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To Paul Shotton and Elcin Kurtulus Sorry Paul its such a while since I heard forom you, I forgot

to put you on the list. Diito message, Elcin

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Anyone who thinks prosecution is an appropriate action in this case deserves to be incarcerated for a year or two until they come to a better state of mind. How about we prosecute the RSPCA for cruelty to suffering humans. Instead of prosecuting, why couldnt they spend the money on a vet preferably to operate and remove the cats apparent tumour. If necessary, just offer to put the cat down. No misery for the owner, just a little supportive comfort in an obviously difficult life. These neglect cases are diabolic. And they pander to absolutely the worst self-righteous cruelty the human being is capable of most often by creating a case out of nothing. Consider the famous electric shock cases sorry I cant recollect the scholars name at the moment but the guy who persuaded nice ordinary humans to administer shocks to folk who they thought needed to be taught to respond faster to the experimenters script. Everyone who reads this material is shocked out of their mind but the RSPCA does far worse all the time, dragging the elderly who are finding life difficult and lonely anyway, into court and subjecting them to incredible and life shortening stress, loss of reputation and friends, and no-one even squeaks. http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/Pensioner-banned-from-keeping-pets.6187161.jp

Pensioner banned from keeping pets after cat left to suffer

Published Date: 29 March 2010 A pensioner has been banned from owning any animals for life after causing suffering to his cat by failing to provide adequate veterinary care for a problem with its mouth. David Rathbone, aged 66, of St Peters Gardens, Weston Favell, Northampton, was prosecuted by the RSPCA after they found Titch with a lesion on her mouth which was causing her severe discomfort. Northampton Magistrates' Court heard on Friday that an RSPCA officer had visited Rathbone's home on September 22 last year after they were alerted to the cat's condition by one of his neighbours. Rod Stephenson, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said that, after seeing the state the cat was in, the officer had taken it away to Roade Veterinary Surgery where it was euthanized on humane grounds to prevent it from further suffering. Mr Stephenson said; "It was the examining vet's professional opinion that the mass on the cat's mouth would have grown over a period of one to two months and possibly longer." Mr Stephenson said that, in interview, Rathbone said he had not been able to get the cat to a vet due to his own problems with his stomach which caused him pain whenever he went out of the house. Andy Hopkinson, defending, said Rathbone had looked after the cat for 10 years without any previous incident and had not deliberately tried to cause it any pain. He said: "He did everything he could to alleviate the cat's pain in his limited fashion. He used a cloth with distilled water for the lesion and always made sure she had food where possible. He did so in the forlorn hope the lesion would go

away." Chairman of the bench Derek Loud, sentencing, said: "We believe you should have tried harder to get some advice and treatment for her. Animals don't deserve to come to an end like this." Rathbone was given an indefinite ban from owning or being involved in the keeping of animals, fined 150, ordered to pay costs of 200 and victim surcharge of 15. Would sanctimonious twit be a useful way to refer to Derek Loud?

I missed seeing the program this evening, but I am told that Channel 7 gave the RSPCA a platform from which to complain about the folk who are putting up nasty web-sites about them. Probably worth a look if this is an area of especial interest for you. No doubt this is because Channel Seven is running that extraordinarily bad program, Animal Rescue.
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