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Advancing Health in Bauchi & Sokoto



PROPERTY PASS REQUEST PROCEDURES 1.0 PURPOSE 1.1 The purpose of this document is to define the responsibilities, resources, and processes required to complete and process a Request to bring property into or take out of any Tship site. 1.2 This work instruction covers Property Pass Request for all Tship sites. SCOPE 2.1 The intended audience is all Tship project management and staff, and all other interested parties. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS PROPERTY: Any materials owned by Tship and/or used by Tship employees in the course of their business activities, that is being carried by one or more individuals (vs. by a contracted vendor) into or out of any Tship compound. 4.0 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS 4.1 Attachment 1: F-AD-007, Property Pass Request Form 4.2 Attachment 2: R-AD-007, Property Pass Request Form Flowchart PROPERTY PASS REQUEST PROCESS 5.1 Ref: Attachment 1. 5.2 Note that 48 hours advance notice must be provided for all requests! 5.3 Complete the Property Pass Request Form (PPRF) 5.4 Submit completed Property Pass Request Form to the COP, acting COP, and your DCOP or to your Approved Designated for his/her approval and signature. 5.4.1 Approved Designated include the TSHIP Program Team Leads. 5.4.2 The list of authorized PPRF approvers will be maintained and issued by the DCOP-Admins office and will be updated as required to TSHIP staff and to Sallyport. 5.4.3 If COP/DCOP/Designated disapproves, Requestor will be notified. 5.5 Print the approved hard copy to the Security Office. 5.5.1 You can also hand-carry the signed hard-copy document to the Security Office and submit it to the Security Duty Officer there. 5.6 StaticGuard will review PPRF to completeness and against list of authorized PPRF approvers. If approved , Static Guard will 5.6.1 Print a hard copy 5.6.2 Assign PPRF a unique tracking number 5.6.3 Sign across the tracking number (digital signature is optional, if that capability exits) 5.6.4 Log the signed and numbered document into the PPRF Tracking Log 1




Advancing Health in Bauchi & Sokoto



5.8 5.9


5.6.5 Scan form into PDF 5.6.6 Email locked PDF into Requestor 5.6.7 Email or print and file for delivery to Gate Guards Requestor will assure that (1) copy of approved, signed PPRF is attached to each Significant item or carton being moved. PPRF will be checked and checked by Gate Guards. Material Handler will present tagged property to Gate Guards for movement into or out Of the TSHIP site. Gate Guards will check property serial numbers, identifying characteristics as documented on PPRF, and unique tracking number against all paperwork presented. There must at least one copy of the PPRF for each item of property being transported. 5.9.1 If there is any discrepancy between the property and the PPRF, Gate Guards will hold the person and property at the gate and NOTIFY THEIR SHIFT SUPERVISOR for consultancy and resolution. 5.9.2 If documentation and property match, transport is approved and the person and property enter to leave the site, as applicable. 5.9.3 If disapproved, Security will notify the original Requestor and the DCOP who signed the PPRF and explain the circumstances. Gate Guards will collect all PPRFs submitted with property entering or leaving the site and will file for future Security data reconciliation with the PPRF Tracking Log and/or inventory records.

6.0 RVISION HISTORY Version Date Author Reviewed By Approved By Summary of change

Advancing Health in Bauchi & Sokoto

Attachment 1 Property Pass Request Form Flowchart


48-Hours Advance Notice Required to move Property Less Than 48 Hours Will be Denied
Complete Property pass request form
2 10b

Submit to COP, DCOP or authorized designate for approval

Returned to Requestor

Signed numbered PPRF to Requestor to attach to being moved


3 Requestor scans and emails



No No

Static Guards

Security Office
5 6


Reviews, assigns unique tracking number

Prints, signs across tracking number (digital signature optional) 8

14a File signed and numbered copy and log in tracking file

Shift Supervisor notified

Shift supervisor notify

Gate Guards


Send copy of signed and numbered document to Gate Guards


Check property serial no. identifying marks and PPRF tracking no against paper work presented




Collected PPRF are put folder for later data reconciliation


16 End process

Maternal Handler


Attached 1 copy of approved PPFR to each sgn. box


Present materials being moved to Gate Guards


Material is moved

Advancing Health in Bauchi & Sokoto


Attachment 2 4