in the financial market b. increase in non fund based portfolio c. activities that will fetch fee based income d. increase the share of retail lending. 2) Amount collected by banks for issue of demand drafts remaining unpaid shall be shown in The Balance sheet as e. miscellaneous assets f. demand liability g. contingent liability h. none of the above 3) As an investment advisor what aspects of your client is taken into consideration? i. j. k. l. his expectations of return his existing investments his investable surplus funds all the above

4) Apart from financial intermediation, banks also serve a. as a back bone of payment system b. to provide end to end advisory services to customers c. in providing one point solution centre for all financial needs d. all the above 5) Guilt funds are a. gold bonds b. Govt.of India debt papers c. mutual funds d. short term papers like CDs and CPs
6) Debt Syndication refers to a.Banks lending to various business syndicates b.Collective lending by various banks and financial institutions c.Collecting the debts of commercial banks from various businesses d.Organizing collection of overdue sums by different banks collectively 7) Which of the following statements is false? a. Change in the order of names in which certificates are issued is termed as transposition. b. Electronic holdings can be converted back to certificate form through Rematerialization c. Infrastructure Banking Unit is involved in development of a banks infrastructure d. None of the above

8) What is cross selling? a. strategy of pushing new products to current customers b. is designed to widen the customer's reliance on the company and decrease the likelihood of the customer switching to a competitor c. selling third party products d. all the above

9) A Treasury Bill is

a. b. c. d.

a bill drawn by members of Treasury Bench in the Parliament. A bill drawn on a treasury An instrument of short term borrowing by the central Govt. Issued by commercial banks to raise finance

10) With reference to Mobile recharge

A) B) C) D)

Banks sell mobile recharge cards Banks offer only electronic recharge facility through ATMs and internet banking Prepaid recharge facility is not a facility offered by any Bank in India Postpaid bill payment facility is not offered by any Bank in India

11) SWIFT stands for

A) B) C) D)

Society for worldwide interbank financial transactions Scientific way for interbank financial transfers Social worldwide internal finacle transfers Society for worldwide interbank financial transfers 12) In the case of a Leasing Finance: A) The Leasing Company buys the asset in its own name and gives it to the borrower for his use. B) The Leasing Company takes the property of the borrower on lease C) The asset purchased out of the Leasing Finance is given to the Bank on lease D) None of the above