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Vertical Break Disconnector Rated Voltage: 12, 24 and 36kV Rated Current: 800A

ABB Power Distribution

12kV, 24kV and 36kV Vertical Break Disconnector

The ABB Series R Vertical Break is an 800 Amp disconnector designed for outdoor distribution applications to comply with AS1306-1985 and IEC 129. The Series R disconnector can be tted with icker type arcing contacts or tted/retrotted with Ezibreak load break interrupters to give it general purpose switch performance. The R Series is also available up to 2000 Amp on sub station mounting, with 200kV B.I.L. extra creepage insulators, see publication 425.0251.

Current Carrying Assembly

Current carrying parts are manufactured from H.D.H.C. copper with 800 Amp continuous rating. Moving contacts have a Lead In feature which ensures contact alignment with the xed contact blade. The hinge end is designed with separate contacts so that the current path is not through the joint, and to provide blade alignment during the closing operation.

Terminal Palms
Terminal palms are bright tin plated to AS2395-1980 and are suitable for use with connectors, copper and aluminium compression lugs.

Mounting Congurations
The R Series disconnectors are designed to be mounted: Pole top Mid pole Vertical

With phase centres to meet system requirements. Pole brackets are available with xing: Front of pole. Side of pole.


Operating Equipment
The following operating equipment options are available; operating handle with padlocking, down rod length adjustment and earthing stud facility.

Suitable for timber, metal or concrete poles.

Delivery Conguration
The disconnector is delivered with the phases completely assembled and adjusted ready to be tted to the crossarm, the operating gear is then tted in a simple assembly operation.

Electrical Performance
Rated current Short time withstand 1 sec *Make capacity (11kV) 800 Amps 25kA/62.5kAp 10kA/25kAp

Rated Voltage Insulator Across Gap 12kV 24/36kV 125kVp 200kVp 145kVp 170kVp Heavy Pollution Extra Bird Clearance

Insulators are Munsel Grey single piece design, available in; 150kV BIL and 200kV BIL.

* Optional design.
ABB Power Distribution

12kV, 24kV and 36kV Vertical Break Disconnector

General Purpose Switch

ABB Power Distribution

150kV 200kV

A 760 870

Dim mm B C 347 612 466 733

D 456 1053

12kV, 24kV and 36kV Vertical Break Disconnector General Arrangement

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