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The status quo of the worlds teaching is widening dramatically. There is high hope on one end, and despair on the other end. This manual of thought is aimed at connecting this separation in the status quo. No matter which side youre on, you will certainly be able to find disagreement with some of whats written here. Unless this does occur, the status quo has not changed, then the purpose of the manual is faulted. For it is the status quo, do it as its always been done, never changing, and never wanting change, that has to be responsible for the continuing new strains of diseases and the proliferation of volatile hostility in evidence throughout the world. Clearly, immortality is not being generated in this busyness as usual (use u all). None of the major powers in place today have found the fountain of youth. Why? Because they are looking in the wrong place. Because of this, the masses are still stuck in the perswayshuns pouring out of these powers! Which promote power over others, not power with others. This has put the individual out in the cold, or under the heat of these perswayshuns. So, the groups, corporations, membership organizations, and governments hold sway over the individual(s). Nowhere is the individuals power and freedom exalted to the same level as the leaders or these groups. In all of these the energy is based in follow the leader. This follow the leader(s), status quo is why people have missed the boat of immortality, regeneration, and eturnall life here on earth. The fountain of youth is only found in the absolute freedom and absolute sovereignty of a friction-free lifestyle. You cant be a fully responsible hueman being in a group-dominated mentality. First, because the group is doing the thinking. Second, look at the synergy of the group energy. An individual, or even several individuals, with thoughts outside of the standard protocol, has no power to change the group. So, they split away and start their own group(s), or revolt. Group power rules over individual power. This is not freedome (free do me) and it is not friction-free.

Read and when you hit the points you disagree with, remember this. It is the group energy in conflict with individual energy thats responsible for the disagreement. You can always tell the truth of this easily, because group energy (mass beliefs) always want something from you. We want nothing from you. So, if you want to use this product to your benefit, do so. Sell it, share it, condemn it, copy it, and reproduce it all you want to. It is public domain information. Where there is no desire to regulate others, there is a friction-free lifestyle. This is where you find the liberty and space you need to rejuvenate your body. Enjoy the journey. So be it.

Credits: Transcription - William Nature Word Processing - Michele Perry Cover Design/Work - Samantha Farnworth

Dedication To everyone Ive ever had a disagreement with, which taught me to look for the higher or more exalted meaning to life.

The Book of Illusions Whats preventing eternal life now?


In our manuscript The Book of Solutions, we discuss the role of Spirit and science as it applies to the mind and body. The underlying principle of all disease and death is pressure, that is, excess pressure within the energy field you live in. Pressure compresses the energy, causing excess heat. Too much heat in the body causes anxiety, over-stimulation, and chemical imbalances. As this wears you down, your liveliness slows. Slow energy causes aging, diseases, and death. There are as many diseases for this deterioration as there are names for them. Your body does have a natural balance between positive/negative, acid/alkaline, rest/activity, etc. However, with this balance being off center, meaning more to the right (+) or left (-), the mind can not, and will not, remain neutral. A mind without neutrality can not stop reacting to the energy flows moving in and out of it during daily life, even while sleeping. Imagine your automobile without a neutral, and never being able to shut it off or get out of it. Thats a nightmare (literally). Every time you turn it on (energy moves) and it takes off, no matter what gear, it goes and in this going youd have no choice. Yes, you have a throttle, clutch and a brake to assist control, but our point is not about a mechanical essay. Its about what is causing your mind to keep going and going and going without rest and without neutral. Life is eternal motion, death is the interference of this. This is not physical motion, such as activity and exercise. It is Spiritual motion. Science and technology are very busy looking for answers to problems and are approaching an epoch realization. Thought creates science and technology! Neither of these, however, create thought. The importance of knowing this lays in the crux of the cure for disease. Science errs by isolating a single disease to cure, because that focus instantly divides cause from effect. So they end up trying to fix the whole body, by manipulating one symptom. This is not working no matter what you believe because new

life is not being generated. If disease (dis-ease) was actually being cured, why then, when one symptom is shut off does a new symptom pop up? Because by blocking the outlet of the pressure that you carry, you only give it cause to re-route itself. It comes out some place else and suddenly its a new disease. No, its not. Its the same disease, rerouted! Renamed. Same pressure, divided again, and again. Religions are making the same error. Religion, in and of itself, is not the cause of life. The Spirit is. So new divisions of church/religion only re-route the original errors. Symptom blocking only re-routes the old/ill (the his/tore/ic past memory) energy. This is why their medicines or messages always produce side effects - more division. Life is already continuous, it cant be blocked. Attempting to do so creates symptoms. Block them and new ones appear. Alternative medicine and science sees this and is searching for what is called a natural remedy. Offshoots of this same esoteric process says we need electro-medicine such as light/sound/magnetic/electrointerference (acupuncture) etc. None of these will work, because death is created by the illusions held in our mind - not in our body. The body mirrors our mind, not vice versa. There are testing devices available today that did not exist a few years ago. This trend, if you look at physics/science/engineering, is toward ever increasingly smaller units of energy, invisible to the naked eye. Yet they affect and influence us. Have you ever seen a DNA? A nano particle? A neutrino, or a quark? Well, it does not matter and this is our point. Because thought, which is ones connection to the whole Spirit, creates it all. The new technologies are caused by this thought, so it is thought we need to understand. Thought causes all of this reality from the gross to the subtle! It is all made up of thought in a coagulated state called matter. Microscopic particles and electric energy such as radio, TV, microwaves, x-rays are thought also. It is all thought because thought made it all possible. Thought actually brought it into being physically recognizable. Formless light and sound (thought) creates visible solid forms (for-me). Why is thought the basis of creation? Because it activates the whole-Spirit which life is! Life is Spirit passing through your thoughts. Spirit is 100% neutral until you activate it with thought. Spirit is the smallest particle of the universe so it can, and does, go anywhere unimpeded, because it is everywhere present Its whole state is sp/ace, its

divided state is matter living in space. This Spirit is triggered to move by thought! Which divides neutral space into the (+) and (-) polarity (duality) of form. The instant the division of space is created, the energy begins to move from mind to body! It down-steps through a process of condensation using humidity as its conductor/conductive. All ethers, gases, liquids, solids have hue-mid-it-e! Nothing comes to life, or goes to death, without water (humidity) as its conduit. As the condensation of life ensues to form matter, it also evaporates. This is the breath you possess. In-breath condenses, out-breath evaporates. Vertical beating causes horizontal breathing. Thought breeds life into existence using water as the medium. This life contains the electric (+) heart beat and the (-) magnetic breath. The ratio balance is 72 beats a minute and 36 breaths a minute. Without the 72 be/ats jumping side to side through the energy cells (sphere) energy womb, you could not breathe both directions. The beat regulates the breathing. Now, without any more divergence into details, we jump directly into the cause of this excess pressure, which destroys the hueman body. The cause of all disease begins with, and in, the illusions you live in (ill-us-eye-on-is). Illusion is illness, plain and simple. Mind or mental illusion casts its shadow (shade-o) on the body and the body, as a projected state of light from Spirit, reflects the dark spots. These are blind spots in your energy that lack light. In these areas you get lost, confused, doubtful. This creates fear. Your mind to body Spiritual connecting is lacking fullness/wholeness and your body senses this. This perception is signaled by feelings of hunger, emptiness, doubt, confusion, and in more severe states, it is disease, insanity or violence. ILLUSIONS as explained in the text, cause all disease because illusions divide your mind and split your focus from unification of Spirit into many divisions of Spirit. Science sees these divisions and calls it chaos. It is chaos because illusions disperse our whole light and our whole Spirit moves away from its order! Where order is lacking, structure has faults and failures, or missing links of thought-chain. It confounds laymen and doctors alike that people can go on a dietary and exercise regimen or a medicine/vitamin regimen and still end up with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Especially if they quit smoking, drinking, and lose numerous pounds of fat.

Heres why! The mind still has the illusions. The pressure causing problems is still there! The evidence is clear that this is absolutely true. Look at the people who succeed (actually suffer) and regain their beauty - even if it is surgically. Their relationships and marriages fall apart! Because changing ones appearance to become more (sexually) attractive does not change the illusions. Lottery winners have the same problems. They feel unattractive and winning throws them into feeling attractive! They enter their other side and facing it is a daunting task. PH balancing is meaningless or impossible to attain when the illusions are still open and activating lifes balance. So, the body does not need pills (p-ills) for its ills. It needs the truth. Pure water or a healthy diet are not what you need. The vegetarian push is also an illusion. So is high or low protein or carbohydrates. Why? Because the instant you cleanup (detox) the body, you open an unobstructed conduit for the weakening, destructive illusions about darkness and about beliefs to come through, which creates a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms. You literally have to fight your urges that come up and this causes excess pressure. This is why good quality food and drink actually weakens your body when the mind is not cleared first. It opens the door and the darkness pours in, which is why dieting makes you weak. Now, you have a dilemma, because within a day or so, you have to force yourself even more to stay on the regimen! Guess what? You are adding even more pressure and more destruction to your life energy. It does not matter what the bathroom scale says! It does not measure internal pressure. Neither does a surgeons knife. Why are thinner people often unstable and over-worried? Why can they eat like a horse and never gain weight? They have more internal pressure that results in a higher metabolism. They are, believe it or not, more stressed than obese people. At least obesity is visible. Stress and pressure created by illusion is not visible, so finding the cause of the problem is even more difficult. Now let us discuss energy, or particle size, for it is the size of energy particles that determine where it can or can not go. Seeing this will help you realeyes that disease is always present in everyone, but it will not stick to everyone, making the idea of disease curing totally unnecessary.

Still, Spirit is the all pervasive, omni-essent, whole. Moving Spirit is the particle (part i call) moved away from the whole. The particall size depends on what you are thinking. All of the positive attributes (at try be you it is) of thought are smaller than the negative attributes (at try butts). So, when science looks at disease they are seeing only the large particles of bacteria, viruses, cancers, etc. that have accumulated. The moment they see it, its Aha, theres the cause of disease. And they spend all their time after discovery trying to get rid of it. What they see is not the disease, it is only the result of the emotional dis-ease, lodged and stuck in the body, that come from the mind. Spirit is the motion and thought is the direction the motion is traveling out of the whole state of life. Now, think of the wind and how it clears out stagnate (not moving) air. Or the mountain runoff, or sudden rainstorms. This is the same classifying, sorting, and filtering process the body uses. When the air or water is dirty, do we say, Aha, heres the cause of disease, and then try to eliminate the dirty air or water, or do we filter it and clean it up? What causes contamination, pollution, stagnation, and decay? The damming, diverting, cloughing, restricting, or stopping of the energy moving these particalls. Particalls that, in the body, are called disease. Disease by its simplest name and description is resistance, which causes slowing of the Spirit, needed to maintain the clarity and purity of the body. It is motion, your energy of Spirit, moving through you that sustains life. This is not the same as physical activity and it is clearly addressed later in the illusions. So, all disease consists of the same problem. It is what is still in the body that should have been excreted, expressed, or exhausted, and has not been removed. The body parts are all made up of a porous, cellular cluster of varying density, that maintain the structure of the physical parts. By the very nature of hard versus soft materials, the hard parts have much less porosity. This is the matrix that is created from the mental matrice (ma trice) in the mind. Our primeall and original design accounted for, and accommodated the Spirits energy flow through the body by a process of classification. This is not a common term, as it is used here. To describe how the particle sizes going in and coming out of the body are regulated, let me preface this with the process.

Classifying is a sorting process done by sizing screens with openings, from larger to smaller opening size. This allows the material being moved by air or water flowing through it to be separated and vacated at each successive level, because the larger particles wont pass through the smaller holes. Air filters and water filters, for the most part, use this same principle. The body is a classifier of energy entering it. Spirit enters it without needing to be assimilated by mashing, liquefying, or grinding. Eating, however, does require this breaking down process first. Eating is further classified by digestion, which separates solids, liquids, and gases. This is all regulated by one-way check valves. Valves that remain open and/or closed until a certain pressure within causes them to change. Then, you can urinate, sweat, defecate, etc., while at the same time your food does not enter the airways or become backed up. Unless, you are sick, or out of balance. Re: coughing/sneezing. These apertures (check valves) decrease in size through the physical processing of energy, from the Spirits ultra tiny, invisible state beyond visual recognition. They are still beyond the visual spectrum even when magnified many-fold. What you do not see, you can only feel, or the see the effect (symptom) of, as it is causing motion or accumulation of larger particles. Thought is invisible motion (or lack of motion) of the Spirits moving side. Thought is the first division of the whole Spirit into the particalls we are composed of physically. Okay. Health professionals know this and seek to clear the body by physical means. But, they do not know (yet) what causes the symptoms, like a colon to plug up, or the veins and arteries to attract plaque/cholesterol, the bones to grow spurs, arthritis (author rite us), the cancer cells to accumulate, memory to fade, and on and on. We are deluded by false information and understanding. So, we believe we are not suppose to have disease (the process of decay and dying) on the planet, and in the body. Therefore, it is not seen for what it really is: part of what we need to stay alive. Why? Because, in balance, it is responsible for cleaning the body of the restrictions that cause resistance to Spirits life-giving flow. In excess, it can not do this because the pores and classifying action is thwarted. Now, theres imbalance in the light and dark needed to maintain life.

So, disease has to exist here in duality, form, matter or wed be buried in our own refuse. All disease is decomposition or decay and we have to have it! Or the body could not defend itself, nor have immunity. Disease is the cleaning crew for life until you believe it is here to get you, eat you, kill you, etc. Then you fear the dark of disease and death, and this attracts it to you because youre focused on it. Many people will shrug their shoulders at this understanding and write it off mentally as just another kooks irrational outlook. I say this, if this is not true, why havent the hundreds of thousands who work in the health (heal the) field been able to cure disease and generate long life?? Also consider who you are trusting; the people who have not found the fountain of youth, or even how to remain free of doctors and medical expenses. The body is self-generating cells, continuously, so it heals itself if we are not in the way. Think! Its required, if you choose to rejuvenate. So be it.

Preliminary Understanding About Text All of the William Nature Publications are aimed at attaining and maintaining perfect health, thus rejuvenation. But the content is not limited to just health discussion, because your health is not created by just health related topics. Your entire state of mind and knowledge of ones self creates health, just as the lack of this knowledge is so successfully creating disease and dying today. It is how you think and what you, in turn, agree or disagree with, then say to yourself and others that promotes or demotes your total well/fair, of which health topics make up only a small portion of the overall consciousness. Which either holds knowledge (clarity of the truth) or it holds the illusion(s) of knowledge, which is ignorance (confusion of truth) and separation from the whole picture of what life is. The rejuvenation venue was chosen because the entrappers (leaders) and the trapped (followers) both suffer from the illusions they perpetuate! Even though they are on opposite sides and often in direct conflict, which ranges from mild discontentment to outright war, both suffer health problems and neither sides individual members want poor health. No one does. This opening statement should give you a clue as to what to expect in the text. For the reader, it will be very hard not to point fingers at the author, or others, you will feel are to blame for our present day (unwanted) conditions. Warning, if you do, you are only going to perpetuate the existing divisions and the illusions, driving them into being even further from resolution. Do your best to read with an open mind and watch for the part you are playing in the game of life today. This is not just an individual problem. It is a global problem that only individuals (one at a time) can change. It is accomplished by seeing the truth, which in all honesty, is far from complete here. How could it be when a whole host of libraries have untold number of publications aimed at changing reality and its still a mess? What is complete in our publications is the process of creating change. I know because Ive done it! I did it without religion, without medicine, without science, and without the government. Not to say they did not help me, because without the contrast of the confusion they present, I could not have recognized the clarity of truth! Which is the clarity we need to maintain our physical body.


The only tool for change any person needs is the knowledge of how to find and use the whole Spirit. The above-mentioned factions do not know (yet) how to find and use Spirit correctly. Why? Because they do not use thought to free us. They use thought to trap us into following what they believe. Which they do not perceive to be their own entrapment and loss of freedom also! Since their sectors of concern are not a health topic, they do not see the connection. Open your minds eye and its easy to see. Our discomfort and our disease is coming directly from the pressure, strain, anxiety, and stress created by a civilization gone astray. There is nothing civilized about a society that breeds discontentment. The rich vs. the poor. The good vs. the bad. The dark vs. the light. The heaven vs. the hell. Wake up! These either/or proponent based beliefs create disagreements. No matter what side of it youre on. Youre still stuck in disagreeing. Thats upsetting, maddening, and full of stress. Viola! Disease. Aging. Dying. We who see through the illusions will lead the planet back to its origins of Eden and paradise, where all live in abundance and peace and ease. And it will occur through learning, not blaming, accusing or earning. Your only role to play is to change your perception. That is an alone process. You do not have to buy, recruit, share, give, knock, teach, preach, or resign, avoid, or withdraw. You do have to re-learn, re-educate, and retrain your mind away from what it is focused on now if you expect to maintain perfect health and stay young until you choose to leave the planet voluntarily, through ascension. At which point you do as others have done. Dematerialize the body and disappear from view. No more graves and no more death. The words holy Spirit are written in our texts as the whole Spirit - or the whole Spirit to clarify what we feel was a transcription error or intentional abbreviation of the word holy. Its root is hole, which is not implying the whole Spirit. Nobody wants a holey Spirit. Just semantics? Maybe. But that minor alteration for the sake of clarification will be seen by some as hypocritical, arrogant, and blasphemous. More on this is covered in the following illusions. You may be surprised what you can learn. Remember, religions are also loaded with sick, dying people who judge others, okay? So be it.


Excerpt Introduction (Part 1) Physical Rejuvenation

Physical rejuvenation comes when you are finished with mortality and immortality replaces it. This is not a physical first condition. It is a learned condition that can only occur after the mind is cleared of misperceptions. These are the illusions you believe are true, but are only half-truths. Why? Because they only have one side of the issue presented. We are appealing to your whole side of life, not the divided side. It is this side of you that never wants to suffer, get sick, or die. Buried under the illusions, deceptions, and misleading information you now use, is the information of eturnalness and immortality: here and now. Man has erred in his assessment of what life is, death is, and how they should be managed in order to maintain the physical body in a permanent state of well-being: life. First - There are no diseases as you see them today. For there is only one disease and it has one cause. The diseases you see today are the names youve given to the one energy, in division, creating all of them. Second - That one disease is excess internal pressure! The one cause is how you think. For, as you think now, you exclude life and include death. This causes excess pressure inside you, which causes excess heat inside you, which causes the body to gradually compress/clog up/whither/decompose and die. Third - Man has, without realizing (real/eye sing) it, lost his voice in how he would choose to live, given the opportunity to do so. He literally, has no effective say so! Hes confined to screaming when hurt, barking when cornered, and whining when things do not go his way, and obeying rules, laws, and implied order he had nothing to do with creating. Man is subjected to the reality around him which causes disease and death. This is, absolutely, backwards. Your reality is supposed to be subject to you. Fourth - Thats what this education is for, to return you to being the master of your own destiny: body and reality.


Fifth - How? you ask. By teaching you that your own language, light and sound, are connected to the spirit, from which your life came. Through proper use of these, you regain control over what you are: energy. Energy that rises to life or falls to death. Sixth - You were not taught to read (re:ad) correctly. So this text will not be a speed read project. Right now, you read horizontally, in a scanning manner, and you need to learn to read vertically as well. Reading by scanning is an electric, visual process only. While vertical reading is a magnetic, vocal process. It adds cohesion to your words in the language (lane gauge) you use. It is the sound of words that controls the vertical (up/down) motion. Seventh - This text uses dozens of words if you and/or your computer spell checked would seem to be spelled and placed wrong; this is intentional. You will soon see why. There is another realm of our existence, out there, hidden in the words we use every day! This appears when we stop believing and find out that our words have more than one definition (deaf-i-nite-on), which changes what they mean. Eighth - The voice you lost (the third point), you lost for two reasons. Lack of parental knowledge about it and not being taught to always (all-ways) seek the sound of the word, also. Why? Because your life is not sound enough to keep the body alive and sound connects you to spirit: the source of life. Ninth - Next you will learn how to actually make these changes, which right now you cannot imagine, it could possibly change anything. For you are sure you already know how to think and read. To this there is only one reply - you dont know what youre getting until you get it. It is the experience that gives you what you want, not the desire. Tenth - Your body is a composition (come-position) of light and sound vibrations that have to be used together, not apart, or separate, like present (pre-sent) day learning is teaching. Together you move, apart you become rigid and unmoving. Eleventh - This is not a program to heal/fix or resolve any existing problems, conditions or circumstances. It is about creating a brand new set of them: the ones that appeal to us, not repulse us! The conditions that cause life, not diseases and death.


Twelfth - There is one source of life and it is the same one source that kills you. But, it is you, causing it to do so! It is your spirit, which you will get reunited to. Postscript - No matter what faith you are, where you grew up, color you are or age you are, and no matter what you do or have done, matters. You can be the president, the pope or the criminal behind bars. What youre going to learn now removes it all for it is HOW you think now, that put you where you are now. Where you are now or what you have now is not what we are dealing with here. Everything is new, so the old is worthless. From this point forward you will write your own script and play in your own play and the wind of spirit will fill your sails and take you anywhere you want to go. Really. Anywhere. So, be it.


Illusion Complacency, Lazy/Determination, Ambitious

Initiative and drive are the mainstay traits of commerce and business, while complacency or coasting is frowned upon. Having drive is supposed to be a highly desirable quality. Why then do the leader types get sick and die as certainly as the nonleader types? This is the question we will address in this illusion. By now, if you read front to back, you realize the message of change is about moving the mindset into neutral and relying on Spirit for our needs, rather than relying on forced effort. A lifetime of learned behavior is like a reservoir with a dam that lets your energy out by mechanical regulation. Your particular value system is what regulates the mental/Spirit energy flow. A person raised to be courteous and considerate will value that trait. A person taught to take shortcuts and, in general, only think of self will deem that as their important trait. And the person who is taught to be disruptive so others move out of the way will see that as important. This thread of lazy to ambitious is the lineage of bad to good. This is the energy being locked into an unequal state. The backlog is held in the reservoir and the dried out, below, the restriction of the traits. Rejuvenation can become like one of the traits. If this highly desirable state of perfect health does that, you will not have it. What life is, is not found in being lazy or being ambitious. It is found in being wise. Complacent people are caught in a non-active state and the motivated, determined person is caught in being over-active. The balance of neutral is where life is found. So, our end result in creation is to attain absolute neutral and activate Spirit from this space. In short, you can not work at perfect health or you wont have it. Nor can you ignore it, or you wont have it. You adjust you to where the power exists already. It is a relinquishing to it process, not a conquer it process. You are where your focal attention is, so your attention has to be on the selfacceptance that you are the end result already. This requires an intense, highly concentrated focus that is not rushing out and into any superfluous activities. It is your ability to collect all your mental and emotional activity into one funneled vision of I am (your choice)! This is the internal state, not the external state. Reality is created inside us, not outside us.


This is your presentation to Spirit, within your consciousness. Made by you into the womb of creation by vision and voice. You do not, and can not, personally fill this womb for reality to come forth (out of Spirit) and into physical reality. You submit to it and allow Spirit to fill it. This is why life is not lazy or ambitious. It is in your ability to conceive it! If you cant conceive it, it will not grow in the mental womb (your vision) surrounded by sound, to be birthed through your emotion and into physical, consolidated form. Lets make this poignantly clear. In so doing, we answer the question why do leaders and non-leaders both die. The mind is the mine, or place within you that is under the surface of what you see or hear with the eyes and ears of the body senses. It is the mental womb cavity that contains a growth potential when properly impregnated (eye m(e) pre gin ated). Look at the word mental. It says (me in it all)! You have to be all in it energetically. Again, look to the word energetically (in her get eye see all e). Were leading you to the ability of seeing reality creation in its simplest, easiest possible format (form at). Were doing this with simple root words, not limbed, expanded words. Roots support life and limbs experience it. The tree of life is the mind and your thoughts. Life is rooted in the mind and grows into the physical. In all creation there is male sperm (+) and the female egg (-). Your thoughts are light (+) and sound (-). So, vision is the male energy and voice is the female energy. This is the mother and father of all creation. All the children, or the birthed reality, are choice. Choice is the birthed child of reality. Decision, not choice, is the abortion to life. Pro-choice and pro-abortion groups are both using the same illusion and then arguing it destructively. They would do themselves well to learn this truth and control birthing with thought, not more abortive laws aimed at right versus wrong. So, the hueman has to have a choice first. That choice is the chalice to contain the conception of the vision/sperm and the voice/egg. Once you get into it emotionally, the inner-course is going on. Again, within is where your only perception is, in the mind space youre in. Continue the passion (pass eye one) of feeling you are at one with the choice. Keep this emotional state going and going and going. This go in g is the gineration of the Spirits life moving between the male (+) and female (-) so they


conceive. She, the voice, has to have him, the vision, or the fertile state is not created. No conception, no new life! When the positive and negative pair up in the mating, matter, or mate her, is created. Matter is the positive and negative (male/female) in its unpaired state. The whole Spirit is positive/negative in the paired state. This is why lazy traits or ambitious traits being enacted in reality are of no value to creation. For all that you live, in and out, in physical form is coming from the unpaired or split-estate, the split focus. All illusions are the split focus, unpaired, barren state until you hook up, with Spirit to create the fertile state for conception. Illusions are the abortions! Because the illusions allow shafts of light through the mental womb and the embryonic ether/fluid runs out and escapes into the outer world activities, rather than staying inside and feeding the new choice/child to be birthed. When you do this, if it does not hold or contain the feeling of being it after you have the Spiritual cosmic orgasm and have returned to your conscious state to the outer world, then you have more illusions to dis-spell. If you lose the feeling of I am young, rejuvenated, or you never got to it, you need to know why. Heres why. First, as just mentioned, your mind is still not sealed (see alled) so light is leaking out the illusions in your mind. Second, you did not get all the way into your Spirit. You can tell this readily. Did you find yourself in the place and state of passion where the energy moving took over? An engulfed state that is without any more words! Just a rushing emotion of energy that is building and building and you know it is going to end in climactic orgasm. Only without a partner or any sexual underpinnings. Just you, being caught up in it, so it is not occurring later. It is occurring right then, in that moment, in that space. This is what and where conception takes place. If you never got to this point, you also never felt it let go of you, which is the (very) calm state after the storm. Where all the vitals (beating heart/heavy breathing) cease and the cosmic orgasm is complete. If you experienced this, you have followed the law of creation, and left alone, not talked about, it will birth the new choice you spoke into Spirit. The mind is a Spiritual membrane that allows light in and out. Its like our skin and its pores, which are one way and two way energy vents. Especially noticeable


between day and night. They absorb during the day and emit during the night (primarily). So, if the mind is overloaded with a preponderance of light (male energy), it cant relax enough to conceive. It is driven, ambitious (am bite eye on). The lazy mind is the opposite and has too much darkness. This is the primary cause of uncontrollable crying, which the female energy often experiences. If you dont cry much, but you experience bursts of laughing when no laughing matter is at hand, youre overloaded with light/male energy. Laughter is male, and crying is female generally. Along the same line, criticism is feminine and praise is masculine, which can be reversed by the tone you use to deliver it. We are teaching you the process of birthing your words into actual physical reality. The duality of our nature, which sees our traits as opposites, is another illusion. They are not opposites. They are identical energy split into a positive and a negative force. Which direction (polarity) the energy is flowing is what you call opposites. The cold north wind is the exact same wind as the hot south wind. In the middle of these polar extremes (ex streams) is where the life stream flows, without intrusions of the illusions. That stream, in and up from the divided, dual, split estate of materialism (ma tear all is m) is nu-life coming from new-tral. Duality and form are the divided Spirit. Both are still Spirit, just in another polarity, not the neutral polarity of is. You have to master the perception and then you can master conception. Until you do, your innercourse with Spirit is just mental masturbation, or fantasy! Now can you see why our mastery is not based on achieving and/or not achieving? We dont have to set goals, or make plans. We have to make choices and give them over to Spirit for birthing. Success or failure is the meaningless jerking off between the extremes of positive and negative. Integrate yourself (inter g rate) and God. G is 7. (enter God rate) Seven is an odd number. S/even in letter is even (S is 1). So, all of creation is born of an odd (one) and an even (eve in) (two). Odd is male and even is female. One, Adam (add am) and one Eve, cause creation. (This is a little off the simple instruction, but for those who delve in letter/number associations, it will be easy to see this relationship). Spiritual integrity is the integrator numbers and prime movers in 3D formation. Be sure you use the zero as a number. It is the only way Ive been able


to see mathematics as 3-dimensional or within the trinity conception. Any help on this would be appreciated as I am barely beyond abc/123. Thank you. To close this dictation, to not get sick and not die, whether youre the lazy follower or ambitious leader, you have to learn how to create life, by integrating yourself in the whole Spirit. Then all choices are given to us, as automatically as breathing, digesting, or child-birthing. So, our job is to clean out the minds closet, so theres room for us to get in it, close the door and have mental and emotional intercourse with our Spirit, the whole Spirit. Some may consider my way of describing creation a bit crude. Thats okay. Because I had never really gotten a clear and concise connection from anywhere, or anyone, until my Spirit said heres how mind turns energy into matter, and heres how Spirit turns words into form. So, how it is said makes no difference. Why? Because it works! If you want flowery words, put them on it. Its of no consequence to me, for we all create individually. So, no matter how or who tells the story, it cant be convoluted. It is irrevocable (ire re vocal able) law. Obviously up to this point in our history weve created as many problems as we have solutions, because we did not yet know how to create from within, so the division/opposition polarity was always created and the united, paired, mated union (you in eye on) ignored. Spiritual reference to this state is the Spiritual wedding of the male/female energy, which we are admonished to not put asunder (as under). Matrimony (mat tri mo in e) really understood does not require the formal licensing and laws regulating the coming together and coming apart, for Spirit is the cause of both. Search your heart and soul for other beliefs and illusions that put us asunder (in the grave) and soon the consciousness of the entire planet will clear up and life will regain its rightful place on earth. Real justice (just us) will replace the legal system of right versus wrong utilized today; then, we dont need military force or police states. We are turning over this new leaf in the evolution of the hueman race by writing the new plays, programs and systems to be initiated and birthed by the populace. Salute to the bridge-builders of our new ideal-based reality and thank you. So be it.


Illusion Teaching/Learning

The power of life is not found in learning about the regeneration of life. While, at the same time, it is about learning. This seeming dichotomy (die-caught-o-me) is not as confusing as it seems when man starts realizing how learning is really acquired. We have all been taught to learn, to educate, to find out, to get answers, etc. We call it progress, gain, adding value, and having an equity in life. It is, basically, based in and on the future. A future that is deemed to be the solution to our desires, wants and needs. On the other side of the coin, we generically see and accept the past as a source of our unrecognized, subconscious problems. When I first started writing, my ability to explain what I was feeling and intuitive about was not very easy for me. Let me explain. Strangely, this point of ones learning is not actually about learning. It is about un-learning what weve learned. I called it my re-education, because to learn and actually gain my freedom, the state where regeneration exists, I had to unlearn what was getting in my way! This gives rise to whats in my way, but, rarely worded that way, because in division it comes out as whats wrong with me? Where in our systems of law, medicine, religion, sociology, and education do we go to school to unlearn? We hear of deprogramming people, but it never occurs to the masses that this is what they also need before they can find real life and generate it on purpose. Deprogramming is reserved for the so-called helpless, gullible, unfortunate victims with tendencies to support a non-working system of life. Well, isnt that exactly what all of us are doing by being willingly, or unwillingly, led to our grave?? We are deluded and even deceitful when we minister, counsel, and advise others about living, and were dying! Clearly, we do not (yet) know how to maintain life. But, it does not occur to us that WHAT WE BELIEVE IS A PROBLEM. We have to deprogram ourselves, because it is what were doing now thats killing us, which means we do not KNOW what were doing, WE ONLY BELIEVE WE DO! Again, this is clearly not the correct way to create life.


This is why learning and teaching can not be just predicated on adding more facts, while still holding onto what we believe! For what we believe is the problem and reason we get sick and die. And, there is no freedom to create life in the system(s) operating that are keeping life stuck, slowed, corralled, etc. The accumulation of facts (true or false) is not the cause of life. Why? Because all facts are found in the physical part of our existence, which is only the physically visible portion of our being. Facts, true or false(e), have already come into physical formation. They are the product of the seed from which they came. So, gathering facts is like going into the hen house and grabbing the chickens so you can turn them into eggs. Look at the facts as the chickens, and its obvious they do not go back into being the embryos in an egg. Nor do facts go back into the Spirit. True and/or false facts are nothing more than male or female chickens. And, which chicken lays the eggs? So, what fact contains the egg before it is laid, by separating and dividing? The truth! For truth can be divided into the false (or lie) by making it what you believe, rather than what you know (the truth) but the lie (false) can not be divided into the truth! Life comes from the whole Spirit, through you, just like the egg comes through the chicken. The only difference in this analogy is in the truth that the whole Spirit causes life for both genders, and the divisions with it, but only the female births the life form. So, birthing, or as it is often called, re-birthing or being re-born, is a virtual impossibility. Life and growth is caused and originated with Spirit. It is never reoriginated or re-caused. So, re-facting is equally impossible. New comes in and old goes out. There is no rebirthing of reality in man or in woman. Because all of division and unification is driven by the one, whole, complete state, in separated or differentiated states. With whats visible, facts, there is no power of creation. For the creation is inside in the mind that says and sees the reality into a new state of being. Therefore, factual information is never where real change takes place. Its only where further division takes place. It takes place up in the mind (you and Spirit), then the lower, physical reality conforms or moves into the exact place mind has created for it. So, the illusion of learning and teaching is whats being taught versus what needs to be taught. Which ends teaching and learning as the means of having more life, because it connects mankind back/up to the creator force, where life is eturnall.


Once anyone learns to create the reality of choice, by choice, and directs Spirit to bring it forward, whats to learn? And isnt this the very reason, for and why, you wanted to learn? To get your wants and needs fulfilled! Of course. When mankind awakens to this truth, the education, careers, technology, church, state and judicial systems will all cease to be what they are today. And, there will be no need for police, war, prisons, and insane asylums. Medicine will be taught, not consumed, as it will entail the way to think, to create the desire. Not the how to do it, to get it by working and earning it. All systems will support changing with ease, not change by forcing a fight, cause, or dictatorship, on anyone. Such is the real, new world of order. So be it.


Illusion Written Texts/Scripture

Dont jump to false conclusions about this illusion. Save your reactions and use them to clear up any confusion you still hold about the creation of life, which you always have until you have mastered life, such as Jesus and others have done. To this end, we have to clear up all of our misperceptions. This illusion discusses the role of sound and the use of our own words in comparison to placing ones trust in words that are written already. Our words (sound) in Spirit are alive and possess motion, which is power. Written words do NOT possess motion. Only spoken words possess motion! So, they are the primary energy of life, not a text of any nature. Textual content is only a passive guideline to what has to be personally enacted. Your words are the power, not the printed words. Quoting scripture or any other bylines does not connect you to the whole Spirit. It only moves the split-Spirit of positive versus negative, polarized, dual state energy. To connect to the whole Spirit and be at-one-ment (light) and in a-tone-ment (sound), you have to wed the positive/light and negative/sound, intentionally, within your state of being! This is the only source of real change and real freedom because it is the connection that births new reality. All else only moves or shuffles the old around and changes nothing, which is why listening to or looking for answers to ones problems is never a solution. You have to unlearn and relearn to talk to your Spirit, so your Spirit provides for you. This never comes from some outside source. It comes from and through you, so you attract reality, not pursue it. The sound of your own voice is the key to the door of all abundance. What the sound of words does is push energy. This push is our drive, or motivation (moving) that propels the body. It does this by encountering the still, silent, whole Spirit/light. It causes it to spin. The more of this sound energy you surround yourself with, the more easily the body moves. Music is a classic example of the energy and the body feeling like moving with it. And when the body wont move, the mind will and you go around with the song and sound stuck in your head. Often, it wont go away and becomes a disruptive state rather than a wanted state. This common phenomena is an


excellent teacher to us, once we realize whose sound is controlling us. Expanding on this is easy to see, because mankind spends many hours (too many) talking into his/her consciousness via radio, TV, computers, cell phones, video games, cameras, conversations, sermons, advertisements, and noisy sounds from outside of ones self. This fills your memory and continues to attract your attention to it. This is why you get confused and maintain doubts about who you are and what youre doing here, for this energy that was outside of you is now inside you. So, whose energy is controlling your next thought? Theirs! Because you reflect on what you have in your mind, rather than directing Spirit (using your sound) to give you the most beneficent thoughts to use. Sadly, after occurring repeatedly, you believe what you see in your mind is yours. When this occurs, it causes you to identify with it, as if it is who you are, when in fact, it is not you at all. Which is why people always feel like something is missing from their life(s), but cant identify it. Whats missing is who you choose to be! Not understanding who you are, stresses you, heats you, and pressures you. All dis-ease from not being who you are causes the diseases of your body. You make you sick and ill because you are not knowledgeable about being who you choose to be! Youre trying to live according to earths rules, law, and standards, which is not your feeling, live, spontaneous you. Introduce your own sound of your voice into your consciousness and you will gradually become at ease! Because your life will spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically align. As such, you become you! Mans greatest failings, thus disease, come from living under a system of duress. An education and methodology that teaches, preaches, and even demands by force that you live by the standards, laws, morals, and ethics set by others. You cant be you in this control-based authority over, follow the leaders or else system. Their voice (sound) is whats controlling you. Even when they let you believe you have a choice, you dont! Why? Because your conscious(ness) state of mind is tuned to their broadcasts, their stations, their messages, their dictates, their ideas, their images, their rules, and their education. So, what is your memory filled with? Their viewpoints, their prejudices, biases and assumptions. Their beliefs are NOT your knowledge because you do not have the firsthand experience of them. And, even the experiences you get from their programs of


how were suppose to live, are made up of one-sided, lopsided, after the fact reactions. You have a name for these: the school of hard knocks! The whole life does not have hard knocks. What is the whole life? It is you, creating your reality by choice. Choice is never the lesser of two evils, which is always the rule of order when you try to live your life their way. It divides you at every level of your perception. This blinds you to who you are! Which is the reference of the blind leading the blind in biblical scripture. Many people write and speak of ones consciousness, but few ever take the time to explore the state of mind it refers to. Few realize it is a state of energetic resistance, made up of beliefs about life, but it is not life. Why are we told to clear the consciousness, or rid the unconscious of its past, etc.? First, there is nothing in your consciousness that you are (unconscious) not aware of. You put it there, so you know it is there! Even if you forgot the specific event, the energy is still there. Why? Because what you believe is still there, so it is a part of conscious-ness. What is consciousness? Simply, it is what you are conscious or aware of being. It is your makeup or consistency that comprises who you are, and what you are doing in life. Life is made up of only two kinds of energy: active or reactive. Each of these polarized states have many labels, such as positive/negative, right/wrong, good/bad, hot/cold, etc. Active or act-eve is the pairing of mating of the two energies, so the acteve and re-act-eve combine into one cause-all power. This power is what life is. We call it God. This is the wholly Spirit in its unified state of power. It unites, via your ability to activate it with proper thought. You can NOT unite this positive/negative divided force by re-acting to what has already occurred in life. Why? Because everything in the past, present, future, now has already been divided by a thought. So, reflecting on the issue is always in the past, even when you are imagining the future! Because any reactive state is in the either/or, lesser of two evils state of mind. A divided mental estate. Your life energy, the power of life, is not about life. It is life! Without knowing how to create life, you remain powerless to the surroundings, which is the/your state of consciousness you possess! Which, in this case, it actually possesses you! This is why the healers keep looking to the past, for the source of the present problems! Rest assured, it will not solve your dilemmas or diseases because no problem


is ever the problem. All problems are symptoms, not causes. Problems are about your life and your misuse of it. They are not the source of trouble. There is only one cause of all problems and all diseases: too much internal pressure/heat which becomes the breeding ground for the decomposing faculties and facilities of the physical form. So, there is only one cure for all problems. This cure is found in you and how you use the thought process you exclusively possess. In the beginning was the word, is no doubt true, however, the translation leaves considerable room for people to go astray mentally. Whoever said this and wrote it down was not coming from the whole, unified state. No, Im not nit-picking scripture or accusing anyone of anything! I am being clear about the misleading manner in which this statement is written. First, what is implied? The word implies Gods word, which implies it is not our word (or your word). Whats wrong with this? Lets look. Are we told to be at one with God? Are we told were made of God, in his image? Then how can we start life without God uttering words through us? Did the child read the word before it spoke or cried? No! The word of God is inside us and it is for us to use! The holey books, all of them, are in the past! We are in the now. Is God directing Spiritual traffic today as he did 2000 years ago? Of course not. Except that the cosmic laws still follow the same irrevocable (ir re vocal able) laws, which starts out as your unique differentiated life as Spirit coming into and activating form with its life. How? By your words, saying to God while you are still in Spirit, let there be light. The choice of your embodiment is endowed by what you say and see, which God marries and ordains as the father of life, unconditionally! Is this stretching your ability to conceive the message? Good, because it gives me and you something to clear up. Namely, as above, so below. What did we just describe? We described what you do here, now, below. You speak, and you see reality, just like above. So, whose word is Gods word? Your word! Heres the problem, and where youre confused. The two energies of life are active or reactive. This is important to know because sound is active and sight (light) is reactive! Which side of your thought process are you allowing to run your show? The visual (vise you all)! The mind and physical sight are reflections, or reaction only! Until it is married to your word, the sound. Therefore, your voice is the only way to trigger the all-powerful, all-knowing life


that surrounds us, and becomes us. We simply CAN NOT BECOME WHO WE ARE WITHOUT LISTENING TO OUR OWN VOICE (our sound). But whose sounds are we enveloped by? THEIRS. Who are THEY? The faceless power brokers of the world that control and own the media, banking, money, and even the Federal Reserve, along with natural resources and transportation systems. Whos in space? What are they doing? Why dont the people have a real voice in whats being done to us? Because no one in control of a system wants the system to crash! Not even the followers, being led down the path of their own demise! Sound absurd? Its not absurd, its real and its happening now. And, will continue until you can see the truth. What can we do? Learn the truth of this reality we live in and use it. Namely, in the beginning was our word! Our word marries us to the whole Spirit and this spirit is the cause of all life! This is correct science of Spirit Jesus taught 2000 plus years ago! Look. You have to learn to be brutally honest with yourself and stop repeating everything youve seen and heard. Passing on discomforting news is not sensible. Its downright retarding. Shut off the focus you have on news of all kinds. Learn to talk to yourself again, like when you were a child. And recognize your Spirit for the life it is, instead of constantly looking at the numbers (numb er rors) and comparing prices. Money is not your creator and Jesus is not your savior. He came here to tell you how to create your own reality, complete with an abundant life, here and now. He did not say, work your butt off to have your needs. Where did Jesus slam any holy book down and say, this is the word of God? Did he turn to scripture to raise the dead, feed the multitudes, make water into wine and resurrect his own body? No. He used his voice, his words, and he called the Spirit to manifest into physical form, and the Spirit did! Who is God? We are, all of us! We are part and parcel, cut of the Spirit and manifested into form. And, all of us got here by doing exactly what Jesus did. Except, we put on the blinders of others beliefs, and Jesus didnt! What can we do? Return to being the masters of our own lives! Learn the truth of creation and go create with it. Remember, Jesus said, we will do even greater things than he did. We better get busy, because the truth of war, disease, and dying is not a


truth any of us want in our lives, homes or even in the world. War is terrorism and it is very reactive. It is forceful, but never powerful. Learn the difference. Terrorists are not the real threat, our being ignorant is the real threat, because we end up believing that fighting is right, while we ignore the power of creation, through the proper use of our words. Put arguing, yelling, and accusing others on the shelf, because it is the improper use of your words. It engenders more hate, separation, and division. It is the fabric of worry and of wars. It is the repulsive side of life, not the attractive side of life. Learn to direct your Spirit, with your words, using your choice of reality and you will be free. Because this is the truth that sets you free. Bear in mind, choice is to change you and your circumstances. Leave others out of your prayers and directions. Why? Because you need you in good working order before you can help others to get there. So be it.


Illusion Visualization

Visualization is touted by almost all the competitive sports people as the way to improve ones skills. It is also widely proclaimed to be the path for healing. Whats going to be said next will no doubt leave many believers in the visualization movement shaking their heads. Visualization is not doing the improving. As we will see later, it cant! The improvement is coming from what the person believes about the act of visualizing. To say, a mind in agreement is not the same as a mind in disagreement. What man does by agreeing with anything, even if what the person is agreeing with is an outright lie, is giving its energy passage to come into being, physically. So, to believe visualization improves your skills or heals, opens the physical to this improvement. Okay? Now, what is not able to be understood and reconciled is why, when you always see the ball going in the hole, through the hoop, or through the uprights, it often misses. Why doesnt the ball, or the healing, follow the exact path you laid out for it to follow in your visualization? If the visualization is responsible for the path the energy takes, every time you visualize it, it should unerringly happen! Well, as you know, it dont! Now, lets see why. Your motor senses are not driven by just light, which visualization is. They are driven by your magnetic feelings, which are created by light (+) and sound (-), plus your Spirit moving through them. This creates the magnetic conduit for your physical motions to follow. Go look in a mirror and you see an image. Your mind is like a mirror, except you get to choose the image you put there. Now, the truth. They are both lifeless, positive pole reflections and remain so until you connect them to the negative pole needed to create a flowing energy. Gosh, if its that simple Ill be a pro, pronto! Hold on! Your fantasees are maligning you, to who and what you really are, which also affects and influences ones magnetic orientation, that sets up how you feel.


Open this door, theres a prize or sirprize behind it. The door is a question. How many of you feel like you can actually make every shot, or heal every wound? Now, another question, Why not? You constantly seek perfection, but you refuse to accept its possibility? Why do you refuse to do this? Because we are taught it is not possible! Well, again, neither is walking on water, but it is proclaimed to have happened. Heres the real prize behind the door, miracles are not mirror-calls, they are absolute creations, which are felt into possibility, and trusted into possess-ability! Want to know a secret? A bona fide master can create a conduit in space and make the ball go exactly where he/she chooses, every time. Cool? At first, but its not long before its as boring as doing dirty dishes. Light is just one of our senses, we call sight. It is very useful, but does not empower us. Nothing seen, heard, touched, or tasted, physically or mentally, hooks us up to the power. Because the power is totally clear, invisible, and undifferentiated, until you give direction to it, for it to follow. For us to be taught about light, as we are taught, is very misleading. God is not just light, for God is colorless, invisible, and light is not. God is still, silent, colorless, and all pervasive (whole). When we activate this energy, it is instantly moving, sounding, coloring, and differentiating (dividing) into being what is becoming visible. God creates light, light does not create God. So, visualization, to be used correctly, has to be incorporated with Spirit, vocally, within. So, it becomes the outer realm we live in. Now you know. Be cautious. We all have lots of beliefs that will literally make ones behavior miss the cue. And they often have no relationship to what our immediate focus is on. Its how you feel that tells you if your energy is not yet aligned. Honor it. Correct it. So be it.


Illusion Images/Vision

This is another existing state that people use interchangeably, as if they are the same thing. Recall the choices/decisions and how one is a before the effect and the other is an after effect? Images and visions are similar. Start by looking at the word. Image (i-m-age)(eye-me-age). And look at vision (vise-i-on)(vise-eye-on). Now, apply these to a simple test. Look in the mirror. What do you see, an image or a vision? We all know that you see an image. So, unless you have a magic mirror, you wont see a vision in it. The image then, is a light, reflected form of an object. What about a mental image? Or dream images? Good question. Mental pictures are also images, because they are generated by your ideas that have been previously accepted into your mind. Example, the word, or thought of the word, man, brings a picture to mind of a male entity. Say or think woman, and a picture of a woman will come to mind. These are, categorically, ideas. Id/e/as are energy (letter e) that you ID, or identify as (id-e-as) something. So, seeing a mental image identifies what is being said, communicated, or thought. So, images are means of stringing our sound and our light together (to-get-her) and creating communication. So, images are learned. When they stand alone, without the word or sound attached to them, like in a dream at night, you see it but dont know who, or even what, it is at times. Its like looking at someone you do not know. You dont know what to call him or her. Now, heres the key difference between images and visions. Images represent pieces of our consciousness, which require more than one piece, or they make very little sense. Here, read the word once. It goes nowhere, and connects to nothing, and at best, you can figure whatever happened, only happened once, or once upon, then you add more meaning, or once upon a time, and it gets increasing clearer. When the story follows it, it is quite clear and understandable.


In our illusion about goal-setting, we explained the need to get to the feeling. Images alone never take you to the feeling state. Example, say you want a new vehicle. What do you do? You look at it, test drive it, ask about it, and figure out how to get it. This is all physical doing and it is all connected by emotions (beliefs and illusions), not by feelings. Feelings are states of being, and they are whole states of ones consciousness. Emotions are reactions and move on images being reflected in the mind. They travel on light alone, and they are divisions of visions or feelings. Scripture says without vision we perish. Ask yourself why this is said. What would make it possible? Weve already told you what vision is, can you see it? Look at the last sentence of the prior paragraph. Bases on that sentence, what is a vision? It is something that is undivided! What is not divided, is whole! What is whole is full. What is full is full-filled. What is fulfilled, you feel! Visions fulfill you and images leave you empty. When youre empty, you chase fulfillment. Its called work, not fun! A vision is a whole light, not a divided light. A whole light is contained within. An un-whole light is dispersed and goes into the world. Vision is your ideal, and vision is seeing that connects reality to Spirit, making it real to you. What is real to you is yours. And, what may surprise you, if you will honor Spirit and learn to give Spirit correct instructions, is how easy, and even cost-free, having a new ride can be. Forgive me, but its time to shit-can the idea that everything you get you have to pay for. Because that belief steers your energy away from any other alturnative! Envision and create the ideal, for vision holds the ideal: life. So be it.


Illusion Feelings/Emotions

Once again, we see two words that are, more often than not, seen as interchangeable. However, you will also see something developing in your mind as we go along. This is the first time weve spoken of it, but this is not its first example. Namely this. What is not whole is divided. Weve said that. What we have not said is that wholeness has to completely reabsorb all the divisions it has sent out. Example: Feelings are whole states and emotions come out of feelings that create divisions. So, the whole person in mastery no longer has any divided states. No decisions, only choice. No images, only vision. No emotions, only feeling. And so on throughout the divided states of mans mind. Wanting, as the mainstay of ones well-being, is way overrated. Why? Because any time two or more people cross paths, theres no opportunity to actually come into agreement and pull together. Even when the direction is the same, a separation can occur because there is a disagreement on the proper way to reach agreement! You see this very clearly in fighting or warring issues. Both sides agree to wanting peace and resolution, then create unworkable, conflicting paths of energy and the end result is never resolved. Can you energetically see why they are not able to find common consensus and resolve the divisions, so the divisions (emotions) retract and withdraw back into feelings? What are they doing? They are facing off at each other, accusing the other side, while ignoring their own individually-held beliefs and illusions that are causing the conflict! To create ease and peace in place of disease and conflict, each person has to back off and find neutrality. Then, apply to the whole Spirit, so a workable solution comes into being. This is the only way to end the tug-of-war in any existing conflict. Because divided beliefs are exactly like two boxers standing face-to-face, each saying to the other, Im going to stomp your ass into the ground. Who wins this fight? No one wins, even if one surrenders, because neither one of them bothered to change their beliefs about


fighting. They believe fighting resolves how they feel, but only if they win. What they are totally blanking out of the conscious awareness is how they feel that makes them want to fight in the first place, long before anyone ever throws a punch! This same mindset is the cause of people killing each other and going to war, etc. These protruding mental patterns have to be given order, meaning properly lined up. Because conflict is always a product of disorder, which is based in confusion, deception, doubt, and greed. It is commonly known as chaos. All of the unwanted aspects of reality come directly from an un-orderly, unorganized mind. That kind of condition existing in the mind creates blind spots, like the example of the boxers not seeing and not paying attention to how they feel! Because their focus was locked into the belief, the belief that winning will change how they feel. Where a person wins over another, the feeling does not change, only the emotion does. Winning is not a victory, its a relief, from intense strain, pain and struggle! Common sense tells you when youre beat on, bruised, and have a black eye, you did not win anything. You may have been paid, but that was not for winning, it was for fighting. Dont you believe this? Then why do first round knock outs always let the audience down? Clearly, they did not come to see a win! They came to see a fight! Why? Because they believe in fighting, competing, and glory-seeking. They believe in strain and pain. Those who have really calmed their consciousness down and have clear mental patterns never give their attention to fighting or competing. They achieve this exalted state by honoring how they feel and refusing to honor beliefs and illusions that cause chaos and unwanted feeling. So, the bottom line of real success is not about winning at all costs. Its about neutraleyesing the problimb areas and removing them from the mind. Then, the jungle and jumble of the disorderly mind gives way to absolute clarity and absolute knowledge. This is the foundation of stone that an unshakable consciousness is erected on, leaving the shifting sands and flood plains behind. So be it.


Illusion Knowing/Believing

By now you have, hopefully, started to get an overview of the bigger picture of what life is. Which, if you are seeing correctly, tells you our mental environment is a very unorganized and even hostile place. And, this is why people have become so unpredictable and volatile in its physical counterpart. The avenue (a-eve-new) of settling the turmoil (term-oil) is to know, not to believe. Why? Because the same law of creation is at work in knowledge versus believing. So, to know is to be whole, complete, and full of understanding. While to not know and to believe are divisions of knowing. Now, lets discuss believing. It has some interesting aspects because a belief is two-fold. Meaning, there are the audible (sound) beliefs, and the eluding beliefs (light, illusions). Begin with the word. Listen to what it is saying to you when you pronounce it. Understand sound or hearing is the magnetic side of physical life, while seeing, light, is the electric side of physical life! So, believing, phonetically, is saying loud and clear, beleaving! If one is leaving, then one is dividing or moving away from knowledge and knowing, and into believing. Or, from the whole, understood state to the divided, split, misunderstood state. That is not a prescription for clarity, order, or stability. In knowledge, the outside influences do not affect you because you know you know. And, the feeling of absoluteness is present. It is present because the magnetic side of life (sound) attracts the feeling into you. It is the feeling that confirms what you know and inversely, what you do not know. The light, contained within the sound magnetic field, can not go outside of the body because you are holding the truth inside of you. So, the illusion (eluding) which is a reflected image of light, can not get out and become a belief/illusion and misguide your consciousness and body. When you honor your belief and do not honor the truth, your light leaves your body and goes outside into the mass mind, instead of staying inside your individual mind. Once your light (thought) goes out and into the mass mind, it becomes subject to


whats out there, and you literally lose your ability and power to create by choice. Because you are now stuck in the divided either/or, catch 22, state of decision-making, which, as you know, is a reaction to reality, not a creation of reality. So, our individual and mass evolution is not based on changing anything held in the mass/collective mind at all, because everything streaming into it is coming through the individual(s). Knowing this is very important because the idea of global change, such as ending pollution, is too overwhelming. So is the notion (know-shun) of ending terrorism, famine, poverty, etc. But, inversely, it is quite easy to see how cleaning up ones own individual mind is not a major undertaking. And, to teach this as our daily curriculum in schools would quickly and rapidly change the world back into a self-regulating, self-governed republic with freedom and sovereignty for all, as its charter! This is coming now and these understanding are the basis of sweeping global change. The only thing in the way to a 100% peaceful evolution is mankinds own present devolution. Because this mind-set resists, restricts, and limits people from being the free agent of change. How? By making and enforcing laws, rules, mores, and then punishing the people who are smart enough to see how damaging it really is. If mankind really knew how to regulate the world, we would not be living in a war-torn, crime-riddled, disease-prone, dying civilization. We have to stop the mad rush the economy (e-con-o-me) has created by making money, into God. It is not working. Think, people, think, and you will see, you hold in your mind and your hands your own salvation, through your own rejuvenation. So be it.


Illusion Biofeedback/Testing/Asking Questions

Some things in life seem to be a mystery, but when we look at the word mystery phonetically and visually, it tells us the truth (my stir e)(missed story)(mist er e). E, being energy in the mist, are e! Let us explain this perception, based on the belief pattern that an illusion is (illusion is, ill us eye on). All illusions, your beliefs (be lie ifs), have the positive pole and the negative pole of good versus bad, right versus wrong. So, all illusions about reality are within the either versus or split perception. A perception path for energy you control (100%) but do not fully realeyes you do. If you did, the illusion or mystery of biofeedback would not make you wonder how does it work? Questions only arize in the mind when your energy splits and goes out into separate paths. Biofeedback is a mental to neuronal pathway to a physicall, motor sense reaction. It passes through the positive or negative state of your emotions, which we need to look at, so the focus on the error of trusting these systems for your welfare no longer exist in your mind. We all know we cant trust our emotions, but we dont know biofeedback is the same emotions, without the anger, or conquering attitudes in it. They are still there, but not actively engaged. Biofeedback messages come from many processes. To name some, there is dowsing, kinesiology, brain imaging, temperature measuring, urine/blood testing, mind reading (being psychic), meditation, allergy testing, and the least obvious of all practices now in use, asking questions. Even your day-dreams and night time dreams are feed back mechanisms. Lets start with asking questions, because when you look at all the rest of the quests to know, to get the answer(s), they are driven by wanting the answers to the Yes, (okay), or No, (not okay), questions. This is so widely accepted as being perfectly normal, that no obstacles or laws exist to regulate it. Only, what mankind perceives as a possible threat has resistance regulating it. However, the moment anyone starts asking questions, it very often meets with that resistance. Why? Because people believe its wrong! That you are up to no good! That youre being nosey and its none of your


business. In which case, the privacy the person is protecting holds energy that the person is doubtfull or ashamed of. Or, is protecting because they believe (or know) others were violated and do not want it out in the open. Even an imagined violation, like someone stealing your ideas, is a sufficient excuse to be defensive about questions. The obvious under-current driving protectionism is fear. Okay, what else is always present, when a question is asked? The lack of knowing the answer, which is your doubt. So, all questions are driven by doubt! Now, for doubt to exist, a belief/illusion has to exist, or there is nothing to ask a question about. Which also tells you everything you ask questions about is already existing. Then, being in existence, already says its in the past. And, as you know, whats in the past, has passed, and has nothing new in it! Questions, then, are all in you history (his story), and have no power to create the new future you desire. This is why man has so many repeating patterns (habits, etc) in his life. Hes constantly revisiting the past and does not realize it. Why? Because man does not see the quests, questions, goals, day dreams hes always asking questions about as being in the past. A past that has nothing new it in, only the old. A past subconsciously driving you and your questions (doubts), rather than the present giving directions to your life, now. To rejuvenate, the body has to be receiving new energy (directions) to generate new cells. Old energy causes old age, and its concurrent, recurring symptoms, miseries, sufferings. Because it shuts out the new life from coming in. Like girdling a tree, it kills it. Girdling your energy kills you. So, what are we really doing every time we ask a question? Wrapping ourselves in more and more indecision about what we should believe in, what perception we should see, and what we should react to. We ask questions to deside whats wrong or whats right. It is all after the fact reality, that you keep trying to balance in your mind. It will never happen, because you cant balance good and right to being the same as bad and wrong, nor vice versa! The mental juggling does not flow through you, it stays stuck in your body, and keeps repeating, recycling, checking and wrapping you up in it. The more wrapping up you get, the more excess pressure you have inside! Driving you, not inspiring you. Youre going out, but not up! You cant figure life out, by asking how to restore your body. You can only restore the body by directing Spirit to do it! The bottom line of


testing, which is questioning, is that no matter what the result of the test is, or what the answer to the question is, all you are really resolving is whether you agree with it (yes) or disagree with it (no). Every question asked is to compensate for a doubt you hold. If you believe the result is a yes, you are taking the yes side, and agree, that you believe the answer is correct. Being in agreement with any answer does not make it the truth. People agree with what is false about life, regularly, and never realize it until it shows up as a problem in their life. All questions end up as yes or no, because all questions are knowingness, divided into positive or negative agreement or disagreement. To believe doubt, the imbalance of not agreeing, must find agreement. But because the whole is not balanced, more questions arize and more answers are sought. So, nothing was really settled. Because you can never rectify good is bad, or bad is good. So, you are still trapped in the middle of not knowing and not having the need fulfilled, energetically, thus truthfully. When questions consume the mind, and consciousness is saturated with doubts, you cant trust yourself. Feeling this doubt causes you to seek and find someone you believe you can trust. The error in looking for someone you believe you can trust, is that you believe it will solve your deficiency, or lack of trusting yourself. It wont. It cant. The other avenue of this same energy being misplaced, is found in the research and study many people involve themselves in, to follow their career, goals, etc. The error here is the same error as seeking to find someone you can trust, only they are seeking to find something they can trust. This is how people get trapped in fact-finding (getting answers) and spend their entire life looking for trust (basis of truth) and never find it. Its not a condition of having someone or something. Its a condition of how you feel about yourself. You cant buy it, or earn it, like a degree. It does not come with a title or a salary. It is you, reconnecting to your whole Spirit. Which you can not do by spending your energy on fact-finding. Fact-finding is made up of the findings from tests, research, studies, polls, voting, questionnaires, etc. This is not knowledge of the way life is created. So, you must learn to get and have knowledge, not facts. For facts only answer questions, to compensate for the old (present) imbalance of doubt! Doubt you hold that prompts the question(s). The knowing state is the doubtless state, which is always the truth.


The truth is always the energetic, life-filled, Spirit-filled experience. The facts are not a whole Spirit experience, they are intellectual (in tell elect) juggling and fill nothing because they are only the light in the head, being reflected on the positive or negative emotionall path of your beliefs/illusions. Knowledge and truth, on the other hand, are the whole, filled state, head to heart, connected. This creates a feeling (not the halved positive or negative emotions). Feelings defy any bias because life is wholly balanced in you and you know it. So, no one, or no belief, will ever tell you otherwize, because the feeling of certaintly is absolute and irrivocalable. Beliefs are not absolute, because they vacillate, back and forth, according to the level of reactivity each person possesses. What is a fact? It is an f-act. The downword, negative polarity of the f sound is found in words like false, fail, flunk, fool, etc. The upword, positive polarity of the f sound is found in words like fun, fantastic, feeling, fine, etc. So, when you want to find answers, you seek facts or f-acts/f-sounds. When you do this, you are identifying yourself with the question/answer process. But, the problem with this is its not the whole and its not the united! Which makes it impossible to use your whole Spirit and become a doubtless person, full of trust and truth. My personal testimony to this is my own experiences of doing research for several years as a means of probelimb solving. Heres the trouble with this. You literally become a mental detective. A detective (detect eve) is a fact-finder. It makes you acutely aware, but it also makes you very suspicious (sue spy on us). Ask yourself this, What am I looking at and for, mentally, when I am in this focus? This is not an easy question to answer. Get it? This focus spends all day looking for whats wrong and whats missing! You are looking for holes in the deal. YOU CAN NOT SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE INTO BEING WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HOLES TO FILL! We can not seek to find, ask to receive, or knock and have the door open, when our mind is stuck on whats wrong and whats not whole! We must see wholeness into being. We cant do this with feedback, testing, research, or asking! We can only do this by directing Spirit to give us the whole picture, and directing Spirit again, to keep us focused on it, so our energy reunites with the whole Spirit and it


inspires us to do what we do. Then, keep directing Spirit, daily, to keep you informed. After a while, the questioning ends, and you are back in Spirit, wholly. Where the answers come to you, and bring the people associated to the answer, to you. Why? Because focusing on the unlimited, all-knowing Spirit eliminates the limitations, restrictions, resistance, denials, and obstacalls of staying stuck in the belie-if based illusions. Practice, grasshopper, practice. So be it.


Illusion Trust

This illusion is not because trust should not be a part of our life(s). It should be. The problem surrounding trust is that its totally misplaced as it is utilized today, with exceptions, of course. Weve discussed codependency and shown you that truth is the core or center of right versus wrong. Right versus wrong disappears when the truth is known. Okay. Codependency is misplaced trust, for it is the dependence on what is believed to be right or wrong, but not true. It can be read as doubt (trust) confidence, not doubt (versus) confidence. The truth sets the trust free. But, trust does not set the truth free. This is not simple to grasp at first, so lets clarify it. We can start by rewording the above statement. Honesty connects the knowns in reality and dishonesty keeps the knowns from being connected to reality. The present day systems teach secrecy as a source of profiting or escaping punishment. But the illusion of this belief is easily understandable by making a simple comparison. If you are of the Spiritual mindset, then the recognition of the all-knowing Spirit is not difficult. Therefore, how can secrecy be a part of an allknowing state? It cant! Secrecy used is illusion used. Scripture says dont cast your pearls to the swine. This sounds like it could mean, keep it secret. In my books, it means use wisdom and discernment as to who needs what, but it is not secret. The point is basic and simple. We dont give geometry and calculus to first graders. Nor do we need to give Spiritual beginners advanced science when they need beginners science. Trust should not be expected or given to beginners, or dullards, because they dont know how to use it. Like saying, trust me, to a criminal, its an open invitation to be robbed. Okay? The Spiritually advanced know who they are talking to by the air the Spirit of the person puts off, and by the way they talk, and they look. They use this all-knowing state to guide their actions and interactions with each person so the person does not turn on them. You cant help any person youre in conflict with. You wont be hear/d for their beliefs (or yours) close the door of acceptance and create rejection. When this occurs, it


is called falling on deaf ears. This is where mistrust is so wide spread. It occurs because we all hold beliefs that people should be trusted until they give us a reason not to trust them. This is not Spiritually aligned. We should not want or expect trust from others. Nor should we expect them to trust us. Doing so puts the cart in front of the donkey. Trust is a symptom or result of the truth. So, it is the truth that creates trust, not vice versa. Truth is the symptom of being honest and honesty is telling it exactly like it is. When communication lacks the links of knowing, you have miscommunication. This is why omission (secrecy) is called a lie, but doesnt create a missing link. It creates a cross-link or bending of the truth. Either way, you have destroyed truth and trust. Because they cant exist without honesty and honesty is the sole possession of the person thinking and speaking. There is no such thing as a dishonest, lying listener. Listening is a still state. Lies come from the active state. What about selective hearing? Simple. Every belief a person holds in mind has the potential of deflecting whats being said into agreeing or disagreeing, neither of which is lying! But, it is misleading, interpretation-wise. This is a hard egg to swallow, but the only way we can get honesty from others is to be absolutely honest to ourselves. Let us explain - say youre buying a used car (or anything else) and it all looks good but youve got some lingering doubts that dont feel good. If you do not honor that feeling and do something to clear it, youre being dishonest to yourself and very likely allowing dishonesty coming from outside of you. Why? Because the other person is conveying an omission, or bending the truth. Of course, there is a small possibility that what youre feeling is not actually known by him. Either way, it is up to you to know for certain, beyond any doubt. If you dont know, direct your all-knowing Spirit to tell you, which means you wait and do not act until youre certain. Remember, any time someone is wanting to sell you anything, they want you to agree with them and act by buying. The motive and reason to sell exists with them, not you. Most buyers and people getting into deals and relationships are afraid to be 100% open and honest because it invokes rejection from others. And, the first thing out of their mouth is, dont you trust me?


Again, you need to be stable, not reactive, with your reply. Once you are clear about your own open, forthright state of mind, which wont allow anyone to run over you and turn you into a victim, you will clearly reply, Its not about trusting anyone, its about honoring my feelings that are telling me something is not right. Im not able to see it now, but Im sure if we do our due diligence, it will clear up the doubt Im feeling. Be open, without blaming or accusing. If you dont know what to ask next, be polite, but firm, and ask the person, Where could this feeling be coming from? Then, say nothing, just watch the persons eyes and expressions. If the person is being truthful, you will notice a sincere questioning attitude. If the eyes are darting and theres fidgeting, youve got yourself a liar. Dont judge this. It can often work for you! Because when the person is caught in the misuse of their own integrity, they feel guilty and the guilty have to make concessions, re: a better deal and an honest deal. Its amazing how people will come clean when the opportunity to do so is presented properly, or staged in the first place so theres no doubt about the requirements (yours) before buying. A good mindset to discover the truth and get it out in the open first, before the con game starts, is this. Tell the seller you do not buy anything (major) without a third party inspection. This will usually flush the physical condition out in the open. The other problem, when you misplace your trust by taking the word of an uninformed or dishonest person, is found in their personal life, not the physical object. Sellers are frequently motivated to sell because of possessing debt, job loss, divorce, probate, a growing family, etc. In real estate, particularly, you need to make sure of ownership, joint ownership, sole and separate divided interest, split estates (surface/subsurface rights), liens, mortgages, falling values, etc. In short, find out the real reason for selling and who has the right to sell it. Many court judgments are not recorded in deeds records, so title insurance will not always protect you. It is also wise to have sellers sign a hold harmless agreement so if any skeletons fall out of the closet later, they have to be responsible. This is not a course on legal rights, but you have to learn the system you live in is not to be trusted. It is not designed to support you. It is designed to use you and its up to you, and you alone, to prevent it from doing so. Things like depreciation, inflation,


and interest rates are not created by buyers. They are created by sellers, manufacturers, stock offerings, banks, laws, federal reserve, etc. How many interest rates have YOU adjusted lately? So, the losses between new and used come your way? Depreciation interest is what you pay for with your labors. It is rigged just like the slot machines. Values can be standardized and stabilized, but they, the greedy, would not be able to manipulate the working class people if standardization was used. So, think about the kind of life you really want versus trying to figure out how to live in the pre-rigged financial spider web created to hold you down and in debt. We cant error and blame them, for we are being just as despicable and dishonest when we sit down and play by the rules theyve created. Honor, trust and truth come from you, so it is you that needs to learn to trust Spirit for all your needs, not trust others. In doing so, you live in trust all the time because you know, you know that life is at your beck and call! Where no one from any system can pray on you for their needs. Youve left win or lose behind and become a self-sufficient, self-initiated creator force, by choice, with Spirit. Often Spirit will impose doubt on you for other reasons than dishonesty. Once you get on the Spirit first path, you have to remain open to it. So, if you do your homework and dont find a problem, but you still feel like something is missing, it is! Only it could be because this particular person, deal or offer is not the best. So, wait and listen to Spirit and dont be surprised when the one you believed to be right for you is not right for you, and another sweeter, nicer, easier, better one comes along later. Patience is a good virtue. The other prevalent area concerning trust and secrecy is our own personal guilt and shame which we hide. The shame anyone feels for doing something stupid is in the past. Its over. Unless you mentally return to it and keep reliving it. Stop doing that and address Spirit now to become the creator force you need to be to be free. Doing so keeps you out of the past and it is soon totally forgotten and forgiven. This is not the place to talk it out because it needs to be totally left behind. Self-forgiveness is not about keeping a secret, its about admitting to yourself that you screwed up and you know it! Then, take another path, by choice, so you do not suffer at your own hands. Erasing old, destructive, energetic memories is not about hiding a secret from the world so you dont get punished. It is about clearing up any


doubts you still have about yourself so you will learn to live in honest, trust and truth, by getting out of deception and illusion. Heres a suggestion - stop thinking, speaking and doing anything you would not do openly, in public, and sign your name on it. Drop your beliefs that you are suppose to trust others, and restore the faith you seek, by learning to trust yourself. Then, misplaced trust will never harm you. So be it.


Illusion Theres an enemy, and enemies must be stopped from creating harm.

To reach the level of consciousness where you see no enemy (in-a-me) requires life to be seen accurately, or as it really is, not what we believe it is! Look at nature. Every hour, day, and year has a very ordered structure. This is a pattern! It is being followed to make each day and year what it is. Likewise, every plant, animal, mineral, or metal has a very orderly structure. This is like a dressmakers pattern. It is cut from the cloth it is made of. Each alike, but varying in size, color, shape, etc. Huemans are no different, we are cut from the same Spirit-energy, as the world is made of. Each uniquely different, but still the same basic original composition. Clearly the enemy consensus does not come from ordered life. If not, it must come from disordered life. Recall the story of how the ownership pattern of life was created? By individual claiming what is here as theirs and theirs alone? Well, this is the foundation of the enemy pattern. Heres why. The instant you seek to mentally stop the continuous creation we live in (life) rather than align yourself to it (so you fit into the life which is already here), you create a disorder pattern. Not realizing youre the person doing this, you look out of the mind and into the conditions, actions/reactions, now being created by this split focus and you blame the circumstance or the condition. Now you have created the enemy state and do not even realeyes you created it! You have placed fault and responsibility outside of you! Doing this robs you of your own response/ability. Now blame starts! The other reason for the belief that there is an enemy comes from not understanding the role of acquiescence in life. When you see animals eat other animals, you see enemy domination. You see conquering and defeat, ending in being consumed. You see this because you believe this, even though this in not what is actually going on. Animals do not have beliefs. They have instincts. So, when the instinct for life prevails, it is not an individualized state, it is a whole state. What mankind sees in the isolated encounter to preserve life is the fight and flight


pattern to stay out of harms way. Yet, strange as it is, even the individual animal in the whole knows it is to be consumed when it is vulnerable, old, or out-numbered. It does not send its energy back out to others of the herd or flock to go attack the lion that ate the lamb, or the wolf that ate the calf, or the cat that ate the mouse. But man does oppose the transition of life and when someone hurts someone else, then APBs go out, warrants are issued, wanted posters distributed, rewards offered and warnings to be on the lookout are distributed. Why dont animals broadcast enemy attitudes? Because animals know and sense the wholeness of life and its greater power. Man has detached from this wholeness and is trapped in the panes (pains) of a divided mental focus lens. Acquiescence does not protect life, nor promote death. It is absolutely neutral! Neutral is where mankind has to learn to live. It is the only state of mind that is whole and undivided by beliefs and their symptoms, called judgments, prejudices, biases! To clarify this state of mind and its resultant state of harmonious living, lets use a fairly recent history as an example. It is the father of passive resistance, Ghandi of India, well discuss. This man did not believe in using force (violence) as a means of implementing change. So, he led people to not resist. When they would get hit or clubbed, they never lifted a finger. They just took it. His following grew and grew. He made change in his own way. Now the irony of this is, he got killed by the opposition using violence. Now, lets get into this with the whole-energy state of mind, in our mind! Why? Because passive resistance is just as harmful to life as active resistance, even though it uses no physical weapons! Look carefully, active resistance or passive resistance requires force. Active force is the offenders offence, attack, tactic. Passive force is the defenders defense, to stay put, to hold the line. Defend. Dont attack but dont retreat. Okay? Well, then, what is religion, justice, government, and education today? If it is not this same peer pressure??? Pressure to do as we say, pressure to conform, pressure to stop not conforming. All of our systems today are loaded with force. Active is positive and passive is negative polarization. They are divided and standing at odds with each other. There is no neutrality.


Life is a force-less, resist-less, effort-less state. Ghandis (gone-d) life was full of forcing! The energy of the opposing/opposition field created great pressure in the opposition. Ghandi killed himself and did not realize it. Neither did the followers! People seeking to stop the greater whole power with the beliefs they hold as true, but are not true (to the wholeness) will also be destroyed. Ghandi had to believe violence was wrong/bad/terrible. He was fighting his own belief, because he was blinded by the split focus that hid the truth. The passive state of mind is just the other side of the active. He believed in (loved) non-violence because he hated violence, then placed himself and his followers smack dab in front of violence and taunted it silently. Just because he said nothing, did not mean he did not believe in something! He believed in forcing change on others. You can not hate and love life and expect life not to provide you with the same. God/life gives you exactly what you believe in and stand for! That is not an enemy, it is a creation! Ghandi saw and believed in enemies. So, he got enemies. Those who fought the passive movement also believed in enemies. Most of the world today believes in enemies and as long as they continue to do so, conflicts, fights and wars will continue. Beliefs in enemies kill people. People dont realize we should not seek peace! For it is the opposite side of war. We should be neutral and use the all powerful Spirit to create life, as it was originally given to us: free and free of any entrapping, limiting restrictions! Man made these rules, restrictions, and limitations because all he/she has ever learned is how to believe in one thing or the other. It is time for man to learn to use the thoughts and the mind to create by choice. Free of outside distraction, disruption, and intrusion. To do this you must know how to think not what to think. All man has learned for centuries is what to think, so history (his-story) keeps repeating the same atrocities over and over! To those who know how to think, this is not offensive. To those who dont, there is only one of two responses! Positive or negative, helpful or hurtful, and you get to pick which side, or stop picking sides and learn to create, by choice, using the whole Spirit. As many have said before me, the only enemy is the one you see in the mirror. My work is to make this as clear as possible so people will lose the desire to fight and find the desire to change. Then our world will clear up, clean up, and return to the


pristine state that it was before we humans trashed it. Having used our creative forces to do what we have done, then it is obvious we can turn it around and create a brand new life with ease in it, not disease in it. To this end, I speak of rejuvenation, the reality, not the dream. Dreams are filled with broken hearts and dis/pair. Choices realized are not! So be it.


Illusion Its business, not personal

Being around small business all of my life, Ive heard this illusion said an untold number of times. It never made sense to me. Then, there are rules companies set up about employees fraternizing/dating within the rank and file. And, customers are customers and friends are friends, and they dont mix well. And, of course, the man and wife who cant work together at the same job/company. Its humorous, at times, to look at the illusions and wonder how we ever got so far removed from our understanding of life. Business is obviously busy-ness (bus-eye-ness). Its a trait of our being-ness that applies its focus and self to the actions of earning money by buying and selling. Within this busyness community there are many industries (indust-trees) of the economy (e-con-o-me). This is the funny part of this illusion, because the theme in many companies (come-pan-ease) is to divorce the persons personality from the numb-brr crunching. (Hmm, that sounds like the whole state being crushed/split apart by separation and turning it into in-dust-try.) Show me one business, one industry that does not require a person with a personality to operate it. There is no such thing. Even hands-off income requires people to produce the income. Business is not a separate function of living. It is just living at a faster pace and in a highly regulated (obstructive), combative (come-bat-eve) attitude (atit-twod) by the beliefs and illusions surrounding the person. Orient your head to the north (energy has less obstruction when youre facing north) and say this to yourself, Am I a business? Is a business me? Obviously, no. Now say, I own a business, run one or work at one. Does it own you? Again, no. But, most of you can not, and will not, divest yourself from it. Why? Because it possesses your focus and your mind-set. You do not see how you could possibly live without the incoming of the money. A person whos hearing voices is said to be possessed! Not one person on earth (that I know) is devoid of hearing voices in his or her head about business. Man is so


possessed by it that the mind cant stop, even when a person wants it to. Are you possessed? Heres how to tell! Leave your place, the phone, the fax, the emails, and employees, associates, etc. If youre the employee, just skip work. Now, heres the key and the test to see if youre possessed (being run by your work). Can you imagine and feel, whole-heartedly, that upon your return, you will have no phone messages, faxes, emails, questions to answer, lists to complete, etc.? Be honest with yourself because the vast majority of people can not imagine having nothing to do. You expect busyness. Why? Because it makes you feel important and wanted. Sorry, thats the trap. Did you pass the test? Why do you believe youll feel better if youre busier? You wont because busyness blocks the truth of how an individual actually feels inside. This occurs because the outer world is constantly grabbing the focus and attention of a person and driving the daily activities. Business and work is running peoples lives and they dont see its destructeve nature. Being neutral and being in balance is constantly being addressed (add-dress-said) in these messages. Right? Then why, when you tried to imagine nothing to do, did it feel like emptiness and a void? Like something you could not live without? Because your viewpoints and the attitude driving them is on the other side of you. Where? In your illusion(s) that being busy is being fulfilled, therefore, not empty? The illusion of being unimportant (i-m-port-ant) is faced directly, the instant your void of activity is encountered. Why? Because it is the crutches you lean on to feel wanted and loved by others. With no crutches you feel like youre going to fall. Question - How can you ever feel neutral, whole, complete, and at peace when the busyness is so much a part of you? A busyness youve built an entire life around, but will not support you the moment you turn your attention to anything else. Thats a very shaky foundation. Perhaps a reassessment is in order. Now, consider for a moment the Spirit of life that births you and maintains you no matter where you focus. A Spirit so fool-proof and dedicated that even when you give your attention to disease, it goes ahead, and unquestioningly, it gives you the same disease in your body. So unconditional and so supporteve, if you focus on death, it will kill you. You want busyness, you got it! You get it, whatever IT is, and it follows the


path of your mind-set. This is a real foundation to build upon and all you have to do is focus on only the ideal. Which is not a comparison of being better off than someone else. It is a state of the world where every person is better and living the ideal, free of the frenzy that business beliefs promote. See this from neutral and youll know why its called living in the fast lane. Youll also see this, traffic jams only happen in the fast, moving, crowded, rushed mentality. Accidents do not occur in a life lived in the ideal environment. Neither does disease. Are you up to the task of reversing (re-verse-sing) your allegiance (all-e-gdance) to the whole Spirit, where fullness, fun, sensitivity and feeling are the criteria for taking action physically? Thats right! Were saying, If its not fun, dont do it! Make life fun and your vocation will never leave you empty, unimportant, or unloved. Then you can re-take the test and leave the busyness without it possessing you. And, when you get back, it will all be done by those around you (who are equally important). So, they no longer believe they need you to do what they can do on their own. Such is the life of the whole, moving in unison, and cooperating. No more detractors, mooches, or competitors. Abundance and freedom for all, not just for the few! Question your busyness, put it to the test, and you will quickly come to the truth. There is no business without the person. And the person does not have to be driven by excessive busyness. Productive (pro-duct-eve) work is pro-fessional, or professed (internally to Spirit) words, that create a fun and interesting trading environment. With conclusions and completed projects, but without the stress and strain of artificial dead-lines, unrealistically imposed on others, by people over-busy crunching numbers to make ends meet by forcing them into unreasonable time constraints. Suggestion - if you want real peace and joy in a working environment, you have to all (those involved) agree to do the project. Each on his phase each day and each supply the needed products (on hand first) and upon completion, then all profit. Its a team (in agreement) function, not one trying to outrace the other so the earnings to time equation says theres profit or loss, for whoever is fastest or slowest. There is no reason why businesses cant work together, pull together and think together, instead of competing for the money pool. This competing causes lots of


problems because it only takes one under-cost bid, by a sub-contractor, to throw off the entire project when they cant get the resources needed to finish timely. Teamwork precludes this. Furthermore, a team can evaluate all costs and be certain of profits before the project starts. Then, if the bids show there is no profit, change is made right then and there, not after the startup! Some projects are under-funded before they begin. The whole team of start to finish will be able to see this and fix it or bail out. Individual competition for getting the bid cant see this or they often blunder into totally unworkable conditions before they realize it, which is too late. The bottom line of the bottom line is this: What you call business is nothing more than disease, as business is viewed today. Why? Because it is a division, operating away from the whole, which you attach a name to. Just like you name diseases, you name businesses. Then you forget they are part and parcel of your energy and you treat them as something apart from you, to be fixed. Something to be indifferent to! Does this explain why you do not feel good about work or business and cant figure out why? Youre being indifferent to yourself! You are ignoring you, by placing the number crunching, net worth, cash flow, in front of how you feel. No wonder people are driven beyond their means, and suffer miserably. No wonder the health suffers when the wealth suffers. Stick to what feels good and feels right and ignore what it looks like. We are not speaking of pleasurable relieving by blowing off steam. Were speaking of being honest to how you feel, not the what youve thought. Find the feeling and you will always be on the right track. Because feeling is above seeing, always. And, in the end, youll find the truth, which is, No matter what kind of business you operate, your real business is the people business. Because no business operates without people operating it. So be it.


Illusion Goal Setting

This illusion is only an illusion because of the way it is used: incorrectly. Our root words of goal are go-all. And, if you ad the silent (d), actually the missing (d), it says God-all. Now, lets play with the phonetics of this and consider the God-All as a stationary state. Now, to get go-ing, something has to goad (go-ad all) us. Now it is moving because it is what? Verb-all-eyes-said! Our noun became a verb or an action. So, our simple, stagnant, still and unmoved goal has to be moved. Thats not unreasonable thinking. Now, comes the problem and the trouble with goal setting! We see it, then set it out in front of ourself(s) at the distance we decide we need it to be away from us, so we will have time to earn it, work for it, or learn about whats needed to attain it, etc. What have you mentally done? A boo-boo! Thats what! You have separated it from yourself and agreed with this separation. You judged this, then gave yourself a sentence just as surely as a judge hands down a sentence in a courtroom, because someone separated someone else from what was rightly theirs. Your goals are rightfully yours, but you give them away to the split-focus, whose last name is later. What you have mistakenly done, because no one ever taught you correctly, is put now into later. So, you never feel having this, until much later. Without feeling it as yours, you can not attract it and it will not hold you up until it comes. Why? Because your feelings are the life of the objective! Which is the magnetic half of the electro-magnetic spectrum of the light (what you see) you use to see-d the creation. Light is electric and only by combining light to the sound of your voice (magnetic) will you ever create the feeling it is yours. What you feel is whole, what you want is half of whole, because anything you want, you feel you lack. Feeling you lack it causes you to believe you have to work to get it - later. Turn this around and get the feeling of having it already and you charge your body with vitality, magnetism, power, and inspired (lifted) enthusiasm. Now, any action required is fun, enjoyable, interesting, and leaves you feeling totally fullfilled (not worn out) at the end of the day.


Working to get it later does not do that! Because you are not engulfed by the whole Spirit of being into it now! In the now, and in the wholeness, time and distance cease to control you, so time flies by and youre filled with the correct life energy: anticipation. You cant wait to get going again. Right? Whats on the dying side of this focus when you split it by putting your goal into later? Anxiety, stress, worry, doubt, and all the emotional states that hold energy down. Down pressure creates gravity, while up pressure (a vacuum) creates levity. Now, ask yourself, how many doctors ever ask you if your future (goal used improperly) is causing your disease now? Well, believe it or not, when you set goals for the future (few-it-you-are) you cause your own anxiety, tiredness, weakness, confusion, aging, and eventual (e-vent-you-all) death! Believing in investing in your future is not wise. Knowing how to manifest a supporteve reality now is very wise. To conclude this dictation, stretch your thoughts to include this. What pill, what medication, what radiation, what chemical, or what rehab program can provide you with the levity and life that using thought correctly can? None. Remember, all is cause and effect. When you cause ease, you totally eliminate dis-ease. So, master taking it easy. So be it.


Illusion Opportunity

What we do not fully grasp about illusions, especially those seen as being good and even necessary, such as opportunity (op-port-tune-it-e), is how illuseve they are. Doesnt this, if contemplated, make you wonder about how necessary opportunity is, if it is so elusive and hard for most people to find, have and maintain? Key this back into the world of commerce and the idea of business/working, then opportunity can be seen for what it is. Clue, does the business operate itself? Does the work do itself? Doesnt opportunity, as it is now utilized in the world, require an investment of your energy? Your resources? Your finances? Opportunity is nothing more than an imagined state of return. Call it planning, career building, asset gathering, cash flow, or equity, but it is still your imagined reality before you actually have it! How long you believe (but do not know) it will take you to acquire your imagined opportunity is frequently coming out of the already established criteria. Like x years of school, apprenticeship, and so on. This is all preparation for it. It is not actually it (the imagined state). So, even after the education, training, and receiving of the licensing to begin your opportunity (of having it) you now have to acquire it, gather it to you through the proverbial hanging out of the shingle, stating your desire to have clients, patients, or customers. At this point in your life, it can be very difficult to ever make real change in your life because you have a large portion of your energy invested in the imagined reward of the opportunity. Now, what is not seen, the hidden side of opportunity, is how all investing is also divesting. Look closely and put your ear to the ground, so the stethoscope of your perception is amplified. Why? Because the only be/at and b/reath (be-wreath) youve been seeing and hearing is coming off of the side of investing. Youre not noticing the dievesting. What have you divested (die-vest-said)? Where have you gone? Look for what you placed your trust in. Do you have it or does it have you? Are you in debt to it? Can you leave it? Or, does it require you to be there? Where is your focus?


This manual for thought is not for everyone because they are not ready (read-e) to step into absolute sovereignty, freedom and empowerment. But, ready or not, it should be known to you so you can end the ready or not with here I come when you are ready. Which is the end of ones mind-games, played out by hiding in the illusions. Then, seeking to find the hidden truth in the duality is over. When you graduate (grade-you-ate) out of the divest/invest split-estate and return to the whole Spirit of opportunity, you do not hide and you do not seek, you feel! Whole opportunity is the feeling that you are the imagined result, already, before any effort is exerted. Here and now is the point of all beginning. Then, the enslavement, limitation, restriction, resistance, forced effort, drudgery, and seeing it through at all costs ends instantly, because it never starts to drag you in with it. Chasing opportunity is the opening of the gap. You actually create an abyss (abuy-ass) (a-biass) by widening your miss(ed) perception that you should trust your opportunity and ignore your wholly connected state of being it first. Which is the voice and vision flowing together and creating the feeling. This feeling is the chris(t)ma (christ-mass) of the magnetic, personified, and amplified attraction energy field, which draws all the physical circumstances to you. You do not chase anything, or earn it, after years of study and work. There is no divesting or investing in the whole/wholly state of attraction. You never get sucked into anything thats not in your best interest. Okay. Life is a self-induced vacuum that pulls your duality, divisions, and fragments back inside your energy field. This vacuum works exactly like the cocoon (co-co-on). Once you enter it, by removing your illusions that are keeping you stuck on viewpoints outside of your energy (of life), you can transmute, transform, and transfigure your energy. Then, the chrysalis occurs and the form of the earthbound worm can get its wings and return to the heirborn Spirit. All heirs of the whole Spirit can fly: literally. Man, getting his own wings, lifts him to the status (state-us) of the angel, who can come and go from earth at will. This is far more than a symbolism, as most religion sees it. It is also an absolute science of creation! A formula (form-you-lay) of life! You absolutely lay it, out in front of you, and you become (be-co-me) it! Like building forms for a foundation to be built upon. How can anyone imagine this vacuum for change being created by pursuing it, chasing it, and trying to force it to happen?


This vacuum state can not be created/induced until you learn to recapture the thoughts youve let out and are now running loose in the chaos around you/us. These unattended-to thoughts are your beliefs, based in, on and around the illusions. Every place you find contention, ill feelings, strain, stress, anxiety, worry, discomfort, and disease the unbridled (un-bride-all-d) thoughts are running your life and, yes, ruining your life. How do you recapture thoughts? Thoughts that are unable to be roped and corralled? Let us show you, please. Thought is energy. For energy to serve your needs, it has to be captured. Electricity is captured energy, or energy confined to a specific channel, line, wire, or womb. Okay? What confines this electricity, power, and concentration of energy into one path or one place? Magnetism! Which is your voice and vision paired up, or wedded. Separate these and you divorce (die-voice) the whole state into a divided state, which demagnetizes you. You lose your charisma, or the Christ condition, and you go around saying nobody understands me. We say why would they want to? Your thoughts contain minute (my-nute) electric (+) charges and my-nute magnetic (-) fields. The fields are the fences that keep the (livestock), your thoughts, from running away and back out and into the wild, or uncontained space chaos. This is the purpose of being wedded, but few realize its spiritual required underpinning. Now, the key to making this easy so you do not have to chase or pursue the lifestock you want, is to attract it (your thoughts and your opportunities) to you. The simple way to see this is to look at early childhood. Lets take a peek. When a baby (pre-verbal) wants your attention, it knows how to attract you! It screams or cries! Why does this attract you? Please dont reply with a generic answer like my baby needs me. Look deeper. What is causing this attraction force that is drawing you to the child? What is the child doing to the energy? Think! All too frequently people react to the childs loud, piercing voice as if its a distraction or an interruption. This, of course, sets up the stress and anxiety of the condition pre-sent, which once you see it correctly (co-erect-lee), you will realize it is you reacting and the child is merely acting. Which just happens to be acting upon how it feels! Unlike yourself, who is reacting to what you believe is an interruption, when it is really an instruction from Spirit to be of help. Children act on how they feel. Adults react to what


they believe. The question is, Why do adults do this? The answer, Because adults taught you (as the child) to silence your actions, and verbalize your reactions. Not very wise, eh? Now, back to the question. What is the baby/child doing to the energy? Answer: the child is activating the latent Spirit, which you equate to as hearing it. Now, what is really going on is the voice is creating a vortice/vortex in the energy. Imagine the cheerleader shouting into the half-cone (co-in-e) vortex-shaped megaphone (mag-aphone). Our mouth is a mag-na-fying phone (ph-one) or magnifier of sound. Sound is going out of the body, into sp/ace, which is 100% full of the clear, undifferentiated Spirit. This sound travels on the horizontal plane, where it unites with light, which travels on the vertical plane. Spirit combines the light and sound and the invisible magnetism, called feelings, is created. You believe youre reacting to what you hear. But, before it is ever heard, it is felt. Insensitive people will find this hard to believe, so lets illuminate it. Where do you think mothers (some fathers, too) get their intuition? They feel it and do not have to hear it al all! Where does premonition come from? Same place: feelings. Sometimes also seen but always felt in both examples. People are commonly awakened in the night by a tragedy in the family occurring hundreds or even thousands of miles away, and they certainly could not hear it. Especially when it has not yet happened on the physical plane and is still in the energetic plane. Sound and light moving on the whole Spirit has no barriers. Man has, however, created these barriers and it reduces the instantaneous motion to slowed-motion, and onto stopped motion at death. The power of Spirit manifests readily when you are not clouded and confused with illusions that cause doubt, which is why most premonitions happen during the night when youre reacteve, defenseve, and offenseve beliefs are inacteve. Asleep. Subduing the child voice is a major fault, for it makes them afraid to be open and this prevents them from being honest about how they feel. Feeling is the wedded, primeall state of Spirit, called whole (holy). Not being whole causes victims because a person, now an adult, who is afraid (a-frayed) to stand up for his or her own feelings has already fallen down. A place where its very easy to be run over or hurt.


So, where is opportunity found? Created? Maintained? In your ability and willingness to marry (wed) your voice and vision (vision resulting from the words, not preseeding the words). Understand, right after pre-verb-all, your energy got flipped over to reacting, to imagined or actual hurt, harm, pain, rejection, and you begin doing ex/act/ly what your parents were doing to avoid being hurt. (Yes, there are some rare exceptions in the neutral oneness). But, the masses are stuck in be nice, dont fight, or kick em before they kick you. Both sides are reacting to beliefs and illusions, which prevents (stops) them from feeling the reality and acting upon it wholelistically. Reacting is always a biass and it is triggered by the repulsion energy that is the flipped-over energy of repelling reality by reacting to it. Beliefs are lies. Feelings are the truth. Beliefs trap you. Feelings free you. Life is full of feeling and sensitivity. Death is full of numbness and not caring. Its your choice and you have the keys now. Let yourself go down or let yourself come up. Thats all there is to optic-tune-it-e. It does not require college, grad school, high grades, apprenticeships, or endless study. Because study gathers facts and diepolemas; while feelings attract knowledge and vitality. Knowledge is doubt-less and facts are doubt-full. You make your own opportunity because you learn how to. Chasing it only teaches you how fast it can run away, and how tired you get chasing it. So be it.


Illusion Mastery

Mastery is not about fixing what you see as a problem. Seeking to correct, fight, fix, or cure what you believe is wrong with you, or others, is not about mastery. Why? Because anything you put your focus on to change, no matter how good and noble or mean and vicious it may be, is cosmically flawed. It is flawed because of what you do not see, but feel, thats driving it! Which is I dont like this, about him/her, the law, the disease, the plea, or the lack of respect, caring, effort, attention, etc., being given to this believed to be deplorable condition. Ask what is in your mind, driving you to fix the unwanted condition, which you are feeling uncomfortable about and therefore, want to change, fix, fight, or kill, etc. What is in your mind is the focus and viewpoint you are holding onto and embracing with certainty as the solution to the deplorable dislike you feel needs fixed. You feel it because your mind is stuck on it. What your mind is stuck on becomes your absolute need and desire because you are embracing, holding, even loving it into being part of your reality. When you believe anything and lock onto it, you are giving it your attention. What you give your attention to grows and becomes reality. It does this because you are holding that portion (port eye on) of the mentall mirror perfectly still so it is open to the Spirit and it is manifesting. In short, what you align yourself to, influences you! You believe it is manifesting against your will because you do not like it, or want it, in your life. This is why you then think, I have to fix this! Then, you run out to the first physical possibility and ignore the connection to the cause in your mind, which is your focal cord connecting you to what you do not like. Masters do not look at what they do not like because they know the influence is detrimental (debt try mental) to them. So, it doesnt work and you finally realize it. So, you go to something different. After many failures, you still have problems and cant figure out whats causing them. This frequently adds to ones confusion and slows the person down and even demobilizes him/ her. This is not all bad, because the person hell bent on fixing problems is not thinking clearly, therefore, creating way too much busy-ness for their own good. So, the slow-


down, even though dreaded, is an opportunity to see the real need, instead of following the supposed need, which is not working. No problem, no disease, and no discomfort in your life is coming from others or existing conditions right now! It is coming from you. All disease and discomfort come from stuck points in your mind. Earlier writing on this subject called it the split focus! Your incomplete success at physicall rejuvenation, thus mastery, is coming directly from these stuck points. By using the language, stuck points versus split focus, you can more easily see how the light and sound are behaving. Stuck points are old options (opticall eye ons) you elected (electrified), and in so doing, created an open circuit (sir cut) for its manifestation. Any electric circuit flowing creates a magnetic field around it. It is this magnetic field that creates the conditions and circumstances needed to create it in reality. This same life energy in creation also causes tumors (two more is) when it is cut or split into two or more paths (illusions) that converge and intersect at the same viewpoint. Voila! A tumor grows. It is the magnetic field that attracts and/or repels reality. Every influence, stimulation, or inspiration is occurring to you because of your mindset. The mindset pattern develops your reality, positively or negatively. The clear mind or totally open mind develops the same positive/negative energy into the unified pair of positive and negative! The p/airing of positive/negative is attraction and you feel love. The mindset that holds them apart (separate/split/divided) is creating repulsion, and you feel hatred. Love is white. Hate is red. The co-lore range, the degrees of openness to closeness is what determines the color, angle, and amplitude, of ones divinity. Amperage is I (eye) am per age. Age is not older as it is believed. Age is the aggregation of energy or E. Thus, AG-E is the accumulation of excess material or matter in the body, which causes two distinct conditions, a lack of tone and a loss of light. This causes the body to lose its vitality and immunity. Why? Because the loss of mental clarity at birth is diminishing. As the body begins to clog up, it also begins to heat up. This causes excess pressure within and you find yourself anxious or stressed. This gives rise to doubt and questions start filling the mind. Soon enough the mind is filled with all kinds of answers, to all kinds of questions, which result in confusing conditions and equally confusing experiences. Your child-like clarity has become adult-e-rated


cloudiness. Fixing this is where the fighting begins, internally and exturnally, and aging starts setting in. The more you cloud the mind with beliefs, illusions, opinions, biases, prejudices, dislikes, dependency, subservience, or authority over self, others, or conditions, the more of the whole light you shut off. The more you decide between one action versus another action, the more dense the body gets. You are squeezing the life out of the embodiment and dont even realeyes it. Believing your beliefs is the cause of all misery and unnecessary suffering. Why do you do this? Because you were taught to and did not know it was not in your best interest. This un-civil-lie-zation teaches people to die and how to go to the death of the body. This book teaches you how to erase and re-verse the mental patterns to die by, and create the mentall pattern to live by, which causes more life to gradually fill the body versus less life leaving it. When levity is replacing gravity, it is impossible to get sick, have accidents, or suffer. Because choice (your will, freed) is not trapped in in-decision, which removes you from all either/or consequences and free will is truly able to be chosen and experienced. At this point, faith and hope are long gone and have been replaced with the truth of knowing. This occurs because you have learned to charge up your body with the energy of life: Spirit (spear it). The act of spearing it is the role of speaking it into existence! Rather than worrying, then working, in an attempt to fix it. Think! Working did not cause your clouds, confusion, worry, disease, etc. So, how can it possibly be the cure for it? The only cure for anything is to change the cause of it, not wrestle with the symptoms, effects, and/or circumstances it causes. This is why dieting, exercising, and working for more money can never cure the cause of the condition. Its very easy to look at people who have altered the physique in appearance and believe the diet or exercise cured the condition. It did not. The anchored, locked into focus changed the appearance, but did not necessarily change the mind into the allowing state of receiving the power of the whole Spirit. Because the forced effort to diet, exercise, or work is projection, not reception. Life is always maintained by the reception, and allowing it to manifest freely from within. Forced effort is the sole possession of engaging in outer activity, not engaging in inner-activity. So be it.


Illusion Gods Will and Mans Will

This illusion has always been positioned in mans mind as a question, as much as the assumption that many possess, which declares there is only Gods will. Then to clarify this, may we ask you if you are at one with God in Spirit, isnt your will and his will identical (eye dent eye call)? Meaning, the same? Now, given what weve taught thus far if we have not lost you to your beliefs (be lie ifs), is it accurate to say the neutral Spirit is also a neutral will until lit is activated? Who is doing that activating? You are! So, as simple as it can possibly be put, your will is Gods will. If this were not true, then you would not have free will, which you obviously do and so does everyone else. Anyones misuse of it to create unwanted circumstances (sir come stand see is) does not refute or cancel (can sell) its existence. The consternation about this grew out of the will itself. Just like past and future grew out of now. The will grew out and into mans versus Gods. Close the focal lens on it and it is our will - Gods and mans - together. Period! We said before, God is neutral. He does not think for you; you think for him, to which he responds. This is the mother/calling/father together! All of physical form, no matter which gender, is the mother side of the father/mother/offspring (child of reality) procreation process. Once huemans see through the illusions, they will see that procreation is not limited to male/female species having intercourse. Procreation begins in the mind and the thoughts we use. Unknown to most of mankind, thoughts have gender, too. There are male and female thoughts. Its not difficult to see this when you consider projected thought and receptive thought. Now, the trick is to use it correctly, which you are doing by learning to impregnate Spirit with new (see d) vibrations. Man can not be influenced against his will! Why? Because the only place will exists is between huemans and Spirit. There is no such thing as will-powering others, or using will power to tame ones own behavior. Thats influence, coercion, manipulation, conning, bribing, or forms of rewards and incentives. It is not will. Will can only be given to Spirit, from you. So, when you believe you are using will power, you are


actually using self-induced force. Unless you already know how to use what is in this text. In which case you would not have been drawn to it, for Spirit is, after all, all knowing and it would know if you dont need this! So, as the reader, accept the truth of your Spiritual guidance and look for what your Spirit is saying you need to know! And, whos saying this? You are! When your Spirit is saying look at this, it is you looking for the information you need. It is always you. Always. For you create it by yearning, desiring, wishing, hoping, and finally, learning to be what you seek! Your will is Gods will. So be it.


Illusion Behavior

This is perhaps one of the most fascinating illusions because it arouses the intellect and the emotion both! Then, when we try to understand behavior, ours or others, theres considerable mystique, aggravation, or yearning, to figure it out! Behavior is not a physically caused reality. It is a thought-caused reality. So, theres always a mental pattern driving it. It does not stand on its own. Which is why the same action, happening to others, causes very different reactions from them. How can the reactions to an identical cause, be so varied if the cause (action) is not triggering an in-place memory? Memories that vary, sometimes dramatically, between people. I am very sensitive to some intrusions/distractions and people around me are totally immune to them. It took a long time to understand how this could be. But once it came to me it made sense and it birthed the understanding of the mind being a private individualized state and a public collective mass-mind state. What people do with these is use them as filters and classifiers to arrange the thought and experience into information that will fit into their personal attitudes and beliefs. So, reaction, behaviorally speaking, causes nothing. It only sorts things into order or disorder, believe or dont believe, like or dont like, etc. When this dawns on people, they will see why/how people behave is secondary to how they think! Once society can see what behavior (be-have-your) (be-have-eye-or) is doing when its operating without any guidelines or limits, or with too many of them, the aspiration of the healer will never seek to change behavior(s) as a means of healing. Because all behavior will be known to be caused by what the individual is holding in his or her mind. Then, relating to it emotionally, so it fits the pattern (matrice) held within, which sets the body into motion, being what it is being, physically. Be it good or bad, it is always coming from the mind set. This is why 3-step, 5-step, or 12-step programs of recovery and the practice of administering tranquilizers, muscle relaxers, and anxiety blockers can not create new life. All they are doing is moving the energys existing pathway to a different pathway. The


symptoms and side-effects change, but the cause of the problem(s), seated in the mind, remains untouched. Mentioned previously, this is also why exercise and diet, which are nothing more than altering behavior patterns, do not change the mental pictures that cause imbalanced behavioral reactions to inturnall causes. To change behavior you have to change how you see life being. And the role you play out needs to fit the feelings you desire to have. This is accomplished by learning to manage and use thought correctly, not by changing behavior. Thought controls behavior, behavior does not control thought! Keeping this knowledge in your conscious awareness will guide you to check with your thoughts and examine what youre saying. Remember, you repel love by hating anything or anyone in your thoughts. At the same time you attract reality that you hate. Life is conveyed, or rejected, in the very words you say. Words that create totally unbiased, magnetic feelings, and these attract the reality, good or bad. Think of your words as a generator for lifes vitality or deaths disease that you can choose how to use, and receive exactly what you want. Got it? So be it.


Illusion The physical senses

At the inception of our teaching, we were clear that rejuvenation (your own personal resurrection) is a new way of creating life anew, not fixing (old) already existing problems. Which, of course, are the perceptions you insist on keeping at all costs, even though they end your life. The physical senses (since-is) (sins-is) are misplaced awareness (a-wear-ness) and sincerity (sin-sear-it-e) towards life. Why? Because they do not stem from life in balance, they stem from life in the dual senses, or our split estate of good versus bad imbalance. The appetites for any and all physical activity and indullgences of all kinds is misplaced (life) focus. Then, anxiety starts pushing your buttons. Anxiety is excess light, anstroms, in your body. It is light bouncing from one point to the other, mirroring reality, not directing reality. So, when you stop doing anything because you feel stuck, you soon notice your energy going into a search mode, or wandering around seeking mode. As if to say it is hunting for what it wants or needs. In this state of mind, absolute satisfaction is missing and contentment is lacking. My first anxiety today was the impulse to go get some wine to drink. Then, comes the food, go out and get something to eat. Then, the boredom and anxiety urging me to go find something to do! So, on went the computer and now Im writing. This is a driven state, not a directed state. Man has two states of being: still and active. When the active is running your show, you are not running it. So you seek to satisfy the urges coming out of the impulses (i-am-pull-see-is). (I went and had some peanut butter and crackers, and milk which slowed the urge by blocking it, so I am satisfied for a while). But, we all know this does not continue and the urge comes back. The driven state creates reaction to our beliefs, but it does nothing to nullify and neutraleyes the state of mind its coming from. When the mind is still, then energy flows through it and creates the feeling of experiencing it now. When the mind is active, the energy can not be experienced here


and now, because it is running the energy out and into the physical activity: the future or past, positive or negative, attitude. Still states of mind observe and feel reality, then move on it. Active states do not feel and only sinse/sense, which is the sensing of positive accepting or negative rejecting! Which is reactive, no matter which side it moves to, good or bad, right or wrong. This is the side of life (the way we live now) that takes us down and into the grave via the continual gravity, maintaining excesseve pressure on our bodies. Stopping time by getting into the whole Spirit (here and now), mentally and emotionally, also lifts gravity off the body and you feel lighter, better and at ease. This is levity. In levity the cells are freed to the balance point and you feel joyous, liberated and in control. Chasing, pursuing, and working to make life better, actually makes it worse, because levity is only found in the neutral, still state of mind. Which running around, physically, in hopes of finding a place, or someone, so you feel better cant cause! Active wont create still. Its the senses (sin-c-is) youre trying to block, thus, extinguish and cant because they are the fuel of the fire driving you. And what are you doing? Youre adding them, the fuel, which just keeps the fire(s) going. So, you cant put out a fire that creates heat and pressure inside you - by always adding more fuel to it! There is no way to extinguish dis-ease by using dis-ease to end it. So, the cure is for dis-ease is?? Ease! Stop! Did you let your mind agree with that? If you did, you have not learned what you need to learn to change your way of life to your way of life! Think! What have we taught you? Disease is a bad biass. So, ease is nothing more than a good biass. They are both byasss. The a-by-ass you fall into and gravity wont let you out of! NEUTRAL NEUTRAL NEUTRAL.

Plant this in your mind. It is the zero state, by the numbers, or (0) zero, without 1, 2, 3! Thats neutral and it has to precede motion and activity or you are not getting into the Spirit. The mind has to stop and rise up through neutral (zero) to get above (+) activity and (-) reactivity, that every physical sense is composed of! The trinity of life is created by dividing the letter M of the alphabet. M is the motion/mother (motehere). She is entered by Spirit continually until we move our male (may-l) energy out, so


we are no longer engaged in the sensual appetites (dual state). Motion, the mother of life, begins at A letter and 1 the number, then B, C, D, etc. The mote is a ring or circle, which is only present in physical life. When we withdraw our male projection energy from her, she returns to oneness, as the ring, like a donut made of water instantly closes the hole (access). S is Spirit/sound, and it is a dual state in physical life. It is the right ear and left ear of saying and of hearing (<-->). The moment you still the mind, it closes the shades and stops the light (the male (+) side). Now, in neutral, when you yell, shout, speak, say to the neutral Spirit, because the male energy is not moving, the sound collapses back into itself, so does motion. Now, there is a sirface thats perfectly still, non-moving. It is the motion/mother in the calm mirror state you call m. Now, the mirror of the mind, in its stillness, is put into motion. The motion of your choice, piercing (pie are ring) the surface from below to above (up), opens the mirror and (vision) the light comes through it, into you, the stilled, totally dark soul (so-you-all), and it in-light-ins you! You feel the fathers warm (double you-arm, one + and one -) light within you! Its moving, enthusing, lifting, balancing, and loving beginning in your choice, vessel, chalice, body, blended and co-mingled, becomes reality. The chaotic senses have no way of creating because mankind has not (yet) learned to tame (t-am-e) the beast (be-as-it) inside that only wants to fight, fix, defend, attack, and cause more disturbance and, in a vain attempt, us avoidance or more disturbance (the fuel) to try and stop whats bugging you. How can you create quiet, comfortable states by attacking or avoiding? You cant! Taming the beast is to neutraleyes then direct the Spirit, not disturb it with more disturbances. Nor can you ignore the impulses/stimuli (stim-you-lie) that sets up the cravings from the senses. The only way OUT of the physical, sensual appetites (a-pet-tights) is to go IN (opposite of out), so the verse (what youve said to get you where you are now) is reversed, oriented differently to create the cause of the new chosen reality. Which dematerialeyes the old and materialeyes the new. Now, the past and the future have merged (married) into the neutral now and here (know and hear).


This is why changing our mental pictures has to be done by literally going in the dark room of our consciousness and calling the light foreword into being (what we want to see by choice). Without going into this closet (dark) to pray (p-ray) you can not attract (only) the light of choice. We all know light leaking in our photo film ruins the picture. To direct (pray) amiss is to fail to go IN, from your OUT position. This is why so much praying is being so ineffective. Imagine how many prayers are said (s-aid) each day by millions of devout citizens to insure peace and well-being, yet there is not real peace in people. Why? Because the prayers are issued into the OUTer confusion (light/good versus dark/evil) of the active mind. When they need to be issued INto the still, neutral mind of the IN-her clarity. Which is your mental (me-in-it-all) mirror. The same my/tho/logical mirror they called the magic mirror. So, when the individual learns to pray and direct Spirit correctly, the dependence upon the physical senses begins to diminish and lessen. The heated, hurry, worry, have to have it energy ceases to motivate you and lifes busyness wanes. While the sense of direction, appropriate activity, and overall enrichment flourishes without the forced efforts of a sense driven world. Your betterment is cooled and inspired by Spirit, so it lifts you up and above the troubled waters of the over-active mind, still stuck in division, confusion, and chaos. This sounds backwords, because heat always rises. It is not backwards, because heat is not released from the body in excess exertion, emotional turmoil, or friction producing activity, when it is mated/joined to Spirit. Why? Because it is self-contained in the body. So, like a heated (inside) balloon, the body is literally being lifted up and lighter in weight and in color. This occurs with increasing density! This is the quickening of the life force and levity overcomes gravity. At this point you are totally free of the earthly bonds and can leave or stay here, by choice. So be it.


Illusion Love

Any physical thing or person that we look at and it feeds us with approval is not connected love. It is disconnected because the appearance and appeal are creating a codependence on how it looks, not on how you feel! The objects of divided Spirit is feeding you, not the whole Spirit. All physical forms are one positive and one negative. Once you start entering Spirit more often and deeper, the truth starts becoming more apparent, which is feeling life, and the love of self surrounding life, is void of any and/or all conditions to base how you feel on it! Physical approval and/or acceptance from self or others is totally unnecessary. Look at the reason this is true. When you feel you need approval from others, or yourself, you are seeking to overcome or extinguish your own disapproval. The nature of real love of self is the fact that you never have to question it, and look out for approval from others. You are always what you feel you are and if that love of self is not felt, its because youve got your mind hot-wired to a belief/illusion thats short circuiting the whole Spirit. This drives the mechanisms of affection and romance, the split-emotions that are not whole feelings. When youre still stuck in wanting to feel loved and you start searching for a project, partner, or some place where you will feel accepted, then you are not whole connected. If you were whole/wholly connected to life, love would be present. Obviously, love is not present if your mind is looking for it! In the un-whole state it is very easy to get sucked into and stuck in, the positive pole emotions of admiration, affection, and romancing. Lets look at this phonetically. Admire says add-mire. Why would we want to add mire and get bogged down in it? (The relationship to unworkable deals, associations, lovers, etc.) Affection is the mild or positive side of infection. Again, being infected with something is also to be mired down in it. Sex is an obligation, duty, activity when you are infected and affectionate about it. Yes, it feels good, but using it for relieving inturnall pressure is not a feeling of love, its a feeling of relief. Now, romancing. It is a state of roaming, where the mind seeks and fantasizes to engage in. The heat they produce is the stimulation of seeing the light and


not having the whole light. It does not pass through the body, it stays stuck in it. This is why romance seeks a target or victim to project itself on, in a vain attempt to prove to self or others how virile one is. Virility is to rile self up, and project it on others. When the energy build-up is not easily vented, the person uses the same energy in other activities. All are crutches for a lack of feeling love. Consider the act of going shopping. It is a roaming activity, looking for that special something to have, use, or possess. Thats exactly what romance seeks. And guess what? Its not just a woman thing! Men do it, too. Go look in the garage or office and its got to have the tool for the job. So, when men buy its to provide for the family. Right? And when women buy, its frivolous goodies to enhance appearance. Yeah? NO. Let me share my story with you. For years and years I was positive it took money to make money. Which tied neatly into how this money should be used, to create more money. That meant buying things and employing people, etc. This does not sound like romancing, but it is! Why? Because in this society, giving away money is seen as absurd. So, if you want money, you have to romance the person(s) who have it into liking you so they will part with it. Now, this is where all common sense flies out the window and you dont realize it until you get trapped in it! Lenders and buyers dont care what you are like, they care about the way the numbers line up. If the numbers work out in their mind, you get the money or the deal. This is very easy to do. But, paying it back or producing the product is not so easy. This leads to getting more money, and more things, and more people. This process never stops unless you wake up and stop trying to impress others so you will feel loved! And stop buying into the illusion that spending your energy is not how you get your energy. Mankind is the dying proof of this statement! I strongly recommend you understand this. You cant buy love. Feelings are not for sale and never will be! Now, lets examine the language of love. It is frequently stated that one falls in love. How can you fall into love? Ever hear of being head-over-heals in love? Or all wrapped up in someone? Or totally enamored with someone? Or the love/hate


relationship, then theres the axiom of being in heat, not in love. Why is this parade (paraid) of thinking so locked into the idea you have to have love? Why is it you cant live with it or without it? Listen, being in-armor is a very self-protecteve state. And, honestly, only fools fall in love. This topsy-turvy ride thats described as love is not love, its the decimateuplifting, freeing and liberating, and it can be. But, not when an individual sees it into a disaster before they ever encounter it in reality. So, you do not fall in love! You trip yourself, divide yourself, and believe its going to get you love. No wonder you hide from it and doubt that its even possible. All youve created in your magnetic, feminine, receiving side of life is an attraction of what you do not want. Well then? Heres a recipe for coming to grips with what love really is. The first ingredient is, stop saying, I love you! Second ingredient, start saying, I am in love with you. Now, stir in some basic understanding of why and how this is true, and it makes a lovely serving of life. We can not love or hate each other. When we say we can, we are also energetically conveying the other polarity. We can only judge life to be a loving or hatefull state, which we feel as love or hate. So, each of us creates our own feelings, apart from what the other person is creating. Therefore, two or more people creating love are in love together. And, they are with each other by being in agreement: this is love! It is never you are love, because the environment of love comes from the whole Spirit moving through your mind that becomes the feeling of love. Man has severed love by cutting it into dozens of behaviors. Behaviors that are, in turn, implying love, but never actually being in love, so love is felt. Verbal expression implying love, is not what love is. Saying, I love you, is just a rule or order, to pacify the lack of feeling it. There are no rules about love and/or being loved. For rules are divisions in the mind that stop feelings, instantly. This is why men and women need to stop looking for love in all the wrong places. More shoes, hats or dresses will not impress a real man. Nor will the boys toys and tools impress a real woman. Thats it. Thats how it is. So be it.


Illusion Prophecy

Prophecy served its purpose, for man was not yet ready for the epoch journey now beginning. What journey? Writing our own script and creating our own history (his story) by using the power of life, our thoughts, to determine our destiny. We are closing a cycle of separation that lasted for centuries. As it closes in 2012, the polarity of our ruling forces will flip over. Our authority based follow the leader systems will not be our focus any longer. We, the people, are seeing the fallacies of the world leaders who are running off the road and expecting us to do the same. Individual wisdom says just because congress fights with each other, doesnt mean I have to join the fray. Just because religion says this is the way, doesnt mean there is not another way. Just because we are taxed for earnings, doesnt mean we cant stop earning. We need not elaborate (e labor rate) the turmoil present in every segment of society. It is already evident. What is not evident (eve i dent) is the new role/roll being played out by the individuals who belong to the silent majority. These are the people you do not see plastered all over the headlines. We are the minority agents within the majority you call the followers, or voters; the working class. This is important to know because it is the working class that supports all the others. So, once the working class is taught to write their own script and live their own life, much of the administration now in charge of government, corporations, churches, medicine, etc. will be looking for new jobs, or rejoin us and allow Spirit to support them, also; the working class wont continue to be forced to support what is not working! What does prophecy (profit see) have to do with this? Everything! Why? Because prophecy (pro fit see) is the ability to see beyond the physical senses and beyond manmade laws. A prophet is a pro. A pro can fit what is seen into it proper place. To say, where it pro-vide(os) freedom for us! All of us! The prophecy of tomorrow is here, now! But it is not the Armageddon, apocalypse, doomsday, Y2K stuff envisioned by those still caught in the gap of good versus bad. It is the resurgence of free will choice, put into use. The world is trying to collapse choice. They will fail.


Religions are at the top of the list when it comes to promoting the doomsday, fearbased doctrine. Doctrine (doctor in e) that is not valid now! Why? Because the gap is closing and the horrors are losing their grip on us. Gradually (grade you all e) the hueman race is moving away from its impotence to it potency. Thats where the new potent individual comes into play. He/she will demonstrate the power and miracle (mirror call) of life in the whole Spirit. The chosen few, said to be 144,000, will change this world, for each one of them will be a Christ. Seeing this will change the fabric of every being alive today, for then every biased religion will have to give up their illusions. This is very powerful stuff because religions hold a grip and sway on the entire globe. The world marketeers could take some lessons on persuasion from the religionists. They are geniuss at creating the follow the leader mentality. Sadly, they do not see it for the major flaw it is in the design programs they promote. Of course (co you are see), they will because it is also here now. If it were not here now, you would not even be able to find it in the printed format. This is the new focus coming from those who are seeing new avenues of reality for us that do not include the dualities of love versus hate. These are the true prophets and you are one of them. We are all seers. We always have been. Weve just ignored it. But no longer is it being ignored. We are waking up from our follow the leader lethargy (let her gy). It is all changing and we the people are in charge of it, even though the outer world still says otherwise! The manuscripts presented here have no copyrights, no bar codes, no formal distribution systems, and no ratings. They are public domain, worldwide. Do as you choose with them. I got them from Spirit, for free. But the people who possess the mediums/conduits for me to get them to you, charge me. This is part and parcel of why we do not choose to protect this (or any) information. We want this to be self-leveling. In doing this, the support needed to maintain distribution will flow in as needed. The person(s) who seek to license, sell their souls to the buyers. Furthermore, if I have to trust mankind for my welfare, then obviously Ive misplaced my trust in the whole Spirit: creator. Plus, laws regulate commerce (come merge see) and if you look closely at commerce, you will see how it creates stealing, theft and fraud. Its truly impossible to steal what someone gives you. Put this in your mind and let it show you


how the thief (the if) was born and how our systems today actually support stealing, deception, and hiding of information that could, and would, benefit mankind greatly, if it were not highly regulated to benefit the few. Thats why there are numerous inventors and scientists today that, in spite of their brilliance, are terrified about sharing information because they are afraid (a frayed) someone will steal it. Want a prophecy? See our world with zero debt and a credit payment program to every citizen, sufficient to meet every basic need. See it without taxes being needed to support it. Just print the paper and make it redeemable for food, utilities, housing. Create a no frills, no debt, no obligation give-away program. No oversight committees, no welfare checks and balances, no reformations. Just pure grace. Give us the freedom we came here for. For those who still want to seek luxury at the expense of others, let them. But do not let them tax us in labor or in money. Freedom should be the foundation of all reality. Then those who want to play monetary chess games can do so without forcing us to play against our will. With this kind of program, it makes no difference what kind of government you have because you have freedom. Not endless, useless rules and regulations forcing people to work when they dont want to, which by the way, adds to disease and dying because of its insistent pressure. Hey, who could steal our credit rating if we do not have one? Money today is a world banking monopoly. It rules our government and we are imposed upon to pay for it. Personally, the excuse I so often hear that this is still the best place in the world (america) to live, is a lame duck mentality. Our society is full of unrest, turmoil, and fear. Yet, you have the gall to tell me its the best? Comparatively, yes. Actually, a resounding NO. We can, and we will, have a better, cleaner, quieter, free place to live in. We have no business making plans to go live on Mars when the mars (wounds) weve created here are still open sores. The mental ulcers here have no place there, wherever people choose to believe there is! We have to create prophecy with proper priorities. Filling prisons, hospitals, wheelchairs, and coffins like were doing now certainly does not have my vote, and I seriously doubt it has yours. Put your brain to work and create new mental pictures without any of the aforementioned, presently here today, miseries (miser ease). Thats how change starts.


And when another agrees with it, it grows. Dont preach it to create followers. Live it to create an example. They will, in turn, want to change, also, once they see the possibility of it. The books we publish are aimed at this focus. New probabilities, new paths, new freedoms, new ease, new history, new life. So be it.


Illusion Mind: Individual/Collective

This illusion outweighs all the other illusions by a long shot. Why? Primarily because man does not see the two states of mind present in our conscious reality. Theres only the mind and the subconscious mind in general. What confuses this more is mans will and Gods will, which implies they are separate, also. There are two minds and two wills, but only in the duality of physical form where they are assigned the positive/negative connotations. The collective mind or mass mind contains and exhibits the positive versus negative, either/or states. But, the individual mind mated to the whole Spirit does not. Why? Because the mind is bound and closed to what the individual chooses and then directs Spirit to pre-form, providing the person doing the choosing holds fast to his or her choice. The difficulty with almost every person on earth is the habit of letting go of the choice and in just as many cases, believing it wont happen. This is where taking chances and gambling got its foothold, because if the person never believes (knows) its possible, then gambling and risking offers a shot at possibility, even though it is a huge, huge long shot. This happens because people do not know how to use choice to create the unified individual mind, apart from the collective mind, and in as much, free of its chaotic, separated, always in turmoil state. Man is trying to control the worlds collective mind by wanting to fix and fight every issue (is-you). This is totally unnecessary once mankind re-learns how to use free-will choice to create brand new solutions. Then, no one has to fight a problem because there is no problem! Right now, mankind is so riled up and stewing over their personalized beliefs, the pot often boils over. You have to turn down the heat and pressure to control and regulate the collective mind. IT CAN NOT BE CONTROLLED, because it is designed to consume what life is finished using. Get real. Reason this. Many teachings tell you to still your mind. Supposedly, meditation and visualization does this. Well, heres the dichotomy (die-caught-o-me) of this, its not connected! Watch, watch, watch and watch


some more and nothing comes of it! You have to direct the show, which you are not doing when youre sitting there watching it! Furthermore, you trying to still or stop your mind from running while it is still out there, is like a single rain drop stopping a hurricane! Because the collective mind is made up of billions of souls. How is one mind in all of that going to move it? Its not! This is precisely why you have to use the Spirit of life to create life from what life is: CHOICE! Choice keeps your individualized mind out of the chaos of the collective mind. Then, with enough individuals thinking clearly, the collective is not in the priority position of influence like it is now, which occurred because man tried to fix what was not wrong. The collective mind has to be a part of reality, but it should not be lived in. Choice is what we are supposed to live in. Okay. Perhaps this clarifies what scripture says about living in the world but not being a part of it. Keep your choices intact and the ideal (eye-deal) will come forward if you tell it to! So, tell Spirit youre all ready, so it comes into being. So be it.


Illusion Hearing

We connect to the word hearing as something our ears do. Certainly this is true and the word itself verifies this. Hearing is h-earing, or he-are-ring, ear being the root word. However, hearing has a two-fold function in life very few people know about. First, there are two words with the exact same sound and different spellings. They are hear/here. Here is her-e, so the gender is changed from he-ar(e) to her(e). One is positive polarity and one is negative polarity. One is Spirit (positive) and the other is form (negative). What you hear becomes what is here on mother ear-th! With this in mind its not too difficult to realize the father (fat-her) of life speaks and the mother of life hears. So, we huemans have the fathers voice and the mothers ears, or the surrounding of sound. Which we regulate and delegate with the decree of the tongue, supposed to be, according to scripture, the most unruly of all the members which the body has. And what does the tongue control? Our words and the tone they are issued (is-you-d) forth with! And, how many people handle their words with loving care and spiritual consideration? Not enough! What are the two-fold functions of hearing? Communication and/or creation. So, belief-driven or illusion driven communication is frequently used to bring about change and all it really does is bring about a reaction to a desired change, but not the change itself! Why? Because change only occures (o-see-cures) when the voice and sound it expresses is used to create, not just communicate. The problem with someone hearing about a resolution, no matter how appropriate it may be, is found in this fact. The sound went out and not in! So, at this point, sound is either communicating or creating, and it is ALL based on which direction (you) the sender (of lifes choice) sends it! So, the truth about the tongue being an unruly member is not an accurate statement, because the tongue/mouth follows the order it gets from the mind and the brain, fires the connection across the synapses, and the motor senses follow suit. Now, its time to coin a word/phrase to help identify the direction the sound is going. So, in this dialogue we will call the sound of creation in-hearing. This is the


voice of the father (+) being thought or spoken, verbally or non-verbally, into the ears, void of any other audience. Its the act of self-talk, self-instruction, and self-directed intension! Its what all children do, instinctively, until the parents and others condemn (con-dim) it to death. Little do parents realize when they want their kids to look prim and proper, but never be heard (herd) from, they are condemning the child to a death sentence, not a life sentence (sent-ten-us)! Robbing the voice is the stealing of the father of life! So, so? So, this stops life, by dividing it into believing prim and proper precedes being heard, while hearing connects and believing disconnects. The father-less family is quite common in your society. Do you see the connection to how many kids are told not to use the fathers energy? Then bitch about the fathers not being here (hear) (heard)! This is a call to connect! Wake up! Hundreds and thousands of divorces are caused by teaching children not to use their voice, the fathers voice of life! A voice the mother does not hear, feeling-wise, so she does not respond! What good is a mother with no feeling, because her feeling side of hearing is cut off? Being cut off from her own child because she (or he) is not allowed to speak up? This is why mothers abandon children and rear children with no love for them. They cant physically love what they are divided from spiritually, because the in-tone-ment was severed by believing what others said and not listening to the voice of life (God) that comes through them! Heres the real way. If it dont feel right, it aint right! So, stop doing it just because its the in thing to do. Thats crap and crapola. Hear, listen, speak, l-ear-n, and grow! Then, life is yours. Ignore the stupidity that says you learn more by listening than you do talking! Listening has NO POWER to create change, but speaking, saying, directing, and instructing does! Providing you direct Spirit, who directs you and others! This is the true meaning of in the beginning was the word, because in-hearing actually changes the frequency of the bodys vibration. In-hearing, using correct words, direction and emphasis, creates lots of power within, which lifts the consciousness up, beyond the earth grounding its doing now, and elevates it to higher levels. This does not eliminate the mother earths energy! It lets it


move up the spine (spin-e) and into the brain so the ductless glands harmonize with the vertigo, and you feel lighter, better, and prepare yourself for the eternalness that ascension is. When it does this, the body lives off of light and sound, which stops it from consuming its own organs, hardening of its vessels, and making the bones brittle. Then, tone and color return, and the cheeks blush and hair lusters. This can not happen if you insist on living by your beliefs and your ill-us-eye-ons because YOU ARE NOT DIRECTING YOU TO LIVE. Youre expecting what others say and do to save you. It hasnt worked before and its not going to work now! Come on gang, its so much easier when we pull to-get-her. Love. P.S. Talk to yourself for yourself to love you! It will. And, in love, you are love. So be it.


Illusion Wanting/Needing

Our world has displaced the real needs with personal wants. This illusion is very easy to see, but not so easy to give up, because we are, quite literally, addicted to wanting. Wanting to have it our own way, wanting to be carried instead of walking on our own, financed, encouraged, married, forgiven, and paid attention to. And, of course, we have to have our toys, gadgets, houses, spouses, cars, clothes, and a hard body. That explains wanting from the affluent side of life, but it is just as imbalanced in the impoverished side of life. I want your food, your money, your support, your charity, and never mind that Im too busy pumping out more kids and, complaining, that I wont take care of myself. And, when you wont help, its not my fault I am where I am. So, Ill escape into my addictions to drugs, alcohol, or insanity, so I can get help or I die, laying guilt (supposedly) on a non-caring society. This positive/negative energy of wanting is a senselessness of oblivion, stuck in the wanting mind! Once mankind sees the futility of always wanting, they can use wanting to want what they actually need! Which is in plain sight, but hidden from view! WANT WHAT YOU NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT! This statement contains the key to every door you choose to open and look into to create life at will. Everybody has been hypnotized, brainwashed, enamored, seduced, and misled by the authority (minority) over us, the majority asleep at the wheel. Be brutally honest with yourself and rock your own boat by asking, then understanding, this! If I do not have what I need to get what I want, then where is it coming from? Study this, ponder this, and let this awaken you so you can see the truth. Ask yourself, again, if I cant give it to myself because I dont have what I need to do so, who will I get it from? How will I get it? Soon you will recognize the truth of this mass delusion that the only way you can get it is to go through THEM! Who is this THEM? It is the banks, brokers, dealers, agents, insurers, lenders, donors, helpers, etc. Its all of the authorities over you. Yes, the politicians, police, teachers, ministers, criminals, thugs, con artists, etc. It is anyone who you allow to deceive or convince you that its their way to get what you want. Why dont authorities over us give us what we


need instead of what we want? Because you wont be their slave once you have what you need to give to yourself. Think about this. Money is paper. Just plain old paper with ink on it. Why do THEY (them), the authorities, have it and we dont? Someone is giving THEM this access to this money. To give us what we need, they should give money to everyone. But, this is the painful truth you have to disconnect your mind from, THEY only give it to those who are willing to be a slave and work for it! Its called your bills, expenses, and debts! As long as the faceless THEM control what you believe is the way to freedom, joy, peace, success, wealth, immortality, and every other want, you will be denied and bereft of ever having what you want, because you are giving away your energy to THEM! Money represents ideas, but ideas and ideals precede money. So, money is not the real need! What is the real need? You trusting your Spirit. The all-knowing energy that will guide you through the maze and out into the freedom of having what you want, without going into monetary enslavement for it! In our forthcoming Book of Resurrection (Book 4), there will be actual historic proof of this reality spelled out in intimate detail. So, each person can get their own abundance, an infinite part of immortality on Earth, and never be enslaved or in debt to do so! That is the real need! Stop wanting things, deals, appearances, and relationships, so your mind is clear enough to see where the treasures of life are! Isnt it obvious that our freedom and happiness is not found in what ensnares and entraps us, to work for it to get it, or to work for it so we can have it? Were speaking of money, of course. Thought regulates money, always! Stop wanting into money, and your internal genie will come up and out of the bottle to serve your needs. Then, you will be known as a genius by others. But, you will still see yourself, as you found yourself to be, at one with the Spirit of life. So be it.


Illusion More about negativity

In Illusions, Book 2, we addressed positive/negative thinking. Were going to open this additional information about the good versus bad with the first paragraph from Book 2. Illusion Positive Thinking is Good, Negative Thinking is Bad

This is another belief pattern that covers up reality and gives us the illusion that good is supreme to bad, or right supreme to wrong. However, the truth of thought materializing (by choice) is correct thought. *CORRECT THOUGHT IS NOT GOOD OR BAD, RIGHT OR WRONG. IT IS THOUGHT THAT MOVES REALITY IN ITS WHOLE STATE, NOT DIVIDED STATE. Thought directed to Spirit for manifestation will come back with a positive and a negative charge, which is what a whole thought is. The physical runs on positive and negative energy in motion. If only positive, or only negative occurred, we would not move. Our core existence is positive/masculine and negative/feminine, not positive versus negative. So, the idea of only one action, based on positive as good over bad, is a deadlock. Because thoughts have gender, they interlock and align, or they hit head on and collide. *Weve highlighted the sentences above to show you how mankind divides whole thought into biased divisions. Divisions which hold the mind in bondage (bond age) to the belief (an illusion) that good is right and bad is wrong! Heres the source of all by/asss, pre-judging, and be-lieing energy within the good versus bad or right versus wrong issues. This includes believing alike or believing unalike, because all beliefs (not actual knowledge) are ass-umed knowledge. Because it is divided from the whole state of mind and then held, open or closed, in the divided state of mind it causes problems, not solutions. The true source of prejudices and biases is found in a lack of knowledge about how life is created. But, we are taught that prejudices are created by discrimination.


Discrimination is not the cause of biass/racism/prejudice. Why? Because supposition turned into superstition! Look at the word discrimination. It is dis-crime-eye-nation. No one can dis-crime a crime! But, you are led to believe you can. Now, let us show you why you cant! First, it is the way YOU NOW SEE YOUR THOUGHTS BEHAVING thats causing the crime (see-rim-e) of discrimination (an arm of decision and indecision of the either/or trap). If you are not seeing how your thoughts are creating reality, good and bad, then your supposition (assuming) that youre doing it right is wrong. This is glaringly visible when your present lack of understanding about life is pushing you or attracting you into conflicts, disagreements, and fighting. When youre not in conflict, its not as obvious. But, youre then in a co-dependent condition and the division in the mind is still there doing damage to your body. Second, look at physicall life and its on-goingness. There has to be an orderly process that keeps all of this energy developing into our diversity and our sameness within diversity. Then, its simple to comprehend that this order is arranged specifically and intentionally by some design. What people are not taught is this, Design is how you think, which creates what you think! It is science, not supposition! Or, you would not have a con-science (co-in-science). Ponder this until it sinks in, because what we say next will make this fit perfectly. Then, you will see the truth of how the energy of thought is being misdirected! Literally. Third, were taught there are four directions, north, south, east, and west. This is not correct, its right, but not correct! There are four directions (the correct part), but there are 2 more (the incorrect part) not included in the directions. They are up and down, re: levity and gravity. Now, without knowing this and using it, we are unable to move up, where levity lifts us and we get lighter. Lighter in weight, and lighter in color. Then, being in this less densified state, gravity does not grind us to dust and put us in our grave. So, mankinds thoughts are trapped above or below the whoreizonetall equator, right in the middle of our spiritual/physicall state. This side to side plane is very slippery and movement on it is very easy. Why? Youre not encountering and causing the gravitational down-pressure that the body feels when you use effort to go up beyond it.


So, the trick to effortless levitation is not found in up-pressure, or down-pressure, it is found in neutraleyesing these two forces we live in already. Earth floats effortlessly and weighs nothing (zero) in its suspended state, the neutral state, between the up direction and the down direction. We are in that energy field because we are on Earth. Now, this applies directly to how we think and how we think directly affects it: the up/down energy flow. The one disease and one cause in our introduction is needing to be accepted and understood by society because then the one cure becomes instantly available TO END ALL DISEASE WORLD WIDE. To create this dis-ease-less life it has to be a frictionfree life. Where does all friction start? In the mind! So, where do we change the cause of the friction? In the mind! The religions teach about crossing the veil between Spirit and the body. But, what they have not realized yet is exactly what that veil is! Are you pondering? Are you thinking? Are you connecting? Nor have they realized how to get through it, intentionally and consciously! Well, what is that veil? Weve already told you what it is. Look back and think. Got it? Good. The veil is the equator of the Earth that separates up from down. No! No! No! Dont say, it separates the north pole from the south pole. NORTH IS NOT UP AND SOUTH IS NOT DOWN. This misperception has to be stopped, as it retards the thought process by eluding that its only a linear process. Its a unilateral (uni-ladder-all) process, also, which is why in our introduction we also talked about not reading (re-ad-ing) vertically, with the horizontal reading now taught. In Book 4 (not yet ready) there will be far more details about this energy. For now it will suffice to say this, Your alphabets are not linear, they are circular and spherical. Nor are your numbers just linear. They are vertical and diagonal. Which, if you use common sense, has to be correct because we live in a 3-D world and theres no way a linear-only path can be connected to 3-D, and then 3-D to arcs, curves, and spheres, unless what is being said here is correct. It seems that we have strayed from the topic of this article, negative thinking as being bad, and moreover, that negative experiences are terrible (tear-able) and never bring good with them.


So, fourth in this discussion, we need to see what and where the negative reality exists. So, we can see it is not bad, in and of itself, because it is still a creative force. Albeit (all-be-it) not a whole force. Therefore, the positive (pose-it-eve) alone (all-one) is not a whole force either! So, if youve followed what weve shown you, its easy to realize negative thought is below our equator/veil/horizontal plane. Does this make it bad? No. And if the positive thought is above the equator, does that make it good? No. Now, what you feel is directly connected to where your focus is aimed! Because all that your perception will let into your mind (to recognize) is what you are seeing. Which is a diabolical twist of fate, because what you see is located above the horizontal equator in your con-science-ness! So, what you see is locked in up and the negativity of the thoughts (sound you hear) are locked down, below the veil/equator. So, you feel elated when the focus is up and you feel depressed when the focus is down. The feeling, being magnetic, attracts what appears in the duality of physicall life, the good or the bad. To stop the division between the upper and lower horizontal planes, you have to call on the Spirit. Why? Because physical density will not penetrate the veil. But Spirit passes through it with ease, because it is the tiniest of tiny particles (part-eye-calls). But, unless you neutralize your opinions, attitudes, biases, prejudices, beliefs, and illusions, which are the diagonal (die-a-gone-all) arms of the numbers in 3-D, the Spirit will not readily pass through these numb-ers. Why? Because numbers are light-based reflections of attitudes (at-it-twod) you hold. An attitude creates only odd numbers. As such, light as only odd (g-odd) and even divided numbers, cant get a mate, with even, because attitudes (at-it-two-d) is two 1s in separation. One projection (odd) and one reflection of the projection is (also odd)! This numericall stance redirects Spirit (odd) into deflection. What does it follow? Your beliefs and attitude. Spirit, then, can not get to the lower, down, level of energy and connect to it. Which is why above (up) and below (down) will not flow! Theres no circuit! Now, excess light above creates anxiety above that pushes the membraine down, and the body experiences it as depression. All because you did not think correctly. So, thoughts held in deflection you want to materialize will not do so. Why? Because what goes out


radially, or horizontally, can not go up, axially, or vertically. Once you can learn this and eliminate the false beliefs and teachings you have been educed with, and direct your Spirit to come into being, it will. And, it will readily connect Ad-am (up) to Eve, below (down), and turn it into up, whole (above), because no misguided energy is dragging you out and into an immovable state of being, which you have stuck in the what ifs and the imagined future. There is no bad or wrong in this reality, once you stop seeing and saying there is, which you only do because youve yet to realize Its where the thoughts are geographically (in the mind) that creates what we love or hate! It has absolutely nothing to do with whats surrounding us. So, seeing from neutral is the only way to locate where youve placed your thought, which totally determines how you feel. Which causes how you look and how you behave! Because youve learned how to move through the veil and connect to the whole Spirit! Its midnight. Do you know where your thoughts are? So be it.


Illusion Attachment/Detachment

Mankind is focused primarily on the solid-feeling physical world. And, has created structure upon structure within the fabric of society that restricts his motions to move freely and at will. These attachments, meaning our dependence upon them as a social structure, have to be replaced. We need new ideals to live by, not more ideas to fight about as to whether they are good or bad, right or wrong. In short, we do not need to keep taking sides, because this is whats keeping us attached to the friction and stress of creating change. Look at any issue, such as foreign affairs, abortion, and immigration. All are prevalent in the daily news. Now, ask yourself, Is the way this is being handled creating stress or creating ease? Is it confrontational? Hurtfull? Getting clearer or getting more confusing? Okay, it obviously violent, hurtfull, and creating fearfull divisions between people. Now, ask yourself a second question, Wheres the ideal in all of the arguing, fighting, and debating? If mentally, emotionally, and physically confronting others, arguing with others, and doing combat with others worked ideally, there would be no conflicts, stresses, worries, and/or wars. This is what seeking to change the physical state does! It creates anxiety, pain, and disease because there is no agreement in mind to create an ideal condition for all sides. Why do you believe if your side chokes the life out of the other side everything will be better? Wake up folks, life is about all that is here, not just what you want selfishly and arrogantly to be your way or no way! Listen. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, live on the same Earth, and bleed the same blood. Why? Because we are all made up of the same life energy. Do you want a calm life? Then stop confronting the other side and get into a common agreement: an ideal. Because, truthfully, even though youve blinded yourself with ideas about right versus wrong, and good versus bad, thats exactly, precisely, and definitely what your fighting with others is for! To create an ideal, which you can not do by arguing about how to bring the ideal into being! So, the first step of idealism is to back


off and detach from the beliefs and illusions driving the activities that are creating your stress and fighting now. You have to be humble enough and brave enough to be honest with yourself by admitting this, I believe this is a good cause, but I can see its not creating a good outcome for me or others. The more I work for it, the more they work against it. I have to be doing something wrong. What? The answer to this is really simple once you detach yourself and back away from it, mentally and emotionally. Then you can see the basis of the arguing, your point of view, versus them arguing their point of view. You can see it is not about setting up, designing, and creating a new ideal reality. You arent even fighting about the actual issue. Youre fighting about what you believe about the issue! Youre head-butting is caused because both sides believe exactly alike! (Thats not a typographical error) You both believe exactly the same way, that the other side is wrong! Have you ever heard two wrongs dont make a right? We assure you one wrong doesnt make a right, either. Energetically, two wrongs repulse each other, magnetically. So, the more you pour the attitudes, opinions, and biases into conquering terrorism, abortion, and the migration of people, the bigger and stronger the problem will become. Always! We have to calm down to be a calm people. We have to agree, so we dont disagree. We have to respect so we dont disrespect. The is the simple solution to what seems insurmountable. We have to help others to help ourselves, because the ideal is agreed to by all. Now, heres the trick to real detachment. Its not about two rights coming together to prevent a wrong. Two rights meeting head-on is just as volatile as two wrongs. Its all about being neutral and directing Spirit to provide the solution and balance necessary in our duality. Heres a clue. In old history man never had contraceptives to prevent the birth of a child. It was prevented by the people going to Spirit and directing Spirit to not conceive. Later, when this power to regulate your own births was being lost, the people started practicing contraception by timing it from the womans period. Not very reliable, or emotionally controllable. So, technology says, Here, we can block it, and chemicals became the


accepted method of birth prevention. But, like its predecessor, it is not controllable, emotionally. So, then abortions came into being. Now, pro-life and pro-choice are hitting head on and its very turbulent, risky, and dangerous for either side. Now, use your wit and extend your thinking. Ask, why arent we empowered to birth children by choice? Well, obviously weve stopped USING CHOICE, and fell into gambling on the either/or outcome. All because weve attached ourselves to what the authorities over us say, and totally ignored our own biological (bio-logical, not tech-no-logical) authority inside of us that says we have control! We dont know we have control and we dont trust it because we have let them, the authorities (authors of weakness) talk us out of it! So, Mr. and Mrs. Pro-life and Pro-choice, stop arguing and start learning to take back your own power of authority over life. Detachment is accomplished by trusting your Spirit, not by trusting what they say is right or wrong, good or bad. Self-trust is empowerment, and the more you give it to yourself the greater it gets, which will never happen if you keep getting sucked into the physicall distrust/disapproval mentality that maintains a constant state of agitation between one side and the other. Withdraw your energy from any causes, issue, movements, campaigns, crusades, militias, or corporations seeking to gain the upper hand over others. Its a dead-end street. Its also your dead end street, because it always robs you of your choice, and without choice you have no power. So be it.


Illusion Commitment

The principles we live by in life are the uninterrupted magnetic fields under the physical reality that support it! The stabile principles of appreciation, gratitude, sincerity, and thankfulness support the unstabile winds of change that comprise the physical world. Learning this keeps commitment anchored, not vacillating. Then, this commitment to the principles of caring is the basis of moving through the times you call the thin and the thick, the up and the down, the bumpy and the smooth, without them upsetting you completely. Therefore, the illusion of ones commitment is found in what is swaying you to move away from this stabile state of committing and into the unstabile state of being uncommitted to principle, which is the Spirit of life in its unified motion, through mental, emotional, and physical (body, too) states. In the non-committed or misplaced commitments, you are honoring instability. In this state the erroneous beliefs and illusions you hold in mind, drive you into separation from the unified, agreeable state into the divided estate where divorces are born, lawsuits are started, and fights ensue. The scriptural admonition to love your neighbor and bless your enemy is about paying homage to the spirit-full principles of caring and consideration for others, and for self. For, in doing so, the foundation of life is stabile and undamaged by unwelcome events that beset you and make up the lower vibratory creation of physical reality. What civilization has done for thousands of years is move away from stability into instability, and did not know why! In doing so, the illusions begin to prioritize what comes first. So, mans descent brought about disagreement. This brought unrest and unrest caused worry and worry caused work and war, which escalated into law-making and holy struggles. Soon enough governments were created and military forces to regulate governing were born. Yes, your world is built on the shifting sands of unstabile, chaotic energy that you are bound (to) and determined (to) fix. You can not fix what you do not want, because what you do not want has already come into your reality. You have


mis-taken-ly fixed instability into being the rule of order. But, instability, the lack of commitment, is not order! Where order does not prevail, disagreement (division) does. All division between people creates a slowing or stopping of what people agree to. Unfortunately, the very basis of word governing and enforcing is prioritized by laws that divide agreement into disagreement. Isnt it obvious that your government bodies never agree? And that the majority vote is never the majority for long? The cure for global problems is far simpler than most people realize. All you have to track, mentally, in your mind, is one of two state of mind. This has nothing to do with church (holy) or state (government). It has to do with how each individual person manages their own thinking process. This should help you connect to the greater whole, whether you are a believer or non-believer. Because, ALL PEOPLE THINK! Look at which platform your thinking is on and you can assess whether or not you are choosing to be in the unified, agreeable state or not. In the spiritual reality of thought, only two choices are available: #1: Being in agreement with others #2: Being in disagreement with others Mental-only agreement is actually disagreement because feelings are being ignored and the intellect honored, leaving the agreement void of complete commitment. In the physical reality no choice exists, only the catch 22 of right versus wrong exists. It is the place of deciding between the lesser of two evils. Finding yourself in this place means you have mentally moved into disagreement with others. Why does this happen? Because what you believe has superceded your choice to remain in the agreement with others. The attitudes, which weve learned, are therefore, leaning us to one side or the other and disregarding what affect this is going to have on us personally. There is a very simple solution to this. One creates life and its comforts and the other creates the death of life and its discomforts.


Formula of Comfort

#1 above: agreement plus gratitude equals ease.

In ease, harmony, contentment, and abundance prevail. This is the positive, constructive, joyfull state of life, born by being in agreement with those influences around you.

Formula of Discomfort

#1 above: agreement } #2 above: disagreement In disease there is a lack of harmony (worry), lack of confidence (doubt), and lack of cooperation (conflict), which becomes anxiety and stress, which turns into loss rather than gain, emptiness rather than fulfillment, and pain rather than vitality; all born by being in disagreement with those influences around you. Clearly destructive. The catalyst of life is, therefore, gratitude, appreciation and consideration for others. It is the attitudes that oppose these principles of life that brings life down and into troubled waters. So, when anything you believe removes you from agreement with others, it is that belief that must end. Then, you can remain in alignment with each other, compatible to each other, and live in ease with each other. Unfortunately, your reality is full of beliefs that are absolutely unproductive to having the GOOD LIFE, because the good life is not based on what you have physically. It is based on how you feel emotionally. This is why money can not solve your problems, even though most of you believe it can. The only thing on earth that can solve your problem is you, because you think all the rest of it into being. Money cant think, so it is impossible for money to create the choice to be in agreement or in disagreement. Nor, can the principle of gratitude be minus gratitude equals dis-ease


generated by having lots of money or no money. Gratitude grounded into daily life maintains and supports the liveliness and joy of living. Know this about life: every problem is its own solution by adding gratitude, for it, to it! Then, something amazing happens. It turns over and when it does, you will find yourself in the alternative option and position of being in total agreement with thoughts coming to you that you did not entertain previously; had you, no disagreement could have been carried forward into reality by your erroneous beliefs. The bottom line of reality is not economics, social service, religion, politics, profits, investments, welfare, healthy or unhealthy, wealthy or unwealthy, it is how you see yourself, which you feel, which attracts the agreeable ease or the disagreeable disease. So be it.


Illusion Stealing/Thieves/Crime

This illusion, or should we say, the ridding of this illusion, is a monumental step up and into being at one with Spirit. To begin and to repeat, all in our reality is created, even stealing and crime! The only place in this reality that stealing does not exist is in neutral-based creation, or choice. All functions in the biased division have thievery/stealing, even though it is not seen as such. Understand, what you call crime is still stealing, except it has graduated into the legal system of being right versus wrong. Now, in this realm it is deemed a punishable offense, regulated by manmade laws. These are obvious offenses and deal primarily in misappropriation of physical goods and material items. Whats interesting about committing a crime (said to be right or wrong), is that crime has no obvious opposite. What is opposite of committing a crime? Can you commit a non-crime? If you can, is it the Robin Hood theory of steal from the rich and give to the poor? Clearly, stealing is taking! The opposite of which is giving! Hmm! Lets see whats behind this door. Could it be wrong to give? The unequivocal answer is YES. Which, in my books, is the exact same thing as stealing. In this understanding, which we will explore, theres no law against it in the material world. But, because it violates spiritual law, its effects are just as devastating, misleading, and misplaced. Lets say youve been open and liberal with information you have and given it to another person, and it benefits his or her position. Then, at some later date, this information profits that person, which you agreed to give to the person only if it would also profit you, the giver! But, at that time, the receiver (now the taker) does not honor the original agreement. Whos to fault? Whos to blame? The giver? Or the taker? Or both? Well, lets look at the condition it created distrust. Or was distrust already present, but unnoticed? There was agreement, or the giver would not have relinquished the information and placed it in a position where a later division and disagreement could


be spawned if the agreement was not followed. Okay? Tough decision to figure out whos really to blame, because no laws on the books have been broken. Well, if you are mastering whats been said here in the books, first of all, its not about one or the other! Its about what was created in the beginning! Not what has happened conditionally. Why? Because it was already a conditionalized agreement, not a whole agreement. How so? Because whole agreements come by unifying Spirit and intention. Both parties held the same desire to benefit, but also held opposing intentions of what to do with the information in the end. So, the division of a co-dependent state was created by a division that already existed in the first place. It was there, and no one saw it! Why? No one went to Spirit and directed Spirit to reveal what was needed from both sides to make it whole, to make it acceptable. So, while the two parties were pulling together on the first part, they were pulled apart on the second part. Now is the giver guilty? Or is the taker guilty? Actually, in this case they are both guilty, because they were in disagreement already, but did not realize it. Their un-punishable crime, by physical law, became a punishment to both, because the unified state degraded into a divided state, emotionally. The open communication, in turn, became guarded suspicion. Now, what will make very little sense to the casual reader/student about the case, is the side effects created by the divided mental estate of the parties involved. There was a forced entry into a locked property, and the intruder took only two flashlights and one solar porch light (which was outside). The first party was, at first, pissed off, but being the more spiritual of the two, calmed down and directed Spirit to reveal why and what was going on. The answer was, Someone is trying to steal your light, (pay attention here, reader, to get it)! Re-read the spiritual reply. It did not say, Someone (already) stole your light, it said, Someone is trying to steal it! So, while this side effect is not pleasant, it is very informative. It says, it has not yet happened. So, knowing reality creation starts in the mind and moves through emotion to become a physical reality, there is a time gap or event spacing that allows for any new, caused change to be implemented, so ones light is not taken (stolen).


Now, the second party (who hates thieves) was asked by the first party, What do you think it means that the intruder (in-true-doer) only took two flashlights and a solar porch light? The reply was, It sounds like someone is keeping you in the dark. Two opposing, yet exactly alike, replies. One says light and one says dark to describe the division. Now, whats left is the resolve or the conflict. And, please notice, that a third party e-vent, a division, occurs when the original symptoms are blocked! What was blocked? The open, liberal (liberty) (generous) communication. And what occurred as the side effect? Guarded suspicion and forced entry. One emotional and one physical, coming from one existing division. We told you its not easy to see this as being related, especially when youre in the hot seat, or getting the cold shoulder, but the truth is always present, because dividing it is what separates us from it. So, many separate (physical) e-vents dont even seem remotely connected to our daily thinking. But, THEY ARE CONNECTED, because they are happening TO US, as individuals operating in divided states of mind: illusions. The serious student, concentrating (co-in-sent-rating) on understanding Spirit, will not let these unannounced, often out of place, strange and even bizarre e-vents go by without looking into them. Because these are the keys that fit the locks that open and close the door (access) to life, by choice. Which, of course, theft is not a part of! No one chooses to have something stolen/ taken from them. The major err (air) is that people believe theft only occurs when it is a physical situation. Well, thats just not true, because it all starts in the mind and the erroneous illusions one believes are true. The difficulty in seeing through this illusion is founded and grounded in most of our widely-accepted, even promoted as being the right way, beliefs promoted today. Example: The commandment that says, Thou shalt not steal. Where does it say, Thou shalt not give to those who steal? Is this our admonition to not cast our pearls to the swine? If so, it takes more imagination than I have to figure out how they are meant to be perceived as part of one message. Example: Marriage vows. Why on Gods green earth, which is as eternal as it gets, would we vow til death do us part! Clearly, the aspirants of this marriage do not know about eternal life. Why do they take (the takers) a pledge to die? Why isnt the


union, unified state, the whole, holy state blessed into life, and not resigned to death? The grim reaper taketh (steals) and the human giveth (foolishly) his life away to the thief, in the dark. Thats a crime! And it comes from either side, not neutral. This goes through the political vows, church vows, business vows, family vows, medical vows, education vows, and judicial vows. Then, coloring real patriotism to Spirit in black and white, which leaves all life in-between empty, missing, void, colorless, joyless, and lacking fulfillment, which fills instantly with wanting! Is it any wonder were lost and confused? Stealing and crime is created out of moral injustice. So, morality is incested by its own stand against immorality, because the divided more-all hate the divided im-more-all! They are both guilty, just like our case sample! Think, people, think! If morality and humanitarian, civic-minded efforts were what we need to help clean up this world, then it would be working! Its not working! But the vows, to kill, are! Thou shalt not kill, a moral biass, needs to say, I shall not kill unless I am willing to be killed. See how many people, willingly, by choice not by indoctrination, line up for this duty. You wont find the beginning of the line! Have we made our point? We hope so. Im-more-tall-it-e is not a moral or immoral issue about stealing, because all stealing of information or goods is already corrupted by the beliefs held in mind, concerning it. Immortality is choice. It is never deciding between the lesser or greater of any issue. So be it.


Illusion Immortality

Most people believe being immortal is only possible after death. It appears this way because mankind has not learned to move the conscious state of mind out of the physical state to the Spiritual state. What immortality is, is not in our physical state! Because it has nothing to do with controlling our health or economic welfare, etc. It is a state of being 100% in the now moment (mom in it). Mom is the mother energy. It is the earth energy of form. It is our ability to learn to refocus our mental (me in it all) state of being, off of the mother (earth) and into the father (Spirit). Mortal (me or it all) man is caught in the physical focus. This focus repeats its own demise (die me is e) by always working at changing the nature of the existing reality, here, now. To become form, or embodied, the Spirit has to take on a more solidified state. It has to change from a spacious unencumbered state and enter a confined, dense state. In the encumbered state, which all earth formation is, the density (den sit e) of highly compressed Spirit stops the Spirit from conforming to the mental/mind/thought/motions readily. So, the body becomes an obstacle to Spirit moving freely, like it does beyond the body. It is this beyond the body condition we need to address and learn to utilize to maintain the physical form perpetually. We wear ourselves out because we insist on pushing and forcing the physical reality around, which never conforms willingly. Everything we have requires us to put it together, operate it, and maintain it. Then, when we do not exert this repeated need program, our reality quickly starts returning to the nature it came from. The weeds grow where the grass was, the clean house becomes a dirty house, the car that ran good is falling apart, or the business we built not attended to, dies. And, of course, the hueman body taken care of or not gets sick and dies. Throughout the physical experience, mankind seeks to control reality around him. Nowhere is it more evident and emotionally involving as in the parent/child relationship. Then business, government, religion, and even recreation take on the same pattern of needing to be controlled, regulated, monitored and forced into specific patterns to behave


by. Rules. Parenting gone astray. There is not one thing this society does that mirrors the effortless growth of natural order. Spirit, the energy of life, has a beating heart (he art) that breaths life energy through all the forms of earth and the universe. Yet, we ignore this immense (i m me in see) power and end up seeking to oppose it with our control over programs to live by. Clearly, our ideas about ruling over the ease, which nature uses for growth, contradicts how nature manages reality. Man having dominion over the other forms in nature, because man has free will choice, is not a license to dominate nature or others! Which is precisely what ruling over others and nature does! Certainly there is cosmic order, so there is law creating order. But, mans laws are not following the same venue that Spiritual law is following. Consider what Spirit is always busy doing. Creating, not regulating. Man is doing the opposite, regulating not creating. Which adds to life? Creation. Which does not? Regulation. Can you see why the physical focus needs to be moved off what society has us focused on, and on to what creates life in us: the whole Spirit! Man is seeking to use the divided estate of Spirit (form) to create reality. But, all the divided estate can do in creation is follow orders, not give orders. Our divided estate of positive/negative energy is to be used to communicate to others and to Spirit. It is not the power that the whole Spirit is. Only the primary, prime creator, creates. All else is secondary communication. Man has expanded the secondary communication process to live global transmissions. But, by using it for more and more regulation and enforcement, it has diminished the role of the primary creator force of life. More and more rules to follow, ideas to believe, and fears of non-compliance will not connect you to the cause of life. The handshake and honoring of ones word is now a contract on paper with legal powers of jurisdiction. The trust that was a person-to-person exchange is now based on legal performance only. There is very little personal give and take flexibility anymore. If the person in the deal is unable to honor the deal, it is seen as a default. In days past if this occurred, the parties would get together to assist each other and work through it! So, they both honored each other no matter what had to be done with the deal. The rules did not predominate as they do today! Today honoring and respecting is going by the wayside and its traveling companion is common sense. We are obsessed with he said,


she said, communication. And it is coming out of the reflections man is putting on communications as a source of guidance for living life! Communication is regulating our lives. It has become the ruler over us; a dictator, a tyrant and an unwelcome guest in our daily affairs, while the Spirit lays latent and unmoved in the primary power. There is a Spiritual awakening going on, but we need to learn a lot more than we know right now to ever change the course of its history! Which is continuing today and bringing mankind to its knees, not in humility, but in disgrace. Man is not respectful. Hes disrespectful and looks for it in others, creating a false sense of superiority. This puts the mind in motion, behind others backs, and the mental chatter within fills with fault-finding. When the pressure of believing this way reaches the level of harming the body, instinct for ones own survival kicks in. What happens? The internal pressure of not being open and honest in the first place causes the person to act out on the internal pressure. Viola! A sour word, a bitter retort, a hurled epithet, and/or cursing and condemning. Bingo. The conflict in the mind, aligned the truth held inside, and a conflict outside is born. There is no way to find our immortality when our mind is filled with what we see others doing that we dont like and vice versa. Because the feeling being created is one of distrust, not of trust. Which is not even our domain, physically, because Spirit called upon will direct the resolution of whether to trust or distrust another. Yes, there are those we should not trust, but there are those we should trust. A classic example of this mentality gone askew was in national news recently. A boy got lost in the forest for five days before found. He was not taught to ask Spirit about whom to trust. He was taught not to talk to strangers. So, from day one, as his searchers would appear to find him, he would hide from them. The rule planted in the mind became his dictator, until the instinct to preserve life by getting some help came out and surpassed the belief. Had the feeling been present in the child, the doubt would not have had the upper hand and he would not have suffered the consequences. Live life by feelings and it is the way out of despair, disrespect and discomfort, which is where we have to be or we wont enjoy life enough to want to live long lives. So, if its not bringing you joy, move on to what does bring you joy. Then you will be in the space and place where you are able to create immortality. So be it.


Illusion Anti-Christ/Anti-Cryst

The world is creative (cre/active, cry-active). The Christ is the cry-is-it, cry-st, which is our voice and the sound of our words creating the vision of ones self. Stop looking in your mind to see who you choose to be, or what you choose to have! Instead, declare it to Spirit, verbally first, then the light is attracted to the motion your words create. This motion becomes the light you see. It is called vision (not imagination). Man has the light (imagination) and sound (vision) turned around, backwards. Sound has to pre-seed the soil of the soul, so light is gathered up in the dark womb and birthed into our reality. This is like a hole you dig in the ear-th to put the see-d in so it will grow. Man is seeking light first, which opposes Spirit, for Spirit is light. Opposites dont flow, they reflect light that mirrors thought. So, when you put your sight into light you have either lightened or dimmed the existing light, or reflected and deflected it like a mirror does. God, being the whole light, puts man in the lesser state of being the divine, divided light. This is what the bible refers to when we are taught all are less than and have sinned. Our only sin, if you must believe in sin, is to see light first, and catch the reflections of it and react to them, rather than petitioning Spirit first, with the sound of our own voice, to create vision. Seek ye first the kingdom of God does NOT say see ye first! To seek is to find! To see is to have already found. But, what you found is not necessarily what you wanted or desired. It is the reflection, not the vision. It is the I wanna be, not the I am! The polarity of your seeking/seeing is reversed. Let us discuss this and it will open whole new horizons on how you now see the world at large and what it has taught you to believe is true, but, in fact, is false. The truth does set you free! But only if you know what it is. The truth is found when you wake up and realize you are here to empower and create reality by choice and in harmony; not fight to fix, cure, win or protect anything. It is impossible to sin if you speak to Spirit first and accept the light (vision) Spirit sends back. Light is the (+) male energy. Sound is the (-) female energy. This is the nature of birthing reality. A male and a female, which does not exist when we play God


by trying to see reality into existence first, rather than seeking it by addressing Spirit for the answers so the questions and doubts never arise. If you have the slightest inclination to disagree with what is being said here, ask yourself why do all religions say pray to God! Because the sound of your voice is the mother of creation! But, mans prayers are not directions to Spirit; they are pleadings for mercy. They lack trust and absoluteness, which is required to keep Spirit self-contained. Shit happens, Murphys law, and its too good to be true, all follow the same doubt-based belief pattern. So, if youve followed the text correctly you can see how the real science of life is created and why people are stuck in the diseased, victim, perpetrator roles, and the unwanted (also unexpected) negative (bad) situations of these wishy-washy mental patterns. Okay, now some common sense science. The father of life is called God, or the light. The fathering energy of this light is the positive, omniscient uni-pole (+) energy. The mother is the bi-pole (-), dark energy. Light is the creator, dark is the created. Huemans are of the d-arc real/m, meaning all of the divided forms and all that is materialized in nature. So, God is Spirit and man is form. This is not evil, like youre trained to believe. Within this duality of light and dark, the divided light is (+) and the sound (or chrisma) is (-). This is the mated, marriage of the paired male (+) and female (-) energies. Light is positive (+) male: whole. Sound is negative and positive female: divided. Electricity is the light (+) pole of the dual nature of the mothers form. Magnetism, which is sound (the cry-st) and the (-) pole of mothers nature: our dual gender nature we live in. The whole light of God is not actually polarized/divided at all, but it is the primeall positive and matter is the prime-all negative. The trinity is one part of Spirit and two parts of form necessary for creation, which are prime creator (+) and free will choice of mankind (prime created) (-). You connect to God via the (-) pole (sound) to connect with the creators (+) pole (light); basic physics, opposites attract and likes repel. This is why if you see (+) light first, God can not give you what you choose to have. You are leaving the feminine mother out of the pairing, mating, innercourse,


unifying, attraction (love) field. You literally have to speak your piece (peace) into existence! To Spirit, not to others! To pray a/miss is to see the end result first! Seeing the light is the process of using the light (+) and trying to get it to grow. It will not grow as you see it. It just creates more heat and switches sides to attach itself to the opposite (-) side and bring you misery (miss her e) because the negative pole has to connect to the positive pole or growth is denied and non-growth is created. Dwarfed life is death! Our world would change very quickly if the population was taught to speak to Spirit and stop looking for op/port/unity (the word says op - oppose, port - gate, unity atone, with Spirit). Op is also optic. Optics are light. So, an op-pore-tune-it-e is the light accessing sound (tune/tone), but instead of opportunity pre-seeding connection as we believe it does, it follows our voice. We open space with our voice and Spirit fills it with light, which provides us with answers and directions! The all-knowing is always correct! This is why man moves sound and the silent, still God responds with his light. Your life is maintained by how you think and speak. The sound of your voice is the Christ and represents the second coming, the time on the planet when the voice of man creates with Spirit, because it resonates (re son ate s) with it. The anti-Christ is already present and already busy silencing the masses. So, to believe one person is coming to represent and establish the anti-Christs position on earth is simply another smoke screen to keep your attention away from what is already going on in plain sight, yet invisible to the uninformed. Lets look at this and add it to our growing list of illusions. To do this, one must be able to discern what voice, sound, music and noise really are. Then, understand what motion, stillness, and silence are. So, the anti-cryst (our spelling to get your attention clearly and correctly focused on you, as the agent of change in your life) is no longer something outside of you, determined to undermine you. But, is really already existent in you now and needs to be removed from you, meaning the state of mind and ones consciousness that keeps the people stuck, trapped, misled, and afraid (a frayed) to stand up for their own well-being. We the people does not constitute the ruling majority in any of the present-day governments because they, the blind-ruling authority, are not promoting individual


freedom, ease, and empowerment. They promote work and debt, then call it freedom when, in fact, it is economic subservience bordering on financial enslavement. Where are the programs that promote the quality of life, without price tags? And the programs that allow ones dignity to remain intact when he/she does not want to be an employee/wage earner, or business person? To not be willfully engaged in work and business degrades, demotes and penalizes any person because the system does not allow people to relax, have fun and take it easy. By the ripe, old age of 18, if youre not still in school, you are suppose to be in the work force. And, why do people who have worked their entire, productive lives still have to pay taxes? Do you know who the authority is thats ruling the world? The anti-cry-is-it! We the people do not see what this energy is and how were keeping ourselves trapped in it. What is it? Our own lack of wisdom and understanding about the role voice and sound play in our lives. First, your voice is the attitude with which you speak. Voice carries your conviction or lack of it. Voice orients and organizes what you choose it to say. Second, sound is the vibration of the words you impress and express with your voice. This is the moving of Spirit that communicates and creates at the same time. Sound directed in, to the within, impresses Spirit to create your verbalized choice. Sound directed to others is talk or speech for the purpose of communicating, the connecting of Spirit to create a mutual understanding. More simply put, it is to create agreement, which is the alignment of Spirit to thought. NOTE: Individual power is only found in the state of agreeing with Spirit and with others. Agreeing unites, disagreeing divides. Third, is music. Were going to add media to this because the majority of media today is backed with sound. Harmony and rhythm in the sound is the state where music adds amplitude to Spirit. All else is audible chaos, but not without its intended consumer, listener, or target. Pay attention to the movie or TV and you get wrapped in the sound, not the light. The light grabs your attention, and holds you fast, stuck, and then moves in, around and through you. Media today is not aimed at informing you. It is aimed at deforming you. Just look at the masses of lazy, lethargic, struggling, heavy and anxious people and you can


tell how well the sound programs being presented are working. Sound, loaded with fear, should have no place in this society. Period. Just watch for it and youll notice how much of it is being used to get your attention. Even the nature programs, deemed to be child and family safe, are loaded with background sounds. Sounds your mind disagrees with because you instinctively realize Ive never heard that sound come out of nature. Harmless? Not hardly, because it vibrates your energy field that vibrates your body. And no ones body is Spiritually tuned to agree with sounds that dont fit into the light. Music and media today, for the most part, is audio (odd e o) ventriloquism. Fourth, noise. This word speaks for itself, no-is-e, or no-ease! The anti-Christ (anti-cry-is-it) is the omission of not educating our children and adults to read (re add) with the sound of the word that belongs with the light of the word; light fathers and sound mothers, life. So, without proper sound, we overheat, get anxious, and stress out because light is hot (not cold). Too much heat (he at) is too much pressure. Disease and death result from this. Fifth, music promotes motion, dancing, foot tapping, etc. This motion has to be understood, also, if you are clearing the anti-Christ from your consciousness, because motion kills life, as well as supports life. There are two basic kinds of motion that stem from the silent/still state of latent/potential Spirit. Stimulation, the hot, positive, father side of life, and inspiration, the cold, negative, mother side of life. Sound that does not vibrate in sync with light creates heat, destroys, compresses, and holds the cool mother (ear th) energy down. Re: heat rises and is above cold. He (heat) holds her (cool) down. This is pressurized stimulation, life-taking lethargy. Sound that is in sync with the light because it was given to the whole Spirit, is always balanced, for it is not made by man, it is made by God, the all-knowing energy of life. This lets the mother run with the father and her energy comes up. This is inspiring, cool, balanced and life-giving vitality. Sixth. Pay close attention to what you think and talk about. By becoming aware of the sounds your thought and talk are creating, you can identify why you feel bad. How? Because what you say, to yourself and to others, creates and sets the tone your body responds to. Are you fault-finding, criticizing, judging, framing defenses, accusing,


debating, doubting, degrading, discussing diseases, problems, fears, hatreds, or living the past over and over? The sounds of the words surrounding these attitudes create stimulation and overheat the body. It, in turn, has to relieve the pressure youve created, by misusing your voice and the sound coming from it. Now, youre addicted to whatever relief program you chose: food, sex, booze, drugs, force, discipline, violence, disease, anxiety, worry, and so on. We are the anti-Christ, so the blinded leadership, arguing about right versus wrong and expecting us to comply with their unending, more and more restrictive laws they make, are in for a big surprise. The Christ is coming again and we are the voice, sound and magnetism of it. Lets be honest. We do not need laws, insurance, or licensing that penalizes anyone and everyone. Thats not justice (just us). It is coercion, manipulation, and policing that feeds the greed and fear machinery of a runaway system. A system denying its healthy people, safe people, fun people, an exclusion from the criminal mindset of the police-state being broadened and strengthened, for the supposed security of the people. Wake up! Terror has increased and will continue to increase as long as leadership promotes terror, by using terror. To kill someones family, in the name of protecting them, and then expect them to befriend you, is absurd. Welcome to the military mentality of who believes killing is how to promote peace. It demotes peace, and promotes f/ear! What does fear sound like? Bullets, bombs, screaming, crying, moaning, and reactive angry people. We do not need guns, laws, police, armies, and endless media promoting them. We need silence, sanctity, space and open attitudes that promote agreeing by using our voice(s) with Spirit, to assure the calm and blissful states of utopia. But, it will never happen if you dont turn off the energy running you now, and switch on your own inner directions and instructions to Spirit. It only takes being grateful for life, for life to respond to you in kind. Try it. So be it.


Illusion Chemical/Alchemy aka Philosophers Stone

The idea of distilling or refining any substance until all thats left is a magical, potent, pure agent of healing or transformative power is not possible, even though stories abound about base metals turning into gold, and disease disappearing, etc. Now, honestly, if this all-potent elixir really existed, why isnt it still available? So, what actually happened? Did the sick get well? Did base metals turn to gold? The answer is yes, which could sirprize you. Then, why?? Because the Book of Illusions is not about the alchemy of the elixir, or the stone. It is about actually altering (all tour ing) the alchemy of the mind, which the person is doing when he or she is paying absolute attention (at tension) to one thing and only one thing! This is stacking thoughts and adding energy up, while never deviating (die v ating), or intruding or distracting it, being the constant. Holding fast, and accumulating energy, will cause the Spirit to come through endless layers of disbelief and illusion to create the seeming magicall powers of the thing being sought. But, it is never the thing that has the power. Why? Because no thing, no matter how pure it is, has the power to add or subtract from itself. But, your thoughts do, because Spirit adds or subtracts in direct relationship to the volume, intensity, clarity, and trust you give to your thought process. Modern day alchemists will see this and realeyes any focus (foe cuss) on a thing (thin g, g is gold) is not the re/all process of go/ad/ing God. You cant go/ad a thing to do anything. But, when you thin/k, you goad God (G-odd) into motion. This is why how you think is very important to you. Otherwise, what you think will attract trouble to you, not resolution, nor empowerment. Now, if some of you are flipping your lid, pulling your hair, and trying to rectify (wreck to fight) this, because you believe in mind over matter, calm down. Psychokinesis, the act of manipulating the physical, material state, by making it move, bend or rise up, is exactly what it says it is! You, acting upon it, not it acting upon you. Unlike a long term alchemy, this temporal activity is a short-term, highly concentrated and forced change in an object, which does what to its author? It drains their energy. Telling you its not true alchemy, as true alchemy is an accepted state, not a forced state,


and comes through you after is has accumulated. Miracles are not produced by effort. Period. Effort conditionalizes creation. So, trying to rope Spirit into your corral (core rall e) is like the TV ad I saw where a cowboy was trying to round up a herd of kitty cats. Good luck! Yes, chaos can be temporally subdued, but it is at your expense, and your loss. Which is why trying to force reality, and those in it, to see it your way, is a fruitless, wasted effort in the end. Psychic, futuring, is the same as psychosis, but without the insanity attributed (at tri butted) to it. So, psycho-kin-is-ness is a furthering (fathering) of psychosis. The first is mental delusion, and the second is physical illusion. Please notice, neither of these create anything. They are only reactions to what is already in existence. While these are very mystifying (mist i fighting), and very curious (cure e us), they dont create anything new. Nor are they consistent, continuous power, which being immortall (I M more tall) has to be. Eternity (e turn it e) is a continuous state of I am mortall. Where does this leave predicting the future? Way out on a limb, because the creator (us and Spirit) chooses our future now, not later, not then, and not when! So, anything seen outside of this choice is only die-lusion, which is one side of illusion, not the whole picture. Alchemy (all see he me), then, is a process of focus (visualizing) void of vocallizing, that reproduces itself. When light is this concentrated, it will burn through anything, just like a laser (lay sir). Is a laser God? No. This is why our ancient al/chemists are gone and not here to defend themselves from what I am saying, now! While transforming the material by burning/heating, they did the same to themselves. Creating ascension by the mechanical means of distillation will not buy you love. It takes both sides of Spirit to do that! Light and sound, male and female, God and Goddess. Do not be deceived by intense concentration. Why? Because it is not mans job to do that, it is Spirits job to do that. Dont go into intense concentration, except to concentrate your allowing it to be done for you, which is actually relaxation: have fun. This is not what the alchemist did. He/she enforced their view-point (laser) to include only what they saw, mentally. It has to be felt, the visual focus, or it is not complete.


How does that require you to measure, study, record, and research the color, smell, time, or consistency, of anything? It doesnt! It makes no difference what you get or have, if you are not equally in it. So, you feel it is who you are. Without that feeling to identify who you are, you will never really be empowered to create it at will, in the now moment. Alchemists, as impressive as they were, never had the power to do that. Because, as soon as they used up their precious philosophers stone, they had to go through the long, arduous process of making more. Why do you suppose it was called a philosophers stone? Again, pay attention to the sight and sound of the words you use. A fill off of hers stone. It says, Im filling, but off of hers. Meaning, you are not with the female, goddess, sound, magnetic, feeling energy. That you are using heat, fire, and separation to exclude all else. Socially, this is a very isolated person, which many may admire because of the individual achievements. But, how does this create a state of at-one-ment, or atonement? It does not. So, it falls short of love, and the alchemist dies with a broken heart. Because all he/she ever really wanted was to feel the love and never could. An arisen Christ (cry is it) feels the love, and is lifted back into unity on its magnetic, charismatic support. Have you got this? If not, earmark it and put it on your calendar to read again six months from now. By then you will have grown and you will see it with eyes open. Seeds grow. Information is a seed. You are growing. Trust this. So be it.


Illusion Rapture

In the Anti-Christ illusion we made it clear that you create the Christ versus antiChrist state of mind. This illusion is no different. What the text is doing is putting seed thoughts in your mind, thoughts we know you will not or do not agree with. This is as it should be. Why? Because it creates a certain kind of tension. Very much like winding an older style clock. Which does what? Unwinds! As it does, it provides you with the proper timing of events coming forth. Were doing this in/tension/ally! As it is designed to re-time your see-quench-all attitude so it sees the truth in reality versus the division of the truth in reality youve seen in the past. When you are put in the position of looking at more than one option, the thought process is slowed. Then, the truth can find its way. Briefly, there is a time to everything that happens in the universe and your local events. But, it is not clocked as you believe. Imagine, for a moment, holding a container under a water flow. What determines when it fills? Not the clock or linear sequence of time passing. It fills up according to the velocity and the volume of the water coming into the container and the size of the container to be filled. How many clicks the clock makes in its 360 degree cycle only measures one condition to the other. It has absolutely nothing to do with how long (how many clicks occurred) it took to fill up. You call this measurement time (tie-me). Real time is based only on when its done (d-one). Its like one song lyric, when youre hot, youre hot, except to see it as we are intending it, its when it is full, its full! This applies to your consciousness, as well. So, when youre full, youre full, and you feel it. TIME DOES NOT CONTROL THIS, YOU DO! By your velocity, volume, and containment of your thinking process! You are the energy life is, and you have to allow it and ad-just it! So, there is no set time on the clock or callinder for the second coming because it can not occur until the fullness or ripeness of it happens, so it can come into reality (yours). Then, the e-vent occurs! That e-vent can not happen until you change your state of mind from the linear and connect it to the whole finished state. As you know, what is


finished is done, and no longer running out into some what if future! The second coming is you, returning to your whole/complete/full state of mind. Then your brain is in full use. Question. Did God cause part of your brain to not function? No! So, you have come back to where all confusion and doubt is gone, because you are no longer hooked up to the clock and calendar. A watching that deceives you into believing someone is going to find a cure, or save you from your troubles. Your brain (be-rain) is not in full use because your mind is not fully engaged with Spirit! It is in not knowing you need more velocity, volume, and containment in the thought process that ages you. All because you are waiting for life to end and doing nothing to create new life! Counting your wealth will not increase your health. Which is why so few actually understand the rapture! May we explain. Curtailed thought is very slow, as it is not certain (sir-tane). Our example of filling the container with water is precisely the same as filling the body with Spirit! Which is the continuous, eturnally, flowing essence (e-sent-us) of life we live by and in. Rapture is a filling of knowledge and understanding of what life is. It is not just believing in God or believing in life. Everyone does that! Even the atheist believes in God or theyd have nothing to object to! You cant have an objection to something you know does not exist. So, they know God exists! They are, however, taking the opposite side of what is called a believer. So, they stand as a non-believer. To believe or not believe something does or does not exist is not an acknowledgement one way or the other. Perhaps thats why its called being in limb-bo! As in, limb bow! Or limbbowing, the state of bending over, laying down, as in gravity pushing you into a grave sityou-ateion. When the interpretation says, one was taken and another left, the word taken is very misleading because it implies the person ascending has nothing to do with ascension. Which is not the case at all, for only by filling ones consciousness with the fuel of what life is, Spirit, is it possible to ascend. Believing or not believing does not add life/Spirit to ones aware (a-we-are) conscious identity. Therefore, what is seen as the rapture, where only believers are taken and the nonbelievers are left behind, can not be real. Why? Because the whole state of Spirit is only


possible by intentionally directing Spirit to cease going out and into duality and honor your unified choice by praying/petitioning or asking him, the creator force, to do so. Time divides the space that fills with form, exactly like the vessel filling with water. Our body receives Spirit in exactly the same way. We hold out our selves to Spirit and Spirit fills us. We are made wholly. In this state we can leave Earth when the call comes. We are not taken by some unidentifiable force. Think on this. So be it.


Illusion Sleeping/Dreaming

PERTINENCE: Relevance, to what pertains (to us). In life thats almost everything, but to make it manageable lets confer to what we feel, for it is what we feel that we are in the state of experiencing or dealing with: pertinence. All people sleep, and most consciously dream to some degree, but what relevance do they give to it as it pertains to their daily life? Thats where this illusion is found. Only a small segment of society gives credence to lifes functions while they sleep. But, it makes up at least 1/3 of our lifetime. Do you just write off dreaming as so much chaos, or as Freud called it, the collective unconscious or subconscious at work? May we be so liberal as to offer more concessions about both sleeping and dreaming so the public masses are not so deluded, and therefore confounded, by what is a very natural process? Albeit one that is seeking to compensate for some serious imbalances in mankinds conscious consciousness, now. The imbalance, present and maintained in huemankind, is being created and maintained by far too much focus and attention upon whats in the waking state. The state of solid, dense, form, shape, and body states. Inversely, you ignore what grows, fills, expands, and moves these states, conditions, and forms into being the physical reality you are living in. This may surprise you, but these occur primarily while you sleep and dream (d-re(I)am). And, what does sleep say? S-leap! Or, see-leap! Sleep is when you leap up into the Spirit-you-all state! Where you are unbound or restricted by the conscious, waking, embodied state! But, still able to bodily experience the reality you leapt into! Your body battery, your cells, recharge at night, because you are focused up there, not down here. Power comes from the unified state, not the divided state. When you sleep and dream, your magnetic orientation is not in a laid-down, N/S/ E/W direction, radially, it is in a vertical direction, up, moving it down and seeking also to move back up, so lifes circuit is flowing. Well, it cant do that as long as you hold onto beliefs and illusions that deflect your neutral, all powerfull, unified energy of


rejuvenation, restoration, or levity, into the dividing films and frames of your layered beliefs. Beliefs set at an oblique angle to the true state of vertigo (up/down), which is determined by the strength of that (same) attitude (leaning) toward its pertinence and relevance! The more pertinent your beliefs, the stronger the hold they have on you, which stops any balance or neutrality from coming into being because you are biasing (leaning) your own conscious state to believe that the only acceptable (physical) state is how you see it being. Whats missing? YOU DONT FEEL IT. What you can not feel means your biass is stopping you from feeling it because you are diverting it. Where? Into your division of acceptability. To say, I will take it like this, God, otherwise forget it! and because it (you/God) doesnt align to what I want, it cant (ever) be what I want. (And, I get what I need, not what I want). Another freaking lesson (less-on) whose opposite is a more-off, not a moron! Please laugh, now! Our point is basic. Mankind has focused so much of their attention on the waking state, which holds leanings of ill-usions, that the sleep/dream state has no relevance to life. The sleep state, your period of resting and recharging, is so over-polarized by the attitudes angles, you get no rest, no refreshing energy, and no recharging, because your mind is still stuck in and on dealing with your waking state. Whats up creates what comes down! Whats down does not create at all, it only eliminates whats not needed. Unity is up Spirit, and duality is down here, in matter. People die because they are out of phase to what life is. As you now live, youre dancing with death and he steps on you continuously. The illusion is your over-emphasis on the physicall. Your sleep pattern reflects this. So, for now, know this, your sleep patterns will change. Most already have. Do not fight this or medicate this. Get up and eat or drink lightly and relax. Why? Because when the body is shut off for too long (8 hours is too long), it gets stiff, lethargic, and unwilling to move. Life is actually functioning at its optimum in 4-hour periods. This is the rest and active state of 2-twelve hour periods we call light/dark, 12+12=24, 3X4=12. So, each waking state and each rest or sleep state consist of 3X4=12 hour periods. Why? Because your daily light and dark energy cycle takes 3-four hour periods to complete


itself, as it moves through the six directions. Up/down, N/S/E/W, twice in a 24-hour period. It does this once in the waking state and once in the rest/sleep state. To regain your vitality and get on the eturnall schedule of longevity by choice, live your life in these cyclical sequences. No more 8-hour sleep cycles, and no more 8hour, or more, work days. Because you only have a 24-hour cycle and you are trying to put in a 36-hour-plus cycle. Youre over-using the available energy. Youre draining the energy faster than it is recharging. Its like leaving on the lights of your car. It runs down the cells. Will your car run on empty? Not unless you push it! Which is exactly and precisely what you are doing to your body. So, it lives off of itself and self-destructs when it should be living on and by the Spirit coming into it. You create your own death, but you do not have to! You create it by being out of step and out of phase with what life is. So, instead of peace, you have conflict, which people, in turn, blame each other for. Without any therapy, medicine, books, or ministering at all, a huge block of the worlds disease would be cured, without cost, by simply rearranging your attitude and daily activity to fit into the way the universes cycle moves. Which means detaching from any forced or enforced behaviors. You cant accomplish this by paying attention to what you see in your mind, daily, while awake, and then dragging it into what you see at night, as well. You accomplish this by paying attention to what you feel, not what you see and then reflect (light) on. Thats the delusion of the image being reflected, and in turn, being reacted to. Life, in its whole state, is found in the feeling state. Life in its divided state of life and death, is found in the light (heat) alone, or the sound (cold) alone. Life is warm/death is cold, so, united motion causes life, immortality. Divided motion causes life and death, mortality. This is why young children sleep when they feel it is needed, and cry for food when it is needed. Adults dont let their feeling do this, they let their clocks and schedules do it. Learn from the child who is not content to sleep all night (8 hours) and youll find out how out of balance adults are. We are the problem(s) we pass on to our children. Stop trying to force them to eat and sleep according to your beliefs about it. They are not numbed out and operating from duality. They are whole and full of feeling,


which we do not see, so we dont understand it. It is our job to stop regulating every single motion and return to the unified motion of feeling. Detach from what you believe and reunite your light and sound with your voice and vision! So, HOW YOU FEEL returns to its pre-eminent and pertinent state of being valued! Value your feelings, not your beliefs, and you will return to the whole life of being eturnall. Here. Now. Forever. Include, purposely, whats going on during inactivity, rest, sleep, and nightdreaming. For when you ignore it, and deem it as a waste of time, you are excluding the most important parts of your daily (24) hour cycle your regeneration, your restoration! Activity uses energy, and rest restores (receives) it. Why, then, are you so hell-bent on activity, production, getting it done, and exercise, when it is using your energy, not restoring it!? So be it.


Rejuvenation Manuals Distribution Program Decentralized Growth

The rejuvenation manuals for thought are provided free of charge, and will be as long as I can generate and attract the necessary resources and services to continue this practice. These are available in printed and bound (3-ring binders), compact disk (cds), and computer download. The basis (base is) of eturnity is unconditional giving, just as the creator of life gives to us. Charging money conditionalizes and divides the equality of the all into the inequality of one to the other. Which sets up an imbalance that says, You deserve it, because you can afford it. But, it also says, You dont deserve it, because you cant afford it. This conditionalizing (condition all eye sing) is the cause of mans imbalance, which creates disease and dying. This occurs because anywhere you limit, restrict, slow, divert, alter, or stop energy, you create inequality, limitation, and imbalance. Those wanting to gain from others, by usurping their energy to benefit themselves, as an individual or group, are not in full comprehension of the way the whole Spirit manifests reality. Namely, without any expense to anyone. What decentralizing does is quite simple. It spreads the growth out, so no one person is burdened by a workload. It also ends the greed factor and control over others factor. What we are doing is adding to life first. Which is the true way to health and wealth, because both come from being within absolute ease: your balance point. Placing the burdens of success versus failure on yourself or others is not life-giving: period. Obligation creates time and diestance. This has to stop. Eturnity and immortality is timeless and distance-free! Because it is always in the here and now. Which is where how you feel is always present. Natures Publications are just that! From nature! Self-realization is growth, and growth in nature is always seeded first. Each one of these manuals, then, is a seed. Which will grow, if it is given your attention, from the directions and focus you trust Spirit with, for lifes multiplication.


Imagine a grain of wheat, or a single apple seed, etc., and its easy to see, Spirit adds and adds and adds and adds, and never stops adding to the first seed planted. We are handing out the seeds for growing a new reality and Spirit will add and add and add, providing you nourish the seed, so it grows, and takes root in your soul. You reap what you sow! So, sow life first! Then, all that life is will be given to you, as it was given to the seed. Then, Spirit gives the fruit to the seed for harvest. Decentralize to proliferate and assure propagation. Why? Because it does not have a burdensome network or web-work dependency. It needs no one elses support to be able to stand on its own. Just like the seed planted in the soil. It does not seek help from other seeds to grow, Spirit gives you (it) the growth. Who amongst you are so poor and impoverished that you cant copy this information and make it available to someone else? Keep it mentally intact, by realizing, gifts are gifts. Not for making money with. Yet, if it is your choice to use the gift for doing so, then it is still a gift, void of any conditionalized, regulated, or limited rules. We are not seeking profit versus loss. Were adding life. The problem with money first, rather than life first, comes because you are trying to harvest before youve planted. To do that literally requires you to take what is not yours, from others, the reason for thou shalt not steal. Doing so steals your focus away from life, which creates income for you. But, at the same time, income does not create life, for you, in return! Also, look at nature and she never regulates or stockpiles all the resources into one or two places. This assures propagation without interruption. Can natures factories or train stations be shut down because of a union walk-out, or go broke because outsourcing wages are cheaper elsewhere, or blacked out by too many customers on the line? No. Centralization causes its own collapse, because its a vulnerable state! And, even a target for dissenters. Not to mention, the obligation it creates when the leader/follower of management versus labor is implemented. All obligation is stress, because it is always based on owing or being owed, even when it is not called debt. When you invest you do not see it as debt, but you create debt for someone else to pay. When you borrow, you


create debt for yourself to pay. Even monthly bills are part of this anxiety-producing obligation. Which all centralization systems promote, to make you obligated, to them. This program has no offers, no solicitation, no order forms, and no formal structure. It has no company, or assets. Nor does it have any individual memberships, which means it has no liabilities, either. There is no tithing, no donating, and no purchasing. Because it is a gift of life: a life seed. We urge you to use this information in the same manner used here, so no person can claim it as their own, to profit, only for themselves. This information belongs to no person, it belongs to all persons. It came to me, free of charge, and free of obligation. I am passing this torch in the same manner. It is Spirits, so it is public domain. You do not need permission to copy, distribute, quote, or use it in any way you see fit! If you disagree with this, or think it needs additions or alterations, add to it, but do not change it or you are limiting my expression, while I am not limiting yours. Express yourself, not react to others expressions. In this is your real freedom and power of life. Life lived in a friction-free space, full of lively expression, and void of reaction, allowing choice its natural course. Now, since this is at the end of each manual, we can take a liberty we never recommend: we can assume youve read the text, to some degree. So, what do you see being created by using this distribution method? What scourge in society is stopped in its tracks? Answer: Theft! No one can steal this because it is not a temptation, and has no arbitrary, appraised, or accepted value levied on it! It is only produced on demand, by anyone who chooses to do so. By one single, simple gesture, weve stopped all regulation (and obligation) like trademarks, copyrights, franchise rights, indexing, ratings, grading, publisher contracts, dealer networks, and shipping problems. We are not tempting people to steal our identity, were inviting them to see the impossibility of doing so. Absolute liberty and freedom does not create the decepteve, scheming, and conning mind that all cheaters, thieves, and criminals use to take advantage of you. Nor does it tie you to contracts, work orders, employment, etc.


Once the devaluation of commerce is established, crime will disappear. So will upper class versus lower class mentalities that severely curtail mans ability to get along with each other. So, war, the product of worry (about who controls the oil/land), will also cease. Understand, this is not an overthrow of anything or anyone. It is a graduall and systematic economic dismantling. Non-threatening, and non-evasive to anyone. It is an undertow current that moves you into the deeper aspects of your spiritual huemanness. So, you are no longer able to be lured into disrespect, shame, blame, and the corridors of mischief you unknowingly follow now, in the attempt to escape these. Laws do not eliminate theft and crime, because they do not balance the reality they imbalance it. Until there are no more ongoing divisions, crime will be here, because it is the darc trying to reconcile the light, rather than joining it! So, all is clear, and free of obligation. The liberty being established here can not be taken away by any authority, any law, or any thief (the if). Why? Because any man or woman can give to themselves, as they choose to! No guns, traps, or garnishments can stop mankind from receiving life from Spirit, because Spirit is life, and already eturnall. Man is simply catching up on what he left behind by descending into form. In the game of catch up, man will also develop a keen insight into the new world order of the whole Spirit. Which is where all of the universes power is located. So, do not concern yourself about not having monetary currency (current see), because each person will become more and more God-like and have access to power for every possible need any hueman can think of. And it will come forward with more and more ease, as the decepteve illusions are eliminated from civilization. Isnt it obvious the planets and stars all move without us so much as laying a finger on them? It is truly perpetual motion, because it is being e-turn-all-e driven by Spirit. Very shortly, in a few years, this civilization will be opened enough, mentally, to perceive how this is established, and easily maintained. A new frontier will begin and in it all will have all their needs met easily. Homes will generate their own electricity, heating, cooling, etc. Your automobiles will never need fuel, because they will operate on command, by Spirit providing an endless supply of fuel. And, guess what? It will all


be free. Amazing? Not really! Just new knowledge, properly used, to create the necessary balance and neutrality needed to access Spirits real, awesome power! So be it.


Hooking Up to Spirit: The Process

Now, to get memory up to the Spirit. This is an alone process. You have to be comfortable and not distracted. Close the door, phone off the hook, curtains pulled, etc. I prefer the bathtub, but this is up to you. Sitting or laying in bed, it doesnt matter. Buy some cheap earplugs and use them. You have to insulate and isolate your sensory perceptions so all you are seeing is whats in your mind, not whats outside or across the room. Now, just start talking to yourself about how wonderful it is to be empowered and happy, etc. This is foreplay stuff. Be grateful and exude joyfulness, using your words. As you do this, listen to yourself and mentally note is your sound convincing, certain, and sure? Is what you are saying real to you? Its not likely on the first attempt you will reach that level of conviction and convection, but its also not important that you do. Because we are growing a new physical body and that is done in steps, not instantly. Though advanced masters can do reality change instantly, were not there yet. Okay, now start over and do it again. This time with more sincerity, emphasis, volume (louder), and acceptance that you are the director of your life. Notice we are not purposely visualizing, rather we are purposely magnetizing, which attracts the exact visual input that matches the words/sounds you are using! In the beginning was the word, says light is to follow your words, not precede your words. Spirit gives you visions, man gives you images. Light that precedes your words is an image (i am age). Light that follows your words is a vision (eve is eye on). And thats why without vision, we perish Okay, now after youve become more at ease about hearing your own voice, you take the next step which is Look up, mentally, in your mind. For what youve been doing (most likely) is looking out and into the mind. This is a crucial step, learning to look up. Out is horizontal, up is vertical. The door to power is up, not out. Heres why. Youre designed to receive light from your physical eyes and your third eye. This is just above the eyebrows in the center of your forehead. Around this third eye is a circular band which is light and dark squares. Rectangles if youre deep in physicality. It spins and the colors you see coming through on the ultraviolet range tell


the body what frequency to vibrate on. You have to close this normally non-visible input for it is the duality. I have seen this, but most have not. You dont have to see it, but you have to know its there and how to shut it off, for it feeds you the divided estate of positive/negative. Spirit is the unified state and the source of power which we do not want diluted or disturbed by a stream of energy hitting our directions to Spirit or the instructions will be convoluted. Whole Spirit enters where the soft spot of a newborn is located. Divided Spirit comes through the left and right eyes, ears, and other sensory perceptions. Most people can understand going within, by closing the eyes and ears to the outside. But in all honesty, I never met anyone, or even read about it, that realizes the cause of Spirit not delivering is found in the lack of not going up, mentally, with your directions. Heres the other aspect of why this is so important to your success. If you are airing up an inner tube (your body) and theres a leak, how can you ever expect to feel full? Fulfilled? Furthermore, the bodys fullness or emptiness of Spirit tells the band around your head how much light and sound to let into your brain which controls the body. And it is sending you your now-available energy. Obviously, this has to change. Transforming (trans forming) your body requires you to transfer Spirit into it. So it has to be closed, sometimes referred to as sealing in some writings, to say your aperture (the band around your head) has to be closed. Unless you go up, it is open! Much like trying to take a picture/photograph and the aperture cover never closes. You get nothing but light, and it requires light with dark, to create visible forms or pictures. Whew! Im glad its easier to do this process than it is to write about it. Okay, weve warmed up with foreplay and shut off duality by lifting our focus to the up position, which closes the opening, into, our duality (do all it e). Now its time to address Spirit. If youd rather say God, or the Creator, or the Father, do so. But, there is yet another, mostly unknown, you have to address, for the Spirit is made of two parts, which are the upper/invisible and the lower/visible. Perhaps we better talk some more about your physical composition so you can understand why you must include the next step, which is addressing the feminine side,


referred to as the Goddess, the Created, or the Mother of Life. Mother Earth is half of creation - the other half is Fathers Spirit/light. As above, so below and as below, so above. It takes two to tango and it takes two to birth a reality of choice. For choice, properly used, is a mating up/pairing up/affair, between positive/father and negative/mother, energy. Look at mans makeup and its not too difficult to realize we consist of Spirit (air), water, and matter (earth). When the body dies, this separates. Spirit goes up, water evaporates, and matter decomposes. The reverse happens when you are born, or learn to use Spirit to rejuvenate, re: reborn. What this tells us is that we are actually made up of energy coming out of moist Mother Earth Spirit and combining with dry Father Spirit, mixed in water to condense and coagulate us into form. During pregnancy the water breaks. This is like the chick coming out of the egg, only its a child out of the womb. Birth then, examined, always takes place in a sealed, closed-off space, fed by the Spiritual father side, fed by Spirit through the umbilical cord, and the magnetism of mother does not have to concern itself with a tube feeder, for the magnetic vapors are so small they permeate right thru the walls of the egg or womb. The water is the conductive connector of the fathers Spirit and the mothers Spirit. When it breaks, it is full and can no longer be contained. The balloon (be all on) ruptures and whats inside comes outside: from invisible to visible. Your cells are miniature wombs/balloons that grow by birthing new cells. This patriarchal, male-dominated society has ignored the matriarchal (ma tri are call), female side of life which is why earth has so many ailments now. This includes the people on it! At last were ready, so we address the father of life and the mother of life, using your choice of words, and to put it into the up position weve locked into (mentally), focus-wise. Now, speak directly to the up Spirit and do not look mentally down. Why? Because the Spirit has to come down, or the mother will not move up. She only responds to the fathers Spirit and nothing else. You seed (see d) this with your words to Spirit, to move! Very clearly, very profoundly, tell Spirit to come into being now because you have directions (instructions) to give him. Then say Father, I come here to receive (re:


see eve) the power to rejuvenate my body (or your request)! Mean it! No nambypamby, wishy-washy tone of voice, or thats all youll get back! Now say to the Spirit, three times, to spin the elements you consist of - I am the power (Spirit), I am the power (water), I am the power (form) together. Do this in a stepping up of amplitude so your last I am the power is the strongest and loudest. Now, before you can ever think of telling the father Thank you, you will feel energy hit your body. It will come in the top of the head and go where it is needed. Your feelings will instantly change to the degree of your empathic and sincere tone of success. If you didnt get any feelings or notice any changes, your energy field is too dense and you need to drop some more baggage/garbage from your mind. Our Book of Illusions are very helpful for finding and removing the mis-taken perceptions. Go back and do it again and again with your memory statement, saying after staging, I always direct Spirit first! to keep adding to the power, to join the pairs of Spirit that come out of the power for creating. Never deny or doubt that Spirit did not give you the power or you abort the inner-course the father and mother are having, at your request, to be the power. Its the tree of life youre creating, but it has to birth, in you, or you wont feel it. If you know you have doubted and heard yourself say This crap dont work, etc., you have to start over. For you broke the seal (see all) prematurely and aborted the embryo (im brea o). Heres a list of add-ons. These are important, for each step is adding to the overall volume and force with which Spirit is entering your body. Youre a shotgun and need to be a rifle, or youre a misty spray and need to be a jet stream, like a firemans hose. Got it? Request - Im here to still my mind direction. My mind is still, (three times). Request - Im here to restore my vitality direction. I am vital, (three times). Now, suppose youve had some things in your memory you know you shouldnt have done. Do the same. Request - Im here to correct a mistake I made, (then tell it). Direction - I am forgiven, (three times). Pretty soon youll tire of all the individual things and it will dawn on you all things are possible with God, and you lump it into one statement (Dont do this first. Youre not ready to accept it will actually happen. Its one bite at a time at first.


Request - Father remove all death rays from my energy field so I am immortal. Direction - I am immortal, (three times). What is all of this doing? Its putting you back into control of your life. Be it all at once or a piece at a time, it is being in control of yourself that creates all of your reality. Its really that simple. So practice it until you feel it and you will feel it. Then nobody can ever convince you that you need them or what theyre selling. In keeping with the intense impact program just described, as you go through your daily life, remember to keep thinking up to Spirit first. This creates a neural connection from the brain to mind, mind to Spirit (fiber of light), each time you consciously call on Spirit. Soon enough these become like bundles of wires in a telephone cable and they become a very strong connection to Spirit. Initially they are quite small; the noticeable affect at the moment is, basically, nil. But, as you grow, this conduit of light will just pop into your feelings or mental intuition that something did change and the overall net feelings of now, are far better, than back then. So each day adds to the next and you grow younger, happier, healthier, freer, and more abundant. Thats math that adds up and it adds life to you. Also, you will tire of the same repetition of repeat everything three times. This is good, for you are saturating your commitment and no longer need it. Life is not rules and/or routines. Its spontaneity - so follow the feeling of the feeling, and youre one with Spirit. Thats it. So be it.


Seeing your light The aura

Weve all seen a rainbow and understand the basic color ranges of it. What is not noticed and not so obvious, is the color violet, which is on top and bottom of the color separations. Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Each week has seven days, and there are seven chakras (wheels of light) running in and out of our body. There are colors outside of the physical realm and normally not visible to the eye. The color coming into the body is clear, just like light coming into a prism. The color and intensity of your aura varies and is dependent on your state of mind. The body, unlike the prism or the sky, diffuses light and makes it less visible. So, man has to concentrate the focus on a single spot in order to see the ultra-violet lights coming out of the hue-man body. The color that appears can be read or understood by simple deductions, such as (approximations): Hot Violet - positive Red - anger Orange - turmoil Temperature Range Yellow - control Green - envious Blue - calm Cold Violet - negative } 7 ranges


The colors outside of the body are gold, silver, copper, brassy bronze, and of course, clear (not visible). If you see these in an aura, it will usually be around the persons head. This person is very spiritually imbued. There is not anything supernatural about ones light, for it enters and leaves all physical forms. So, do not be misled by notions that its occult and devilish. Those are beliefs/illusions that have to be removed or you will never know who you are. This is life-science in visible view. Just like a rainbow (ray in bow) or arc. Is an arc, a prism, a rainbow, a crystal, or a hueman the devil? No! They are all the light of God coming into being, on Spirit. So be it.


Steps: 1. Draw a spot on your finger. 2. Lay your hand on a piece of paper or white background. 3. Stare intently and only at the spot. 4. Within 2-3 minutes, you will notice a glow surrounding your fingers.


5. Do not shift your vision away from the spot or the glowing will disappear because your vision is no longer concentrated. 6. Now, once you see this light, remove your hand and stare at the paper, and a complete glowing hand will be visible. 7. Seeing the aura of anything, or anyone, is done by creating a single focal spot and staring at it. It need not be drawn, just visually concentrated on.


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