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( Name of the candidate). Son of Shri Prem Chand Sharma residing at Vill : Bhirauli PO Balka To Bulandshahr PS Jahangirabad The Anoospshahr District Bulandshahr PIN 125040 State Uttar Pradesh 2. To the best of knowledge he bears good conduct and has no police case against him. I consider him FIT for enrolment in the Army. His identification marks are as under:(a) .. (b) .. WITNESS 1. Signature Name Village Post Office Tehsil District State PIN :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ :___________________ Signature Name Village Post Office Tehsil District State PIN :____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________ :_____________________

Families Photograph

Affix Latest Passport size Photograph Duly Attested

(Photo to be signed by police office & stamp to be partially affixed on the photograph) Signature :____________________ Name :____________________ Designation :____________________ Date :____________________ Police Station Round Stamp Note:- This from should be verified by the Police Officer of the Area, where the candidate has been residing for the last two years.

Appx J (Ref Para 9 (d) of HQ 1 EME Center Letter No 20301/Pgme/Rtg/Est dt 01 Jan 2013) AFFIDAVIT ON 20 RUPEES NON JUDICAL STAMP PAPER (TO BE ISSUED BY EXECUTIVE MAGISTRATE/SUB DIVISION MAGISTRATE OF CONCERNED TEHSIL) 1. I, Sonu Kumar (Name of candidate), son of Shri KRISHAN CHAND aged_____________years, mothers Name SHRI SHARMLA DEVI p lace of birth JALLANDHAR , House No & House Name( if any) , village , Post Office .., Telegraph office .., Tehsil .., District., PIN State.. Caste., Sub caste, and religion..do hereby solemnly affirm and state on oath as follows:-

(a) My date of birth is (b) I had/ have not been a member of any banned/political organization. (c) Ihave never been in custody or jailed and there is no criminal or judicial case is pending against me in any Court of law in India/ Abroad. (d) I have not been even convicted for any offence under the law. 2. It is certified that:(a) I have passed 10th exam in 28 May 2010 ( Month and Year) vide Certificate/ TC No. and secured..(Marks) out of . Marks vide Gazette No. 2167589. (b) I have passed 10th exam in 28/02/2010 (month and year ) vide Marks Sheet No0176405 and secured 06.8 (Marks ) out of 10.0 ( Marks) vide Gazette No. 2167589. (c) I have passed 12th exam in 28/05/2012 (month and year) vide Certificate/ TC No. and secured.. (Marks) out of . Marks vide Gazette No. 2671025. (d) I have passed 12th exam in 28/02/2010 (month and year) vide Marks Sheet No0176405 and secured 259 (Marks) out of 500 ( Marks) vide Gazette No. 2671025. 3. So, I swear to this affidavit that the declaration made by me as given above is true and correct. (Signature of the candidate) Swear before me Place : Date : (Signature of Executive Magistrate/ Sub Divisional Magistrate of the Concerned Tehsil with his Office Seal

Round Stamp

AFFIDAVIT ON 20 RUPESS NON JUDICIAL STAMP PAPERS NON ENROLMENT TO OTHER SON/BROTHER IN THE ARMY (TO BE ISSUED BY FIRST CLASS JUDICAL MAGISTRATE OF CONCERNED DISTRICT) 1. I, JC-37783912 Rank Sub Name KRISHAN CHANDER Arms/ Services Signal son of KRISHAN CHANDER resident of House No & House Name (if any) Village : Bhirauli Post Office Balka Telegraph Office Bulandshahr and religion Hindu do hereby solemnly affirm as under :(a) I am well aware that Only one real son and one real brother can be enrolled in the Army on the basis of my Relation Certificate issued by Recod Office. (b) That ______________________ is my real son. (c) That his date of birth is ______________as recorded in the education certificate. (d) That his date of birth is___________As recorded in the relation certificate. (e) That I wish to join my son in the Indian Army, Crops of SIGNAL on the basis of my relation certificate issued by ________________________(Name of Record Office). (f) That I had/ have never enrolled my son/brother (as application) earlier on the basis of my relationship. (g) That I will not ask for enrolment of my son/brother other than above, in future. 2. I am making this affidavit in order to enroll my son/brother in the Army. I do hereby declare that the above stated facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I am completely responsible for any legal case against me, if the facts stated above are found incorrect at any stage later.

(Signature of the Sponsor) Swear before me

Place : Date :

Round Stamp

(Signature of 1st Class Judical Magistrate of the concerned District with his Office Seal