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FREN 1171 Spring 2010 Name and seat #:

Part 1: Matching (30 points): Match the term in column A with its definition in column B.
Part 2: Multiple Choice (36 points): Choose the best answer for each question.
C 1. Name the editing technique used repeatedly throughout the introductory credits to Mv Wife is an
a. Wipe
b. Iris-in, iris-out
c. Lap dissolve
d. Eye-line match
B 2. In Mv Wife is an Actress, how many plotlines are there? Describe them brieIly.
a. 1
b. 2 (Yvan and his wiIe; his sister and her husband)
c. 3
d. 4
B 3. Mv Wife is an Actress is:
a. a drama
b. a romantic comedy
c. a thriller
d. a documentary about Iilms
B 4. The shot Iavored by director Yvan Attal is:
a. wide-angle shot
b. close-up shot
c. cutaway shot
d. extreme long shot
C 5. The nude scene in Mv wife is an Actress is a perIect illustration oI which editing technique?
a. Lap dissolve
b. Shot/reverse shot
c. Parallel editing
d. Match cut
D 6. Why does the director juxtapose the punch in the caIe and the speeding train?
a. to show the quick temper oI the main character
b. to mark a transition between two scenes
c. to show the suddenness oI the decision to go to London
1. H shot a) a series oI related, consecutive scenes perceived as a major unit
oI a narrative Iilm, analogous to a part in a novel
2. E scene b) editing techniques that provides continuity in scenes with
3. F edit/editing c) the most common transition between shots, made by splicing or
joining the end oI one shot to the beginning oI the Iollowing shot
4. C cut d) a subject looks at something oII-screen, and the next shot shows
what s/he was looking at, Irom her/his distance and point oI view.
5. B shot/reverse shot e) a section oI a narrative that gives the impression oI continuous
action taking place in continuous time and space, most Ieature Iilms
are made up oI many oI these, analogous to a chapter in a novel.
6. I Iast cutting I) to select and arrange the processed segments oI a Iilm; to
determine the shots to include, the most eIIective take (version) oI
each shot, the arrangement and duration oI shots, and transitions
between them
7. J Irame g) a series oI brieI shots used to represent a condensation oI
subjects and time
8. G montage h) an uninterrupted strip oI exposed Iilm that represents a subject
during an uninterrupted segment oI time
9. A sequence i) editing characterized by Irequent brieI shots; most action scenes,
music videos, and trailers use this technique extensively
10. D eye-line match j) one individual image
d. All oI the above
A 7. The opening restaurant scene in Mv Wife is an Actress has
a. one shot until the arrival oI a Ian who wants Charlotte`s autograph
b. 3 shots until the arrival oI a Ian who wants Charlotte`s autograph
c. 10 shots until the arrival oI a Ian who wants Charlotte`s autograph
d. 24 shots until the arrival oI a Ian who wants Charlotte`s autograph
A 8. What is the idea behind Paris, fe taime/Paris, I Love vou?
a. to invite several international directors to show their perspective on Paris
b. to warn tourists about STDs
c. to advertise study abroad programs
d. to undo Paris` reputation as a romantic city
C 9. What technique is used to open and close the scene in the vampire storv?
a. Lap dissolve
b. Wipe
c. Iris-in, iris-out
d. Eye-line matches
A 10. The aim oI the story 'Banks of the Seine with Zarka and Franois is to challenge religious and
cultural stereotypes about Muslims.
a. True
b. False
D 11. How do the Coen brothers introduce a sense oI tension in "Tuileries", in the metro?
a. by using eerie music
b. by Iocusing on the danger oI taking the metro
c. by using dizzying camera techniques
d. by placing a main character who can't speak a word oI French in a hostile environment
A12. What visual elements help to establish the protagonist's personal woes in the
story entitled "Montmartre" (aka "the road rage segment")?
a. a series oI shots oI pregnant women and happy couples
b. a series oI Iast cuts between the main character's line oI sight and various drivers
c. one painIully long shot that shows the protagonist weeping
d. the somber classical music that accompanies the protagonist's monologue
Part 3: Fill in the blanks (34 points).
What ironical discovery do we (and the main character) make at the end oI 'Faubourg Saint-Denis` the story oI the
blind man and the young actress? That his girlIriend was not breaking up with him, she was simply rehearsing lines Ior an
What shot marks a drastic change in the plot during 'Montmartre, aka road rage? The shot oI the rearview mirror, when
the passing woman does not appear, signaling that she has Iallen on the sidewalk.
Name the American movie director Yvan Attal reminds you oI. Woody Allen
Name one oI their common characteristics: Using their own love interests in their Iilms, romantic comedies, etc.
Name three diIIerences between the spectator/Iilm viewer and the Iilm critic:
1. The Iilm viewer watches, while the Iilm critic observes and reads a Iilm.
2. The Iilm viewer is subjected to the Iilm, the Iilm is subjected to the critic.
3. The Iilm viewer is a passive participant, while the critic is an active participant.
Explain in twenty words or less the signiIicance oI the train in the Iilm Mv Wife is an Actress.
The train acts as a transition Irom one location to the next (London to Paris). It also demonstrates the hasty
decisions oI the main characters, their distance Irom one another, and the up and downs oI the relationship between Yvan
and Charlotte.