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Time: 3 hours PART A (Answer all questions, 4 marks each) Max. Marks: 100 (10 x 4 marks= 40 marks)

1. What is Perpetual Motion Machine of First Kind (PMM-1)? 2. Explain the terms Reversibility and Irreversibility. 3. Write the expressions for the following terms based on Polytropic process: a. Work done c. Change in Entropy b. Change in Internal Energy d. Heat Exchanged

4. What are the advantages of Battery Ignition system over Magneto Ignition system? List the applications of Magneto Ignition system. 5. What is the function of an (i) impeller, (ii) diffuser and (iii) casing in a centrifugal compressor. 6. What is mean by Priming of pumps? 7. What is the difference between Comfort Air Conditioning & Industrial Air Conditioning? 8. What is Friction disk? Draw a neat sketch. 9. List some advantages and limitations of Casting. 10. What is the difference between Soldering & Brazing?
PART B Module I (3 x 20 marks= 60 marks)

11. a. Explain Diesel cycle with the help of P-V and T-S diagrams and derive the expression for Air Standard Efficiency. b. Explain Fluidized Bed Combustion with the help of a figure. Write the advantages.

12. a. The minimum pressure and temperature in an Otto cycle are 100KPa and 300K. The compression ratio is 5 and the peak pressure is 2.1MPa. Find out i)
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Heat supplied/kg of air ii) Heat rejected/kg of air iii) Work done/kg of air iv) Theoretical thermal efficiency. Take Cp = 1.005kJ/kgK and Cv = 0.718kJ/kgK. b. Explain these terms: i) Scavanging ii) Carburation iii) Soild Injection System
Module II

13. a. Explain the working of Double acting Reciprocating pump with the help of a sketch. b. Draw the layout of a hydroelectric power plant and explain its working. List the advantages.

14. a. Explain the working of Parsons reaction turbine with the help of a sketch. Show the variation of velocity and pressure of steam while flow through the turbine. b. Explain the working of Open cycle & Closed cycle gas turbines.
Module III

15. a. Derive the expression for length of the belt for a crossed belt drive. b. Explain the different operations performed in a Milling machine with neat sketches.

16. a. Explain CNC machine with the help of a figure, list the advantages, limitations and applications of CNC. b. Explain with the help of a figure. i) Arc Welding ii) Gas welding


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