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Written by
Anna Cortez
Illustrated by
Kelly Spencer
© 2008 Anna Cortez

ISBN 978-1-934302-35-4

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or any portion
thereof in any form.

Requests for such permissions should be addressed to:

TSTC Publishing
Texas State Technical College Waco
3801 Campus Drive
Waco, TX 76705


Publisher: Mark Long

Project Manager: Grace Arsiaga
Illustrations: Kelly Spencer
Printing Production: Bill Evridge
Cover Design & Page Layout: Carmen Rangel

Manufactured in the United States of America

First edition
OOOH! Shelbert and Suzy at summer
camp sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Don’t forget! After dinner we’ll be hiking
to the dark reef to tell ghost stories!

Miss Shelly, you’re the best camp counselor ever!

I’ve got an idea . .. . we need to
hide before anyone gets here!

Has everyone heard about the Ghost of Dark Reef?

Run for your lives! It’s the Ghost of Dark Reef!

Ha! Ha! We got you good!

That wasn’t very nice!
You two need to get back to camp!

Come on you two! You are in DEEP trouble!

Oh Miss Shelly, where are you?

What if the Ghost of Dark Reef is real?

Don’t worry! I’m just going to cook
up some nice Mermaid Stew!
I think Miss Shelly’s in trouble. Let’s go!

I’ll give you your teacher back, but
first you have to answer a riddle.
What’s full of holes but still holds water?

That’s a hard one! Does anybody know?

It’s a sponge!

Thank you for saving me, Shelbert!

From now on, we’ll all work together!

OOOH! Shelbert and Suzy at summer
camp in LUHV, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
About Anna

Anna Cortez is Coordinator of Library Resources for the Learning Resource

Center at Texas State Technical College Harlingen, handling interlibrary loan
requests, research questions, and community outreach. She also coordinates
displays and events for the Learning Resource Center. She graduated in
2005 from the University of Texas-Pan American and lives with her family in
Harlingen, Texas.

One of the best parts of her job is writing, performing, and directing puppet
shows. Anna began writing puppet shows while working as a children’s
assistant at the Harlingen Public Library and continues to do so at the TSTC
Harlingen Learning Resource Center. Before the shows are performed,
she always gets approval from her biggest critic, her six-year-old
daughter Angelina.

About Kelly

Kelly Spencer grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she graduated from
Richard King High School. It was her dad that first showed her how to draw,
and thus began her passion for art. In 2005, she moved to Waco, Texas, to
study Advertising Design and Print Technology (ADP). While at TSTC she had
an idea that she could illustrate children’s books, which sounded perfect to
her. Since she was an intern in the TSTC Publishing Department she had the
best opportunity to make her idea come true. There, she illustrated her first
coloring book called Shelbert Goes to Summer Camp.

TSTC Publishing

Established in 2004, TSTC Publishing is a provider of high-end technical instructional materials and related
information to institutions of higher education and private industry. “High end” refers simultaneously to
the information delivered, the various delivery formats of that information, and the marketing of materials
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its Web site: http://publishing.tstc.edu/.

 It’s a fun-filled summer camp adventure with Shelbert and his friends! 
Will Shelbert find true love with Suzy? Is there really a ghost haunting the Dark Reef?
Will the campers be able to save Miss Shelly after she disappears? 
Join them as they learn about true friendship, problem solving, and caring for others. 

ISBN 978-1-934302-35-4
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