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Company: Agip KCO Project: Kashagan Development Experimental Subproject: Onshore Processing Facility


Construction Assessment Checklist

Checklist No: 12-05 Revision: 0 Activity: PRE-HYDROTESTING Discipline: 12 Pipeline

Site/Location: Contractor: Subcontractor:

Item Action

Report Number: Date: Component:

Results Accepted Yes No

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Before commencing this surveillance. check the area is safe. If working at height does the scaffold have a green tag Are all concession or deviation request raised relating to the test section outstanding or not approved by Company Are all permits for water removal and disposition available for review Have all repairs been x-checked re-welded and NDT completed Are records of samples of radiograph xchecks been completed on the test section Are records completed and checked on contractors weld map for: A Welding B Coating C NDT D Bending reports E RDX RVX and pre-tested section verified

6 7

Are reports of appropriate checks completed and where required verified by Company Are visual defects identified on reports: A Arc strikes B Grinding mark C Cap Undercut or under flush D Misalignment E Seam offset

Checklist No:12-05


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Company: Agip KCO Project: Kashagan Development Experimental Subproject: Onshore Processing Facility


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Are all areas checked by UT recorded

What verification is carried out by Company on areas where grinding or arc strikes have been noted 10 Are bar chart records complete for the test section have GPS records on all welds been completed 11 Were required are all CP attachments made before hydrotest and records available 12 Is all equipment used in Hydrotest currently calibrated are checks on contractors calibration records verified including: A DWT B Gauges C Chart recorders D Temperature measuring equipment E Flow meters for filling F Pressure relief devices where fitted set to correct pressure 13 Are trackers fitted to scrapers are verification records of scraper velocity checked 14 Has the hydrotest plan for the test section been reviewed by Company 15 16 17 Has the dimensional check been carried out on the sizing plate Is all equipment used in hydrotesting safe for use under pressure Untreated test water shall not remaining test section longer than 30 days are WSJV in compliance with this requirement from section 4.7 de-watering Is Contractor in compliance with the requirement in cleaning and drying after 30 days of de-watering and are records of drying to project requirements Completed by: Witnessed by:
(Contractor or Subcontractor Representative)


Accepted Rejected
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Deficiency Description: (What's wrong and why did it happen?)

Checklist No:12-05


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