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Norman Downes Homes Association Board Meeting Minutes Bunten Road Park Activities Building March 11, 2013

President: Barry Smith Treasurer: Susan Holland Vice President: Rob Welch Secretary: Peter Van Arsdale Attending: Barry Smith, Andy Miller, Sam Carr, Bill Smith, Susan Holland, Peter Van Arsdale, Rob Welch Absent: Mark Carter, Rick Austin Meeting called to order at 7:00PM Treasurer's Report: Susan Holland Report attached Treasurer to notify Attorney of members to be added to the lien list. nd Motion to accept report by Peter VanArsdale, 2 by Andy Miller, approved unanimously

Committee Reports Web Development: Rick Austin Rob Welch suggested that Facebook is not a good backbone for the NDHA website. He would prefer that NDHA provide a website not associated with Facebook. Rick was not available to report Pool Operations: Rob Welch th Pool to open Saturday 18 for the weekend with guards, then open for swim-at-your-own-risk th until Friday the 24 when school summer vacation begins and regular guard duty begins for the summer season schedule. Discussion for shed at pool. Storage is needed for NDHA items such as Christmas decorations and other non-perishable property. nd Bill Smith motion to authorize up to $2,000 for the purchase of a shed. 2 by Susan Holland. Approved unanimously Tennis Operations: Mark Carter Mark not available to report General Maintenance: Sam Carr Sign project 18 signs and brackets estimated $2,500. Budgeted item. Project to commence as weather improves. th Sam Carr to attend April 17 safe dam conference Dam inspection cancelled by Safe Dams until further notice.

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Landscape Maintenance: Andy Miller Water usage noted in the treasurers report will be researched. Andy reported that he turned off the entrances sprinklers in December. Reason for water bill of $853 is still unknown. Landscape contractor changed ownership, but previous agreement for maintenance will continue as before. For an added $26/month contractor will maintain the lake access trail.

Lake Recreation: Bill Smith Barry Smith accompanied the Duluth City engineer on an inspection of the lake access area and recommended that five trees be removed. Bill Smith obtained three bids for the removal of the five trees. Tree removal project low bid $1,200 for the five trees. The contractor agreed to remove an additional two dead trees for $100 each for a total price of $1,400. Trees are to be cut into ten foot lengths and left on property. Motion to approve tree removal by VanArsdale, second by Susan, Motion carried to accept bid for $1,400 for removal of seven trees. Discussion concerning whether or not the tree removal project should be part of long term lake access maintenance and delayed until the larger project is more thoroughly defined. The consensus was that the dead trees are a safety issue and should proceed immediately. Discussion ensued regarding the scope of the long term lake access project that includes a driveway automatic gate, property line fencing, other tree removal, dredging, driveway repair, and rest rooms. Unless these projects can be undertaken without seriously draining the reserve accounts, a vote of the membership to proceed may be necessary. Development: Barry Smith No report Old Business Review of previous minutes - Motion to approve January minutes by Andy Miller, second by Susan Holland. Carried unanimously.

Next Board meeting scheduled for May 13.

Adjourn at 8:40PM

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