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Bill Blair Chief of Police Toronto Police Service 40 College Street Toronto ON M5G 2J3 10 April 2013 Dear

Chief Blair, re: Pride Toronto Trans Pride/Trans March

Following two town hall meetings for Toronto's trans communities, we are writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of Pride Toronto to express our disappointment and objection to the rejection of Pride Toronto's notice of intention to hold the Trans March on Yonge Street on Friday, June 28, 2013. We acknowledge and appreciate the support of the Toronto Police Service, the City of Toronto and its agencies, boards, and commissions for Pride Toronto's annual activities. The Toronto Police Service and City of Toronto are important partners in ensuring that Pride Toronto is able to deliver one of the city's signature summer events, serving diverse communities and supporting the city's economy (1.22 million participants and an economic impact of $214 million in 2012). The trans communities have nevertheless been clear with Pride Toronto about the importance of a Yonge Street march, comparable to the Dyke March on Saturday and the Pride Parade on Sunday. Pride Toronto has explained that although it supports the Yonge Street march in principle, it has been unable to secure the necessary logistical support from the Toronto Police Service and City of Toronto. In recent years, Pride Toronto has requested Yonge Street for the Friday evening march, and upon being advised that it will not be supported, has opted to organize the march on Church Street instead. This year, as requested by trans community participants at two public town hall meetings, Pride Toronto has chosen not to organize a Trans March at all as a result of the request for Yonge Street being denied, but to use its resources to
14 Dundonald St, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1K2 Tel: 416.927.7433 Fax: 416.927.7886 www.pridetoronto.com Proud to bring World Pride 2014 to Toronto!

the City will reconsider withholding its support for the Trans March to take place on Yonge Street on Friday night in 2013 and 2014. along with Trans Pride programming that is such an important part of Pride Toronto’s overall activities. We would be happy to meet to discuss the matter further. Francisco Alvarez Co-Chair Pride Toronto Board of Directors Directors cc: City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam Sean Hillier Co-Chair Pride Toronto Board of 2 .support an enhanced trans community rally. Please let us know if you require any further information. Pride Toronto is proud to work with and serve Toronto's trans and genderindependent communities. and we hope that as we plan to host WorldPride. Yours truly.

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