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SUB TASK 5: REFLECTION Name I/C Number Program/Unit : Clara Beatrice anak Logie : 900812-13-6688 : PISMP TESL 1 (SK)


Reflection on The Microteaching Experience My friends and I were teaching in groups and we also assessed each other. From the session, I learned many things. The first thing is I have learned how to teach effectively start from the opening until the end of the class. From the rubric, now I know that to have an effective opening, for example, teacher should be able to get students attention and ready to learn. Besides, teacher needs to have an opening activity that relates to the lesson. I also understand that to have an effective teaching and learning process, teacher should pay attention to some elements such as the content, the presentation, the teachers presence, visuals, media and technology used and how to do good and effective closure. All of the elements must be relate and appropriate to be used in the classroom. The second thing that I get from the session is about preparation. From the activity, I have learned that as a teacher preparation is the most important thing. Preparation is not only about the lesson plan but also in many things like the elements I have pointed out. Teacher should have plan b, plan c, as many as possible since there are a lot of possibilities happen which can be out of the expectation. For instance, when I did the microteaching the case that I found was when I have a video to watch in the classroom but the devices did not work (the sound cannot be heard and the picture cannot be displayed). To solve that kind of problem my friends and I have prepared other plan such as substituted it with power point or did the role play. That also might be found in the real classroom. The other thing that I get is how to work in group. I realize that as a teacher (candidate), I will not work alone. There will be time to work together with other teachers who also in the same field with me. I have learned to work cooperatively with other teachers; in this case is my friends. How to divides the responsibilities fairly and do it in full responsibilities is one thing includes there.

Actually there are so many things that I got and learned from the session. Almost all parts from the beginning until the end I can clearly understand my strengths and weaknesses. The only thing that I want to know is that any relation between teacher

presence and the effectiveness in teaching. Teacher presence is the way teacher performs in the classroom such as how to use nonverbal and verbal communication skills appropriately. I also want to learn about how to improve my presence and my communication skills, and how to having good confidence beside by doing practice regularly.

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CRITICAL REFLECTION Reflection on the processes that you have gone through from the beginning until the end of the coursework Name I/C Number Program/Unit : Clara Beatrice anak Logie : 900812-13-6688 : PISMP TESL 1 (SK) Semester 3

Frankly speaking, this is the coursework or project that I think is the most difficult to be completed, since it required many aspects. In addition, there are about five sub tasks that are needed to do. The tasks are sourcing and presenting information in graphic organisers, lesson planning, making a portfolio, microteaching on the lesson planning and two reflections need to be critically written. Before I started doing this coursework, I go through the question again and again, for a full understanding. My group and I did some discussions on how to start doing this coursework. We did go to the library constantly just to look for information and sources about listening and speaking articles. And thank god, because we found numerous books about the teaching listening and speaking skills. As we are now using the new syllabus, which is Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR), these two skills are integrated into one lesson, if compared to our previous syllabus; Primary School Integrated Curriculum (KBSR). Individually, we have to develop a lesson plan on teaching these two skills. Before I start doing so, I searched for the information about KSSR. I needed to understand more about this in order to implement a relevant teaching and learning lesson planning. For group work, we divided tasks among us. Since the sub task 1 required us to look for six articles, each one of us searched for two articles. The articles have to be transferred into graphic organiser. Throughout the time of completing this coursework, I have learnt many things. Now, I know the fundamental of working together. Cooperation matters. The patience, determination and perseverance are also crucial for the sake of producing an excellent and complete coursework. As for the microteaching session, by looking at others ways of delivering microteaching, I have learnt on how to modify my own ways of teaching. I think I still have

many things to be improved; in terms of language use, word choices, and the level of confidence. In a nutshell, it can be said that, as a whole, this coursework give me many positive impacts, by giving me an exposure of real teaching. 357 words