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Jin Shin Jyutsu, Lymphatic and Meridian Medicine Online Reference

Lymphatic Meridians, Indian Nadi and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Lymphatic Vessels are actually The Electrical Meridians in the body! Meridians are not a channel as per Jiro Murai. He mentioned to his students that they are like river and just like river flows with banks on either end and in stagnation the banks gets sluggish the energy blocks initially starts as a congestion with the path that is not receiving energy being dry like the river beds. Jiro Murai also mentioned to his students that the Pericardium (yin energy) as per Acupuncture is Umbilical energy in Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Triple heater or Triple Foci (yang energy) as per Acupuncture is Diaphragm energy in Jin Shin Jyutsu. As per Dr. Tsun Nin Lee MD of Academy of Pain Research says this is the lymphatic vessels. According to Indian Mythology Vishu is depicted as a man sleeping on snake bed on ocean with a umbilical cord connecting to human beings. The ultimate lymphatic source vessel. Also all Yin Meridian has the element wood which is also ether by some texts. Vishu is considered element ether and his heart essence is Lakshmi. All Yang meridian has element Metal and Lakshmi is considered element metal with essence of vishu in her heart. These theories are based on the Ancient Indian Medicine called Nadi Vaithiyam which means feeling the pulse and making the diagnosis, which is also pracitized in China as ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM, and also medically called Thalamic Neuron Theory -TNT. Why Acupuncture needles work in strategic points in body. Because these points are located in meridians which are the physiological control points that controls certain derangements. For example Physiological Stat vs Abnormalities that results arteriole smooth muscle - hypertension, hypotension cardiac muscle contractility - systolic, diastolic dysfunction lower esophageal sphincter - achalasia, regurgitation anal spincter - tenesmus, fecal incontinence bladder spincter - urinary retension, incontinence bronchial smooth muscle - bronchial asthma, COPD skeletal muscle tension - spasm, contracture, flaccidity peristalsis (rhythmic contraction of GI tract) - constipation, diarrhea, cramping, vomiting tension of ciliary muscle in eyes - accomodation abnormalities heart rate - tachycardia, bradycadia So the treament is to disperse the focus of abnormality and tonify the deficiency. Cancer is change in tissue and change in brain focus of the problem To treat cancer both the local tissue and brain focus signals need to be treated. Cancer is

focus of congestion in a sea of decificiency. Central control of peripheral functions Biofeed back control of temperature through galvanic/electrical resistance of skin blister formation under hypnosis stress ulcers in soldiers and gastric erosions in rats stroke induced cardiac arrhythmias hypothalamic electrostimulation induced atherosclerosis in rats head injury induced neurogenic pulmonary edema Fast mucle (white mucle) and slow contracting mucle (red muscle) switch from nerve transposition blood pressure and vascular changes in epileptic and brain tumor patients vital sign changes from frontal and temporal lobotomies disuse atrophies orthodontics Hierarchy of controls of bodily functions periphery controlled by CNS - Brain new brain controlled by old brain which is primitive brain Old brain controlled by Master brain which is popular old brain (tribal brain) Master brain controlled by composite hommunculus - fetal position hommunuclus contains integrated circuit Integrated circuit consists of neural pathways equivalent to acupuncture meridians with clusters of neurons representing acupuncture points Hommunucles is similar to Master Choa's thought forms of elementals, or genie's. Eg temperature, pain, pressure has miniature human like representations in brain similar to human fetal shape The more ancient an herb is like ginsing can take a form of human shape and is considered very old and expensive as per chinese cultural belief. Similar to the movie City Slickers - the one thing that never gets revealed in treatment of any pathology -THE ONE THING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT IS TO FIND THE ABNORMAL FOCUS and treat this point with the acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping or any other modalities. Find the abnormal focus and normalize the point. So the four key words are 1. Shift - focus to brain 2. Stimulate - abnormal focus 3. Repeat - repeat stimulating the abnormal focus 4. Normalize - the focus Physics has very few principles and explains a lot vs Modern Medicine has a lot to learn and explains only a few conditions. So keep it simple the treatment strategies. Learn the four diagnostic technique, and 8 categories to diagnose illness. Brain has Master programs so focus on getting rid of the Master program code from brain for bad learning and teach brain to learn to be well and to heal. Learning to be sick is Pathogenesis and Learning to be well is Healing Advantage of all beings - they can learn, adapt, survive, fall sick if they learn bad things, heal if they learn good things.

Pathogenesis: Any adverse stimulations can cause malfunctions of the Master Brain. Emotional: anger, sadness etc Physical: accidents, repetitive strains like working hard on computers, etc Environmental: temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc Chemical: diets, drugs, toxins Infections: bacterias, viruses, parasites, etc Jet lag stresses the body by altering biological rhythm. Surgery is a extreme stimulation of the body SARS - is heat condition - treat so the body can receive the cold energy Avian Flu is a cold condition - treat so the body can receive heat or warming effect Strong Stimulation, Repeated stimulations that makes the pathology recur. Healing: Beneficial stimulations that may induce normalization of the Master brain Malfunctions Some surgeries, nerve blocks, trigger point injections, physcial therapy Acupuncture and Moxibustion Traditional chinese medicine Mental exercise - Qi Kung, hypnosis, biofeedback, biogenics Homeopathy Manual medicine - Osteopathy, chiropractics, Tui-Na Neuromuscular Stimulations - Yoga, Tai-Chi, Exercises Aromatic therapy Therapeutic massage, Therapeutic touch etc Strong stimulations, Repeated Stimulations for healing Acupuncture and Meridian Theory There are 12 pairs or meridians Meridians are connected head to tail, forming a complete loop Supervisor vessel - REN and Governing vessel - DU form a loop around the sagittal plane of the body Qi - vital energy travels along the meridian network to maintain health Maldistribution of qi leads to congestion or deficiency of qi results in diseased states The Governing vessel - DU is ascending energy on the back - PRANA inhalation from the back and the Supervisor vessel - REN is descending energy - APANA exhalation through the front Homunculi Homunculus - miniature human - is a well established scientific fact Homunculus organization logical Mutiple homunucli must exist Fetal configuration reasonable - ball like structure - space saving Organization of homunculus Fetal position More complex functions, more representations - large head, large hands, large feet represented in brain crossing over of distal parts of extremities Central equivalence of Meridians, Acupuncture Loci and Qi

Meridians = Neuronal chains Acupuncture points = Neuronal locus cluster Qi = Neuronal transmission (like chakras - similar to neuronal chains and SEL = acupuncture points) 8 distant points of acupuncture 1. Con Valley LI-4 Between thumb and finger Used to treat face and mouth conditions 2. Internal Gate PC-6 Proximal to wrist on flexor surface Treat thorax, front of chest and internal organs 3. Split space LG-7 proximal to styloid process of radius treat head and neck 4. Leg three interior ST-36 1 inch distal and lateral to the tibial tuberosity Treat abdomen 5. Tri Yin Merger SP-6 3 inches above medial malleolus Treat pelvic region 6. Fold center UB-40 Popliteal fossa treat back 7. Grand concourse GV-20 Vertex of head Treat anal region 8. Inner court ST-44 between 2nd and 3rd toes Treat face 8 Golden Acupuncture points 1. LI-4 ConValley - Near base of thumb - to treat facial conditions 2. LU-7 styloid process of radial bone - treat neck conditions 3. BL-40 back of popliteal region - treat the back conditions 4. PC-6 inner wrist - treat internal conditions of organs 5. TH-8 in the mid forearm - treat anterior chest conditions 6. ST-36 on the medial tibial region below knee - treat abdominal conditions 7. SP-6 3 inch above the ankle on the posterior aspect - treat reproductive issues especially in female 8. GB-34 on the lateral tibial region below knee - treat all major conditions and tonify qi Meridian Loop Total length of genomes = 121,024 nucleotide pairs long chromosome in cell makes a circular DNA in human

Genetic Loop flows with the rhythm of nature economy of cellular energies improves survival 12 meridians maintains 24 hour rhythm rhythm is the natural behaviour of universe Evolution of Genetic Loop more advanced organism has more complex longer loop length of loop becomes lumbersome so there is unpackage and repackage through breakdown into components and reassemble when necessary There is a Rosette formation of chromosomes after fertilization As per RG Nagele etal chromosome 107, 1998 each haploid occupies 1/2 circle internal order of 23 identical chromosome and order in each circle identical homologs directly opposite one another to reconsititute the genetic loop for embryological development HOX and HOM gene complexes I (HOX is mammal gene and HOM is fruitfly gene) embryological development recapitulates evolution early embryos of different animal look similar Karl Ernst Von Baer experience was he had a jar for fish, salamander, chicken, rabbit and human embryos. When the label fell of he could not identify the embryos from each since they resembled each other. HOX and HOM gene complexes II Determination of anterior posterior body axis Drosophila fruit fly gene HOM Mammals HOX gene Expression of genes along body axis matches the spatial order of genes of chromosome head and tail sequence similar in man and worm We are the product of universe not a microcosm of macrocosm but need to be the microcosm of universe to survive the rhythm of the macrocosm acupuncture stimulates CNS which stimulates abnormal neurons in master homunculus to normalize neuronal activities and reduces symptoms There are 8 congregation points for 8 tissues Solid organs - Heart, liver, lung, kidney and pancreas Stimulate by Express Gate or Zhang Men - LV 13 Located at the distal end of 11th rib Hollow viscera - Stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, gall-bladder Stimulate by Torso Center or Zhong Wan CV-12 Located midway between the tip of xyphoid process and the umbilicus Qi vital energy Stimulate by Shan Zhong or Chest center CV-17

located on the middle of the sternum between two nipples Blood Stimulate by Ge Shu or Diaphragm transport UB-17 located approximately 1 1/2 inches to the side of the spine between the 7th and 8th thoracic vertebrae Sinews of tendon Yang Ling Chuan or Yang Dune Spring GB-34 located between the tibia and the fibula proximally just below the knee Blood vessels Ge Shu Tai Yuan or Grand Canyon LG-9 volar surface of the wrist just lateral to the radial artery Bone Da Shu or Grand ventilation UB-11 located approximately 1 1/2 inches lateral to the spine between the first and second thoracic vertebrae Marrow Yuan Zhong or suspended bell GB-39 approximately 3 inches above the lateral malleolus on the lateral side of the leg When disease enters stomach it also travels from exterior to interior During blastula stage the ectoderm cells travel to endoderm and some of these cells are represented on the yin aspect of the body after completion of fetal stage so yang on back, yin in front with stomach points on the front and gall bladder points on the side of the body phlegm syndrome - abnormal fluid metabolism with fluid excess caused by derangement of CNS controls fluid disturbance not necessarily the cause but the result of CNS disturbances Readjustment of CNS circuit with Meridian medicine leads to healing