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iProf iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

iProf Learning Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. A-1, Windsor IT Park, 11th Floor, Tower B, Sector 125, Noida 201301 Ph: +91 120 6760100 www.iprofindia.com

iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

Information Brochure Content

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Offer Highlights iProf Profile Introduction Why Franchisee Education Market Product Introduction and Features Various Test Preparation Content available on iProf Platform Product Advantages, value proposition to customers Value proposition to Business Partners Business Partner Profile

10. Guidelines to set up iProf iStudy Zone 11. Business Model 12. Next Steps 13. iProf iStudy Zone Locations 14. iProf Coverage in Print Media and Television

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

1. Offer Highlights

1.1. An opportunity to join Indias fastest growing industry- Test preparation and after school coaching. Currently estimated at Rs.10000 crores. 1.2. All popular test preparations- IITJEE, AIEEE, CAT, GMAT, GRE, IAS, Medical Admission, CA-CPT etc under one roof WITHOUT EMPLOYING ANY TEACHER. 1.3. Be the FIRST to introduce the latest mobile device in your city Personal Education Tablet which can be as successful as cellular phone. 1.4. Test preparation material provided by the best faculties in India presented in highly interactive form. 1.5. Students will not need computer and broadband to access the best education material. Its Anytime Anywhere Education. 1.6. Golden opportunity to take franchise of iProf which is promoted by highly successful corporate executives and US based funds. 1.7. Low initial investment requirement of Rs 7-8 lakhs with high annual returns of 30% to 40% per annum with significant upside potential.

Some of our Partners

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

2. About Us
iProf Learning Solutions is state of the art m-learning company that visions to overcome constraints like non- availability of computer and broadband. The solution being deployed will be able to provide India a new and affordable education platform. IProfs mission statement: To revolutionize the education delivery mechanism The Company envisions of installing and commissioning, the new technical platform nationwide in next few months including all small to medium cities. Companys mission is to provide equal opportunity to all segments of society to acquire education at an affordable price. iProf is an intellectual capital intensive based organization. Most iProf employees are alumni of leading educational institutes, this allows all who engage with iProf to maximize their knowledge base and benefit from a knowledge driven organization.


Why Franchisee?

There are many reasons why a franchise is the best type of operation for those who want to become business owners. The bottom line is that you can achieve a higher success rate through franchising than through independent ownership A franchise: 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Offers a highly effective method of doing business-a solid, tested operating system-using an established brand. Provides you with support from others both-the franchisors support team and the hundreds of other individuals who have chosen to become franchisees, thereby multiplying your chances for success. Allows you to know in advance what your likely investment will be and what your business will look like, thereby reducing significantly the risk you have going into business. Allows you to start a business with an established market value. Your asset will grow as a result of your efforts as well as the efforts of the franchisor and your fellow franchisee.

4.1 4.2

Education Franchisee
Education is one of the fastest growing industries in India Largest segment of the Indian education market is estimated at US $ 40 billion inclusive of K-12 segment, private professional colleges, tutoring, test preparation, preschool Education market in India is expected to grow up to $ 80 billion by 2012 with 14% CAGR spent on private education in 2012, as compared to current 8.6% CAGR After-school curriculum coaching and test preparation market in India is a $ 985MM market. Exhibited revenue growth in excess of 15% in last five years with healthy mix of price and enrolment growth Private Equities have made over 30 investments worth $ 300 million in education related companies in recent years Investors have indicated that Test Preparation, content providers and preschool companies are the most attractive investment segment in the current scenario





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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure


PET Personal Education Tablet

iProf introduces device branded as PERSONAL EDUCATION TABLET (PET) which is a handheld touch screen device. PET comes with a pre-loaded content depending upon the subscription student has opted for, various courses that will be available for students to pursue are IITJEE, AIEEE, SLEEE, PMT, CAT, GMAT etc. test preparatory content details

*The above is an indicative image of the device. The actual may differ depending upon the application/content to be run of the content partner


How does PET work

Students get limited pre-loaded content with PET, students goes through the content, post completion; student comes back to the hot spot and uploads more content for self study. Students get the flexibility to select and download the content, exercises and tests they want based on the student specific needs.


Key Features* Basic Features Wi- Fi Alarm Scientific Calculator Dictionary Note Pad Non volatile Memory Calendar
* The actual features may vary

Media Features Video , voice recorder Self Timer Digital zoom Video player Audio player

Handset Accessories Integrated Speaker Battery Charging AC Adapter Virtual key board Head phones Kick Stand Carrying pouch

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

6. Various Test Preparation Content on iProf Platform (Proposed)


iProf value Proposition to Customers

1) First time in India a unique and innovative concept in m-learning 2) No Computer and broad band connectivity required by student 3) Chargeable device, therefore no electricity required for usage 4) Technology solution created on worlds best software from IBM 5) Nationwide reach with roll out in 250 cities 6) Flexibility for content customization by end user 7) Test and exercises in offline mode, exercises will have instant results; will also have references to the topics and solution in case of wrong answers. 8) Performance tracking and monitoring by student, mentor and parents, availability of analytical reports 9) Loyalty engine and community 10) Students can create own notes offline, upload and share their notes in online mode 11) 24X7 customer care support to students and mentors


iProf value Proposition to Business Partners

iProf envisages scaling up its business and presence in India through the established franchising route. Franchisees are part of the extended iProf family. You can rely on us to provide you with constant support and advice. Our Franchisee Manager is dedicated to helping you build business. These managers are true business consultants who know every detail of how to operate iProf iStudy Zone and who are experienced professionals capable of answering your questions. Your Franchisee Manager will provide you the guidance and support necessary to develop and implement your business plan, and offering specific, concrete suggestion to build your business. They are backed by an experienced team of professionals in the supplemental educational industry, including specialist in testing, curricula, training, marketing, information technology and accounting.

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

If your manager does not have answer at his finger tips, he has ready access to those who do. With your staff, you will manage the daily details of your business using our property, state-of-the-art computerized management system. This comprehensive computer software program helps maximize your businesss efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to work with a high volume of students, without compromising quality. The system helps manage administrative functions associated with initial inquiries, billing, invoicing, inventory management and a host of other function critical to the success of your iProf iStudy Zone. We have developed and refined the marketing, training and procedure you need to start effectively and grow rapidly. Our dedicated management team is your partner in success. Well help you through the entire business process from selection to the best site in which to operate your business to the staff selection, training, marketing and all other aspects of your business. We are the foundation, upon which you can build your dream, because there is a need for our services in every market in India, we are committed to continued growth in the coming decades. Were proud to be a franchisee-friendly organization and take great pride in our willingness to listen to our franchisee and act on their suggestion. Youll have an opportunity for open discussions with us and other franchisees in the many training programs and other forums. Products, programs, marketing and sales collateral are developed keeping in mind the local needs at franchisee locations. Franchisees are expected to fully partake in all the initiatives of iProf.

iProf has an exclusive, dedicated and skilled franchisee team which supports the franchisee operations. Each franchisee will be attached to a Regional Franchise Manager to enable focused support

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

9. Business Partner Profile

This opportunity is for highly energetic and enthusiastic individuals who have an intention to be part of the projected exponential growth of education industry in our country and more often than not, we seek individuals who have a strong personal drive to be part of mainline education, and are driven by strong value systems. Apart from the basic hygiene and qualitative factors such as Honesty, Integrity, Ethical, Trustworthy and Loyalty, the other key qualities that iProf is looking in for are: 9.1 Should be a graduate and preferably a post graduate from any of the reputed colleges of the country. 9.2 Should be technology savvy and comfortable to use technology for general purpose applications. 9.3 Good in communication and personality. Should be able to converse, understand and write in English and the local language. 9.4 Should have good social repute and standing in the society. 9.5 Preferably should have good contacts with local schools and colleges of the city. 9.6 Should be ready to devote 24x7x365 time on iProf venture.


Guidelines to set up iProf Franchisee centre

All expected responsibilities and obligations of business partners are listed in detail in the legal agreement. However following are the key points: 1. Partners are expected to take full responsibility for the iProf brand and logo and corporate image in their local markets. 2. Strictly adhere to financial operations as directed by the HO as well as enrolment procedures and contractual obligations with the customer. SOPs are Image of an iProf iStudy Zone 3. to be strictly adhered to. Fix business goals every year and then ensure achievement. 4. Ensure comprehensive customer satisfaction at all times. 5. Attend periodic training programmes and


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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

10.1 Infrastructure and Capital Requirements

iProf iStudy Zone Business Model

The following are terms for iProf iStudy Zone model: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. License Fee Term of Contract Start up Kit Centre Requirements Hardware Investments : : : : : `2,00,000 + prevailing Service Tax 3 years `1,00,000 At least 350 400 sq. ft of space. `3.00 3.5 lakhs approx with SIFY standard connectivity

10.2 Manpower Requirements Designation

Centre Manager Counsellor cum Front Desk executive

Responsibilities (Job Profile)

Responsible for Business Development and overall smooth functioning of centre operations To counsel and sell iProf devices and products. To do the telephonic follow ups and fix up appointments with parents, tutorial centres etc to promote the same. To engage in the field sales (ATL & BTL Activities) and presentations etc.

Marketing Executives

10.3 Key functions at iProf centre

1. 2. 3. 4. To stock and sell PET Sell subscriptions along with PET To assist customers with data download and upload activity, in case help asked for. To have Wi-Fi server and router installed at the premises at an appropriate location and ensure its safety and security. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. To handle all walk-in customers. To handle all telephonic enquiries. To ensure the defined PET sales targets and Subscription targets for various products are achieved. To plan for the sales and marketing in the defined territory to generate leads and achieve sales. To be an after sales service point to all existing iProf customers

11 Revenue Model
11.1 11.2 Commission/Incentive on sales of PET device. Share on Content / Subscription sales to the student as per pre- defined percentage share.

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

12 Next Steps
Everyday thousands of student will take the first step to realize their dreams with the help of iProf. And everyday people like you take the first step towards owning their own business and making positive contributions to the world. Below is an outline of how you can get started: Step 1: Review the entire information brochure. It will give a general overview of franchising with iProf. If you feel that owning an iProf iStudy Zone fits your personal, career and financial goals, move on to Step 2 Step 2: Complete the enclosed request for Partner Application Form and send it to iProf address, e-mail it to franchisee@iprofindia.com. Interested candidates are also requested to send their Resume/CV with the application. The application form indicates an interest on your part to further investigate our franchisee opportunity and will allow us to proceed to Step 3. Step 3: Post receipt of Partner Application Form, an iProf representative will call you to schedule a personal meeting. This gives us the opportunity to give you more details about iProf and to answer any preliminary questions that you may have. Post our mutual conversation, if we feel there is mutual interest to move forward, we will invite you to visit our corporate office to attend a Day of Discovery and move to Step 4. Step 4: By attending a Day of Discovery, you will learn firsthand about iProf iStudy Zone by understanding our programmes and systems, meeting members of our senior management team, taking a tour of our facilities and asking questions. Step 5: After being approved as a franchisee, iProf will issue a LOI with deadlines and execute your License Agreements for you to initiate iProf iStudy Zone. Once both the parties have signed the License Agreements, we begin the territory development process for generation of business. For further details, please contact: franchisee@iprofindia.com , or contact Contact Person :

Sanjay Negi Zonal Manager Franchise Development (m) 09650161414 sanjay.negi@iprofindia.com

Website: www.iprofindia.com

Disclaimer: The information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of going to print. iProf India reserves the right to change any information in whole or in part at anytime.

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure iProf Coverage in Print Media

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure Image of TV Coverage in ET-NOW

Visit this link to view the full video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADr0NTTTkpo

Image of TV Coverage in NDTV Profit

Visit this link to view the full video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci0myoaJKAQ

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iStudy Zones - Franchise Information Brochure

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