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Android Training Courses Course Name: Android Training Courses Duration: 45 Hrs.

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Today I m thrilled to announce the launch of Android Training Courses of classes that we hope will help you to build better Android apps.

This course teaches students the architecture, API and techniques to create robu st, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices. In thi s class, students will work with Android 4. While many classes focus on the mob ile device, this course also deals with the server side architecture. This make s the class ideal for enterprise class businesses. Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem, or implement a featur e, with plenty of code snippets and sample code for you to use within your own a pps. Helping developers build great apps is what the Android Developer Relations team is all about, so we re excited to see how you use these classes to make your apps even better. Course Number MMAND0001 Learning Objectives During this course, students will learn: The architecture of Android OS Using the Eclipse based development environment GUI development Supporting multiple languages Accessing data from files, network and SQL database Audio and video playback Automated testing of your applications Selling your applications in Android market Audience Developers and architects who will be developing applications for Android device s. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of Java. Familiarity with Eclipse is a plus but not necessary. Length 45 HOURS Price Rs. 4500.00/*Class prices have a 200 Rs/- Rush fee added if the student registers on the cla ss start date. Scheduled Course Dates Apr 20 - May 26 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CDT)) Android Course Contents What will you learn??? What will be shared??? What will be developed??? 1. Introduction Intro to Android Android OS Advantages of Android 2. App Fundamentals Activity

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What is an Activity? Activity for your App Manage activity life cycle What are Fragments? Add fragments Loaders Tasks and BackStack Intent and Intent Filters Services Bound Services AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) Processes and Threads Content Providers Basics Creating a content provider Calendar provider Contacts provider Broadcast receivers

3. Develop your android application Setup development environment in Eclipse (Demo) AVD Manager (Demo) Emulator (Demo) Your First App - Simple Hello World (Demo) 4. Android Manifest Action Activity Activity-alias Application Category Compatible screens Data Grant uri permissions Intent filter Manifest Meta-data Permission Provider Receiver Service Uses-configuration Uses-feature Uses-library Uses-permission Uses-SDK 5. User Interface Overview of UI Layouts ? Linear Layout ? Relative Layout ? Absolute Layout ? Frame Layout ? List view ? Scroll view ? Grid view Input controls ? Buttons

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Text fields Checkboxes Radio buttons Toggle buttons Spinners Pickers Input Events

6. Menus 7. Action Bars 8. Dialogs 9. Notifications 10. Toasts 11. Search Creating search interface Adding recent query suggestions Custom suggestions Searchable configuration 12. Drag and Drop 13. Multimedia Media and camera ? Media ? Media playback ? Supported media formats ? Audio capture ? Camera ? Take/capture photo ? Work with images Working with GPRS ? Location and Maps ? Location strategies 14. Contact API Contacts ? Overview ? Listing All Contacts ? Adding a Contact ? Obtaining a Contact's Information ? Updating Contact Information ? Searching for a Contact by Email Address ? Synchronizing Contacts Contact Lists ? Overview ? Creating a New List ? Retrieving an Individual List ? Contact List Resource ? Updating a List ? Retrieving a Contact List Collection 15. Android SQL Database Lite Overview Database and Database models Using SQLite DML operations(Insert, Delete and Update/Modify) SQLite, own ContentProvider and Loader Accessing SQLite databases directly 16. Android App Publishing Signing your application

Setting up publisher account Preparing your application Exporting and Signing application Publishing the application Complete Android Development Training 20/04/2013 *Registration is Open and you can directly register at the Tranining Institute, Corporate Training Office: MM Computer Education Pvt. Ltd No 20, Natesan St, T.Nagar, Chennai - 17. Phone : 42866104 Mobile : 9884 111 494